When did Mom Start Wanting Me part 9

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When did Mom Start Wanting Me part 9
Martha and I sat there chewing the food that we had in our mouth looking at Sarua as she took a bite of her food and started chewing on it.

After swallowing my bit of food that I had in my mouth, “What did you find out today, that started Wednesday?”

“Well,” then swallowing her bite of food, “I happen to think that the second day of our time at the motel, that we stayed at when we did our marriage, I had forgot to take my birth control pill and had forgot to take it every day, like I had been doing for so long, and Wednesday morning, I saw the pills that I had missed all this time, so I made a doctor’s apointment.” then Sarua took another bite of food.

“Sammy’s a dad and your a mom again, right?”

“Is that right mom?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Alright! I’m a dad!!! Aaaa, wait a minute. What are we going to tell the neighbors, if and when, they ask about you being pregnant, as to who is the father?”

“I’ve been talking to a friend of mine at work, since we had our marriage trip, about a place that she want’s to sell since her husband gave her every thing when he up and left. She had kept it for vacations but it is so hard for her, to keep it up as well as the place she lives at, and she hasn’t made up her mind which place she wants to sell, till I asked her about it, so she showed me pics of the place, then she showed me the place today, before I went to the doctor, and I gave her some money towards it and made a deal for payments every month.”

“Is it big enough, for all three of us to live in? Or should I say, all four of us to live in?”

“Yes, Sammy, it is big enough for five of us to live in.”

“Five of us? Are we having twins, or is Martha, having my baby too?”

“No, I remembered my pills all week long.”

“And no we are not having twins. It is if Martha decides to have a baby by you, or if, we decide to have another baby ourselves.”

“Do you have pictures of the place?” Martha asked then.

“Yes I do. Hold on a sec and I’ll get them for you to see.” As Sarua then stood up and stepped out into the living room, with her sexy bare round butt swinging like it does, when she walks.

I looked back at Martha, when Sarua disappeared around the door, to have another look at Martha’s tits, that were reasting on the table now that her plate is empty, as she was looking down at my hard cock, standing up like it is trying to get it’s head up to, at least table level.

“I must say, you do have a good baby maker there, and I did, just about forget to take my pills, for a couple of days there.”

“You got some good baby bottles there, as well as a good baby making oven, or is it, a baby baking oven.”

“If it is as hot as you say it is, I would say, ‘baby baking oven’.”

“Is that what I have, is a ‘baby baking oven’?” Sarua asked as she stepped back into the diningroom.

“Yes you do, and a good hot one too, like Martha has.”

“So your not upset about me being pregnant, with your baby?”

“Heck no, I’m happy about it. It makes me want to make another baby sometime, as well as, to keep in practice with either one of you two sexy hot women, when and how ever, I can.”

With Sarua seated again at the table in her chair she passed me the first pic, “This is the living room, this picture is the diningroom and kitchen which is next to the living room.” she said each time she passed me a pick which after a quik look at each picture, I then passed it on to Martha, “This is looking up at the loft, that over looks the living room and the diningroom and part of the kitchen, this is a picture of the loft, and then this is looking down from the loft at the front door and the rooms you can see.” Mom then showed us the pictures of the three bedrooms and the bathroom, and the half bath on the second floor, then she showed us a picture of the patio and deck out beside the diningroom and the kitchen, as well as of the one off the loft and one bedroom.

“Is there not any neighbors around the place?”

“Not very close, but there are some around but, they are over a mile away from us in the one direction and in the other direction, is no one since the goverment owns it, which is open for the hunters to use during season.”

“So this place is joined, next to the goverment land?”

“Yes it is. There is a fence, that Maggie’s husband put up right after they bought the place, so that there would be no question, as to where the goverments land stops at.”

“Looking at the pictures, I like the way it looks and the country around it, makes it easier for me to just go out and do some hunting if I want to, on the week ends. Is there a place to go fishing close by this place?”

“From the way Maggie talks, there is a pond behind the house, about three quarters of a mile away, that they stocked back after they had the place for a year, and they fished it one time and they did catch some fish that was bigger than what they stocked with.”

“Cool. Sounds like we might be able to go around in the nude if we want to then. Right?”

“She said the only time she has seen any one around there, was during deer season and the hunters were out hunting, but that was cause her husband didn’t have the fence up yet.”

“Where is this place at?” asked Martha.

“Up to the northeast of town about forty to fifty minutes from here, but it will only take about twenty minutes to get to town and five or ten minutes for me to get to work from there, instead of the fifty to sixty minutes it takes me now.”

“I might have a hard time waiting to get moved back here, looking at these pictures and that hard dick standing there. That hard dick has my pussy so wet right now.”

“Get over there and put that hard cock in that wet pussy then.” Sarua said looking at my dick that is still standing up like it has done the whole time we sat and ate supper and talked.

As Martha stood up from the chair, I slid my chair back away from the table to give us room, and then slid my ass toward the front of the chair near the edge of it and leaned back, as Martha got in front of me.

Martha put a foot on the floor beside me and the other foot on the floor on the other side of me, sticking her tits in my face and rubbed them up and down on my face, with my nose at the base between the two tits, which I had to just lick the vally between her tits as she squeezed them, to each side of my face.

“Do you want to join in on the fun here Sarua?”

“I’m just going to watch you two for now, since this is your last night here, till you get moved back here.”

“Then, I will want to watch the new mom and dad, have a turn together then.”

Then Martha put her hands on each side of me and took a hold of the back of the chair behind me, and started twisting back and forth rubbing her nipples on my cheeks to my mouth and back across my cheeks again, with first one nipple then the other nipple.

Each time one or the other nipple got to my mouth, I would suck on that nipple and nibble, a little bit on it and flick my tongue across it too, while I sucked on it all at the same time.

As Martha rubbed her tits in my face, I reached up and put each of my hands on her ass cheeks and squeezed each one and rubbed my hand up and down on them and even pulled her cheeks apart, going from doing the one to doing the next then the next then starting over again, as I played with her cheeks.

After a bit Martha stopped rubbing her tits on my face then bent and started French kissing me and me kissing her back, as I moved one hand down between her legs to her pussy and started rubbing her pussy lips and just missing her clit, while I put my other hand on a tit and played with it by squeezing it and pinching her nipple lightly and then just flicking my finger over her hard nipple, then I moved my hand to her other tit and did the same to it, as I did to the first tit.

Martha broke the kissing off, “Ohh Sammy, fuck, that feels so damn good, shit.”

Martha then pulled my hand away from her pussy while taking my now rock hard cock in her other hand and guided it toward her pussy, as she stood and bent over to keep her hand on my dick, and when her pussy was lined up with my hard cock she lowered herself down and guided my cock to the opening and then placed her hand on my shoulders as she sat down on my hard dick, till she was resting on my lap.

When Martha had all of her waight on my lap, she just sat there, “Oooohhhhh, that feels so damn good, stuck up in my pussy like that. I am going to miss this big hard dick, for sure.”

“All I can say is, you better not dilly dally around, getting everything done that you have to do to get moved. I will miss your tight, hot, wet pussy, while your gone too.”

“You won’t miss it much, since you have a hot, wet pussy, sitting over in that chair, that has your little boy or girl, baking in it.”

Then Martha started bouncing slowly up and down on my hard cock, and I started flexing my hips a few strokes after, she started lifting and lowering herself up and down on my dick.

I placed my hand around to each ass cheek and started lifting and lowering her butt, to help Martha out to move my cock in and out of her tight wet pussy.

“Oh fuck me Sammy, your big hard cock feels so damn good, in my pussy, fuck.”

“Your pussy feels fucking good, around my dick.”

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming Sammy, all over you cock.”

I felt Martha’s cum just flow out, which her pussy muscles went to squeezing my dick, just before she cum, which was now getting my legs and balls all wet.

I kept flexing my hips as Martha laid over towards me, pressing her tits into my chest, which I could feel her hard nipples poking into my little bitty nipples, as she rode out her orgasm.

When Martha calmed down some from her orgasm, “Get up and turn toward the table and put your hands on it, so I can put my dick in, from behind you.”

When Martha got stood up and turned around, I slid off the chair to my knees and kneeled down behind her and took a hold of her butt cheeks and pulled them apart, to see her little puckered hole and her gaping pussy hole, then I dipped my head down and stuck my tongue out and licked from her tant to her clit then back to her pussy hole, and tongue fucked her for a minute, tasting her juices, then licked down to her clit and back up to her tant, wiggled my tongue on her tant before licking back to her clit, then back to her pussy hole to just licked up the juices from her pussy, then I quit and stood up.

Once I was stood up behind Martha, I took a hold of her hips and pulled her back some so that she would be leaning over more, then spread her legs out a little bit more, then I took a hold of my cock and guided it to her pussy hole and stuck it in, till my groin was right up next to her butt cheeks.

When I had my cock all the way into Martha’s pussy, I looked over at Sarua as she was fingering her pussy and watching us from her chair, which I could see her fingers were wet from fingering herself, then I leaned over and kissed and licked up and down Martha’s back, from her shoulder blades toward the middle of her back and back up toward her shoulder blades, while keeping my cock all the way into her pussy, which her pussy muscles were flexing around my dick.

After kissing up and down Martha’s back a couple of times, I then started pumping my rock hard cock in and out of her pussy at a some what slow speed for a few times, then I started to slowly speed up to a faster pumping speed, then I held the speed for a little bit till I heared, “Ohhhh, Sammyyyy, fuck me faster and harder, I need to cum agsin, faster, faster, harder.” which then I started pumping in and out of her pussy as fast as I could and as hard as I could.

“Oh fuck, I’mmm, cummmmiiiiinnnnnnggggggg, damn,.. gooooood.”

After a few times of fast hard pumping of my dick in and out of Martha’s pussy, I felt her pussy muscles squeeze down on my dick, and then I felt her cum start to gush out from around my cock and soak my balls and legs.

I kept slowly pumping in and out of her pussy with my hard dick, while Martha rode out her orgasm, while I held her hips too, to keep her from falling to the floor.

When Martha had calmed down some, I then had her stand up some and move over beside Sarua and then I qently helped her lay down on the floor next to Sarua’s chair and spread her legs for me, to get between them and put my hard cock back into Martha’s pussy and start pumping in and out again, at a some what slow speed.

After a few, some what slow pumps in and out of Martha’s pussy with my hard cock, I again started speeding up to a faster speed till I pumped in and out at a steady speed for a bit, “Oooohhhh, fuck me Sammyyyy.”

At that time I then speeded up some more, then stayed at that speed for a few strokes, then I slowed down some for a few strokes, then I speeded up which this time, “Yes Sammy, fuck meeee,.. just like that, don’t stop, fuck meee.”

Pumping my hard cock in and out of Martha’s pussy at this faster speed, got my cum started to churn and ready to make it’s way up my hard shaft, to shoot out the head into her all ready wet hot pussy, “I’m about to cum Martha.”

“Yes, cum with me Sammyyy, I’m just about there toooo. I’m cummmmiiiinnnnggggg, fuck meeee, cum with meee, fuck.”

feeling Martha’s pussy muscles start to squeezing my hard cock, caused me to then start cumming into her pussy, then I felt her cum squirt out around my cock and soak my balls, legs, pubic hair, and the floor, around us, as I slammed my hard cock into her tight pussy as far as I could, after the first shot of cum left my dick head.

“Ohhh, Sammy, yes, fill my pussy up, with your baby making creammmm, yes, fuck me… It,.. oh fuck,.. so good, damn.”

“I’m cumming toooo.” Sarua said, sitting in the chair next to us with her cum squirting out from around her fingers, spraying my butt and legs and the floor around the three of us, as I was laying over Martha some, using my arms to keep me off of her, for as long as I could.

After we came down from our orgasms, Sarua slupped back in the chair she sat in, and Martha’s legs slid down flat on the floor with her arms falling off of my neck to the floor beside us, and I collapsed down on top of Martha but managed, to keep my elbows under me to keep from putting all of my waight, down on her.

When we finally managed to catch our breath some, Martha pulled me down to her and we kissed each other with more passion than we have so far, to this date.

When we broke the kissing off, “Ohhh God, I’m going to miss this so damn much, fuck. Just as I don’t think it can get any better, oh fuck, it is better yet, damn Sammy, your good,and still hard. How in this world, do you stay so hard, for so long? Most guys, are soft by now, damn.”

“I have no idea, but having my cock in a wet, tight, hot pussy, feels so damn good, I don’t ever want, to take it out, is all I know.”

“I know just what you mean Martha. Sammy has been staying hard long after we are done, and we have had another round all most right away. I’ve never, had a guy like that either, before Sammy here.”

“As much as I don’t want to let his dick get out of my pussy, you may want to get down here and have a turn while I watch you two, then if he is STill hard then, and I’m still as horny as I am. Who knows what it will take, for the two of us to get him soft, for a change.”

“Your guess is as good as mine Martha.” Sarua said, then moving off of the chair.

Do we want a part ten or not?

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