15 years ago.. My wife with African men

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15 years ago.. My wife with African men
Africa 2007

Although this is based on fact, I have added additional characters. Only to fuel my desires after the event and when we got home. I wrote the account for my wife who was and is still amazing.

After considerable thought and discussion (also some disappointments from unreliable contacts in Yorkshire & the UK in general) We can safely say that the place to find large and very well hung willing blacks for a white English wife is the Gambia. Mixed in with a great and fascinating holiday,(the Gambia experience.. Google it!) we had a lovely apartment, complex and nice people to mix with. The added advantage was no shortage of suitable guys. 0ne the 2nd night, two the 3rd and six on the 5th

The second week, Jayne settled down with just one guy who very well “fitted the bill” but she took on a small group of his friends on the Friday before our holiday ended.
We’ve already booked another two weeks in May, prior to the heat.
There were a number of white English and German women with black escorts. Also a noticeable few white couples with a black guy in tow. The norm is for men there to offer to chaperone holidaymakers and use local knowledge to guide people around.
The complex we stayed in is walled off from the local country side and the entrances are, although open and free, guarded to prevent undesirables from roaming inside. It’s very safe and the people are very friendly. Where the Gambian men proposition people is either at the airport (which is very basic)as you arrive or on the beach on the open to sea side of the village complex. Once a guy or woman is identified as being with you and part of your party they are allowed to come and go.

We had an open mind as to whether we would find a guy and carry it on, in fact it was very well discussed and it all fell into place. The apartments are secluded and the complex we stayed at is very quiet in the evening. People kept themselves to themselves.
I know for certain that it’s perceived by the local men that some white mature women are there for encounters with black men. That was explained very clearly one evening in a bar in Banjul where Jayne was introduced to several local blacks who later, by arrangement, fucked her.

Bamber, one of the guy’s became our companion and escort guide for most of the second week and he’s planning to fly to the UK for a short visit with us prior to our next holiday. Jayne is obviously looking forward to some intimacy and we want to plan a few activities in advance of our return to the Gambia with him.

The place we stayed is about 6 miles from Banjul the major city on the coast and edge of the river Gambia. It was a managed complex, spacious and very private. The apartments are not on top of each other, green grassed areas, palm trees etc with a walled perimeter and open on the beach side. Lovely.

The airport is very basic and once you leave the building you are met with rafts of men and women offering their service to you as guides, chaperones, “ carry your bags”, taxi drivers etc.
We had heard the norm was to engage a guide who would arrange taxis, take you to the holiday complex, sites of interest, exchange money etc and as Jayne and I had discussed fantasies about her having intercourse with a large black man, the obvious choice was to pick someone suitable.
There is a huge choice from young to mature blokes, Also girls and women. The motive is not purely sex, it’s actually out of necessity to make a living. Ten pounds worth of Gambian Dalasi is about two months’ wages for the locals.

I turned down several offers until one very dark skinned black intercepted us. I accepted his assistance; he was a big bloke obviously, not rippling muscles but just large and heavy set. He spoke reasonable English and was really polite calling me Mr Ian and he was over the top initially opening the car doors, carrying the cases etc. Also he was talkative “Welcome to the Gambia” over and over. His name’s Manka and he later introduced us to some friends including Bamba who was with us most of the second week.

We arrived at the complex outside Serakunda and honestly once through the gates he took over, collecting the apartment keys summoning the welcome party and house maids. All I had to do was sign the documents and passports etc

Don’t take my word for it. Google the Gambia experience and see what it looks like.
Once in the apartment there was a bit of awkwardness as he obviously wanted paying but clearly I know now that he didn’t want to ask for too much in case we didn’t want him again. Also he was making arrangements 2-3 days in advance when all I really wanted was to get a shower, a beer and relax.
Jayne gave him the equivalent of two pounds which he was ecstatic with and I agreed for him to come back the following morning about 10.00
Once a chaperone is identified to you they are allowed to- too and fro through the complex boundaries. Other locals are strictly not. It’s very safe in answer to earlier questions and very little crime anyway.

The following day Manka turned up and escorted us onto the beach which also is a place that both men and women petition you. They do not enter the complex boundaries though. Another useful feature of engaging a chaperone is they also discourage pestering, both by presence and vocally chastising.
If you have looked at the web site you can see there is plenty to see and occupy certainly for the first day and by 3.00 in the afternoon I was into a forth beer and Jayne a couple of vodka and cokes. Manka (a good Muslim also four Vodka and cokes) we had some barbequed food on the beach under a canopy and as they sat together talking and laughing, that was about the time I considered that Jayne might actually be thinking about taking him on.

I gave him some money to get more drinks from the beach bar and when he’d gone I asked Jayne directly if she fancied him. She replied asking me if I really wanted to see him fuck her and in a knee jerk reaction I said yes. I came over really hot and weak but it was with exhilaration. Jayne was quiet but sipped her remaining drink and I got up to help Manka. After setting down the drinks, I ran across the sand and directly into the sea (which was the freezing Atlantic) to cool off and distract the arousing sensations.

After the ducking I turned in the water wiping my face to see Jayne stood on the beach with an arm around Mankas waste and her other over his shoulder. She waved and then with her hand put it around his neck pulling his face down and kissed him full on the mouth. That was it.
He responded going at her full bore. I came back out of the sea with them still going full passionate French with Jayne’s palm shoving hard into his crotch. They did stop as I got there and I just said “let’s go to the chalet” We got the drinks and with Jayne arm in arm with both of us we walked back up the beach jetty into the complex, through the pool area and to the apartment.
First job was a shower. Jayne first, giving me a chance to discuss a few things with him. One being use a rubber, fuck her hard in the positions I wanted to see. My fantasy was doggie really hard and another, missionary with her legs right back over her head wearing full makeup, high heels and stockings on.
Manka took the next shower while she got ready (no stockings that time unfortunately) and I went last.
Strangely when I got out I was a bit chilly despite the hot climate. The air con was well up and I had goose bumps but whether it was the chill or the excitement is debateable.

When I got out of the shower Jayne came into the bathroom and began putting on her make up. She was wearing a pale blue shiny nylon chemise and very high heeled strap sandals. I remember say “f***king hell and grabbing her and asking where the stockings were. They were still in the case. She told me to go and see if he was alright so I first went into the bedroom and put some clean shorts and a tee shirt on. In the lounge area Manka was sat on the sofa with a towel wrapped around his middle. I handed him his drink which had gone a bit flat so I mixed him and Jayne new ones and poured a respectable tumbler of Jack Daniels for me.
Oddly enough He thought it was chilly too but by that time I’d began to feel the climate again. I heard Jayne moving about and her heels clicking on the tiled floor. That really got my heart banging again. When she came into the room the first thing she did (and a lot of blokes will understand this) she went straight over to the lights and turned them down (Irritating) I also remember the noise of the insects, crickets outside being indefeasibly loud.

I’d closed the blinds and mosquito nets on the patio doors so no one could have seen in anyway. I remember Manka laughing, giggling really and he told her she looked good in his deep African accent. She was wearing a lot of make up, hair up and huge dangling earrings. I gave her the drink and predictably she commented that I’d put too much Vodka in it then she said “right then, what is it you want to see”

This took the strength out of me and I did struggle to say what I knew I wanted. I came out with Kiss him and then suck his cock hard !
Manka got up and Jayne walked over to him and took his glass off him. I was trying to remember how to use the bloody digital Fuji camera and made a cock up putting it on a manual setting with no flash as they started. Quite honestly, I was in pieces.
They started French again and his towel fell. I was dying to see how big his cock was, not that I’m that way inclined but the anticipation of what she was clearly going to have shoved inside her was brilliant.
After a long few seconds she moved round and sat on the sofa arm with her legs bent and apart. I’d done something with the camera and managed to take a picture with the flash, she asked me if I was ready.
Jayne had hold of Mankas cock and it was a big old boy. Very thick and with a large hanging pair of heavy black testicles.

She pulled him towards her and, well she gave him a blowjob like I’d never imagined. Talk about greedy. I took a raft of pics, some poor but a lot came out really well. He developed a massive rock hard on and Jayne masturbated him while she sucked his heavy balls. Eventually she got up, leading him to the bedroom where she laid back over the edge of the bed and beckoned him to eat her pussy. As he got going on her she told me to go into the bathroom and get the condoms. I’d forgotten at that point but she’d put them out before coming into the lounge. There were two? on the marble top.
When I got back in the bedroom she had her hands clasped around Mankas head pulling him hard against her clit and I just pulled off my shorts and put my cock to her mouth. I had a solid hard on and she really gave me a thorough cock sucking for about five minutes.
Manka had pulled away at some point and had opened a Durex. She saw him and turn her attention from me to him and helped him fit his rubber using her hand and mouth. Then I was out of the frame and I stood back with my Jack Daniels to watched a black man fuck my wife.
First he hooked his arms under her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Then he put his cock against her cunt and pushed. Jayne had her head forward watching it go into her but then he shoved it deep and her head flung back as she winced. Manka had her legs further over and began to really fuck her with hard heavy hitting strokes. All she could do was take it and grunt with each thrust.
I swallowed a huge gulp of JD and the stiff drink plus the thrilling sight of Jayne being shagged by a big black African was euphoric. I had to ask her a couple of times to say something shocking. I said “Tell him what you want” twice. Eventually she came out with “Show him how it’s done you big fucker” I loved that.
He fucked her for a few minute like that then he turned her over on all fours……..

Jayne got over onto all fours and moved up the bed. Manka climbed on behind her and immediately mounted her sinking his cock back inside her deep, then resumed the fucking he was giving her. After a few more pictures I got on the bed to spit roast her. I could see the glorious sight of his huge black hands gripping her waist and his thick rubber clad cock plunging in and out of her cunt. Around that point I asked her to get astride him and for her to take my cock up her arse but she wasn’t up for it. Manka hadn’t a clue what I’d had in mind and just carried on. She collapsed face down on the bed and he lay on top of her still pumping. As he shafted her I asked her again to “tell him what you want Jayne” This time she came up with “ black cock inside me, lots of black cocks”
I asked him if he had any friends who would like a go on her and he laughed like a drain and pulled out of her. She went back to sucking his cock almost right away and I asked her if she wanted his friends to fuck her. She actually answered yes with a mouth full of his cock and she’s admitted being asked at the time really thrilled her. I could tell by the way she devoted herself to sucking him off.

Okay, lets be honest I know some of the things she said were part and parcel of pleasing me and also she had six good sized Voddy cokes insider her but when I asked her to ask him, she just blurted out “ have you got any big mates who want to fuck me?” then went back down on him.

Manka giggled lazily. He’d got the jest of what she’d said but was unsure of the term, mates. I explained, some big friends. He chuckled again and said he would ask then slowly began fucking her mouth so I had a go on her doggie and wow was she wet. Manka has a big cock and a lot thicker than she’s used to and she felt looser. Later, very lovingly she said that it’d felt much deeper and different from him.
When I eventually changed position I got off the bed and poured another JD asking them if they wanted their drinks. Jayne wanted Smirnoff ice and Manka a can of Pepsi which I got them from the fridge as they resumed fucking, this time her on him, cowgirl.
I suppose the sex had gone on for about half an hour. I asked Manka to fuck her on her back again and she got off him and had a drink from her bottle then she slipped off to the bathroom tottering in her heels. She came back out with her mouth re-done and a towel then she got back on the bed and let him line her up.
He didn’t mess about either, straight on top of her and cock in. he Frenched her and fucked her at the same time with a plunging hard rhythm. Jayne embraced him and had her legs locked over his calves. From behind them I could see his broad cock pummelling her cunt and his heavy black balls banging against her. This was terrifically arousing. I knew when he came too. She felt it despite the condom and squealed in delight. He really ploughed her and took what he wanted, eventually slowing and rolling off. The teat of his rubber was full of sperm, she lay back wasted and I asked her if she’d come. I couldn’t resist mounting her like that and as I fucked her I repeatedly asked if she liked Mankas cock. What finished me off is when I asked her if she wished she’d had his sperm in her pussy and she said yes. I shot my load out of control and made a huge mess inside her.

So that’s a pretty accurate account of Jayne’s first interracial relationship.
The shower got another session and Manka had a mission to find some guy’s which was easy really. My quiet word during Jayne’s shower was big heavy blokes and more importantly with large.. no (((huge, heavy cocks))).
When we opened the patio to let him out the heat hit us like a brick wall so the goodbye was quick. He went off. I’ve never asked what he thought? Might do next time we meet.
The arrangements we’re that he would collect us the following day and take us to the fish market. Sounds strange but it’s amazing.
I was at the complex mall when Manka got there about 11.00. (No time difference from the UK btw) And when I got back to the apartment with the sun screen and the pepsi also I’d gone to the camp nurse because of a really irritating mosquito bite and taken a good handful of some dubious free condoms. I took them because I’d only brought two (Durex) from home. The last two I’d had left actually prior to my vasectomy four years earlier.
When I got back Manka was sitting in the lounge. He’d brought some melon and Jayne was cutting it up in the kitchen.

Gambian people are overwhelmingly polite and he got up to shake my hand. Bizarre when you think about it as he’d been fucking my wife 12 hr’s previously. I asked Jayne later how it went on his arrival and there had been no hint of sexual suggestion. In fact he shook her hand, it was her who kissed him.
We ate the melon on the patio and Manka asked us if we would like him to drive us to Lamin. He knew a friend there who owned a garage and he said that he would like to meet us.
I asked him if he’d told anyone about what had happened last night and he said yes, Bamba, the friend, because he was a “great man” and that it was my orders!
Anyway, we went along with him also stopping to buy some stuff. Filigree jewellery and handmade shirts and a dress for Jayne. The shirts and dresses are tailor made. You get measured, you barter the price down 50% and then you don’t pay until you collect! Brilliant!
We got to Bambers garage about 3.30 and most people have finished work by that time. They do go back later when it’s cooler.
All the business’s, homesteads and properties tend to be walled off with high clay brick walls. Usually white or pink painted. Bambers was green which is unusual but anyone looking out will now recognise it!
We went in and Manks (our nickname for Manka) took us to the most basic office ever. Then he went off looking for Bamba. A young lad soon came into the office and set up a primus and a kettle, then got out some tins.
I’d seen through the unglazed window, Manks walking through the yard with Bamba. He’s described him as “great man” what he meant was “fucking massive black bloke”

Bamba is a big black African bloke. He’s a head taller than me and I’m 6 ft. I found out later he’s 37 yrs old so a bit younger than Jayne and me and he is a hefty man and has to be 20 st. He was wearing a pair of flip flops, shorts and a yellow shirt (made from several older shirts) open. He is also very dark, almost black.
They came in and Manks introduced us and while Jayne giggled and was very chatty he made four glasses of hot sweet tea without milk. Bamba speaks okay English and it was quite easy to communicate. Now and then the obvious subject of the night before came out and Manks and he burst into Mandinka or Wolof, then giggle laughter.
The end result was being invited for supper by Bamba. Jayne had that head to head whispering decision conversation with me. Me saying “(((do you want to go…..do you want to go)))) and her …“it’s up to you” In the end we said yes.
Bamba lives in Lamin, about 11-12 miles from where we were. We thought the thing to do was go back to the holiday village, send Manks off to do what he did and for us to shower, change and get ready etc.
On the way back I’m holding her hand trying to be calm and I asked her if she was going to take them both on. She gave me the impression that she assumed we were going for supper!!
Once we were back in the apartment and alone, I gave her a right fucking and during the sex, pleaded with her to be a dirty slut even to the extent of how she should look. As it was when the time came around to getting picked up by Manks, about 7.15, she really let her hair down.
I wore cotton pants and a shirt, she wore………….

Black halter neck open back mini dress, no bra, fully fashioned tan & seemed nylon stockings with 5” high heeled strap sandals. The dress just, and I mean just covered the stocking tops but you could see the lower part of the two tone welts. She also wore some of the jewellery we’d bought including a pair of huge dangling earrings. The make up blew me away! Dark red lips, huge eye makeup, mascara and blushed high cheeks… in fact all the trimmings

Manka arrived and we were ready. He gawped. He must have thought all his birthdays had come at once.
Walking through the complex was a challenge. Not just for her in the heels but the admiring stares.
The place is quiet anyway and as it was getting dark there are less people around but it’s also well lit. Once through the reception and out of the village it’s pitch black as there are few street lights. The journey in Manks car (French, like 80% of vehicle in the Gambia) took about 35 minutes and it was warm to say the least. No air conditioning, windows half open.
When we reached Lamin the tarmac road only runs through the town and all the side streets ate just dust covered tracks although quite wide. The buildings are colonial with tiled roofs and walled boundaries.
We pulled up outside Bamba’s home and got out of the car, me helping Jayne, stocking tops on show the lot. A she wiggled the dress while Manks climbed the steps and banged on the gate.

Bamba let us in and clocked Jayne as soon as she stepped through the gate into the court yard. He and Manks started jabbering again and then back into English, very polite and friendly. Then we went through into the house. The scene was like a house from the 70’s. Clean but basic. A flock sofa and chairs. Melamine coffee table etc big woven rug on the floor. It was also warm and there were electric fans going all over including the ceiling.

It was obvious and had been for me since about 7.00 O’clock earlier that she was going to get another black African fucking but the protocol was supper first. Bamba had his mother cook Couscous, fish and chicken for the meal. His mother wasn’t there BTW
Also he’d got some palm wine which is mixed with water and chilled (potent stuff) I got stuck into this with the lads and Jayne into long tall voddy cokes

I imagine you want to know how it started??

About an hour and a half into it, the food was finished and the stuff taken back into the “scullery” She was sat crossed legged in a chair ridiculously trying to cover her nylon tops and I was encouraging her to start something. I asked Bamba if he had some music to put on. He went off and returned with of all things a Sony Vio lap top, stuffed with MP4. After scrolling through Jayne asked for Liberty x (Thinking it over) to be put on then she went off to the wash room (which was just that, no bath or shower) Immediately she went through the door Bamber repeatedly asked “Is your wife wanting heavy dick” I assured him yes.
When she came back she had fixed her mouth which I noticed straight away and she had the sent of heavy perfume.

She looked at me and said that she thought they should get on with it then she tossed her purse down and put her hand out for Manks who stood up. Then with his hands on her hips and hers around his neck, she started dancing with him.
Bamba got up and moved his coffee table and I helped him relocate it behind the sofa all the time watching Manks hands on her hips and her arms over his shoulders. All four of us were stood up now and I went up behind her and kissed her bare back and told her to go for it. She gave me a little kiss on the cheek then turned and reached out for Bamba. She pulled him to her and behind so she was sandwiched between them. Bamba is a good foot and a half taller than her and although she’s a curvy 12-14 and wearing 5” Heels she was dwarfed. The next track came on, “Just a little” and she got into the mood..
The kissing started, first with Manks but quickly Bamba wanted a go and he just about rove her away from him and smothered her. Their kiss was erotic and she responded to him. I knew his tongue was deep I her mouth as she stroked and pulled his shaved black head and mouth against her lips
He had her left boob in his hand and was crushing it while Manks had her hem up and his hand between her legs.

She was having a go back with a hand straight down Bamba’s pants which he wriggled down. His cock is impressive and in proportion to his size, it looked like a black pudding, easily a good ten inches long. He’s a huge bloke and his prick is also very thick. it’s even thicker than her wrist, 7” in circumference (we checked later lol)

Manks cock also came out and he shoved it hard against her arse and they ground against her until she decided to drop to he knees and give then blow jobs
This was one of the most exhilarating things I’d ever seen and I had a hard on to match. The bad news was the camera was on the lounge table and all I had was my mobile phone.
Regardless I took a few pictures. I asked them “where are you going to fuck her?”
Bamba said something to Manka who asked me if I could help him. We went off into another room where a mattress was lent against a wall and between us we negotiated it back into the living room. Jayne was giving it everything on Bamba’s cock and he was huge. She broke off while we moved a bit more furniture to let the mattress flop down on the floor then they pulled her onto it and resumed on her. I poured a drink and sat on a chair arm while they took her apart.
Besides the continuous cock sucking, they both fucked her (condoms of course) She struggled at first with Bamber but he bullied his cock into her and she had no choice but to take him. My favourite part being her on her back with them shafting her in the missionary position.

Bamba humped her, rather than fucked her, because it was so deep and violent. Her legs clamped on his sides, knees up high hanging on and hearing her grunt and whelp as he banged into her but he did make her come.
I did ask her again if she wanted it up her arse but she said no resoundingly. Also I asked her to take two cocks in her cunt She didn’t want to do that either although I’ve done this to her with her dildo as my partner.
She did take them every other way imaginable including spit roast, cow girl and she did say some unbelievable things while they we’re doing her. Eventually they both ejaculated while fucking her and she sucked me off, finishing me with her hand.
After she’d cleaned up and removed her stockings and suspenders, Bamba and Manks shifted the mattress and put back the furniture. Despite thinking that it’d finished, Bamba got a second wind and had another go on her over the edge of couch. Although it was less intense and certainly gentler, she tells me that he gave her another orgasm during that less aggressive fuck.

We got home to the apartment about 2.30 in the morning and didn’t see Manks until the following evening, and then it wasn’t for very long.

On Wednesday morning we didn’t wake until about 9.30 and then didn’t move off the bed until gone 10.00. I woke with an erection which I wanted to put to good use but Jayne was very sore and felt uncomfortable. Hardly surprising given the pummeling her cunt had endured 12 hrs earlier. She became more uncomfortable as we went for breakfast and then a walk on the beach which put’s credence on the term” could barely walk afterwards”

She ended up visiting the village nurse who without examination put the discomfort down to the heat and advised that active yoghurt would help. Unfortunately not the same type of yoghurt I wanted to see running out of her cunt!
We’ve decided that it wasn’t the heat and it probably wasn’t entirely down to the stretching and hammering she took from the lads.
A word of advice. Avoid the free condoms as we honestly think she had a reaction with the lubricant or rubber or something. That’s because she cleared up during the days she didn’t have one in her pussy and really suffered the day after she had!
Wednesday was our rest day. It was also a little cooler as it was overcast, the only hazy day of our stay. Jayne was also absolutely normal. No change in affection or humour or attitude, just a bit uncomfortable although the yoghurt helped. About five in the afternoon we got a bit tipsy in the pool hanging onto the side while the waitress brought drinks one after the other. Obviously we talked about what we’d gotten into and where we thought it’d go. She admitted that she’d enjoyed being taken and that she’d thought “why the hell not” She also liked me watching her being a slut. As the Heinekens went down I know I pressed my luck and asked her if she’d take one them up her arse and if she’d let either me or them fuck her double.

She wasn’t shockingly against the idea although “your joking” and God no” we’re the first answers. I suggested that if she were okay on top with either Bamba or Manks then how about I gently put my cock up her arse and see how she felt. We had done this before at home using her dildo and she didn’t dislike it would be the more accurate way of putting it.
I also asked her if she dare let them come inside her or let them come in her mouth. We both agreed that unprotected intercourse wasn’t going to happen but she was okay with the idea of them coming on her face.
The long and short of this is I got that drunk and was so tired from the previous evening, when we got back to the apartment (about 9.00) I fell face down on the bed in my wet shorts and fell asleep. Jayne also crashed, not as drunk as me but still tired.

She was up on the following morning at six thirty. Sat on the patio which I had left open hence the raft of mozzy bites up both of my legs. We had some coffee then went for a walk to the pool area and then to the mall. We had no idea where Manks was and we made our own plans for the day to take the organised trip to the crocodile pools inland.

As we were sat in the cool reception Manks strolled through the doors and greeted us. He was absolutely fine that we were doing other things and asked if we wanted him later. He gave us options of seeing Bamba again. Him and Bamba. Him, Bamba and some other friends in Banjul. Whatever we wanted to do.
Even though I had a hangover I wanted to know more and asked about the friends. Manks brought up what we’d said the first night Jayne had sex with him and quite casually we just discussed it as though we we’re ordering a pizza.
I sat in a rattan chair holding her hand as we ordered men to meet us with the possibility of them having her as entertainment…. Oh and laughing about it.
The trip out was fascinating and although our diarised account details the main interest at this forum as being the sex, the truth is that the Gambia is a fantastic and unique place to see regardless of what we experienced with physical relationships.

We arrived back at the village complex about 4.00 and went straight to one of the restaurants to eat. From there we went home to change.
I was…. Disappointed (that is the wrong word) when Jayne had finished getting ready. She looked good with the right make up etc but I have a stocking fetish and I was assuming she’d be in a dress or skirt with the gear on underneath. As it was she wore a pair of pedal pusher type see through cotton trousers and a blouse. Okay a black thong shone through and lots of cleavage but I had stockings and heels in my head. This ridiculously almost caused a row.
Manks turned up and cut it short although we were a bit quiet walking through the village to the reception and exit. Bamba was in his car. Thank God, a Pajero with air conditioning and some room.
They took us to Banjul, the major city and it’s certainly a little livelier than the surrounding towns and areas near the village or Serekunda. We went to a bar/grill if you could call it that. The stone flags had just been washed and there was a lot of greenery being watered. I thought it’d be difficult to get a beer but the place had draft lager in barrel glasses of all things.
We were there for about half an hour and had the usual treats. Musicians playing for us. Manka and Bamba shooing the “bumsters” off. Another bloke turned up and was introduced. I can’t pronounce his real name but we’ve nicknamed him Bart because he had spikey hair. He was young-ish 20-25, slim, tall and okay looking Jayne thought.

From there the five of us walked to a market area with a lot of Europeans eating. Shopping, drinking and generally holidaying. There we waited near the fire station, it was quite bustling and shortly two more blokes joined us followed by a third. We later found out that one of the blokes was a policeman and the other two firemen.
Manks and Bamba were clearly well familiar with them and we were introduced as Mr Ian and Madam Jayne then it was suggested that we go back the first bar we’d visited.

Bart’s brother owned the bar and was away in Senegal just over the border. Apparently buying booze and stuff as the more common brands are easier available there. When we arrived back a few people were sat out on benches drinking. There were also a few mixed couples, German men mainly with Gambian girls. Some English, a few recognizable from our village complex.. Some of the Gambian girls looked fantastic with an over the top attempt at being European. Blonde straight hair, make up, and the most outrageous shoes and skirts etc. Anyway, I digress.
We all sat at a shaded bench and Manks sent Bart for drinks. Abruptly some music came on quite loud. Bar grooves type techno I suppose but with a pounding beat.
Jayne liked it and was impressed when one of the firemen began blowing a football whistle in perfect tune. Bart came out with a drum which he started rattling on and to be honest it was great. People got up and started dancing eventually and it wasn’t long before Jayne was up in her high heels with the rest. Most of the blokes danced with her and the drinks went down too.

After about two hours of dancing, drinking and conversation the bar quietened down and soon there were only us and a few groups left. A European bloke got up and left with two corking black girls and as they passed by Manks asked me when would we be ready to “do it”
In turn I asked Jayne and said it’d been mentioned. She looked into her drink, finished it and said “where?”
From then I knew that she’d decided take on the group and Manks and Bart lead us into the back, down an alley way but still within the bar grounds. Bart was opening a door when the others came up behind us. I went in first and it was a store room with cases of drinks, sacks of cloth and all sorts of stuff. Glasses, pot’s, tables and benches.

I thought this was going to be the place we would fuck her but Bart pushed by me and we followed him through another door into his brothers house.
It was much nicer and the first thing was how much cooler it was. The floor was tiled and we were lead into the lounge. It was also quite bright once the lights were turned on and much more westernised than Bamba’s place.
I turned to see Jayne in a clinch with Manks and the young fireman cupping her boobs. Then there was laughter and the blokes began talking in Gambian. She was ushered through into the lounge and she fell backwards over a sofa arm with Manks on top of her.
For some reason the rest just stood in a sort of semi circle watching while Manks negotiated her out of her pants and began fingering her. It was Jayne who reached for Bamba’s leg pulling him toward her. Once his cock came out they all went at her .

The sofa became overpopulated and I couldn’t quite see what was happening. Jayne had Bamba’s cock in her mouth and at least two blokes were fingering her. Manks was giving orders to Pah and Ebbs the two firemen and they took Jayne’s legs and pulled her back along the sofa. I said to Manks to get her on the floor but bearing in mind it was tiled we needed some cushioning. They started pulling the cushions off the chairs and sofas to make a bed but that was unsuccessful as when Pah tried to mount her she ended up on the hard floor. Jayne shouted “lets go to a bedroom” and Bart lead us all through into another room. Jayne was down to her high heels, bra and make up and once in the bedroom it was obvious it was going to be a squeeze. She climbed on the bed while I was still trying to get in the room. I was looking for her purse because it had the condoms in it. Bamba had joined her and motioned her to lay back. He gestured to me for the rubbers and he fitted himself and that was it.
They all took a quick fuck turn on her, civilized and patient and reasonably quiet. She made a fair bit of noise but the conversation between the men was steady with the odd chuckle. The young man Bart was energetic and he’s also got a good sized cock which she responded too.

One of the fire men was outrageously thick too and she knew about it when he fucked her. All the blokes are well hung though with Bamba being the biggest of them.
After the round robin it became a bit of a free for all and she moved over on to all fours and was mounted and spit roasted several times. Some drinks were brought in. I had a coke and quaffed it then passed one to her. She was busy sucking off the blokes, whoever offered their cock! It was unusual to see as they were all wearing rubbers at this point. After a bit more fucking I asked her to cow girl the guys.
This really intrigued them and one by one they lay back while she squatted and rode them. I told Manks to get on the bed behind her and pose for a few pictures. The idea was obvious that I wanted some sandwich pics of her between two black blokes and she played along. While she was astride Pah,
I got on the bed with them to a cheer and moved up behind her and between Pah’s legs. Jayne looked back and just leant onto his chest. For good will I’d put on a rubber (although I’ve had the snip) and I got ready to push my cock up her arse while she had a black cock in her cunt.
I struggled though and couldn’t get the angle right. In the end it was getting frustrating and when I shoved it hurt her. Bart waved his arms and went off while Pah resumed inside her. He soon came back with a small jug which had some scented oil in it. I’m not sure what it was but it worked a treat. He poured some down the crevice of her arse and it dribbled all over Pah’s scrotum. I had another go at shoving my cock inside her while he rested and with a bit of resistance I slid in. She yelped and buried her head into Pah’s chest. The conversation between the men picked up and Bamba laughed and said “she likes lots of manhood”

I started to sodomise her and Pah also picked up his pace. In no time it became easier as her arse became oiled and massively, I shot my load ,with one of the most memorable ejaculations and orgasms I’ve ever had.
When I pulled away to congratulations I was replaced by Ebb’s who oiled his condom and cock then he sodomised her. He also ejaculated. Pah had his enjoyment coming in her pussy and he was replaced by one of the others. I honestly can’t recall who it was but it wasn’t Bamba because he was intent on shoving his cock up Jayne’s arse and she’s never forgotten it to this day.
It was a real ordeal watching his latex cock being squeezed into her bum with her making all that noise. She made him pause while she relaxed and got used to it. At one point it was just him fucking her arse while she straddled a bloke then she took them both. She also did a couple of “air tight’s” After Bamba though, she’d had enough of taking two at a time but she did take another couple of cocks up her arse.
I wanted her to let somebody come in her mouth at least but it became obvious that she didn’t fancy it and the guy’s began ejaculating one after the other while they fucked her.
One of the additional monumental sights was the her bent over the corner edge of the bed, legs bent in the high heels, knees either side of the mattress and Barty absolutely hammering into her cunt from behind. There was no stopping him and she screamed the house down. He’s just over half her age but he fucked her like a champ and shot his load.
She’s admitted and told me she’d had orgasms with the black guy’s but her fuck with him topped it all at that point.

For me the missionary fucking with Bamba and her in full makeup and the seamed tan stockings was the one. In fact the whole exhibition was exhilarating. Seeing a big shiny black arse banging up and down between her legs seems an unbelievable event. Imagining the thick oily cocks plunging (the best descriptive word I can conjure) into her slightly red pussy is one thing but seeing it is awesomely arousing.
I got her to pose holding four sperm filled condoms and that’s one of my favourite memories.
When it all calmed down Pah and Ebb’s disappeared while we were allowed to take a quick dip in the mini pool in the rear of the compound. Overly chlorinated but it made us feel cleaner. Manks and I dried off and he explained that Bamba was joining the two guy’s that had already left and they would be out drinking all night?
Bamba had left his Pajero for Mank’s to get us home to the apartment and within 15 minutes we’d said goodbye to the rest and left.

The following few day’s were left to us with both of us needing to contemplate and digest what had gone on. Jayne was again very sore the following day and we’ve put it down to irritation using the ———– contraception. By the end of the first week Mank’s was appearing a bit less but over the first weekend Bamba became our more regular companion. I’d asked her to dress to please again and indulge in an outrageous session with Bamba before we went home.
This happened the Tuesday of our second week and she discovered a taste for black African semen
Jayne made it clear that she felt we needed to be on our own for a few days, that is without the pressure of our companions. I told Mank’s and he was fine with it.
It was also clear that he and Bamba we’re considering Jayne as a facility and their fuck toy.
It’d been obvious the way they tried to portray her to the other men as their possession the previous evening and they had offered her out to them without consultation with me or her. Although neither she, nor I could understand what they were saying amongst themselves, I know Bamba was giving his consent (or the impression) for Ebb’s to fuck her in the arse.

That act, despite the fact that Jayne was willing, was cause for a lot of conversation between us.
I was not, in the least bit jealous and at the time as we were being utterly frank and honest with each other I told Jayne I’d like to see her have rough unprotected intercourse and take a succession of loads from Mank’s, Bamba and any of the others.
She asked me quite shocked if I had considered that she might be inseminated and pregnant to a black man, which is preposterous but I can understand what she must have been thinking.
I’m not interested in any idea or form other than watching her behaving like a slut and having intercourse and with big heavy well endowed black men. Taking their semen would just be another stage in an ultimate act of her lust for well hung blacks.

Over a couple of relaxing days and light hearted conversation I got my interpretation across that I simply enjoyed seeing her being fucked by big blacks. The outcome was that she wanted to do it again and assumed that one of her partners at least would take care of it over the second week. She also asked me very directly what I wanted her to do!
At that point we didn’t know who but thought it’d be Manks or Bamba as they had access to us at the village.
Monday dinner we were just leaving the pool area to go to the restaurant for something to eat when one of the house maids came to us to say our guide was waiting in the reception foyer. We walked the distance through the village to find Manka who was curious to know if we wanted to be taken anywhere etc. As it was we decided to take him up and do some shopping in the local streets and markets.

It’s a good idea to have someone around who speaks and barters on your behalf.
After we returned to the complex and took him with us to one of the beach bars and enjoyed a few drinks, during which he offered his services to Jayne.
I wasn’t in the mood… bizarrely… but I left the decision to Jayne who very politely declined giving “soreness” as the reason. Also for me, the moment had gone! In that I wanted “what I wanted” (sounds selfish) we asked him to bring Bamba tomorrow evening (that was the Tuesday) and we would arrange something in the apartment. He was fine with that. During the next hour or so we asked him allsorts. We found out he was married and had a daughter. Bamba was also married but had no k**s. Freedom in marriage is part of life in the Gambia for the men, with their women being “beneath men”. Not fair but there you are.
We also found out that he had been with two other white women in the past year but not with husbands present. Bamba had a white African girlfriend who’d left him to travel to Europe.
I asked him what he liked Jayne to do and he told us “to honour him” which we eventually realised meant ejaculate inside her. That also includes coming in her mouth and swallowing his seed. You can tell the conversation was stimulating.
Mank’s also taught us some Wolof “ Sa, Ja pen dehm” which we had to say to Bamba apparently.
After Manka left, we showered, changed and enjoyed a fantastic cabaret evening. Fire eaters, acrobats, singing etc and a sea food bbq. We went home not to drunk and had great sex with me spending an unprecedented amount of time kissing and eating her pussy. During the whole session we talked about what I wanted and what she wanted. It ended with her massaging my cock between her boobs and coming into her cleavage.

On Tuesday we’d booked a fishing trip into the river and that is fantastic (thoroughly recommended) It was a group trip and everyone gets a long line to fish with. We caught barracuda and cuttlefish and watching the women deal with them is a treat.
It’s also a different aspect of sight seeing as the estuary is littered with semi submerged shipwrecks and sand banks full of splendid birds. We arrived back mid afternoon and it’s very hot but the crew had prepared the fish and the beach hut’s and bars were ready to cook some of the catch.

With what we had planned this turned into a narcotic mood with several glasses of wine for Jayne and the same in beers for me.
I felt particularly invigorated on the way back to the apartment and even indulged in diving into the pool to freshen up.
In the apartment it was cool and dark with the blinds shut and air con on. I opened the patio doors and set up the table and chairs on the private patio. Then two glasses and a bottle of wine from the fridge. We both knew that two big black Africans where coming in two hours to fuck her in front of me and we sat there calm and relaxed, matter of fact. I asked some more ‘push my luck’ questions. Obviously they couldn’t come in her pussy but I asked if she’d let them cum in her arse. Unprotected sex was now a possibility and we know they are D&D free without any shadow of doubt but then said she would, if she was on the pill. She also said she’d take a “team effort” in her pussy if that’s what I wanted.
The filthy talk was and is, as much a part of the build up and listening to her say things like she wanted a big group of blacks, 12+ to fill her belly blew me away. We had a lot of fun talking like this and eventually it was moving on and we needed to get set up. We both showered and I changed then at about 7.20 I set off to the restaurant bar. The lads were due about 8.00. In the bar I ordered a tonic water and a tea. At a couple of minutes to 8.00 I walked the short distance to the reception area and found Mank’s and Bamba waiting and talking to a porter who was challenging them for being there.

I was introduced as Manka’s “boss” then we we’re immediately left to go on.
We walked through the complex and chatted, interpreting each others accents and language. When we reached the garden areas which are quite open I went straight to the point explaining that Jayne would be waiting and there were thing we’d like.
I told them that she was looking forward to seeing them and that they could basically do and have anything they wanted. I wasn’t going to join in this time, maybe at the end.
I also told them that I wanted them to go “rough” with her. She was okay with it and had agreed but we still had to have control. She’d agreed to mild face slapping and being forced but she also wanted to dictate certain things. I had to explain a bit deeper to them, drag her about, pin her down, fuck her hard and sodomise her…all in broad English which to us is explicitly clear. They got the jest.
When we got to the apartment it was just about dusk and the doors and blinds were shut again. I opened the door and pushed through the blind immediately noticing the bed room door close.

We went in and I went and knocked telling her that they lads are here.
I asked them if they wanted drinks but both declined. I poured a double JD and my heart was pounding again. The bedroom door opened and Jayne clip clopped out in her high heels. She was in the full Monty. Short tight Lycra skirt, stocking tops on display. a lace up corset type top showing a huge plunging cleavage. Jewellery, hair in a big bunch and heavy makeup on top of her tan which really set it off.
The previous evening I’d said I wanted her to dress to please. That was easy enough provided she had the inclination, which she did. I also mentioned this prior to the holiday during role play and fantasy stuff during sex.

One of the things I’d asked her to do was for her to pose with a cigarette holder in a “femme fatale” style. Although she didn’t have a holder she was holding a brown More 120 cigarette in her right hand which she put to her lips, lit and began to smoke. (The first cigarette she’d had since uni and she’d bought them at the airport)
I told her she looked fabulous and the lads moved towards her. She picked up her drink then clicked across the floor to the bedroom. The guy’s followed but she turned in the doorway blocking them. Although they we’re unaware, as I was at that point, Jayne had started the role play. She took a deep puff from her cigarette then said to Bamba

“What the fuck do you want?”

He was a little puzzled so I answered for them, that they were here to fuck the arse off my wife.
Mank’s then asked politely and a little confused if she wanted to have black dick inside her?
Jayne’s reply thrilled me. She said “yes, while he watches”, then after taking another puff from the More, she added,

“I want you two…. to come in here… and fuck me… in front of him, I want you to show him how its done..”

I had a mouthful of JD and it went down my neck with a shudder. The lads still stood looking a bit bewildered but Bamba reach out and grabbed her by her upper arm and marched her into the room slinging her back onto the bed. She dropped the More which I had to recover and put out.
They both knelt on the bed and began to remove their shirts then Bamba laid on her and smothered her He spoke to her with his face close to hers then he pulled his head back and went wild !
God knows what he’s said to her but she said “Sa, Ja pen dehm” Mank’s burst out laughing and then did Bamba. It is Wolof for “fuck me- mother fucker” This is genuine!
She pushed herself up on her elbows and Bamba cuffed her across the face with a sharp clout knocking her back. It was just beyond playful. Manka grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face towards his groin and fished his cock out of his pants and she went down on him like a whore. He looked at me smiling and began forcing her head onto his cock. He got a couple of minutes of this while Bamba was fingering her and he’d managed to get her skirt up around her waist. Then he wanted his cock sucking. Jayne took hold of him but was obviously being too delicate with it because he gave her another succession of light slaps across her face then shoved his penis too far down her throat and made her choke. She made him aware and went down on him with greed using her mouth and long strokes of her hand.
When they’d had enough of that they took turns to lick and finger her cunt and when she was on the cusp of begging for it, they fucked her.

First Manks fitted a rubber, not the usual ones in the foil. He pulled Jayne back over the edge of the bed and lifted her legs. Bamba held them back and dangled that thick cock of his into her face while Manka very roughly pushed his penis inside her. There was no messing, he went straight into a full power humping and really shagged her hard.
His black shiny arse was pounding up and down and his testicles slapping against her arse while she struggled to accommodate him. Bamba pushed his now erect cock onto her mouth then reached down and pulled the top of her corset so her boobs sprang out. Mank’s went for a nipple and bit it.
She got a good five minute fucking off him then Bamba wanted a go in the same position. They changed places and after fitting his sheath, He penetrated her with the same force and vigour as Manks. She got a royal fucking. Ten thick inches, balls deep for a good 8-10 minutes and she came all over his hard black prick.
I loved seeing her sandwiched and was shaking in anticipation of that. It was suggested that she get on all fours and I asked her to refasten two of her suspenders and offered drinks. The blokes opted for melon juice and Jayne for Voddy ice. She got a couple of minutes break and we made some jokes and things then we restarted the fun.

She stood up legs open and they both fucked her from behind bent over the dressing table. Then Bamba had her up against the wall. Both of them had her doggie on the bed. I went into the bathroom while she was performing more fellatio on them and looked annoyingly for the tube of Vaseline. I found it and returned to the bedroom were I chucked it onto the bed next to her. After coming off Mank’s cock she picked up the tube and put out her hand for Bamba’s. then she squeezed a large glob of the Vaseline onto the pinkish pads of two of his fingers. When she’d done this she replaced the cap then turned over, crawled up the bed and hugged a pillow with her bum in the air. Bamba followed her and with encouragement from me and Manka. He lubricated her arse, pushing in a finger to the knuckle. He had two attempts at getting his cock inside her. Clearly the moans she made were telling me she wasn’t finding it easy and when he did get his cock in she pleaded for him to stop.
He didn’t though and pushed it deeper, then with Manks holding her steady by the waist, he fucked her arse until she stopped resisting and moaning. Mank’s swapped a couple of times with him and I was asking all the usual. “do you like it”, “tell him you want it” etc and she did it all. She even demanded to Bamba
“Fuck me up the arse while he watches”
At one point Jayne collapsed onto the pillow but Manka continued to fuck her. She found this the easiest and most pleasurable way to take it and enjoy the arse fucking.
While Manka was doing this to her Bamba and I got more drinks, changed the music and sat watching.
When the two of them uncoupled for a short rest Jayne asked me what else I wanted her to do and of course I said “DP” We laughed about it and there was no doubt she was going to do it with them.

She removed her skirt and repositioned her boobs in the corset then went to the bathroom. She was a few minutes and when she came back she went to the mirror and re applied her lipstick & makeup. Then as she was talking to Bamba she casually began rubbing her pussy and bum with the Vaseline before looking around for a towel to wipe her hands.
She took a drink and then asked if we were ready!! The blokes talked probably deciding who was going to fuck which hole, then Manka got onto the bed and rolled onto his back placing a pillow under his head. She straddled him and guided his cock into her cunt then crouched down on him.

Manka got on behind her and I noticed his rubber was hanging off the end of his cock. He rolled it back tight on his helmet then positioned himself.
Jayne lay on Manka’s chest and buried her face in his neck. He embraced her and held her tight to him with his arms. When Bamba’s cock went in her she tried to straighten up but they held her. I got up close saying you can take it Jayne and she was saying “its okay, it’s tight but it’s okay”
They double fucked her. The memorable part being, Bamba squatting and working his full manhood into her oily arse in an easy rhythmic stroke. As they were taking her apart I could see that their rubbers were coming off their cocks and I had to mention it. They fitted new ones and resumed taking turns at top and bottom. A few minutes into the double penetration Jayne began to cry out franticly to me that she was sorry. She said it over and over and she was sorry because they were going to make her come.
They pushed harder and she had a huge orgasm.
Manka let his load go while sodomising her and when he pulled out, the teat of his rubber had plenty in it.

I asked Jayne if she’d take it in her mouth and swallow it from his condom but she wasn’t going for that although she did let Manka empty it on her ankle and shoes. She also consented to suck off Bamba to completion if I wanted to see semen in her mouth. We asked him and he wasn’t sure because had never been sucked off to completion before. To be honest I can count the times on one hand even with Jayne.
Anyway we sat back while he joined her on the bed and in front of us she started on his black prick. He was laid back, head on a pillow eyes shut. She was in the prone position holding and wanking his cock with her mouth tight around it. When she got going she took it quite deep and kept a constant predictable rhythm going. She only stopped for air. It took easily 15 minutes before Bamba began arching his back and muttering. He put his hand on the top of Jaynes head and let her get on with it. I started with “let him come in your mouth babe” About a minute later she groaned and slowed then uttered some different notes and speeded up again.
I was thinking.. has he?? Did she just??. Bamba had let his full load go in her mouth and she was trying not to let it leak. He winced and obviously squeezed the last bit out of his prick into her then she pulled off his cock, lips tight and even managed a kiss on the tip.
I asked he “has he?” she nodded and mumbled Hmmm. Then I asked if she had his semen in her mouth. She nodded again and said “Mmmmm” Manks was congratulating Bamba.

I couldn’t help asking her to swallow it. I had to ask twice. She opened her mouth to show me the thick mass and there was a lot of it. Then with a gulp it went down. I gave her a drink but the look on her face told us all she didn’t find it pleasant. She took a mouthful of the drink and tried to wash away the taste of Bamba’s semen but ended up tottering at speed for the bathroom.
After showers and clean clothes, we sat on the patio listening to the insects and birds and the sea in the distance. We had a little more to drink then the lads left.
We saw Bamba a couple of times during the following week and on the last Friday we spent the evening with him Manks and Ebb’s but there was no physical contact other than a slightly lingering kiss on the lips from Jayne at the end of the evening. The corporeal activity was finished and we spent the remainder of the evening savoring the moment and preparing for the long flight home.

We did keep in contact with Ebbs (up to 2017) and are planning the next holiday in September. He assured me, in his own words that he had over a dozen, specifically large and well endowed local black men, all wanting intercourse and to provide Jayne with fertile black African semen.
Unfortunately we have never returned although we have enjoyed other adventures.

J & J

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