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My name is Simon I am 26 average build and 6Ft and my wife Jenna is 24, she has gorgeous auburn hair great legs and nice and a curvaceous size 12 with 36E tits. We had been married two years and recently moved into a nice three bedroom bungalow in a neighbouring town. My best mate Tom was great helping us decorate and move in and even stopped over a few w/ends giving up his time to help us get sorted.
Jenna liked Tom they got on well together, when we were at parties and the like Tom would tease her and there was a lot of innuendo but far from anything inappropriate. Tom was dark haired too but with Latin looks not as tall as me at 5ft 10 but a great physique, he liked to work out.
Tom and I went to the pub with a couple of mates (boys night out) once a week but just lately I had missed a couple through working on the house. It was more awkward now as they lived in my old town too, although Tom would pick me up and I would get a taxi home.
To cut to the chase I went to the pub one Friday and needless to say the boys gave me stick for missing some nights. They teased I was too busy laying Jenna in our new nest, Tom said who can blame him she is so hot. We all had a good drink and the others were quick to chip in about how sexy Jenna was, discussing her tits ass and legs.
Things started to get a bit out of hand as they pried about her favourite sexual positions and asking inappropriate questions about her sexual parts. I had never realised that that they all fancied her including Tom. I decided to call a halt; Hey guys that’s my Mrs. They reigned it in a bit but chided that I must have realised that guys looked at her as a hottie, suggesting she must get hit on all the time. I don’t know why but their comments about her body and how they wished they were taking her to bed were really turning me on.
All week all I kept thinking about was the guys seeing Jenna in all her glory and it was a massive turn on. I would never want anyone to touch her but I had this urge to expose her to them in some small way and the thought of it really got me going.
A couple of weeks later we were planning on putting up a summer house and doing some ground works for it. Tom was around for a visit the previous w/end and I asked him if he would be free to help, “Yeah sure but it’s quite big so we may need some help”, Rachel asked if Dan and Steve would help, I said I would ask them Friday but as they were married with k**s they may have things planned.
Tom piped up that there was a sure way to get them there; oh what’s that asked Jenna, I glared at Tom but he was always straight up and proceeded to tell her that they had a soft spot for her. What do you mean she asked innocently, well they think you’re hot and wouldn’t miss an opportunity to see you in a short skirt and low cut top? Jenna went bright red! “I’m not going to parade around for their pleasure”.
Sorry Rachel it was just a thought, there’d be no harm in it. Just wear one of those little summer outfits you normally wear; besides they’ll be too busy to take in the view. Just need to keep them interested by popping out with some drinks and snacks; you can’t tell them that I’m going to be here putting on a show for them. No we wouldn’t do that, we’ll just drop into the conversation that you got some new summer outfits this week and how good you looked. Well if you take me shopping for a couple of new outfits I may try one on next week end but I’m not promising. Simon asked for their help and Tom whispered he’d seen her in some new summer outfits and sure enough Steve and Dan were only too keen to offer their services.
Saturday soon came along and the guys all turned up and started to get stuck in, the summer house was taking shape and the by 12 the roof was going on. Dan and Steve had started clock watching and murmuring so Tom suggested that they should take a break and maybe I could get Jenna to get some drinks and lunch.
I shouted in the kitchen door, Jenna said she had everything ready and she would bring it out to the patio table in a minute as she was just getting changed , wow she was going to do it. I felt my cock stiffen her new skirts were shorter than she’d normally wear and the tops very revealing. I had a sudden pang of guilt about the new outfits.
The guys came had sat at the table and I went in to get some drinks, Jenna was coming down the hall from the bedroom, wow she looked hot in a tiny pink mini and white lace blouse. I took the drinks out and the guys were busy chatting, I put the drinks on the table and then there was a silence, I didn’t have to look I knew Jenna was behind me.
Hi guys I heard Jenna’s voice sang out behind me, I glanced back to see her plates in hand. Woo, I looked her up and down, god she was sexy, I raised my view up from her strappy white sandals up her long bare legs to a very short pink skirt with lace detail, looking higher to a white lace figure hugging blouse with a v neck showing more of 36E tits than were in her bra. Her beautiful hair swept up into a pony tail with an accessorised pink ribbon.
She was showing more cleavage than I had seen her show at night clubs, Jenna passed me leaning over placing the plates of food on the table. “Dig in boys”, I could see they were all transfixed looking straight down her gaping blouse her bra did little to support her pendulous breasts in this position. It felt like she was leant over for an age but it was a fleeting couple of seconds and she had left me and no doubt the others with a massive hard on.
Jenna returned in doors and I followed in hot pursuit, “careful bending over like that”, your skirt is really short and your tits are spilling out. ”Oh nonsense” it’s just a bit of cleavage they’d see a lot more at the beach, besides you wanted me to catch their eye, I was surprised by her comments. Well you’ve had a change of heart; I think you’ve done that all right. We returned with the rest of the food and Rachel sat down between Dan and Tom. The guys tucked in, thanking Rachel and telling her how nice she looked.
The guys were flirting with Jenna shamelessly, ogling her cleavage and I couldn’t believe what a big thrill l was getting. “Who’s for another beer” she asked as she stood taking one of the empty serving dishes in hand. Everyone wanted another, four beers then! Jenna headed to the kitchen; I heard something fall and turned to see a serving spoon had dropped on the deck. As I looked back admiring her slim hips and long legs, Jenna bent over straight legged to pick it up. My cock nearly burst out of my pants as I surveyed the view, her sexy long legs acted as a row of runway lights leading straight up to her ass cheeks, nestled at the top was a tiny triangle of white thong, the string was hidden between her ass cheeks, leaving her ass on full display. Better was to come as Jenna tried to retrieve the spoon she spilled the serving fork onto the deck too, I watched hardly able to comprehend the sight as her pussy lips popped from behind the thin material as she grappled to pick them up. She retrieved them and carried on her way as my attention was taken by sharp intakes of breath and expletives, such as holy fuck and Steve proclaiming “did you see that pussy”.
I wanted to follow her inside again but the truth was I dare not get up because of the bulge in my pants. When Jenna returned with the beers and the guys wasted no time teasing her about her mishap with the cutlery, wow that’s one nice ass you have Jenna but they made no mention of her pussy.
The guys finished their beers and Tom said we should finish the summer house, Steve whispered something to Dan and I noticed that they moved their empties down onto the decking beside the garden fence, before making their way over to the summer house.
I watched as did the guys as Jenna collected the dishes and wiped the table down before taking them in to the washer. Dan coughed and I noticed he and Steve look over to the deck Jenna had come out with a book in hand. I thought she was going to sit in the sun and read but she noticed the empties and put her book on the table, she went to retrieved them and because of their position she had her back to us as she bent over for them. I couldn’t believe my eyes as she again bent straight legged showing off her ass and pussy and she seemed to take her time picking up the empties too, she seemed to be relishing this flirting. Now I was sure she knew what she was doing, “she was giving all of us stiffies”.
The guys finished off and Steve and Dan headed home but not before getting a hug and kiss from Jenna. Tom headed off too but arranged to pick me up later to go for a beer. When the guys left I asked Jenna what she was thinking of bending over the way she had. Oh there was no harm in it and the guys were working so hard, I suppose I got a little excited at their looking me over. I just thought I would give them a treat with a quick panty flash. Well you obviously forgot you had a thong on and you flashed a lot more than your pants. “Oh my god I didn’t” yep they all seen you pop some pussy. Jenna acted mortified, I told her even Tom got a hard on, he was having a right job trying to hide that big boy.
“Big boy” Rachel enquired, well yeah he’s well hung! Rachel had gotten all worked up and threw her arms around me kissing me deeply. I was so hard I soon had her bent over the kitchen table; I pushed her skirt up over her lush bum. Hooking her thong string to the side I dropped my shorts and prodded my hard cock at her exposed pussy lips. I couldn’t believe how easily her lips parted and my cock slid in, her pussy was sopping wet.
I was so excited I humped her hard and fast, lost in my excitement I was driven on by inappropriate thoughts of Steve and Dan drilling her bent over on the patio. I fucked her like a demon and Jenna loved it but I didn’t last long. Jenna asked, “Wow what got into you”, I couldn’t help myself and just blurted out and told her my thoughts. Rachel looked at me open mouthed “what”; well it’s no worse than you deriving pleasure from flashing them. I just grabbed her snogging her and feeling her tits in an attempt to diffuse the moment and it worked, she was as turned on as I.
That evening Tom picked me up; we had a few beers and a couple of games of pool. We both had a few and were feeling merry; Tom turned the subject to the summer house asking what was left to be done. I told I just needed to connect the power and fit out the interior tomorrow and was hoping to get most of it finished tomorrow. Tom said maybe he could stop over at mine and help out tomorrow, especially if Jen wears another summer outfit like today.
Then the boys talk started and Tom wasn’t slow lauding Jen’s assets, it wasn’t long before he brought up the pussy flash and I told him I noticed the bulge in his pants. He surprised me by saying he noticed I had gotten one too; saying “looked like you enjoyed the guys surveying Jenna”. I don’t know why must have been the beer but I confessed it had turned me on and worse still I told him it had turned Jen on too.
I couldn’t believe what I said next, I suggested I text Jen not to wait up I would be late and that I would neglect to tell her I had invited him to sleep over. Jen always got up first and usually stayed in her nightdress until after breakfast. I suggested Tom could surprise Jen in the kitchen and he might get a good view depending on which nightdress she had on.
Next morning Jen woke me with a hand pumping on my dick, I came too, taking in the sight Rachel had on her sexiest bay doll nightie and thong. Wow is it my birthday, “I was horny as hell from yesterday and you crashed on me last night”. I rolled her onto her back her auburn spread across her pillow; I took in the sight of her sexy sheer blue baby doll tied under her full breasts. I looked down at the small triangle of thong tied with a bow on each hip. I reach down pulled the bows and removed the tong to display her soft bare pussy; I kissed my way down and started lapping at her slit. I soon had Rachel writhing under my oral onslaught. I moved up reading to insert my throbbing dick, just then the dog started barking, I ignored him and went back to rubbing my cock up and down Rachel’s wet slit but the dog wouldn’t shut up. That flaming dog’s driving me nuts, Rachel sat up (it’s her pooch) “he’s probably dying to pee, hang tight I’ll let him out”. Jenna scooted out of the bedroom to the kitchen. Bollocks just at the wrong moment I thought, I lay back awaiting her return Shit! I had forgotten Tom and in the sober light of day hoped he was asleep.
Jenna was out there in a sheer top you could see her tits through and it didn’t cover her midriff. Oh no her pussy and ass were totally uncovered. I sneaked to the bedroom door peeking down the hall, oh my god too late I could see Tom standing at the kitchen door in just his boxers. The pooch had woken him too, he had gone to let it out but when he reached the kitchen he was greeted by the sight of Jen bent over at the patio door putting the pouch’s food out.
Her wet pussy lips glistened in the morning sun, Tom couldn’t believe the site before him and couldn’t believe I had managed engineer the scenario never mind her lack of outfit. Tom walked in and I heard a yelp, too late she’s seen him. I listened intently but all I could hear was murmuring, I decided to risk slipping down the hall to the door. I looked through the crack in the door jamb; I could see Jenna backed up to the kitchen sink and Tom standing straight in front of her. Tom was eying her head to toe, Jenna had her legs crossed and her arms were stretched down her front trying to hide herself with her hands clasped in front of her pussy.
I listened as Tom asked her “Jen can I just have a close up of that sweet pussy, I’ve never seen a shaved one for real”. No get out of here Simons waiting in bed, “he’ll have fallen asleep again by now”. I seen Rachel glances down at the large tent in his boxers, “do you want to see it, and I know Simon told you about it”. “He told me how excited you were yesterday too”. At that Tom tugged his boxers down and they fell to his ankles, Jenna gasped her eyes nearly popped out of her head, “oh my god, put it away before Simon comes”. Oh come on Jen I’ve shown you what you wanted to see, Si told me how excited you were when he told you about it.
I suddenly realised I was rock solid and stroking my dick as I peered through the crack, I couldn’t believe I was letting this happen. I’ll just see if she show’s him her pussy and then I’ll put an end to it, besides Rach would have screamed out or pushed past him if she really wanted away.
Tom said,”go on touch it if you like”, I don’t want to touch just leave before Simon comes looking for me. Ok I’ll go if you let me have a quick look at that sweet pussy, come on Rach I won’t tell anyone it can be our secret, besides Simon didn’t seem to mind when you flashed it earlier. Jenna said “God I can’t believe I’m doing this”; she moved her arms to her sides displaying herself to Tom. Tom dropped to his knees in front of her, “what the hell are you doing “she asked. I want to get a proper look, now part your legs so I can see. Jenna said I’ll give you to the count of five but keep your hands off, I mean it! Ok I promise no hands said Tom but make it a slow 5, ok ok .
Jenna closed her eyes and parted her legs, one, two “oh my god what the fuck”. Tom hooked his arms under Rachel’s thighs burying his face into her pussy and grabbing hold of her ass cheeks. I was breathless and transfixed by the sight before me my heart pounding to escape my chest. Jenna tried to wriggle away but Tom had her pinned against the sink and all but lifted off her feet with his arms. He had forced her legs wider apart making her pussy gape, I watched as Tom worked on her clit and slowly Jenna stopped wriggling, her hands dropped to the back of his head she moaned contentedly and her hips started to rock gently.
Tom picked her up and placed her on the kitchen table before going down on her again, Jenna glanced at the kitchen door no doubt hoping I had fallen asleep. I had a good view and could see his intent as he started to kiss his way up her torso, his large cock had an upward curve and it was nearing Jen’s wet pussy. Part of me wanted to stop it now before it went too far but I was enjoying the sight my hormones had flooded my brain and all I could think of was Tom impaling her on his large tool. Then it happened, the large head rocked up against her entrance Jen looked toward the door wide eyed once more and as she did Tom inserted a couple of inches. Jen made a half hearted plea for him to stop but another two inches slid into her wetness, Tom rocked back and forth going deeper and deeper until Jenna was gasping with each of his thrusts. His pace picked up and she was moaning loudly, all thoughts of me obviously banished I watched as she hooked her legs around his waist.
I had an all consuming urge to watch his cock spread her pussy and his length slide deep into her. My cock ached and I knew I had to have some relief. I took a deep breath and walked from behind the door, Tom spotted me straight away and I just smiled and nodded my approval. Tom didn’t break stride and I took a couple of paces toward them. Jenna was consumed in the moment eyes closed as I arrived beside her I held my erect cock toward her face. Her eyes opening wide as if she had sensed my presence, she let out a yelp as she stared wide eyed into mine. I said nothing as I presented my cock to her, Tom was humping her faster, and “suck it” I demanded. Jen looked shocked but just reached for it and gripping hold of it she sank her lips down over the head onto my shaft. She was struggling to breathe as I forced down her throat, she pulled off gagging her face flushed as soon as she caught her breath I grabbed her hair and pushed it into her wet mouth again allowing her to take control. She held it in her and worked on my shaft as she flicked her tongue over my bell end. I noticed although facing me her eyes where rolled in her head looking at Tom. I watched his large veined cock sliding in and out of her pussy, each ebb stroke drawing her inner labia outward on his shaft. Rachel let go of my cock and it fell from her mouth, her head raised slightly and she looked down at Tom. He had hooked her legs up and he was balls deep in my wife, she was yelling out oh fuck, oh my god,” Yes” “Yes”” Yes” !
I watched on as she crashed to a massive orgasm, her hands gripping the table her face reddened. She wrapped her legs around him tightly holding him to her as she screamed out like I had never heard before. Tom paused and Jen took a deep breath as her body flopped back onto the table, Tom carried on his assault and Jen moaned loudly. She rolled her eyes up suddenly remembering me; she reached and pulled my aching cock into her mouth once again. I could hear Tom’s balls slapping on her arse and Jen was struggling to breathe and pleasure me. Suddenly Tom shouted out “Fuck” “Fuck” and he drove hard and deep into Jenna, causing her to yell out and drop my cock. He was buried deep and filling my Mrs with his cum. Tom leant over her and kissed her before pulling out of her, I watched as his big dick slid out pulling a glob of spunk with it which slid down Rachel’s ass crack. I looked at Tom’s dick still firm and curved upwards, Jen just lay eyes closed legs spread as his cum seeped out of her.
I moved around between her legs absorbing the sight before me, my heart was pounding and my cock ached. Jen opened her eyes looking down at me quizzically, I stepped closer just as Jen said “no wait” she knew my intention but I had to do it and before she could react I pushed straight up her cum filled cunt. It was a weird sensation hot and slimy and loose. I could feel and hear their bodily fluids squelch out around my balls; I slid in so easily Tom had really stretched her. Rachel seemed dazed, the realisation of what was happening just hitting her; I pumped into her as Tom looked on. Rachel seemed embarrassed now; she looked away from Tom who was standing beside her head stroking his semi flaccid cock.
I could feel Jen’s vagina walls tightening adjusting to my cock; I fucked her hard and fast. I glanced to Tom and I could see his cock was hardening already, he started playing with Jen’s distended nipples, they were so red. Tom leant over taking one nipple in his mouth Jen moaned and opened her eyes. Tom took her hand and placed it on his cock, Jenna was hesitant she looked up her eyes meeting mine. I pushed in deep and hard as our eyes met and she started to work his cock, she started moaning and I knew my cock was finally starting to please her. I knew I couldn’t last much longer but really wanted my slut wife to orgasm. Tom seemed to read my mind as he moved a hand down and started rolling a finger over her clit. Jen responded and I felt her hips rock upward, suddenly she let out a shrill yell and a huge orgasm gripped her body. I felt her vagina pulsing on my cock and gave two sharp thrusts before emptying my balls, and adding my load to Tom’s. I pulled out of her looking at her used body lying limp across the table, Jen’s breathing heavy as she tried to catch her breath.
I pulled Jenna up off the table up into my arms, kissing her deeply as I ran my fingers over stiff nipples. I glanced at Tom he was rock hard and I knew he wanted her again and I was so consumed by the thrill of seeing her taken by his huge dick I wanted it again. I broke my kiss and pushed Rachel down to my dick, tentively she started to suck as I groped her tits.
I had manipulated her so she was standing bent at the waist her bare arse and used pussy presented before Tom. I nodded and Tom stepped behind her, Jen tried to stand pulling off my cock saying she’d had enough but I held her down and Tom gripped her hips and started to push into her once more. Jen was really vocal but Tom struck a rhythm sliding deeper with each stroke he was soon filling her with his full length. Jen’s moans dispersed between the slapping sounds of Tom’s body slapping against her arse. Tom slipped out of her and I moved her back to lie over the table ford Tom. I watched as he pushed his large cock down to her gaped opening still leaking fluids. He let it spring upward to her opening and inch by inch he slid into her. Tom gave it to her hard and fast as Jen called out and moaned uncontrollably, she burst into another orgasm and pleaded for Tom to stop. His orgasm was far from near though and he was determined to keep her in a hormone filled stupor. He fucked her for another five minutes before tensing and spilling his load bring Jen to orgasm with him. I moved position so that I could get the best view of his cock sliding out of her. Jen lay over the table breathing heavily, her legs wide apart. It was an amazing sight she just stood there with her pussy gaped. Her juices flowed out stringing from her labia before dropping to the floor, her head was turned back looking at me, and she made no attempt to move she knew I was savouring the moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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