A Candy Cane Adventure.

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A Candy Cane Adventure.

Ana and I had formed a relationship by now, after being found out by her boyfriend. We decided to take a weekend retreat to a hotel room. It was December, Christmas time.

The weather was cold and icy. We lay on a bed together, flipping channels, trying to decide when to start fucking. I had a surprise for her. I bought her a present, a foot long one inch diameter candy cane. Neither she, not I, expected us to take the turn we did.

We made out, embracing each other’s warmth in the cold weather. We started taking each other’s and or own clothes off, she had a surprise for me as well. She had removed her bush, exposing before me a beautiful, pink, long labia’d vagina. The best present of all. I started by going down on her, my favorite act. I lick around, inside, playing with each fold of skin, taking in each subtle flavor, She moves, positioning herself on top of me, in a 69 position, and begins nibbling on my penis. She takes me in her mouth. Her head bobs, she pushes herself, trying to take all of me, lips to my balls, my head playing down her throat. I wisp my tongue around her clit and then, taking a side track, quickly move it up to her anus, circling around the opening.

I don’t know, to his day, what made me do it. But I grabbed the present I presented her earlier, she had already started eating it. As if guided by fate I used it. I stuck i inside her. She moaned.

“More…” She uttered.

I began to fuck her with the candy cane stick. She stopped her activities, removing me from her mouth, and resting her head on my thigh, taking in her own ecstasy.

We re position. This time I am sitting up, back against the head board of the bed,
Her head,resting in my lap, nibbling on my cock head, she takes the candy cane herself, she preferred it that way. She inserts it. She loves this new sensation. Her head begins that old familiar bob, up and down on me. Her mouth, feeding warmth and saliva to my penis. I cannot sit idly by. I begin to play with her ass. I circle her anus, poking it playing with my index finger. I leach some lubrication form her pussy, coating my finger carefully. I inset the tip,down to one knuckle, of m finger into her ass. No complaints. I go further, two knuckles.


I insert my index finger down to my palm, playing around. She slobbers at my cock, furiously pounding herself with the candy cane. I stop her.

“I have an idea…”

I lay her on her side, back facing me, spooning position. I indicate she should commence with the candy cane.

She does.

While that happens I slide my penis, head first, into her ass. I wait for objections and I am only greeted with a nod. I slide the rest in and begin to pump. She is being double penetrated, by me in her ass, and by the candy cane vaginally.

I roll on my back taking her with me. Her entire weight rests on my, Her legs are separated as I pump my dick into her ass, she pumps herself with the candy cane. Minutes pass.

She cums. Once. Twice. Three times. By this point her moans and screams are silent because of her lack of breath. I am about to cum.

I pull my dick out of her ass, a minty juice covers it that is seeping from her vagina. I pump my dick myself. Semen flies, landing on her belly, her vagina, her ass. We both collapse out of endurance failure and fall immediately asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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