Walking the Dog, in the Forrest

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Walking the Dog, in the Forrest
This morning I took my dog for a walk in the local forest. Whilst walking I saw another man, also walking his dog, except he was looking around him, acting suspicious, so when he turned in my direction, I pretended not to observe him, instead I started calling for my dog and looked the other way.
Not surprisingly as I neared where he originally was, he was gone, or so I thought, he in fact had ducked ahead, took all his clothes off and was masturbating as I drew level with him.
He was off the path, standing between a couple of bushes and going like his life depended on it.
He coughed as I passed him, causing me to look right at him, I stopped in my tracks, taking every aspect of him, neither showing shock or surprise, my sight lowered to his jacking penis, looking at his foreskin moving across and back, he moaned, ‘Oh Fuck’, over and over, his knees slightly bent his ass thrust forward as he humped his hand.
‘Are you OK’, I asked calmly, ‘Dont go, please dont go’, he said pleadingly, I could see my appearance was bearing fruit, he had captivated me and I was resigned to watching him go all the way.
‘Show me something’, he pleaded with an air of desperation, ‘What?’ I replied, knowing full well he wanted me to expose myself.
‘Your Tits, Cunt, Ass, anything’ was his cry, ‘Quick, I’am close’, he was cumming and he now assumed an authoritarian stance, it was my duty to show as he was doing this for me.
I stepped of the path and came with a few steps from him, and started removing some o my clothing, ‘I will get naked for you’, undoing my belt and pushing both my denims and panties down my legs, to my boots.
As I assumed an upright position, exposing my vagina he came, a powerful shot, landing on my stomach and brassiere, as I pulled it up and let my heavy breasts fall free, his second and third spurts were against me as he leapt those few steps and rubbed his Penis onto my bared but warm flesh.
There was a noise and we both looked behind us, two boys were holding their mobile phones and recording us, we complained but they ran off.
So readers, watch on U-Tube or wherever, and you will see me, with my denims and knickers at boot level, my top bunched up over my breasts, and a naked guy jerking off over me.
After the boys ran off we had a quiet embrace, promising to meet again, after-all, he did leave me in an excited state, and I love walking my dog.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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