Who Took My Virginity – Part 3

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Who Took My Virginity – Part 3

…Though I woke up then, I was really tired. I laid on the bed like that for a while, till I felt okay.

I smelled myself…Ugh! With his sweat, his saliva and my own sweat I was smelling very bad. I was completely naked, in bed. My abaya, hijab, panty and bra were there as well.

I smiled at them, got back dressed and went outside. There was something like a present on the table.

It was a chocolate box…Hmm, looks like someone has bought me a gift, for my immense encouragement upon his action…Lol!

I just checked it turning it to all sided. It had been expensive, and there were much more time till expiration. I was feeling naughty about myself. But why does he always escape without saying “goodbye”?

I washed myself, got changed and came back. There was a message to my mobile. I checked it out happily. Yes, it was him again.

“hi ameena, how are you? For your immense support and for your valuable friendship with me (oh I was just his friend. I dunno how! Lol) I decided to repay my gratitude. Here onward, I will work on your share as well at the office. If you do not trust me, come see for yourself. I will call you only if the load is too much. We will be able to finish work soon, and have so much leisure time to enjoy ourselves as well. Like that, nah?

Please stay well, and safe darling. Bye!”

I must say, at this point, all my hatred towards him was vanished. I still dunno what he really wants with me but I was sure that it was nothing painful to me. I even enjoyed the moment he deflowered me…Yeah I cried a bit but when I look back, I do not feel sad any longer. Every woman has to feel that pain and some go through it in horrific ways. Compared to them, I was very lucky.

And of course, I was deflowered by a virgin! And he feels lost in his world without me. How valuable was his thought?

That day passed like that. When it was about 3pm, I received a call.

Yeah, it was him again. I answered.


“hi ameena, how are you?” his lovely voice as usual.

“well…Uh, I was feeling pretty tired back them but now I am okay. Why called?”

“just…Not that, what if I invite you to come with me today to have dinner outside?”

I thought for a while. Dinner out? I knew it could still end up like this afternoon but there was no reason for me to look back. I said,

“well…Okay, I know you maybe having other plans with but, there is no difference if you have them or not…I have already lost it”

“oh darling, please do not talk like that. You make me sad” his voice really turned sad. I felt sorry for him but I loved teasing him as well.

“trust me ameena, however this is gonna end up, this will never end up making you sad. I promise”

“hmm…Okay, where shall I meet you?”

“i will take you at your doorstep by 5pm. Deal?”

“okay, what shall I dress?”

“just dress as you always dress to office. That is good” I was astonished to hear this! He wants me to come in my religious clothing?

“akmal, are you k**ding? What will people think?”

“they will think just that a muslim couple is on a date. That is all. Do not worry, no problem”

“well…Whatever. Ok then, so…Lets meet then”

“thank you. Bye ameena!”

“bye” I dropped the call, to hide my excitement. I said “yes” with fist my right hand and pulling down my elbow…You know what that is!

Then I decided to prepare my clothing for that beautiful evening. This time, I decided to wear a fancy hijab and a black abaya with some flower sequence at the lower tip…I had no idea whether he would like this or not.

By 5pm, I heard the engine of a motor bike near my apartment. I was surprised, but I checked it out.

It was him! I thought he would come on foot because last time, that was how he had come. He was wearing a trouser, couple of shoes, shirt and a coat…All black! He seemed to have a taste on the traditions of about 50-60 years back.
“hey! You look even more beautiful, ameena” he said with a smile, to which I responded,

“thank you akmal, so…When will we leave?”

“well, right now…If you are ready?”

I readily went to him and sat on the back seat, holding his chest tightly. He was a very big person, so big that my hands around him tightly gripped his chest when my fingers crossed together in front of him.

“wow! You are bigger than I thought earlier. I can hardly hold you”

“well, uh huh! You can hold my shoulders with each hand and it will be easier, and safer”

I held him that way. He slowly departed.

Through the busy streets, he was accelerating so frequently that I was feeling much tension in my biceps. He was taking dangerous turns, simply without caring about me, or even himself.

“careful, akmal! You will kill us both!” I shouted at him, also with excitement. His name sounds islamic, and even his appearance looks. So there was no possibility of any trouble with native muslims there.

“wooh hooh! You like that, ameena? Say you like that!” he said freely.

After sometimes, we were in a restaurant, eating, drinking, chatting and k**ding. I was very happy, and he also seemed to be.

“you know akmal, no matter what you did, I feel like the happiest girl on earth right now” I could not help saying it. He smiled at me lovingly and palmed my hair, and then my left cheek with his right hand.

“same here ameena, I am the happiest guy on earth…” he lowered his voice and said,

“…As long as every atom of you is reserved for me!” he smiled, but then turned sad.

“you are the only female I touched, and I hope its the same about me on your side”

“of course akmal, you know I was a part of a very fundamental muslim family. Most of the time, I have seen no men other than my dad and brothers, and that was how it was till I came here”

“i believe you” he then held my right hand with his left, and squeezed it softly. He must be a regular power lifter or so, because his forearms were very muscular. In here, buddhist guys tend to be involved in bodybuilding and power lifting at alarming rates, compared to other religious guys.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed his touch on my hand. He was rubbing it with his thumb. I loved it. Suddenly something alarmed me. I pulled my hand away and looked at his eyes.

“why ameena?” he asked calmly, but I knew he was puzzled. I was scared that a muslim guy would see it and we would be in trouble.

“akmal, not here. If anyone unnecessary sees you doing it, we both will be in trouble”

“well…Okay, but what kinda trouble?”

“as muslims, I am not allowed to behave like this. And if a muslim sees us, we will be in trouble”

He said nothing, and concentrated on his drink. We later departed. He dropped me at my apartment.

“bye akmal! See you tomorrow” I waved him,but he was not ready to leave.

“…You not leaving?” I laughed at him silently. He got off the bike and came at me.

“whoa wait! You cannot do that!” I went inside the apartment, as he followed me, got in, and pushed the door into self locking by pushing it with his foot.

Then he held my waist, and pulled me towards him, he looked into my eyes.

“hey my baby, is there no surprise waiting for me?” he poked his eyes to my breast. I opened my mouth, looked at there, and looked at him.

“aah…Hm…Akmal, I am dirty. Lemme have a wash 1st”

“not necessary” he said as he pulled down my hijab and I looked at his hand. He then took his nose close to my neck on my left and breathed in.

“mm…Oh you smell much more interesting with your natural fluids on” he then hugged me tightly against himself, and his breath against my neck was tickling. I loved the way it felt, and the bitch inside me was waking up.
He then started working his lips and tongue there “you taste better as well” he said as he looked back into my eyes, with our foreheads against each other, and nose tips rubbing each other. I close my eyes to enjoy the moment at max. I lightly smiled.

“ameena, you are amazing. I so badly want this moment. Should I wash myself?”

“no, you will be better like that” I whispered. I knew my whisper could provoke him badly.

It worked! He took me in his hands, with his left arm against my upper back and his right against my lower, took me to his room and laid me on the bed. I was holding his neck all the time, and looking into his innocent eyes. If I ever saw a man with eyes which represented innocence and toughness at the same time, they belonged to akmal. He was a rare case of personality, and a good rareness as well.

This time, his procedure had changed. He started taking over all my clothes wasting no time even to kiss me. I was surprised.

“why akmal? This was not how you did it last time” he smiled and said,

“well, lets try something new honey” and continued. Still puzzled, I helped him. Once I was completely naked in front of him, he said,

“now undress me honey, this is what we do this time” and smiled. Even more puzzled, I did as he said.

After a while, we were in front of each other, with displaying ourselves to each other. I saw that his cock had hardened a bit by now. My nipples and clit were a bit hardened as well.

Without a single word, he held my shoulders, pulled me to him till I was pressed against him, and with one of his hands groping my ass and the other rubbing my upper back, he looked into my eyes, and my hands were on his neck as usual.

“you are irresistible, ameena!” then he started french kissing me, but he was not in a rush. I also caught his rhythm and kissing him back. He slowly placed me against a wall, got his palms over on my neck, rubbed my shoulders, arms, forearms and then all the way back to my shoulders, and then rubbed me down to my boobs. He tickled my nipples with his fingers a bit, and I smiled unintentionally. My eyes were closed.

Then,i felt him kissing me all the way to the left side of my neck, and then working his mouth there, while rubbing the other side of my neck with his left hand and rubbing my waist with his right hand. I unintentionally moved my head around a bit, slightly moaning.

Then he repeated kissing me down to my left nipple and worked his mouth there, groping the other boob with his left hand. He was very concentrated on his action, so concentrated that he never hurt me…Not a single time.

He kissed, licked, sucked, softly bit, held with his teeth lightly and pulled, my nipple but they never hurt me, except at degrees at which I perfectly enjoyed the slight pain. I loved him for hurting me like that. My eyes were closed and I was moaning.

Later, he held my right thigh an lifted it and kept against his body. After a while my nipple started hurting a little because of his sucking but I did not want to ruin his mood by telling it, so I decided to wait till he is finished. But my moaning got a little louder.

Though I tried to hide, he must have sensed my pain. He altered his mouth to my other nipple immediately, while holding my ass cheeks with his hands and lifting me up against the wall. He lifted me up till my breast was at his mouth level and started working his mouth on my right nipple. My moaning also changed into the happy ones.

He had no trouble holding me in that position and eating my boob. I was holding his neck and breathing heavily. It is so much fun having such a strong sex partner. A woman can enjoy a lot better with a stronger and less forceful man, like my akmal.
Later, still holding me like that, he alternatively kissed my nipples, rubbed is face against my boobs over my cleavage, and kissing me down to belly button, he pushed me upwards against the wall. I was afraid I would fall down, so by now, I was bending down and holding his head with my hands so I would stay balanced.

“straighten yourself, darling. No need to hold my head. I will not let you fall” his words were as calm as always, but more determined than ever. I said nothing and obeyed him.

Now, my belly button was at his mouth level. He was tickling it with his tongue and to keep balance, I was holding the nearby door and I had stiffened my backbone to avoid losing balance. He never seemed bothered. He was sure about what he was doing.

Then he pushed me up again till my pussy was at his mouth. Then he said,

“okay honey, now lock your legs behind my head and hold my head against your pussy” I did that.

He, still holding my legs, rubbed his nose against my clit. I started coming already. He pressed his mouth against my pussy and licked inside it as far away as possible, and I was trying very hard to keep holding his head as I felt my strength being washed away. The more he drank away from me, the more lifeless I felt. Still, I was struggling a lot to keep holding the door.

“akmal…I am gonna lose the grip…” and I left it, but he did not lemme fall. He held my waist, turned me towards the bed, put the back of my neck and shoulders against the bed, while I kept my legs locked behind his head, and holding me upwards with a hand, he started finger fucking my pussy with the other.

“aa…Hh! Oh my goo….Ood!” I screamed as he kept increasing his pace and his fingers.

After a while he stopped, and I came a lot on his face. I was breathing fast like I just finished a marathon.

“aa…Hh! Oh my god, akmal…” then, he made me kneel on the bed and kept my cheek against the mattress. I was too weak to resist yet too horny to object as well. He then held my ass cheeks and started fucking my pussy from behind. Aww! What a feeling. I laughed while moaning.

After a while, he pushed me outta the bed a little from my position asking me to,

“put your chin outta the bed and on the edge, and hold the edge, bend your back upwards as much as you can. This way, it gives me maxi access to your pussy, and max pleasure to you”

I did as he said. He started fucking me again. Yeah, this time he could penetrate me more into me than last time. With his left hand he was holding my waist, and with the right, he was slapping my ass very lightly. It started as a strange feeling but soon it turned into a pleasure. Yeah, he never slapped me hard enough to hurt me a bit. They were lovely slaps.

“aa…Hh! Yeah I love that…”

After a while, e stopped with his cock still inside my pussy, laid on me, took hold of my boobs and started fucking me again, holding my boobs lightly. While that, he even kissed my back all over a few times. His kisses were always very soft, and I loved the way they felt.

“oh I am gonna cum…Aah!” he then came inside me. He did not cum a lot though. He never cums that much.

“aah…Oh!” he then fell on the bed, still holding me. I was inexplicably tired. I badly wanted to have a wash but I was too tired. In his lovely embrace, and among his rain of kisses that started falling on me right afterwards, I fell asleep…

…Look forward for part 4. Bye!

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