Wife’s Birthday Gift BBC PT2

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Wife’s Birthday Gift BBC PT2
I’m trembling, the intensity of that orgasm was nothing like I’d ever experienced before. As your cock begins to soften still buried deep inside me, you slide out and lay next to me, we both catch our breath. With an impish grin I slide down your body and gingerly take your cock in my mouth to lap up the combination of our cum from your shaft.

“Damn girl, you can’t get enough can you?” You tease. I grin up at you with your cock still in my mouth, and you feel the blood starting to surge once again.

“You better be careful or I’ll blow a load all over your face at this rate,” you jokingly warn. I continue licking and sucking your cock, making it hard once again. I can feel you tensing up, and think you’re going to make good on that promise to blow your load, but you have other plans.

You reach down and pull my mouth off your cock, slide me up to kiss me and roll over, crushing me to the bed. “Nope, my sweet little slut, I have other plans for my next load,” you say. I grin in anticipation as you slide off the bed to retrieve a bottle of lube.

You tell me to roll over on my hands and knees and put my ass up for you. I eagerly comply. You bury your cock back in my pussy from behind, reveling how tight my pussy feels once again wrapped around your hard cock, now at a different angle. You grab hold of my long hair, tugging with each forward thrust to get the best momentum of slamming your cock deep inside me.

“Oh my god, you feel so fucking good! Fuck me hard! I want more of your cum!”

“You’re my little cum slut aren’t you?” you asked as you pound harder into my tight wet pussy.

“Oh god yes, I’m your cum slut!” I can barely get the words out, you’ve got me impaled on your giant black cock and my insides keep spasming with so much pleasure.

With your free hand, you pour lube on my ass and start to tease the area around my asshole. You grin when you feel me shudder and moan in pleasure. You start to push one finger in the tight hole first, I gasp at the sensation, it’s been so long since anyone has touched me there.

Slowly you penetrate my tiny hole with one finger, then two – all the while thrusting your giant cock deep in my pussy. You slowly stretch my entrance to get me ready to receive your monstrosity. My pussy is dripping down the insides of my thighs, so you know I’m ready for anything.

“Cum for me, my sweet slut, I want to feel your pussy explode again on my black cock!” You groan as you feel my pussy spasm at your words, and start ramming your cock harder and faster deep in my pussy.

“Atta girl, take this whole fucking thing! You know you want it! Give me your cum!” You bark. It doesn’t take long, you feel me tense up as I reach the edge and let myself feel the sweet release.

“Ohhhhhhh GOD! That feels so good!” I cry out as my body is wracked with waves of my orgasm.

“You love this black cock, don’t you? You want it all the time, don’t you? No cock can compare, can it? Fuck it good! You need to have all your holes filled!”

“Oh my god, Yes, yes, yessssssssssssssssssssss!! I want all my holes filled with fucking black cock!!”

You know I’m ready, so you slide your cock out of my pussy, it’s covered and slippery with so much cum, so you start to push the head at the tiny puckered bud of my ass.

“You want this black cock to fuck your ass, don’t you, my sweet slut?” You ask.

“Oh yes, please bury that black cock in my ass! I want to feel how fucking full it’ll make me!” I reply.

You grab my hips and pull me towards you as you push the head of your cock past the tight ring.

“Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuck! You are so fucking tight!” you exclaim. You try not to blow your load with just the head in my ass, you want to feel the tightness deep. You want to fill my ass with your awesome manhood. You pause until you feel me relax a little, then you push harder, and slide in a couple more inches.

“Oh my god that’s so fucking hot!” I gasp out as you slide back out until just the head of your cock is inside, the jam forward again. I yelp in pain, your cock is so big. You start running your hands lightly over my ass and back to sooth me, then keep pulling out and pushing in a little further each time, pausing until you feel me slowly relaxing and opening to your monstrosity with each new thrust.

I reach down and start playing with my clit as you slowly work your cock into my ass.

“Yeah baby, that’s it, play with that pussy while I fuck your ass!” you say, as you pump harder and finally manage to bury your cock fully in my ass, balls deep.

“Oh my god you feel so good!! I’m going to cum again!!” I cry out. You tighten your grip on my hips and start to pump into me harder, your balls slapping my pussy with each thrust.

“Fuck me hard! Please fill my ass with your cum!” You start to pump faster, I feel like I’m being ripped in two by the huge size of your cock buried in my tiny hole.

“Fuck yeah! I’m gonna fill your white ass with my black seed, my little cum slut!” you growl. I can feel you tensing and getting ready to cum, so I start working my clit faster to match your urgency.

“Here it comes! This ass is mine!” With one more hard thrust, I can feel your cock spasm and flood my ass with your hot sticky cum.

“Oh god!!” is all I was able to manage as I came again, my convulsions wracking my body and ass clinching tighter on your cock, milking every last drop.

We ride the intense wave together, both shuddering with pleasure, then you wrapped your arms around me from behind and pulled down on the bed with you, your cock still securely buried in my ass as we lay on our sides, catching our breath.

You nuzzle my neck and kiss my earlobe, “Girl, you have a fine ass and I’d love to fuck it often if you let me,” you whisper in my ear.

“Oh my god yes,” I agreed, “I think we’re going to need to hook up often – that was incredible!!”

We lay cuddled together for a while, basking in the afterglow and noticed it was getting late so we reluctantly extricated ourselves from each other.

“Do you want to take a quick shower?” you ask.

“No, I want to keep your cum inside me for as long as possible,” I reply. You grin and pull me into your arms, kissing me deeply. “That’s a good cum slut, you can dip your fingers in your pussy later and think of me,” you whisper. “Oh I plan to!” I grin up at you mischievously. “That will definitely be happening – I’ll send you an email when I do!”

You grin down at me and I can feel your cock jump at my belly between us as you cup my face in your hands and devour my lips with a blazing kiss.

We both sigh, realizing we need to get going, so we both hurriedly dress and got ready to head out the door. You grab me for another kiss, your hands cupping my ass as you pull me close.

“Thank you for giving me your incredible black cock,” I say between kisses.

“You’re very welcome – you can have it any time you want, just say the word!” you reply.

“Word!” I jokingly reply, “I plan to enjoy that cock as often as I can. I suppose next time we get together we’ll have to figure out how to include the hubby once in a while so he won’t feel left out. He does so want to watch me get fucked by a black cock, so we’ll have to put on a show for him.”

“I’m game!” you reply, “You think he’s going to be jealous?”

“No, he gets really hard when we talk about him watching a big black cock split me in two, I bet he’ll be happy if you’re fucking me from behind while I suck on his cock.”

You grin and pull me close. “We neglected to deposit my cum in one hole today, though,” you say teasingly, as you grind your already hard again cock against me.

“Mmmmm, I guess I better take care of that before we leave!” You go in and bring out a washcloth so I can clean off your cock and tease it mercilessly.

I kneel down and gently run the washcloth up the length of your shaft, raining kisses on the head and down the side. Your cock is growing harder with my hands rubbing the warm wet washcloth over the length of your shaft, and you groan in need when I gently rub the washcloth to clean your balls.

I cup your engorged member in my hands, descending on it with my mouth, first lightly kissing the head and trail a line of kisses down your hardening shaft until I get to your balls. I start to lick your balls lightly, then gently take them in my mouth and suck on them.

You groan and reach down, entangling your hands in my hair as you hold my head steady and start bucking your hips. I run my tongue up the length of your shaft, my hands never stopping their stroking of your monstrous beauty. When my mouth gets to the head of your cock, I see the glistening precum there waiting to be devoured.

I lick the precum from the head of your cock, reveling in its sweet taste and know that I’m going to be enjoying the taste of your sweet cum. I bury the head of your cock in my mouth and start teasing it with my tongue as I suck on the engorged member.

You hold my head steady as you start pumping your hips, sliding your cock in and out of my mouth. You look down at me and groan in pleasure at the sight of your giant black cock disappearing in my wide open mouth. I look up at you and grin.

You buck your hips faster, I’m trying to capture your length in my mouth but have to resort to using my hands to stroke the length and milk the cum from your balls once again.

You increase your pace as you get closer to your sweet release, pumping faster and harder. I try to relax my throat as best I can to pull you into my mouth deeper and feel your engorged head sliding in deeper than any cock has ever gone before. My hands are alternating gently playing with your balls and stroking your shaft on your outward stroke from my mouth.

“Fuuuuck! You really are a cum slut! Take my fucking cock! I’m gonna blow my load down your throat!” you exclaim through gritted teeth. You pull my head in hard with one last stroke and spurt your hot cum down the back of my throat as promised. I moan at the sensation and greedily slurped it all up, swallowing it until there was none left.

“There, now we’ve taken care of your filling up your holes for today! Happy Birthday!” you exclaim jubilantly.

“Thank you! I had no idea how wonderful it would feel to be so full!” I grin at you with a gleam in my eye. “I’m looking forward to our next fill up!” This girl going to need a fill up at least once a month! maybe More!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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