Watching From The Bar. Part 4. The Cilmax.

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Watching From The Bar. Part 4. The Cilmax.
Part One of Watching From The Bar

Part Two. Helens Story.—part-2-helens-story-618455

Part Three. The Floor Show!

Synopsis for those that have no time (or no desire!) to read the first three parts. Helen and Steve are a happily married couple. But things have gotten stale. Steve gets the idea to spice things up on an, anonymous, weekend at a beach resort. He decides to try and get Helen to live out his fantasy of his ‘watching her from the bar as she makes out with a hot, hunky, guy in a dark corner’. Part one tells the build up from Steves point of view. Part two revisits this from Helens point of view. Part three tells us what happens as the fantasy comes to life, and how it gets out of hand, very, very, very seriously, out of hand. Their life has now changed for ever. Here in part 4 we see how the night reaches it’s climax.

Helen (the wife), Steve (the husband) and Dave (the BBC they just had fun with and picked up) stumble out of the bar. Helen and Steve are on an endorphin high. They has just done things they never though they would do. Steve has just tempted his wife into playing out his fantasy, and Helen has loved every second of it. Helen. The steady, normal housewife! Steve had truly believed, deep inside, that she would never agree to what he suggested. He expected a slap on the wrist and Helen to tell him not to be so naughty. Helen can still not quite believe what she has just done, it is all spinning round in her head like some kind of fevered dream (Note to readers – What she did is in part3!).

As we walk down the street back to our (Helen and mines) hotel, Dave reaches over and puts his hand on her leg. He then moves his hand up to her ass, pulling up her dress as he does so, finally grabbing her, now exposed ass. I expect Helen to get a little upset at this, she is normally a very serious, conservative women, but she just gives a little giggle (Oh boy, she is not a giggle type of women, so things are going good!). What the hell I think, so I do the same. She leans over and kisses me, me being Steve, her husband. Then she leans over and kisses Dave, him being the hot young black guy we just had fun with in the bar. Helen has a radiant look on her face, I know she is having the time of her life. Since we got married to me many years ago, we are both in our forties, but still keep ourselves trim and fit, she (nor I) have ever laid hands on another person. But tonight, that has all changed.

I had a fantasy I wanted to live out. To sit at a bar, and watch my wife make out in a dark corner with another man. Tonight I told her about this, and despite a lot of hesitation, she had just done this for me, and a lot, lot, more for me. And now we were walking the guy she made out with (hell, lets get it clear, sucked off in a crowded bar!) back to our hotel room. I am so looking forward to another of my nasty little fantasies, watching my wife making love to a very well endowed black man, that I just can’t think straight. The only slight fly in the ointment is that Dave told us he was Bisexual as we left the bar. This put a very enigmatic look on my wifes face. I fear she may have an unfulfilled fantasy, or two, or herself. But, so be honest, I have a raging hard on like I haven’t had in years. And I think right at this moment I will do anything my wife asks. I will quite literally do anything to make her happy.

Helen feels like her stomach is made of water as walks along the street. Her knees are also a bit weak from the excitement she feels, but fortunately the boys are holding her up straight by grabbing onto her ass under her skirt (which is the reason for the weak knees, and excited stomach in the first place). She feels a small pang of regret. If she had only known that her naughty husband has they bad ideas years ago, she thinks she would have agreed to them them. So many missed years and opportunities. No matter, she was going to make up for it tonight (and all the nights to come). Years ago she had seen a TV show were two guys had kissed, and since then she had had a fantasy where Steve kissed another man, and just as she thought about that and was about to cum, as see often played with herself (in their stale marriage), sometimes Steve kissed the mans dick as well. This, she had to see tonight, and after acting out Steves fantasy for him, she was going to tell him exactly what she wanted!

The three of them arrived back at the hotel and went to their room. Helen went over to the bed, put her hands up under her mini dress and slipped down her panties. This got Steve and Daves attention. She then pulled her dress up over her hips, exposing her naked pussy, and sat down on the edge of the bed. She felt exhilarated by the events of the night, and she was determined to take control. Helen looked over at Steve and told him to strip. He did, and stood there naked with a raging hard on. She looked over at Dave and told him to strip. He did like wise, with matching (apart from the massive size difference) hard on. Both men looked at Helens glistening, wet, pussy that she was showing them from her spread legs. “I would love to watch Dave fuck you in the ass” she says breathlessly, following with “But I would never ask you to do something you were uncomfortable with”. “What are you comfortable with” she says.”Will you give me a show that brings me to orgasm without even touching myself” she asks. She raises her eyebrow at me and fixes me in her eye. Really, I am putty in her hands. “How about if I kiss Dave and wank him a bit” I ask. Helen shivers in anticipation, and says “Oh yes. Just try, and see how far it goes”. I hear Dave laughing quietly behind me. I turn to him with what must have been a terrified look in my eyes. He said “Just kiss me”. So I did. He was actually a really good kisser! We stood in front of Helene and kissed. Next thing I know I was dropping to my knees and started kissing Daves cock. All the time I could hear Helen behind me playing with her pussy and encouraging me. I started to kiss Daves cock, it was big and hard, and I don’t know what came over me, but I put my mouth over it and started to suck. I could hear Helen going wild behind me, telling me to take it all, to put my nose on his balls! He encouragement excited me and I tried my best, but I got no were near.

Helen watched her husband sucking cock for her, her pussy had never been so wet in her life. Steve tried hard, but couldn’t get more than half the cock in his mouth. “Oh god Steve I love you so much right now! But stand aside, my pussy is aching for that cock. Dave, just put it in me, all the way”. She says. Dave pushed me aside, knelled between Helens legs and pushed his ten inch cock balls deep in her pussy. Helen gasped, and screamed a bit at the size. After a few strokes she calmed down a bit, then started telling Dave to fuck her like a cheap whore. He got faster and faster. He probed deep into her and from her face I could see she loved every second (and inch) of it. He fucked her hard and fast for what seemed like hours, but was probably only minutes. “Oh my god, he is fucking me deep in my womb” she shouted. “He’s touching places I never knew could be touched” she screamed! Dave pulled out of her and put himself flat on the bed, Helen got on top of him, back to him, and he fucked her from behind. I could not resist, I leaned in and started sucking on her clit. Helen seemed to go to a new high. “Yes, suck my clit while this big black meat rides me to heaven” she shouted. I sucked her clit for all I was worth.

Dave kept pounding her for all he was worth, after a few minutes he grunted and a little while later his cum stared to drip out of Helens pussy. She was gasping and clearly in heaven. Dave pulled out and told both of us to suck his cock clean. We both did, with gusto. And then Dave jumped up, pulled his pants on, thanks us for the evening and left.

Helen kissed me hard and said “I have a pussy full of big black cock baby batter, Are you worried I might get pregnant?” I wasn’t but it was clear to me what she wanted. “Shall I suck it out of you so you don’t get pregnant” I said. With an intense look on her face she said ”Yes, suck it all out of me”. So I did, every last drop. We 69’d as I cleaned here up. I cam twice as I sucked every last drop of Daves enormous load out of her. Helen cam twice as I sucked her. At the end we fell exhausted to the bed. Helen climbed on top of me, grabbed my face and kissed me. “I love you so much” she said. “I didn’t know sharing could be so intense, we have to do this again” she says. “And please, please, next time I want to see you really make love with a man for me, I want to see him put his cock in your ass”. I was scared but agreed, then she said “And if you do gay for me, I will do gay for you. Just pick whichever of my girlfriends you find hottest, and I promise I will try to get her in bed with us”.

I am so glad I decide to share my fantasies with my wife! We are going to have the best sex ever now!

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