Vicky exposed

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Vicky exposed
Well Vic had finished the work on our house and it was a couple of weeks later when the invoice for the job came through.
I thought it would be a nice idea to pay him a personal visit to hand over the cheque and see if he was behaving himself. Actually I just wanted to be nosey and he didn’t live too far away.
It was early-afternoon when I arrived at the address on the invoice. I knocked on the front door and it was answered by a lady, I’d say in her 40s. She was an attractive brunette with curves in all the right places. I explained the reason for the visit and she invited me in. Vic was not at home right now as he was out finishing a job. The lady introduced herself as his wife, Helen. Helen offered me a cup of tea.
I sat in the kitchen and watched as she made tea. She was wearing a blouse which showed off a nice sized chest and a knee length skirt. She had just got in from work and still had on a modest pair of heels which made her calves look very shapely. I started to wonder about what she might be wearing underneath and whether at some point Vic had also worn the same garments.
Anyway, the tea was made and Helen and I started to chat about this and that and the weather. She then asked if Vic had done a good job to which I said yes, but it took longer than we had expected. She said she heard that a lot and did not know what took him so long to get these jobs done. I had a good idea.
“I think he’s quite a lazy bloke really” she said
“I think it’s more that he gets distracted” I replied
“I don’t know about that, but he spends a lot of time sat around here not working, probably watching porn all day” She appeared less than pleased with her husband’s behaviour.
“Well I wouldn’t know about him watching Porn, but I did catch him doing stuff that wasn’t decorating at my house”
“Really, like what?” she asked
At this point I wasn’t sure whether to drop Vic in it, but there was something about Helen and the way she looked at me as if she wanted to talk about stuff.
“Well, I caught him going through my wife’s underwear drawer”
“Oh my God, no!” Helen exclaimed “That’s so embarrassing, I am so very sorry”
“That’s okay Helen” I said “It’s not your fault and in any case after the initial shock I found it rather funny”
“To be honest Si, I am really not surprised. I know he goes through my underwear. It’s often not as I left it and sometimes items go missing for a while. I don’t know what he does with it and I guess I don’t really want to know. I just let him get on with it as long as it does no harm. But going through his customers’ stuff. That’s totally wrong! What did you do? She asked.
“Well, I actually made him dress up in the lingerie he was playing with and called him Vicky. It was very funny. He actually got quite upset”
“Good” said Helen “He deserved it”.
I didn’t explain about my mate Phil coming round and what extra fun we had.
I could still see Helen was quite upset and angry so I rested my hand on her leg to comfort her. She looked at it and said thanks and put her hand on top of mine.
“Si, you know we have a good marriage, but sex has always been a problem. I have needs that Vic just cannot fulfil. In that department he just is not capable. He is very small down there and although sometimes he makes me orgasm with his tongue, it’s just not enough. When he eventually ejaculates it’s quite pathetic. It makes me laugh sometimes, which he hates.”
I wasn’t sure if Helen was coming on to me, which would have been fine, or just wanted to get stuff off her chest.
“So what do you do then Helen, you know, to take care of your needs?”
“I have a few toys that get regular use” she confessed as she went slightly red in the face.
At that point we heard a vehicle pull up outside.
“That’s Vic” Helen said “what should I say?”
I had an idea “Go and select an outfit for him to wear and set it out in your bedroom”.
So off she went and then Vic came into the room from outside. He took one look at me and his face dropped. “Oh fuck! What are you doing here”.
“I just came round to drop off your cheque Vic”
“Where is my wife?” he asked
“Don’t worry she’ll be back in a minute” and at that point Helen returned and looked at Vic, then at me for reassurance. I nodded my encouragement.
“Hell Vic” she started “or should I call you Vicky?”
The look on his face was great. He stared at the ground as if hoping a hole would open up and swallow him.
“Si here tells me you like to play with ladies undies Vicky. I should have known what you were doing with mine over the years, you fucking little pervert” She was angry now and walked over and slapped him round the face.
“I sorry Helen, really sorry” please don’t hurt me.
“Hurt you? Oh I’m really going to hurt you” She said, then looked at me.
“Okay Vic, let’s go to the bedroom” I instructed.
When we got there, I saw that Helen had laid out a pink bra and pantie set, with suspender belt and stockings.
“Put them on Vic. Show your wife what a little sissy girl you are”
So Vic stripped off.
“See Si, I told you. Look at his dick. It’s pathetic”. She reached forward and slapped it his cock.
I stood there with an arm around Helen enjoying having her body close to me while we watched Vic get dressed in her clothes.
When he was done, Helen went and got some shoes and made him put them on and then made him walk up and down in front of us. Helen whispered in my ear that he looked like a little sissy girl. I giggled, which made her giggle and soon we were in fits of laughter at the sight before us.
“Come here Vicky” she demanded once we had regained our composure. Vicky did as told.
Helen got on her knees in front of Vicky. She reached forward and poked his cock through he flimsy material of the panties she was wearing. “Look Si, he’s only got a fucking hard on! And you can still hardly see it.” She looked at me and then down at my crotch and said “do you mind?”
“Not at all” was my obvious reply, with which she reached out and grabbed me through my jeans. Despite laughing at Vicky I was semi hard and with the touch from Helen I was only getting harder. She stroked the outline of my cock, looked at Vicky and said “See that, Vicky, that’s what a real man has between his legs. A good thick hard cock that can fill a woman up when she needs a good fucking. Not a pathetic little stick like yours.”
“Right” said Helen “Si and I are going out for a while. I want to be treated like a lady for once. You stay right here and think about your behaviour. And when we come back, I want to see you just like you are and don’t you dare soil my panties with your sissy cock juice”
So we left, arm in arm. I drove to a pub nearby and as it was still quite pleasant we sat in the garden. We were the only ones there and it was quite secluded. Helen started telling me stuff about Vic. She was realising that she knew all along what he was really like. The hours spent on the computer obviously watching porn, her missing undies. She even suspected that he might be playing with her daughter’s stuff to, but she didn’t dwell on that. Surely he wouldn’t go that far. She was clearly upset despite laughing about it earlier.
“You know, I’ve never been unfaithful to the little shit.” She said, “But now, I just want some real cock and lots of it”
I pulled Helen toward me and kissed her. Soon our tongues were deep in each other’s mouths. She tasted great. I unbuttoned the top few buttons on her blouse and reached inside. Her bra was made of flimsy material and as I caressed her breast I could feel her nipple grow. She moaned into my mouth. Christ this woman was hot and sexy and ready for it.
I left her breast alone and looked around to check we were still alone before putting my hand on her thigh. I slowly eased my way up until I reached her panties. She opened her legs wider and whispered “Oh yes Si, touch me there. Please touch my pussy”.
Her panties were very wet and when I moved them to one side my fingers slipped into her with ease. As I eased 2 fingers into her wet pussy, my thumb was caressing her clit and she was moaning nicely with her mouth still attached to mine.
Meanwhile Helen’s left hand had reached down and was releasing my cock from my jeans. As it sprung free she grabbed it and stroked me up and down enjoying the feel of a thick cock for the first time in years. She stopped kissing me and put her head down in my lap. Her lips closed around my cock and I was in heaven. What a great cock sucker she was. Her tongue played around my cock expertly and then every now and then she would take my whole length deep into her mouth. I reached around and lifted her skirt from behind and slipped my hand into the back of her panties. I moved my fingers down the crease of her gorgeous bottom and found her pussy again. I played with her pussy and her arse while she worked on my cock with her mouth.
As we were getting carried away I glanced up and saw some movement in the wooded area that ran alongside the pub garden. I could just make out two guys that were staring right at us, obviously watching what was going on. At this point Helen had no idea. From where these guys were stood they could clearly see me playing with Helen’s arse. For their benefit, and to test the waters I spread her cheeks as wide as possible. I saw them shuffle slightly for a better look.
I whispered to Helen that she had a couple of new admirers. Her head came up of my cock and asked me what I meant.
“There are two guys in the woods over there checking out your arse”
She sat up. “Where?”
“Over there.“ I pointed toward the guys.
Helen still had her blouse mostly undone as she looked over to where I was pointing.
I shouted out to them to come closer. As they did, Helen still had a hold of my cock and was stroking it.
The guys approached, Two young lads in football kit. Obviously been practising or just out for a kick about. Both tall athletically built guys. I’m not sure of their age exactly, but I’d say they were teenagers. If it had been a lone guy I am sure he would have run off, but they were braver as a pair.
I offered them a seat on the opposite side of the bench from us. They sat down. They introduced themselves as Brad and Luke.
“So guys, were you enjoying the view?” I asked
“Yes sir”, came the very formal and polite reply from them both.
“Would you like to see some more, closer up?” I asked.
“Yes please” they both replied.
“Well ask the lady nicely then. Maybe she will show you something”
They both hesitated before Brad asked “Please miss, can I see your tits?”
Helen laughed at the way it was asked, but I think she was so horny by this time she would have done anything. She opened her blouse completely and then lifted each breast in turn from her bra. It was the first time I had seen them and they were amazing. The two lads obviously agreed as they stared open mouthed.
“Have you seen breasts before, for real?” I asked.
“Only Gina’s at school and they are tiny. She’s a slag and shows them off to everyone, but not a real woman’s.” Brad answered. He was obviously the more forward of the two.
“Do you want to feel them?” asked Helen. Brad dived straight in, groping at her left breast across the bench.
“Oh my God” he exclaimed.
“How about you Luke?” She asked, smiling at the more shy lad. “Here give me your hand” He did and she placed it against her right breast. She moved it around until he got the idea. Helen closed her eyes enjoying the sensation of these young hands on her body. She reached down between her legs, lifted her skirt and stated touching herself. My cock was still out and getting rock hard again at this sight before me.
Brad noticed that Helen’s hand had disappeared under the bench and wanted to see. “Can we see your pussy please Miss”
“I don’t know Brad, that’s a bit rude” Now she was teasing them.
“Oh please Miss, just a quick look” Now Luke was getting excited too.
“Okay, sit back and look under the bench” they did as they were told and both doubled over to see under the bench.
I watched from my position next to Helen. She had raised her skirt completely up to her waist. Her legs were spread as wide as she could get them. She had her panties pulled to one side and had her pussy lips spread as much as possible. I was only looking from above and it was a gorgeous sight, but Brad and Luke must have been getting a spectacular view of Helen’s pussy, all open and pink and wet!
“Well, what do you think boys?” she asked
“Beautiful Miss” they both replied
“Okay boys, that was your quick look” she said as she put her panties back and pulled her skirt down. Both Brad and Luke were disappointed, as was I.
“Stand up for me boys” she asked.
They did and it was obvious immediately that they were both sporting erections inside their shorts.
“My you were enjoying the view weren’t you?” Helen said
I stood up and told Brad and Luke to sit either side of Helen on the bench. I stood at the end so I could watch.
“Pull your shorts down boys” Helen demanded. They did and two beautiful young cocks sprang up.
I’d say Brad’s was similar in size to mine, but Luke’s was huge. Long and thick. Helen just stared at it.
“Fucking hell Si” she said to me. “Look at that”. I already was.
In no time at all Helen had a cock in each hand and started stroking them both. At the same time, the guys were playing with her breasts again. Without too much warning Brad exclaimed that he was going to cum and then he did and what a load. It flew everywhere. Helen’s arm was covered along with some of her skirt and blouse. Then almost immediately afterwards, Luke’s cock spurted. The first spurt hit Helen in the face, the second covered her breasts. What a sight.
Helen retrieved some tissues from her handback just as another couple came into the garden carrying drinks. We all quickly adjusted our clothing, but it must have looked really weird. Helen still had cum on her face and over her clothes, but at least all the cocks were hidden away.
We all stood up and walked back to my car. The two guys were about to leave when Helen gave them both a good kiss on the lips and thanked them. As she kissed each she grabbed at their cocks one last time before we got in the car and they wandered off down the road.
Helen then finished cleaning herself and looked at me. “You know they still had great big hard-ons. Even after just shooting all that spunk. It was nice but I really wanted their cocks inside me, and you haven’t cum yet” she said as she reached out and groped at the front of my jeans.
I had an idea. I started the car and drove after Brad and Luke. When we reached them and I offered them a lift and they jumped into the back of the car. I asked them if they would like a bit more fun, knowing the answer would be yes. When we arrived back at Helen’s place, we all walked into the main bedroom.
Vicky was still sat where we had left her.
“Brad, Luke, meet my husband”. She said. They looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders.
“Vicky, stand up and show these nice young boys what a pathetic sissy you are. Pull your panties down and show them your tiny dick”
Vicky did just that and Brad and Luke sniggered at the sight of the tiny penis in front of us all. Helen made Vicky stand up against the wall, his panties at half must and his tiny cock sticking out. He was made to keep his hands behind his back.
“Okay boys, why don’t you get naked for me”. So Brad and Luke stripped off and I followed suit. Still fully clothed, she had Brad on one side of her and Luke on the other. She held each of their cocks and looked straight at Vicky. Look dear sissy hubby, just look at these beauties. I am going to enjoy every inch of both of these.
I found a chair to sit in and watch as Brad and Luke went to town on Helen. They couldn’t get her clothes off quickly enough, and as they did they took every opportunity to play with her tits and pussy. When she was naked, the boys didn’t really know what to do. So young and inexperienced. So Helen took the lead. She told Brad to lie down and she lowered her pussy onto his face.
“That’s it brad lick my slowly, find my clitoris” She moved until he had it the right spot and told him to lick her hard.
Then she got Luke to come and stand in front of her. His cock was level with her face and right in front of Vicky. She told Vicky to watch closely.
She stuck her tongue out and touched just under the head of Luke’s cock. It twitched. What a sight. Then she licked along the length of it to his balls, which she then spent some time sucking and licking. I looked at Luke’s face. I thought he was about to cum again, but didn’t.
Eventually Helen took Luke’s cock into her mouth. She was watching Vicky the whole time as she swallowed inch after inch of it. Her mouth was stretched so much it looked unreal. She got about half of it in before taking it out again. It was covered in her saliver. She then started sucking and wanking him at the same time as grinding her pussy on to Brad’s face.
“That’s it brad, make me cum on your face. Lick my cunt. Stick your tongue into me”. Fuck yes. She put as much cock in her mouth as she could as she came to massive orgasm.
After a couple of minutes, Helen declared that she needed fucking. She told Vicky to lay on the floor, face up. She got on all fours with her pussy above his face.
“Okay Brad, you first. Get that lovely stiff young cock inside the cunt that you just got so wet and fuck me hard”. So he did. He went straight in and fucked her like an a****l. Vicky must have been getting Helen’s juices dripping on his face. The squelching noises were amazing.
As Brad fucked her, she has Luke’s cock in her mouth again, only taking it out to give Brad instructions. “That’s it Brad, harder, fuck my cunt hard with that beautiful young cock. Make me cum again. Yes, yes, yes.” As she came, Brad shot his second load of the afternoon deep inside her.
I noticed that Vicky’s cock was leaking loads of pre cum over her belly, or maybe he had actually ejaculated. I wasn’t sure.
“Thank’s Brad” said Helen, as he pulled his cock from her. Some of his spunk dripped out onto Vicky’s face and she licked it up and ate it. “Now it’s your turn now Luke, but start slowly please or you’ll split me open with that thing!”
She reached behind her and wiped the end of Luke’s cock along her pussy lips getting it nice and wet before positioning it at the entrance to her pussy. Slowly she eased herself back onto it. She took the first two inches before stopping to get used to the size, then eased back further and repeated this until she had most of his huge member deep inside her.
“Oh my God, it’s fantastic. I feel like I’ve been filled up from below. Okay Luke darling, fuck me slowly. Slide that beauty in and out of my cunt. Are you watching you useless piece of shit of as husband. This is what I need. This is how to treat a lady”
As Luke started to fuck Helen, she invited Brad around to her face and she took his dripping cock in her mouth.
“Mmmmmm, Brad your spunk tastes great. Most of it’s still inside me but I can tell it’s nice and thick and creamy”
“Is that good Luke? Are you enjoying your first ever fuck. Your first feel of a woman’s cunt around your cock?”
“Oh yes Miss, it’s amazing”
“Okay then Luke darling. Fuck me faster”
After a few minutes of getting a pounding from Luke’s monster cock, I knew he was about to cum.
“Miss, I’m sorry but I’m going to cum”.
“That’s okay Sweety, I’ll cum with you” She reached under herself and started rubbing her clit.
“Oh yes Luke darling fill me with your virgin seed. Fill my cunt. Dump it deep inside me”
As Helen shuddered to another orgasm, Luke thrust hard into her and shot what I presumed was another huge load deep in her womb. As her pulled out another large dollop of thick cum dripped into Vicky’s open mouth and she swallowed it.
The Helen looked over at me. “Okay Si, your turn, but my pussy is really sore now. Would you mind fucking my arse?”
Silly question!
I got round behind Helen and slowly eased myself into her arse. It was lovely and tight and Helen clearly liked it. I started fucking her arse as she now had both Luke and Brad’s cocks at her face. Licking them in turn.
I was so turned on I knew I wasn’t going to last long, so after a few minutes I shot deep inside her.
“Thanks guys”, she said to us all as I pulled out of her anus.
She then lowered herself onto Vicky’s face and told him to clean her up.
“In case you can’t count, there are two loads in my pussy and one in my arse. I want then both emptied and clean” Vicky started lapping away at her.
Brad, Luke and I all got dressed and Helen gave us all deep kisses before asking us to show ourselves out.
What a day. But I somehow knew that was not the last I would see of Helen and Vicky.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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