Wife Shared with husbands BF

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Wife Shared with husbands BF
Trudy made a big X with her body against the door. Her back pressed against the wood and she sternly laid down her demands. “No, you are not going play golf, you promised me we’d go to the cinema today, you promised”. I’d forgot about taking her to the movies, so when Bobby showed up and said let’s go play a few rounds, we snatched up my golf gear and headed to the door, now barred by my sexy wife Trudy, forming an X blockade with her petite frame. Spread eagle wide in a visual statement of no exit.

“Trudy, look at poor Bobby, he’s downtrodden and needs to play” I explained. “Bobby is fine, you guys play every weekend. I am not moving a single inch, you promised to take me to the movies” Trudy demanded.

She wore one of my button up shirts tied off just across her amble and natural perfect breast. Her nipples pressed little tents in the thin fabric leaving no doubt there was no bra. Below the shadow of her breast her flat stomach and womanly hips barely held up her little sun skit. At thirty two she looks twenty and still the sexiest woman I know.

“Trudy”, Bobby chimed in. “If Eric does not get past you, and play golf, he could die, seriously, die of golf withdraw”. I looked at Bobby and said “Good one”. “No, no, no, no I am not moving an inch, he wont die, and you can be all,, downtrodden without Eric. I want to see a movie” Trudy pleaded stubbornly.

“She’s not moving an inch” Bobby said looking at me. “Really” I replied. “Bet I can make her move” I eyed Trudy up and down in my best sexing her up look. Trudy squinted her eyes at me. “Look at that hot little body” I said to Bobby. I stepped close to Trudy and looked her up and down, surveying her breast and checking her out all over.

“Yep, she is a little hottie” Bobby agreed. “I bet, one tug on this little knot” flipping the tail of the knot tying the shirt together between her breast,, “she bolts and we will be teeing off in twenty” I said. Trudy gave me her best “don’t you dare” stare. “I’m not moving, not an inch, unless its to go to the movies” she informed us.

“She looks determined” Bobby said. “Every see her breast” I asked Bobby while staring at them, looking up and down closely at her soft mounds to intimidate her a bit. “Well, actually a few glimpses over the years. Some of her tops, well, damn” Bobby said. “Perfect aren’t they” I said, flipping the knot a few time and giving it a little tug. “Beyond perfect, awesome actually” Bobby agreed. “Not an inch” Trudy growled.

I took the knot end in my fingers and gave it a long slow pull. It turned and twisted as I pulled. I truly expected her to grab her top and run off giggling. But Trudy did not move as it came undone and her shirt hung open, exposing about half of each full breast, nipples still hidden but it was close. “Not moving” Trudy said a little softer in voice but in that she also gave way a small grin.

“She’s not moving. Trudy, he could die of golf withdraw, it’s a real thing I hear” Bobby pleaded. “Not an inch” Trudy stubbornly remarked. “Ya, she will move” I said, then eased my hand into her shirt and cupped one of her double handfuls of firm playboy material. “Hmm, maybe she needs some real incentive to move” I said. “Bobby, you always wanted to feel her breast haven’t you, buddy” I asked. “Come here and just help your self to the other one” I offered, pretty confident she would run. Trudy scrunched her lips tight and gave me her best mean look but the smile behind it made me realize she was not moving, not an inch.

Bobby stepped up and made no hesitation in reaching into my wife’s shirt and taking her breast fully into his hand. “Oh my, woa that is,, one nice breast” Bobby about gasped. Trudy remained in position, blocking the door in a sexy X pose as we toyed with her nipples and handfuls of firm breast. I was getting excited, and pushed the edge even further, “Bobby, her breast also taste so good, nipples hard and tasty. I doubt you will every know though, because she will bolt first for sure now” I told him.

Bobby and I pulled her shirt aside, exposing her breast fully and both bent down and sucked a nipple into our lips. I felt her soft nipple stiffen up and grow between my lips. Then briefly, I felt Trudy’s hand gently run thru my hair and pull me into her breast, then it was gone. She’d just given her approval and transmitted her desire by stroking my hair. “I’m not moving, not an inch,, I want to go to the movies” she softly spoke, her breast rising and lowering gently with each breath obviously enjoying dual mouths on her lady parts.

Bobby and I kept sucking and feeling her breast for a minute or so and I noticed I was sporting a full blown hardon at sharing my wife’s breast. It was a strange mental sensation, and my cock was responding. “Did you know Trudy is shaved down there” I asked Bobby, “Shaved slick with the softest angle lips imaginable”. I added. “Really, oh my I bet it feels wonderful” Bobby said in between licks on her nipple. “She will bolt this time, and we are off to play golf, she’s about to run away like a scared school girl” I bet.

Bobby did not wait for further permission. His right hand snaked down Trudy’s petite frame just below her skit, then navigated up her inner thigh. His lips continued sucking on her hardened nipple. I looked down to see Bobby’s hand stop moving upward and knew he’d reached my wife’s pussy. I heard Trudy moan ever so softly and our eyes met. Her lips were on mine instantly and she stole a quick kiss unseen by our quest. “You are right Eric,, she has the smoothest and softest pussy I’ve ever felt. And it’s wet. So wet between her little slit” he softly described Trudy’s treasure. “Damn, Eric, if she don’t flee quickly I will have to sink my finger into this hot wet little honey pot and see what’s up there” Bobby warned.

“Not an inch” Trudy whispered, “Not an inch”. I reached between her legs to find Bobby’s fingers gently trailing back and forth along her slit, lightly exploring her gap and hardened clit. She was very wet. My own finger sought out the entrance to her body, finding a damp heat emitting like a steamer. “We warned her, eh buddy” Bobby said. Then in one smooth motion I felt his hand dip past mine and his middle finger sink fully up my wife’s hot wet pussy. Her hand found the back of my head again and it pulled me tighter into her breast just long enough to let me know she liked our little game, then put it back into position forming her X blockade again “Oh my god” Bobby exclaimed with disbelief, “How can it be so wet and tight, holy shit” he gasped.

“Let me see” I said. Luckily Trudy’s legs were wide spread in her preventing of our leaving, so my hand found enough space to join Bobby’s between her legs. I inserted a finger into Trudy right along with Bobby’s. Both of us working our fingers in and out of what felt like hot butter between her legs. She is quite tight and when turned on, her pussy functions well, oozing out a good supply of her sex juice.

I noticed a slight pumping of Trudy’s hips, offering her insides to our fingers alternating who went deep and who eased back. We worked well together and her body was responding. “You think it feels nice, you should taste her pussy, she is so delicious. But you may never get to, because I know she will bolt and run off. Then we can go golfing” I said. “Not an inch, you can’t make me move” Trudy dared.

“Let’s see” Bobby said. Then as he sank to the floor and took the space between her out stretched legs, I noticed her feet shuffle away from the door a few inches to give better access to her body. Trudy love being eaten out and she never fails to orgasm strongly upon my tongue. Bobby sat on his butt, reached up taking her hips in his hands and slid the garment up to her waist, his hands running across her perfect ass cheeks. “Beautiful pussy, simply beautiful” he said, then I watched his head tilt back and his mouth sink into my wife’s cunt. Trudy’s hand found the back of my head again she pulled me to her face and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth. She moaned into my mouth as Bobby tasted her bodies secrets. Then as quickly, she went back into her spread eagle blockage of our intended escape route.

It was a short lived event before the door began to make a slight thumping noise, her body quivering, transmitting her vibrations to the door. I kept feeling and tasting her breast, with quick deviations to her neck where I’d kiss and gently bite. Her orgasm was approaching fast. I was nibbling along her neckline when her lips found my ear and her sexy voice quivered a soft whisper, “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum on Bobby’s face”, followed by pants and gasping warm breath into my ear canal. The guttural sound escaping her throat was delivered with her bodies violent jerk and spasm that made the door sound like someone was knocking from outside. She uncontrollably quivered and shook all the while pressing her lips to my ear and gasping. My cock was trying to bust out of my zipper at the sounds emitted into my ear by my cumming wife. Bobby had made my wife orgasm, and I had a steel hard cock. I pressed my hard dick against Trudy’s leg, grinding it against her outer thigh so she’d know exactly how much I was enjoying this odd adventure we’d embarked on.

Bobby knew he’d made Trudy cum, there was absolutely no missing her bodies intense language of orgasmic takeover. He moved back and stood up. His lips and chin wet with my wife’s pussy juices. His cock now creating a huge bulge in his thin checked golf shorts. Trudy’s eyes were closed but slowly began to open and she looked at the man who’d just made her cum, and at the sizable lump protruding in his pants.

“Not and inch” Trudy almost forced out between deep breaths. “She’s determined” Bobby said. “She is stubborn, Bobby. But I think I can get this door cleared for us to go play eighteen holes” I said with known failed confidence. I spoke to Trudy, “You know, I’ve seen Bobby naked a lot of times in the clubhouse showers. Look at the bulge, Trudy. Inside there is a very large, thick cock, I bet it’s hard now, god knows what it could do to a woman’s snug little pussy” I reasoned. “Not an inch” she repeated while looking at his cloth covered cock straining to get inside her. “Show her, Bobby”, I said.

Bobby didn’t hesitate a second. He undid his belt, slid down the zipper, and his pants fell to the floor exposing his long fat cock. He seldom wore underwear and today was not exception. His cock at nearly nine inches was solid, standing slightly upward and swollen with lust for my wife. A sizable vein ran down each side the shaft and his cocks head was a perfect German helmet shaped pussy stretcher. He took it in his grasp, his own hand only covering half it’s length and lewdly pumped it, stroking his erection as it pointed at my wife. He is proud of his horse cock and was enjoying showing it off to Trudy. It’s thickness was almost more threatening than it’s length.

“Look at that fuck b**st, Trudy”, I warned. “Think of what that would do to your tight wet little pussy”. Bobby stepped a little closer and reached out touching her pussy with his hand, gathered up a glob of her slime, then rubbed her pussy liquid across the thick head of his ominous cock. He slow fisted it a few lewd strokes and I watched it throb and puff up with lust. The light sparkled her juices on his fuck monster. “Look Trudy, it’s tasted your sweet hot juice, bolt while you can, it has your scent, baby, just step aside” I offered her escape. “Not an inch” she said while staring at Bobby’s dick.

“Do it” I said. Bobby stepped in between Trudy’s legs. She moved, her feet forward with a little shuffle, making more room. Bobby held his cock in his hand and rubbed it against her clit. I leaned head back a bit to see his monster dick being rubbed against my wife’s pussy lips, tasting her slit and the lady cum that leaked out of her snug hole. His knees bent and his cock aimed straight up into my wife’s pussy. Then with a slow upward push, his cock split past her outer lips, spreading them wide around his thick meat until he was about half way into her wet pussy. His thick cock was in my wife, spreading her wider than I could an already as deep as I’d ever been inside her.

Her mouth gaped as he inched the last of his dick into my Trudy. His hands took her ass cheeks into a firm grasp and he held onto her tight pushing all he could into Trudy’s tight pussy. Her hand whipped out and grabbed the back of my neck as Bobby began to fuck my wife at a steady deliberate pace, each thrust ending with her body rocking back. Her legs raised off the floor and wrapped around Bobby’s waist and he held his grip on her butt cheeks and began to thrust his cock harder and faster into her. I watched her legs crawl upward and lock around his waist, her heels digging into his ass cheeks, pulling as much of his cock into her as she could get.

Bobby fucked her with a steady, solid rhythm, feeding every micron of his cock deep into my wife. She was taking it good and her hips fucked back at him, meeting every stroke. I had to get into this somehow, so shoved my hand between them and got my fingers on her hardened clit. “Yes, fucking yes” Trudy yelled out, “Fuck my pussy, stuff me with that cock” she demanded. Bobby banged into harder and faster, and I worked her clit with a rapid hand motion, feeling it harden even more and knew she was about to cum any second.

“Oh god yes, fuck me, fuck that big cock into me hard, harder,, harder” she about screamed. She was close, chanting “Yes, yes, yes, yes” then a loud “Ummmmph” and she tightened up, all her muscles straining against Bobby. “Fuck I’m about to cum, where do I cum” Bobby rushed out his sentence in a panic. I knew at this second a warm wet flood was rushing from deep inside my wife and coating another man’s cock with her hot orgasmic fluids forcing him to cum, and I had a hardon like a lead pipe. “Cum in me, yes, fucking fill my pussy with your cum” Trudy snapped out. “I am” Bobby grunted, then “Ah, ah, here it cums,, here it cums,, ah, ah, ahhhhhhfuck” he moaned and shoved his hips hard against my wife and unloaded his nuts deep inside her wet pussy. He stayed deep inside her until he was empty, then took another couple of strokes coating all of her insides with his sperm.

I pulled my hand from her clit and sought out her breast again. Trudy grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me hard, shoving her tongue into my mouth then turning to look down at the junction of their fuck tools, still feeling Bobby’s cock pulse with the after throbs of a hard cum inside her body.

Bobby slowly released his hold on Trudy and her legs crept off his waist and to the floor, trembling a bit as she took her footing on the tile floor. His cock slipped out of her well fucked cunt and three gobs of thick cum the size of egg yokes splatted on the floor between Trudy’s feet. I looked at Bobby’s spent cock. Still semi hard and threatening looking with white cum and her wet syrup clinging to his tool. “Hey, she moved” Bobby laughed. “Now can we go to the movies” Trudy asked as if she’d won the battle.

We agreed Trudy should go to the cinema, so Bobby made his departure and as he left he said that beat the hell out of golf. With Bobby gone I cuddled up Trudy and she took my hard cock in her hand. “I see you liked that, wow your hard as mahogany” she laughed. And I was, I never suspected I’d love seeing my wife fucking another man. “We need to hurry to make the movie. Try not to think about Bobby’s cum still deep inside my pussy while we are out, or him fucking me with that awesome big dick” She giggled. The whole event just seemed like another normal thing we enjoy and life was good. I could not wait to get Trudy home and re-own my wife’s used pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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