Work friends nude house party, Part 1

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Work friends nude house party, Part 1
Hi, my names Matt, I’m in my early 20’s about 155 lbs, standing 5’11, with a dirt blonde/ brown hair, blue/ grey eyes, slightly athletic build and about 7 inches long, uncut with trimmed pubic hair. This is my first ever erotic story, so please go easy on me but hopefully you’ll enjoy. Story is completely fictional too.

So I was invited to a nude house party by one of my work colleagues, Tina. She’s a relatively attractive young woman probably around 5’6, brown hair and eyes, quite a slim and but slightly curvy build and good sized breasts. She tends to dress relatively conservative at work in the office, but I can tell by a couple of the conversations we’ve had on lunch break, and also at bars that she has a darker and kinkier side to her. And thats where she invites me to this party.

I’ve never been to a nude party before and wasn’t sure what to expect, other than a lot of naked people of course. I prepared myself before going by taking a shower, styling my hair slightly and making sure my pubic region was neatly trimmed and not out of control. I turned up at the door fully clothed to the house at around 9ish, I could already hear the music pumping away from outside and a few voices so obviously there were people already here. I opened the door to the porch and closed it, remembering the instructions I was given to ring the doorbell, knock and then ring again. I looked behind to make sure no one was looking when the door opened. I turned to see Tina stood there with a big grin on her face stood wearing a thin red robe. We exchanged kisses on the cheeks and a quick hug before I stepped in and she closed the door behind me.

“I didn’t think you’d come” she smiled at me.

“Never did I to be honest! But I was a little too curious as to what one of these would be like” I smiled back as i slipped off my jacket.

“Well it’s good you did, it’s a lot of fun. But first you need to go upstairs into the spare room, it’s the second door on the left and strip off. Leave your clothes in an empty space and come down and join us in the lounge through that door there” she points over to a slightly ajar door, which unfortunately I can’t see through.

“Ok cool, I’ll be there in a few minutes” i smile as I reach up and grab the banister heading upstairs. I walk through the door into the spare bedroom and strip off, leaving my clothes in a relatively neat pile next to the bedside table and head for the door. I pause and look at myself in the mirror to make sure everything is in check, which it is, apart from my cock slowly starting to become semi stiff. Something I was very worried about before coming, as I thought I would pretty much be walking around the room rock solid, especially as it was my first time at one of these parties. Either way, I tried to take that off my mind and relax, taking a deep breathe before heading downstairs.

I walk up to the door and open it to find about 15-20 people in the living all completely stark naked. The first thing I noticed was the amount of girls that were here. I was only expecting a couple and for the party to be mostly full of guys, but it was actually about even which I thought was fantastic. One thing I didn’t anticipate though would be the amount of eyes that would turn on me when I walked through the door, and boy was it a lot. So many infact I pretty much stood there frozen on the spot blushing, and closing the door behind me. I looked around, noticing the women starring at my cock and checking me out, me doing the same with them giving each and everyone a good looking up and down. Pretty much every woman had something going for them, whether it was face, ass, breasts, stomach and waist. Was good mix between small and petite, and some nice curvy women too. But looking around, that’s when I noticed Tina walking over to me with a big grin on her face and a bottle of beer in her hand.

“Here you go Matt, this should help ease those nerves!” she giggles handing me the bottle, taking a glance of my cock as she does so and grins back up at me.

I look down and notice I had grown rather rapidly whilst I had been looking around the room. “Oohh” I say a little nervous and take a long swig of my beer.

“It’s alright, every guy does that” she smiles “some still do when they first come into the room. You’ll have it under control soon.” She takes a sip of her wine as she stands infront of me. I look over her body seeing it bare for the first time, noticing her nicely shaped breasts hanging freely with nice brown nipples. “Don’t worry, you’ll have all night to look at them” she giggles biting her lip as she looks up at me.

“Sorry” I laugh a little and smile at her. “This is obviously, vary different to what I’m used to” i say taking another sip of my beer, looking past her and at a group of girls in the corner looking my way. “There many more people to come?”

“Only a couple” she smiles as she turns and heads towards the kitchen. “This is most of it though”

I follow her watching her ass as she walks infront of me. “It’s a pretty good turn out, a lot more than I was expecting” i smile as we walk into the kitchen and she turns around to face me before propping herself up on the kitchen worktop infront of me.

“Yeh, this is actually the most I’ve had here in an evening” she says placing her wine down next to her before another young woman, probably mid 20’s walks over to us. “This is Claire, Claire this Matt” she says gesturing back and forth between us.

“Hey” i smile turning to her and offering my hand for a friendly hand shake.

“Hi, this your first time?” she smiles shaking it.

“Yeh, Tina invited me along so I could see what this is all about. It’s pretty much the only thing she talks about at work.” we laugh as I look at her.

“Well welcome to a nude party! You certainly looked like you prepared yourself for it” she says as she glances down towards my cock, her eyes lighting up a little with a smile.

“Yeh” i say looking down at my now erect cock. I look up at her breasts which are small matching her petite frame, probably B’s but maybe C’s. “I wanted to make sure it looked presentable and didn’t disappoint” I laugh before taking another sip of my beer a little embarrassed.

“Don’t worry, you haven’t” Tina winks at me as she starts to playfully swing her legs back and forth. I blush a little smiling up at her before turning back to Claire who can’t help herself but keep looking down at my hard member.

“What do you think Claire?” i ask being rather bold, breaking her stare so she looks up at me.

“It’s very nice!” she smiles glancing down at it again. “Not massive but a very good size, a lot of fun to ride I’d imagine” she giggles as she runs her hand over her breast and nipple infront of me. “Do you mind if I…” she pauses reaching out for it but hesitating, looking at me with a smirk waiting for my permission.

I go even more red not expecting her response and question that followed “uhh….yeh sure I guess” i swallow a little nervous before taking a quick sip and looking down at her hand. She reaches forward and runs her fingers down it’s length before wrapping her hand around it and gripping it firmly. I take a sharp intake of air as I feel her fingers and palm over my shaft, it throbbing slightly from her touch.

“wow thats pretty firm” Claire smiles wider as she starts to slowly stroke my dick back and forth. I let out a slight sigh as she does so, enjoying watching and feeling her rub my cock. I glance up at Tina sat on the kitchen side next to me. She’s eagerly looking down at Claire’s hand and my cock with her legs crossed, nipples hard. Her eyes move to mine and she smirks at me, giving me a quick cheeky wink. I smile back before glancing down and seeing a tiny bit of pre-cum slip out the end of my cock as she continues to stroke me. “Oooo” Claire grins as she moves her hand up and rolls her thumb over the head of my cock, scooping up the blob of pre-cum from my tip and letting go of my now fully erect member.

I stand there throbbing as I watch Claire move her hand up and open her mouth, slipping her thumb inside and sucking it off. “mmmm you taste good too” she giggles as she moves her thumb away and winks at me. “I’ll have to get some more of that later, providing Tina doesn’t get you and milk you dry first” she giggles looking at both of us before walking off into the living room.

I watch her walk off, my cock erect pointing upwards as i stand there slightly stunned. “uhhh….wow!” I giggle as I turn to face Tina. “Does that happen a lot?” I look up at her.

She grins back at me and nods, still swinging her legs back and forth. “Quite a few of the girls like to just tease the guys, and the guys like to tease the girls too. Don’t worry about it, you’ll enjoy it as it leads to some very hot moments later” she giggles.

End of Part 1…

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