Wicked step-mother Part 13

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Wicked step-mother Part 13
The new firm of solicitors that Quentin and Crispin were establishing was going well but still required a lot of work. They had decided that most of the support staff should be based outside London with the partners and the swanky place in the capital.

Quentin was working late as a result and despite his efforts to get her to go home so was his secretary Jennifer. Jennifer clearly thought that whilst he was working so should she. The fact that he was the one profiting from it and not her didn’t make an ounce of difference.

Quentin looked at his watch and to his surprise it was nine thirty. Not a problem for him as he lived a couple of tube stops way in Mayfair but Jennifer had to get back to Margate.

“Come on young lady check the next train and get home.” This got a rare smile from her probably the phrase young though to be honest she was not exactly old just not young any more. Mid to late thirties at a guess though she dressed much older.

“Oh bum, the trains are severely disrupted something about a serious bridge strike.” Bum was seriously bad language for Jennifer so it was clearly quite severe. A look at the rail company web site allowed for the possibility that the line wouldn’t reopen that night.

“Time for plan B, I think. Do you want to sleep in my spare bedroom?” Quentin was expecting refusals and that he would have to persuade her.

“Are you sure it wouldn’t be an inconvenience.”

“Dinner wouldn’t be special I have eggs and a few things but no it wouldn’t be inconvenience. Not at all. Actually company would be quite pleasant. “ A slight exaggeration, his prim and proper secretary was not Quentin’s idea of perfect companionship

“Thank you I don’t fancy sleeping on a train and if I tun up a a hotel without luggage they will think I am something that I am not. If you like I cook fairly tasty omelettes.”

As it turned out fairly tasty was rather modest as the omelettes were delicious Jennifer using his herb collections to produce a dish that would come up to scratch at some of the five star hotels close by. They had a bottle of wine and much to Quentin’s surprise Jennifer not only drank her half with enthusiasm but accepted the cognac he offered her. Even more interesting she became quite animated

Curious Quentin sat on the sofa beside her to see her reaction which was difficult to judge but not tense. So he put his brandy snifter on the table in a way that meant he had to lean over her somewhat. Having got closer to her the reaction he got was not what he expected for Jennifer moved closer to him.

Unsure as how to proceed he out his arm on the back of the sofa not exactly around her but a clear question. Jennifer’s answer was to unashamedly snuggle up to him. Now he was in a quandary he had not intended to encourage her but he was too much of a gentleman to lead her on. Jennifer took off her glasses and folded them up before putting them on the coffee table then looked directly at him with a little smile on her face. To be honest he was not sure what that smile meant and for the first time in their four year acquaintance he was unsure how to react

Quentin somewhat diffidently leaned forward to which she responded by doing the same. Equally diffident was the kiss. Jennifer didn’t pull back but was clearly not experienced in kissing.

“Its rather crass but I fell its important to know what your expectations are.”

“Expectation none but I would be quite happy if we didn’t need the spare bedroom.”

Quentin’s jaw nearly dropped for whilst nobody would call Jennifer shy indeed he had heard the phrase draconic used to describe her she strongly came over as the stereo type of a maiden aunt.

“Surely you had an inkling how I feel about you Quentin. Sorry I am not going to miss this chance you have given me even though I suspect it wasn’t intentional.” Equally there was not the slightest chance he was going to admit that.

“The only problem is I don’t carry anything like condoms.”

“I imagine that any ladies you invite home are on the pill and you are quite right to assume I am not but that isn’t a problem I have to have a hysterectomy for medical reasons in my twenties so if you like the idea of deflowering your secretary then now is your chance. I assure you it will be totally consensual.”

Quentin really only had one option if he was going to be fair and the idea was suddenly rather appealing, he hadn’t missed the word deflower and suspect that it was literal. They kissed again this time with more passion and Jenny picked the idea up quick opening her lips and extending her tongue for him to touch with his.

“I suggest considering the hour we retreat to the bedroom.”

Jennifer followed him and stood by the bed and reached behind her back and unzipped her dress. Jennifer’s underwear was very utilitarian but that was irrelevant it didn’t stay on long. Standing naked in front off him she moved forward and started to undress Quentin. They kissed again this time with passion. Quentin lifted her up onto the bed ignoring the fact that at his age he wasn’t really up to it and nearly put his back out.

“I suggest you go on op of me my dear that way you will be in control. Be honest is this really your first time,”

“Yes ,at thirty five I am a virgin and whilst I could pretend I was waiting for you to notice me I am not that stupid or pathetic. But I really want you to FUCK ME.” so he did. Lack of experience on her part was made up for by enthusiasm. It did not take much guiding for her to give pleasure to both of them.

“Oh God is that what a climax is,” she said shuddering pleasure.

“It would appear so but you seem to be able to keep going.

“Yes oh yes,” she bounced up and down on his cock with enthusiasm and then obviously caught the right spot. Stopping for a second she repeated the movement.

“I think you have managed to stimulate your clitoris. Keep going in my experience women get a lot of pleasure that way.” This was certainly the case for Jennifer who a short while later shuddered with the most exquisite sensations. In the course of this Quentin same as well for him not the most exciting climax ever but he was far from frustrated. Jennifer collapsed on him exhausted, Quentin gently rolled her onto the bed beside him and they both fell deeply asleep.

The next morning Quentin awoke first and smiled as he look at the tousled women beside him When he looked at her dispassionately she wasn’t at all bad looking a fairly normal figure but a nice flat stomach and actually rather nice breasts. Jenny stirred then came awake fully

“Oh I had better hurry I know its not far to the office but its late.”

“Lie back down you did lots of overtime last night I will give Emma a ring and tell her to cover for you. We are having the morning off.”

“OK does that mean we can make love again.”

“What an excellent idea.” Quentin surprised himself in that he was telling the truth he liked the idea of making love to her.

Inexperienced though she was Jennifer learnt quickly and was surprisingly uninhibited at taking up his suggestions. A bit unsure about cock sucking she still gave it a go but being taken doggy style was much more to her taste. But as they lay back in a post coital glow Quentin concluded he had a problem. How would she react to the other women in his life? Even if she accepted that the interesting combinations and other fun games.

“Jennifer dear, how much are you aware abut my love life.”

“Of for goodness sake I am well aware that you have are a bachelor free and gay.”

“Actually not the gay bit.”

“You know full well its a quote. I don’t know the extent of your love life but I am not expecting you to be monogamous. Actually I have discovered I have a strange kink. The more unacceptable an idea is the more I get turned on. If you want to ask me to try something then tell me. I may refuse but the idea is going to get me randy.”

Quentin was gob-smacked, this was a women who had stayed a virgin until her mid thirties had always shown been prim in her attitude and it was clear they hadn’t change but that this was a turn on. Still it gave him an opening.

“In that case how does this idea turn you on. Sharing me with another women but at the same time.?”

“That’s absolutely disgusting and yes I am getting all wet thinking about. I suppose it would depend if I like the other woman..”

“Oh you have a choice, Our new partner Sonya, Quentin’s mother Stancia or his mother in law, Sal or for that matter his girlfriend Ella.”

“What all of them? Your absolutely debauched!” Jennifer started to breathing heavily and fondle herself clearly thinking about it. It took seconds before she was in the midst of a climax.

Recovering she said. “I think that shows what I think of that idea. I will admit that I have always played with myself thinking about what it would be like to try another girl.”

Now that idea got Quentin going and he pulled her to him kissing her with passion ad despite having just cum Jennifer responded lustily. Their hands travelling across each others bodies as they fucked, Jennifer was on the bottom but when she got the chance she pushed Quentin off and over onto his back. Then she climbed on top of him pushing his cock inside her very soggy vagina. Very much in control of their love making she leaned down and kissed him whilst not stopping pleasuring them both with his penis. This time Quentin came first but even as he was softening she kept up the movements before collapsing happily.

“That wasn’t as intense as earlier but my goodness was it nice. I hope you enjoyed yourself Quentin.”

“Oh yes, I always knew you were quick to pick up new things. Much as I regret it we should recover our breath and then get ready to go to work. I suggest we go together and clearly be seen arriving together.

As they were just about to go through the door into reception Quentin gently took her hand so it was clear the situation. This was not lost on Stu who was acting as receptionist until they employed one permanently. Not a word was said but Jennifer smiled broadly aware that the gesture had been noted.

Later on the afternoon Karen walked past Jennifer’s desk. Do I gather that you have reason to be looking cheerful this afternoon.”

“Instead of my normal basilisk stare, Yes I am aware of my reputation and yes I do have good reason to be happy. Stuart did not miss that Quentin held my hand this morning and you have probably worked out why we were late.”

“Oh yes I am glad you are happy even if it is a bit surprising.” Karen tried to keep out of voice the worry that Jennifer would be hurt when she realised about how open Quentin’s love life was.

Jennifer looked at Karen with what was almost a stare and then smiled.

“I do know that Quentin’s has an interesting and varied love life and I am quite content to be part of it. Last night and this morning was glorious and I know to accept him as he is. I even think I might enjoy it. I discovered a few things about myself that are shall we say surprising.”

“Now that sound interesting. Do you have plans this evening.”

“I have to go home I can;t wear the same clothes three days in a row.”

“No, I suppose not. By the way is he busy.” Since he wasn’t Karen went into his office with the full intention of helping things along.

Thus it was that come five o’clock Jennifer was firmly told by Quentin that she was finishing work and that he strongly suggested that she go with Karen and Sonya who had plans for her. These plans turned out to be a shopping trip mainly for the purpose of getting Jennifer some clothes to keep at Quentin’s flat so she could stay over whenever she felt like it. Also each of them came away with the kind of dress best suited for partying.
At Sonya’s insistence they all put on these party dresses and got made up before going to dinner together.

Both Sonya and Karen were surprised at the transformation of Jennifer who had removed her glasses, brushed her hair loose. The only thing wrong in their opinion was that Jennifer had too little make-up.

“Come on Jennifer that looks nice but you do need lipstick here use mine. It was a scarlet Yves St Laurent lipstick and Jennifer practically preened when she saw the effect.

“So you do girly after all.”

“If someone give me a reason too. I just don’t normally get it. What friends I do have are generally more boring than me. What exactly are you planning?”

“Dinner first and you will find out later. I assure you that you won’t be inclined to refuse.”

“No wearing ashed of lipstick like this I am literally a scarlet woman.”

They had a lovely dinner with the main topic of conversation being the events of the previous night. Jennifer proved to be an excellent story teller. They killed themselves laughing when it came to the bit on the sofa.

“Of course I understood what is was about, he was interested to see how I would react. I had just enough to drink to make me brave. I thought that once I showed I was amenable he would back off. It was a very pleasant surprise when he didn’t. I think Karen knows I have fancied him for years.”

“About the only person who hadn’t worked that out was Quentin.”

“Exactly what did I not work out.”

They had been so busy head down in conversation that they hadn’t seen him come into the restaurant and over to there table..The maître d’ came over the moment he saw Quentin and signalled a waiter for another chair.

“You are eating Monsieur Quentin?”

“Well the ladies seem to be at the dessert stage.”

“If they don’t need the table back we could have another bottle of wine whilst you eat.” said Sonya.

“For such an esteemed client, we never need the table urgently.”

“Ah thank you Paul, I will have moule frites then,.followed by cheese. Do you still have some eppoise?”

They then got Quentin side of the tale which he told with some chagrin when admitting that he hadn’t realised up until the point that Jennifer responded that he found her attractive.

“Just how adventurous are you prepared to be?” asked Sonya. “After all I know my girls are out on the razzle tonight and have Owen with them amongst others.”

“What had you in mind?” asked Jennifer with a sensible degree of caution. Sonya whispered in her ear.”

“That’s absolutely disgusting. Jennifer responded with all the signs of complete shock before quietly saying “Yes please.”

The four of them having finished at the restaurant walked the short distance to Quentn’s flat. Once inside the other two girls guided Jennifer to the sofa where they sat her down between the two of them. They both kissed her and at first she held herself stiffly upright and didn’t respond but then started to return the kisses. The response quickly move from nervousness to passion. In the meantime Quentin had sat down in an armchair and was watching the ladies with an enigmatic smile on his face.

Having got her enthusiastic co-operation with the kissing the other two started to undress Jennifer and each other whilst at the same time spreading the extent of their kissing to all over their bodies. Jennifer squeaked with excitement when Karen started kissing her toes one by one. Now without a stitch on the girls went into the bedroom. Quentin listened to the giggles form the bedroom before undressing himself and went in to join the festivities.

On seeing him Jennifer pulled herself away from the other two and grabbed Quentin pulling him towards the bed whilst kissing him hungrily. The four of them touched, kissed and fondled each other with total disregard as to whom they were playing with. In the course of the evening Quentin had all three ladies until eventually they all fell asleep. At various times one or other awoke during the night and stroked the others. It would have been sensible for two to use the bed in the other bedroom as Quentin’s bed was not as large as the he one Sal owned however they stayed together.

The next morning Jennifer had a huge smile on her face as she looked at the people she had made love to the previous night. Quentin awoke looking slightly dishevelled.

Never in my life did I think I would do anything so utterly bad. What other surprises are you going to serve up to me Quentin?”

“Oh quite a lot did you notice that neither Karen or Sonya were bothered that there partners were elsewhere of might find out about it. The fun is that having corrupted you the entire firm are up to games like last nights. It’s all Sal’s fault as Ella will tell you with some glee we don’t have a godfather we have a step mother who is far more wicked.

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