Washing machine broken pt2

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Washing machine broken pt2
I thought it was horny to see that man smelling my panties,
it gave me a warm feeling inside.
as I watched it all through the opening of the door, I began to caress myself.
I grabbed my breasts and started rubbing between my legs.
I felt my nipples getting harder through my blouse.
he was so enjoying my worn panties, he made a sort of growling sound. His hand disappeared into his pants.
I lifted my skirt a little and felt how the panties that I now wore became wetter.
I pulled it aside and started rubbing my clit with my middle finger.
This gave me so much pleasure that I gave a little moan.
I was so absorbed in my own pleasure that I did not notice that the door of the laundry room was open.
when I opened my eyes, the man stood in the opening of the door.
he smiled while I was ashamed of myself.
“I could not resist it” he said with my worn panties in his hand.
I did not know what to say, and when I wanted to leave, he took my hand and said “you should not be ashamed”
he pulled me against him and took me by the hips.
my back against that sturdy chest of his. I felt and heard how he was sniffing my hair.
his hands rubbed my stomach upwards until he touched my breasts.
he took them firmly and began to knead them. I wanted to leave, but at the same time I also enjoyed it.
his hands wandered back down,
to pull my blouse up, he pulled it out.
now I was standing in front of a strange man with my bra.
I felt how his dick got harder against my ass.
“turn around and look at me” he ordered.
he pushed me against the nearest wall. “kiss me” he said and I turned my head away from him.
Frustrated, he picked me up and carried me to my bedroom. He threw me into bed.
he sat on top of me and took 4 straps from his pocket.
I could not stand this, he was too strong. He tied both of my wrists together and my ankles, each on the frame of the bed.
he took off my skirt, took his knife and cut my bra in the middle.
my breasts fell out and he started to suck my nipples. hard and a little painful.
he laughed “now I can taste your fresh cunt juices”
he pulled my lips apart and took a good slurp from my juicy cunt.
my slumbering juice stuck to his tongue when he showed it to me.
“nice” he said as he held my jaws and spit out everything in my face.
I really did not enjoy it anymore.
he stood next to the bed and pulled off his clothes. A fat dick came out of his enormous pubic hair.
he came back between my legs, took me by the hips and pushed his dick into my cunt.
with hard strokes he started to fuck me. After a few minutes he stopped.
I thought he was going to cum on me now.
he pulled his dick out of me cut my ankles loose
he turned around so that I lay on my bed with my stomach.
I heard a spitting sound and felt how his saliva fluttered down between my buttocks.
suddenly he grabbed my buttocks tightly and pulled them apart and banged his dick in my tight ass hole.
I screamed in pain but he did not stop. He kept on going until his cum filled my ass.
I was relieved that it was done, but it soon turned out that this was not the case.

to be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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