White privileged teen couple,older black coach

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White privileged teen couple,older black coach
Carl was an above white teen. White privilege had given him everything.He had inherited his good looks from his mother ,Good grades in school , a job lined up for when he leaves Lisa the perfect girlfriend. Lisa and Carl loved each other, they had met at church a few years earlier, it was their mothers who introduced them and soon after they started dating , going to movies an studying together.
Lisa was hot as fuck ,5ft 1.blonde hair, blue eyes , full lips made for sucking cock ,small b cup boobs, slim waist and an amazing ass , which Lisa believed to be fat because it was just a bit big but everyone else thought it was perfect, Lisa’s mum had always paid for weekly salon appointments for her so her body was always hairless, including her pussy, Lisa had even convinced Carl to join her at the salon too as she said she didn’t like body hair and said she’d only have sex with him if he got it all removed.
They had only recently started being sexual. Even though they had been together for some time they had waited as long as they could, Lisa liked Carl to lick her pussy He was very good at it , she liked fucking but Carl couldn’t last to long and would cum after a few minutes, it was the same when she gave him a blowjob which she loved doing but again after a few minutes he would cum but Lisa didn’t mind it just meant more time to let Carl kiss an lick on her bald tight teen pussy .
Things where about to change for Carl an Lisa though .
Carl had been reported to the sports coach but one of the black students, he had been calling him racist names and was showing off his clothes an calling the boy a poor nigger .
The sports coach was Mr Johnson , but most people called him Mr J. he was a black ex boxer and had a ruff upbringing and at 50 was still fit and muscular . Mr Johnson had given Carl a long angry lecture about racism and white private before giving him detention , which involves cleaning up the changing room after the athletics team . Carl was shaking when he left the office , Mr Johnson had done a good job of intimidating him by getting right in his face an shouting as load as he could , so loud in fact that a few of the boys on the team had been able to hear , now like most schools the boys on the sports team where all black and well built , so when Carl started his detention that night they waited for him and gave him a little beating before throwing him in the showers . They also told him he was going to get it again every night .
Carl was scared , and the next day as he went to clean the changing rooms he was grabbed again , five or six black boys had been doing extra training an where still in the shower when he went to mop up , one of the team called to him , your mop buckets in her white boy come an get it , Carl popped his head into the shower room and was immediately knocked to the floor , five big black naked teens stood around him and on tipped the dirty mop bucked out all over him , the dirty water stunk and the kick to the stomach that followed hurt , the boys all laughing billy felt more water being sprayed onto him , he looked up to find one of the black teens with his big cock in his hand pissing all over him , he was kicked a few more times before being left alone.
Next day was the same , only this time when he went into the changing room Mr Johnson was there , Carl assumed everything would be ok and quickly started mopping up. Carl was told to mop the showers first, he told the coach there where still people in there and he didn’t want to get his cloths wet , same people as yesterday he thought, but Mr J the coach just told him you’ll have to mop in there while they shower , just take off your clothes so you don’t get wet , he said this in his normal intimidating way so Carl just done what he was told stripped off and started mopping up , Mr J popped his head in to the shower room , made some excuse to leave an left Carl alone naked in the showers. He was immediately set upon by the black teens who grabbed him an threw him under a cold shower an whipped him with the towels ,
He got home that night and told Lisa what had happened , she promised to go speak to Mr J the next day .
Carl an Lisa went into Mr J’s office at dinner time and discussed the nightly beating. They begged coach to help, Mr J played it cool saying he didn’t have much sympathy for Carl an he needs to learn a lesson , Lisa begged , pls Mr J we’ll do anything if you help us .
He asked what he would get out of stopping the beating , Carl an Lisa offed money but he refused ,
He stood up and walked around his desk and stood next to Lisa
I want something more personal from you he said as he ribbed his hand over hid pants.
He didn’t ask but the white teen couple knew he wanted a blow job from her.
Well he asked is there anything your going to do for me .
Lisa looked at Carl for an answer, he shook his head a little but didn’t say anything ,
“It’s just a blowjob” Lisa wished to Carl “he’ll be done in a minute “
Carl hung his head in shame , he didn’t want to see the girl he loved be degraded like this but he felt he had no other way out of the beating. He nodded his head and mumbled ok then if it’s ok with you .
Mr J spoke “so boy what your girl going to do for me “
She’ll give you a blowjob Carl replied .
You want your girlfriend to suck on my big black cock ha ha then tell her to do it .
Carl looked at her “ Lisa suck on Mr J’s big black cock “
Lisa was a bit angry that Carl didn’t put up much of a argument , she thought he would of at least tried to talk his way out of it , fuck it she thought , I’m going to do it .
Coach took Lisa’s hand and stood her up “bet you’ve never sucked a big black cock before hey girl , you’ve probably never even seen one have you “
Lisa shook her head .
Mr J removed his top , threw it at Carl an told him to hang it up and put the lock on the door too, by the time he came back coach and pulled Lisa closer giving her ass a good feel “ your a ripe piece of white meet girl he said as he felt her up “let’s get a better look at you ” he told her to strip down to her underwear.
She looked at Carl again for reassurance but again nothing , so she removed her skirt and blouse and stood in front of Mr J . Her matching bra and thong in thin sheer white hid nothing , Mr J could see her bald pussy lips swelling in her panties and her pink nipples where beginning to harden , she still had her shoes on and white knee socks.Coach told her to go hang her cloths up , just so he could watch her ass jiggle as she walked , when she got back he had removed his pants , his cock caught Lisa’s blue eyes , it was already twice the size of Carl’s and it was still semi soft she was worrying she wouldn’t even be able to fit the head in her mouth . Mr J took hold of his cock signalling to Lisa that he was ready.
She kneeled down nervously in front of him , he lifted his cock “ why don’t you start by sucking on my balls “
Lisa looked at how his balls hung down , about four inches with two massive golf ball sized testicles . She started licking them first , before kissing and sucking them lick she would when she sucked carls cock.
Coach moans about how good it feels “ you ever had her suck on your balls white boy”.
Carl shook his head ,
“We’ll get the fuck over her an watch , and while your at it strip off , why should you be the only one dressed “
Lisa was surprised at how quick Carl done what Mr J said , he was now sitting to the side of them naked as Lisa slurped an licked on his heavy black balls.
Mr J pushed Lisa’s head back off his balls “I got a real treat for both you “ he said as he turned around and bent over his desk. Lisa looked at Carl in disgust , how could he not be asking her to stop , fuck it she thought , she put hand on his ass cheek and pulled it open , her other hand took hold of his cock , it was so thick she couldn’t fit her hand around it, Lisa just buried her face in coaches black ass crack and started licking away , she could hear him calling her all sorts of dirty names as he moaned with delight “ dirty little rich girl just a niggers little ass licker”
Mr J turned back around he was fully hard by now , Lisa put both hands on his big black cock and licked all over it , around the head and up an down the thick veiny shaft before stretching her mouth over the head , to her surprise she could fit it all in as well as a good few inches of his cock too , she felt quite proud of her dirty achievement and started to suck away encouraged by Mr J’s moans she started trying to get more an more cock into her mouth as possible and forgetting all the time she was being watched by Carl.
It took longer than Lisa expected and a lot of hard work to make Mr J cum but now she could feel him getting close , his cock felt like it was getting bigger if that was even possible. She heard him ask Carl “does your perfect little rich girl swallow “
She knew Carl was shaking his head , she had never let him cum in her mouth before , she always made him stop her so she could finish him with her hands . She knew she had to take this load though , he was already telling Carl that she was going to swallow the load of a lifetime.
Coach took hold of her head and started to fuck her face , his strong black hands almost covered her whole head as he did , Carl could hear Lisa choking and gagging and her eyes started to water as the Hugh black cock started to open up her throat for the first time , with each thrust he pushed hid cock deeper an deeper and took it out less and less until he had almost all of his nine inch cock inside her throat.
He came hard , the first load was shot down Lisa’s throat, it made her cough an gag , she pulled her head back and the next load went over her tongue and over her face , Mr J put his cock back into her now willing mouth as Lisa took hold of it and sucked it dry not spilling another drop , she kept sucking it softly until Mr J told her to stop
“Now give your girlfriend a thank you kiss “he told Carl
Lisa had forgotten he was there , she’d been so carried away. Carl looked at her kneeling in front of him cum and slobber dripping off her chin an down her chest and eyes still streaming making her black eye makeup run down her face and lent in an kissed her , she kissed him back passionately, Carl didn’t like the taste of cum on her mouth but done what coach said. Lisa stood up and went to wipe her face , Mr J noticed something and grabbed her , he turned her to face a large mirror before wrapping his thick arms around her , one large hand was pushed down her bra squeezing her tit an pinching her nipple , which as couch found out where extremely sensitive and something which really turned her on , she moaned out load as he pulled it hard “ what’s this he said tapping his other black hand onto the front of her sheer white thong and giving it a good rub , when he moved his hand Lisa noticed her pussy had got so wet that her thong was even more see through than in had been before.
Mr J slid his hand under the wet material. Lisa’s pussy was swollen and sticky than it had ever been, her pussy juice had even made the inside of her thighs wet , he slid a thick finger into her , noticing how tight her pussy was . Lisa felt his finger was the same size as Carl’s cock . Coach pinched an pulled hard at her nipple an slowly fingered her before rubbing his finger across her clit . It didn’t take much , maybe two or three rubs an she orgasmed, cumming loudly an shaking her pussy against his finger. When he stopped her legs had gone to jelly an coach had to sit her down , this is when he noticed Carl’s fully erect 4 inch cock , he just shook his head an told him to get dressed an get back to class , which he did again but not until he helped Lisa clean up and wiped Mr J’s cum up from the floor.
Just as they left his office Mr J shouted don’t forget you still got detention boy.
That night after school Carl walking into the changing rooms to clean up Mr J was there again , and he could hear the sports team in the showers .
Mr J grabbed Carl “now you listen her white boy I want a piece of that teen fuckmeat pussy , so when you get home tonight you convince her That I want to see her her in my office at dinner time tomorrow , and you make sure to come along too “.
“Yes sir “ Carl answered
Mr j gave him a little shove towards the mop bucket,” now get cleaning boy , I told the team to go easy on you too , so you better not be telling your girl you still going to get a beating each nigh “ he said before he walked out laughing to himself

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