A Chance Encounter With Judy

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A Chance Encounter With Judy
I used to live in Dayton, OH, I grew up nearby, and recently I had to go back there for business. It had been 10 years and on the first night I went to one of my old hang out places. It was a place that I used to bartend at when I went to college. The name of the place was different, under a new ownership, but everything else was pretty much the same. I sat at the bar and reminisced about the all the fun that I had here and looked around to see if there might be anyone I knew. The crowd was different, most of them now younger than me. As I finished my first drink I felt a tap on my shoulder and when I turned around I recognized her right away. It was Judy, she used to work with one of my old girlfriends. “Hi Jay, do you remember me?” she asked. “Of course Judy. It’s been a long time! Have a seat next to me.” She replied, “Well, I’m with my friend at that table over there. You’re welcome to join us if you like.” “Ok, I’ll be right over there in a minute.” As I got another drink from the bartender, I thought that Judy was still looking her awesome self. Not only was she gorgeous, she has a pair of big tits that always made me drool. I remember seeing her in a bikini and I felt my cock twitch from the thought. And from the low cut top she was wearing, her tits definitely looked larger now.

I went over to join her and she introduced me to her friend Stephanie. Stephanie was really good looking also. Both of them brunettes, and I couldn’t help but notice Stephanie had a awesome figure. I quickly found out that Judy was now divorced, and her friend Stephanie went out of her way to tell me she was single. I had just gone through a breakup myself so we commiserated among ourselves for a while. Stephanie went to use the restroom and Judy stayed behind. She scooted her chair next to mine, so I casually put my arm around her, resting on the back of the chair. I looked her right in the eye and said, “Judy, I always thought that you were beautiful. I don’t know what happened between you and your ex-husband, but it was totally his loss.” Judy smiled wide and said back to me, “Jay, you were handsome back then, and you even more handsome now. It looks like life has been good to you.” I have no idea what made me say this, maybe it was the alcohol but I hadn’t even finished my second drink. “Hey Judy, I’ve got a hotel room right down the street.” Without the least bit of hesitation she said back to me, “Let’s get out of here and go there. Do you mind if Stephanie comes with us? She can be a lot of fun.” I was thinking that I really wanted to get Judy in bed, and with Stephanie there it kind of put a damper on that thought. But I told her that would be fine. Stephanie returned to the table and Judy told her, “Jay and are going to go back to his hotel, do you want to come with us?” She immediately echoed what Judy said, “Yes, let’s get out of this place. We can hang out there for a while.” Judy knew the hotel and I gave her my room number. She said she would be right behind me.

I got to the room and the first thing I did was get a bucket of ice. I had bought a pint of scotch earlier because I knew I would be here all week. The liquor store was right next to the hotel. My room was a mini-suite with a little kitchen and a living area with a couch and TV adjacent from the king-sized bed. There was also a small dining table with 4 chairs. I made a drink at sat at the table waiting for the girls to arrive. If nothing else, I could stare at their tits all night. Both of them were well endowed. It took them longer than I thought to get there. When they knocked on the hotel room door, they apologized for taking so long but they decided to stop at the liquor store. I showed them the ice and Stephanie pulled a bottle of vodka out of a brown paper bag and made them a drink. Judy sat down at the table and could not stop saying how good it was to see me again and that she couldn’t believe that she ran into me. She reached in her purse and pulled out a joint. I remember that we had smoked pot at parties before and I thanked her for bringing it. We passed it around until half of it was gone and I for one had a pleasant buzz going. We were now laughing and carrying on. Judy was right, Stephanie is pretty funny. It also seemed that both of them were giving me the eye just as much as I was looking them over also. I said, “Here I am in a hotel room with two beautiful women. This must be my lucky day!” Both of them smiled, Stephanie gathered our empty glassed to fill them back up and said, “Go ahead Judy, tell him.” Judy started to twirl her hair and cleared her throat. “Well Jay. Stephanie and I are lovers. Neither one of us has been with a man for a long time. The other day we were talking about it and said if the right man came along, we’d want to fill that void. So we agreed that you are the right man. So if you want, we would like to be with you sexually.” Stephanie came back to the table and she probably saw my jaw agape. She set the drinks in front of us and took her time bending over, making sure I had a good view down her dress. She was braless. My cock rose up in an instant. Stephanie made a toast and we clinked glasses, then she got in her purse and pulled out a deck of cards. “To get things warmed up, let’s play strip poker. I haven’t done that in years. It will be fun!” Judy got close to me, put her hand right in my crotch, and said, “Yeah Jay. This will be fun!” As Stephanie dealt out 5 cards for everyone, Judy remarked, “Damn Jay, nice lump in your pants!” We played 5 card draw and Judy lost her top first. She slowly and seductively unbuttoned it and pulled it off. Yes, her tits were bigger now, they filled up her white bra to the max. The way they jutted out from her body turned me on. I lost my shirt and pants next, I was down to my underwear. I was glad I wore briefs and not boxers because when I stood up and dropped my pants, I had a bulge forming in my underwear that actually made me proud. The girls were smiling in approval. All of us took a healthy swig off of our drinks and another hit of the joint.

By this time, the sexual tension was thick and the anticipation put us all on the edge. Stephanie came out and said, “So Jay, have you ever been with two women before?” I replied, “Yes, I had a girlfriend who was bi-sexual. She liked to lick pussy and I liked to watch!” She replied, “Good, we don’t have to train you. But I don’t think you would need any training at all!” Just then Stephanie lost the next hand. She stood up and pulled her dress up over her head shaking her hips back and forth. “God I love to get naked.” She stood there only in her panties, rubbing her nice boobs all around. “Wow Stephanie. Your tits look bigger than I thought! You have a really nice body.” Stephanie is thin. Her boobs aren’t as big as Judy’s but on her body they looked oversized. I was totally erect now as Stephanie sat down, she said, “Ok, I want each of you to suck on one of my boobs. Come here.” I had one of her nipples in my mouth and Judy was sucking on the other. Stephanie leaned her head back with her eyes closed, moaning and telling us how good it felt. I reached over and grabbed on to one of Judy’s tits though her bra. My hand barely covered half of it. Judy put her hand on top of mine and moved it in circles, just the feeling of the silky material was exciting. Stephanie put her hand on my cock, rubbing it through my underwear, then shoved her hand inside. “Oh, nice Jay, nice.” I reached behind Judy’s back and undid the clasps to her bra. She let it fall to the floor and I had to back my head away from Stephanie’s boob to see them. Judy stood up and took off her skirt and panties in one fell swoop, so Stephanie and I did the same. Judy’s tits are truly world class. Full and large and so inviting. I walked around the table to her saying, “Holy shit Judy. I knew you had nice tits, but damn those are outstanding.” I rubbed then in my hands and tweaked her nipples which made her shiver. She was loving the attention that I was giving her, and it was like she was offering herself to me. I put my arms around her and said, “You know, there was a time that I fantasized about doing this.” I moved my head forward, Judy parted her lips, and seconds later our tongues were dancing against each others. Judy pressed herself into me, grabbing on to my cock as my hand went between her legs. Judy backed her head away and said, “You know, back then I kind of wanted this to happen. You always had this way of tripping my trigger. Now, I just want to make you feel good.” Stephanie came over to us and grabbed a hold of our asses in her hands. “Judy, he’s got a nice ass too.” She pulled us apart, grabbed us by the hand and took us to the bed. She literally threw me down on my back. Judy quickly went down on me and Stephanie got on top of me, straddling my face. “Ok Jay. I have this feeling you’re pretty good at eating pussy. Give me all you’ve got.” Stephanie reached down and spread her cunt lips apart, her forearms caused her nice tits to be pushed together. Her clit was exposed, I kissed it and licked it. Stephanie moaned in approval and when I started to suck on it she bucked her hips across my face. Judy was really going at my hard dick, I could tell that she loved to suck cock. It just made me want to make Stephanie feel as good as I possibly could. Stephanie moved her hands to her tits, rubbing her nipples with her fingertips, then bringing one of them up to her mouth to suck on. I watched intently and sucked her clit in my mouth with my tongue twirling all over it. She started moaning out loud, “Oh yes Jay, that’s it. Suck it baby, suck it. You’re going to make me cum already. Damn, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” Her mouth went back to her nipple, her face straining, her hips stopped moving and she pressed her very wet twat hard against my mouth. Every time a wave of her orgasm swept through her body, her hips would buck against my face. After about a dozen of these, Stephanie slowed to a halt and collapsed on the bed. She was panting, trying to catch her breath and I knew she got off really good. I looked down at Judy, she was staring back at me and I loved watching her suck my cock. She lifted up and straddled my waist, putting the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy with a huge smile on her face. As she inched me inside, she said, “Jay, I always wanted to fuck you. Now I’m going to, I love your big cock. If I knew it was this nice we would’ve been doing this all the time.” Judy was bouncing up and down on me, her tits swaying across her chest. I lifted by body up and said, “Judy, I knew you had great tits. Let me suck on them while you fuck me.” She lifted them up in her hands and put them in my face saying, “Jay, you can do anything these big tits that you want.” I sucked on them lovingly, Judy still had that sexy smile on her face. “Oh yes, Jay. Suck on them harder. Fuck you do that so good. Harder baby, harder. Yes, that’s it.” I felt her clit rubbing against me as she gyrated her hips and fed me her tits. Stephanie was watching us and said, “Damn, you two look so fucking good. I think I could watch you fuck all night. Its getting me hot again.” Judy started to cum. She moaned and groaned in pleasure, holding the back of my head, smashing my face in her tit flesh. I could feel her cunt muscles squeeze my cock as wave after wave swept through her. She slowed to stop and I let my head fall back on the bed. Judy looked down on me with a satisfied smile and leaned over to kiss me full on the mouth. She rubbed her tits into my chest as I rubbed her nice round ass. I then rolled her over on her back so I was on top and started a slow in and out rhythm on her pussy. She was still smiling and said, “Yes Jay. Fuck me, fuck me. It’s your turn to cum now. I want to make you cum good baby. Fuck me.” Stephanie was rubbing my ass and pushing me into Judy as I fucked harder and faster. As I watched Judy huge tits dance across her chest, I told Stephanie to rub my sensitive nipples. That was all it took. I announced that I was going to cum and pulled out of Judy, got on my knees, and started to jack my cum off all over her body. I dumped an enormous load over her tits and stomach, my cum shooting out in long, thick white streams. Both of them were just as amazed as I was at the amount of sperm that came out of the little hole at the end of my dick. I laid down on the bed next to Judy and grabbed her hand. In between breaths I managed to say, “I don’t think I’ve ever came with so much satisfaction before. Both of you. We just move together so good. Wow, I can’t believe it!” Judy lay her head on my shoulder and Stephanie lay on the other side of me, I was in a sandwich full of skin. Stephanie was playing with my now limp cock, Judy was kissing my neck and rubbing my chest, and I was in pure, blissful heaven.

20 minutes later we got up and went back to the little table, sitting there totally in the nude. I still couldn’t get over how great they looked. We had another drink and talked about sex. Stephanie went out of her way to say, “Jay, you still have to fuck me. I want to feel that big cock inside of me before the night is over.” Judy just stared at me and smiled in dreamland, like it was a fantasy come true for her. I guess it was for all of us and we agreed that not only do we love sex, but we were compatible. Judy said, “Damn, I can’t believe this. Running into you Jay. That is the first dick I’ve had in almost a year. And what a dick! It was worth the wait!” We took one more hit of pot and finished our drinks. Judy grabbed my hand and said, “Fuck, I can’t help it. Come here and sit on the couch.” She kneeled between my legs and started to suck me off again. Stephanie came over and sat next to me, leaning hard against me, and just watching Judy give me head. “Damn, you two really do look good together.” Judy lifted her head up and said to Stephanie, “Hey, you want to try some of this?” Stephanie leaned down as Judy held my cock up in the air for her. She said, “It’s been so long. Let me try it out.” As soon as she put her mouth around the head, I could tell that she was into it. A little tentative at first, but soon she was giving me everything she had. Judy got on the sofa beside me. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me with as much passion as I’ve ever felt. I rubbed one of her tits and it made Judy even more passionate. I broke the kiss and looked in to her eyes and said, “I’m going to fuck Stephanie now.” Judy kissed me again and then I pulled Stephanie off of me and told to get on her hands and knees. She did as I asked, waving her ass back and forth, waiting for my cock. Judy said, “Fuck her Jay. Look at that pussy, it wants your cock so bad.” I got behind Stephanie and slowly entered her. She backed against me and said, “Fuck, its so big. I think I’m going to scream!” Her cunt was tight and I eased in just a little at a time. Judy was sitting on the sofa watching us and rubbing her pussy. Stephanie was now bucking her ass into me to take more and Judy got on the floor with her head next to Stephanie’s. “Isn’t that a nice cock Stephanie? Aren’t you glad we did this? It’s a hell of lot better than a dildo. Kiss me you bitch!” Judy rubbed her tits as they locked lips until I was all the way inside. Stephanie started fucking me and I fucked her back. She broke this kiss with Judy and was moaning in low guttural sounds. Judy got on her knees, putting her arm around my waist, and watched cock disappear in and out. “Damn that looks so good. I know what Stephanie means.” Judy grabbed and face and started kissing me and our hands were rubbing each other all over. She stood up and leaned over, offering her gigantic boobs to my mouth. Sucking on her tits and fucking Stephanie at the same time was driving me wild. Stephanie was rubbing her clit rapidly, my balls were slapping against her hand. She said, “Don’t stop Jay, keep fucking me. Harder baby, slam it in me. Gawd I’m going to cum again. Give it to me Jay, do it!!” I let Judy’s tits drop from my mouth and concentrated on Stephanie. I grabbed her hips and pulled her hard into me with every thrust. Judy got in front of Stephanie, lay down on the floor and spread her legs. “Eat me Stephanie, eat me while you get fucked. Suck my cunt while you cum. Yes, that’s it baby, I know you love it! Oh yes baby, I love it when you suck my pussy!” Stephanie was moaning in Judy’s hairless crotch, breathing harder and massaging her clit really fast. Hearing her was going to get me off, especially the way that her cunt was clamping down on my cock. Stephanie started cumming, and I slowed my pace down to keep in time with her spasms. Judy threw her head back causing those big tits to jut out and shake all over her chest. That was all this visual I needed. I pushed all the way in Stephanie and let go and although not as much volume as before, the sensation was incredible. As I came. Stephanie went wild on Judy’s pussy. Judy grabbed her big tits and she was now having an orgasm on Stephanie’s mouth. All three of us kept at it until Judy finished off, like a reflex action. I pulled my cum covered cock out of Stephanie, she wrapped her arms around Judy waist and laid her head on Judy’s thigh. Judy’s chest was heaving up and down and I still could not take my eyes off of her fabulous tits. I sat on the couch and just took in the scene. I said, “I can’t believe that we all came together like that. That is pretty awesome.” I could see the affirmative smiles on their faces. I went to the table, grabbed my glass and made another drink.

Judy got up, made herself another drink. and joined me. Stephanie was glued to the floor. Judy said to Stephanie, “Hey baby, why don’t you lie down?” She moved around a little but didn’t say anything. I got up, took her in my arms and lay her on the sofa. I got out a blanket and pillow from the closet for her, making her comfortable and she was out to the world, off in dreamland with a smile on her face. Sitting with Judy, we talked about the sex we just had and how good it was. She then asked me what I had been doing the last 10 years. I told her that I was in management now and had moved from Dayton to Chicago to Los Angeles to Atlanta and now I was in Nashville. I also told her that I took this business trip by design because I was thinking of moving back home. Judy’s eyes kind of lit up when I said that. I asked her what happened to her ex-husband Joe. I always liked him and we used to party together. She said that he got caught up in the opiod epidemic. He started taking pills, lost his job, went to rehab twice, but he couldn’t shake it and she let him go 3 years ago. I guess opiods hit this area hard. I felt bad for him. His parents had moved to New York and the last she heard, that was where he was at. His parents were well off and Judy got a very nice divorce settlement. She met Stephanie a year ago, one thing led to another and one night they got drunk and ended up in bed with each other. “I was just fed up with men. And I tell you, that woman can lick pussy!” Judy has a townhouse on the north side of the city, not far from this hotel. “Stephanie wants to move in with me, but I’m not ready for that kind of commitment.” Then she said, “I remember one time when we were at a party, Joe was out of town and your girlfriend was working that night. I kept my eye on you all evening and I was hoping that you would start talking to me. But you were talking to that girl Debi. Did you fuck her that night?” I remember I took Debi back home and we had sex for over 4 hours. Debi was really hot with tits as big as Judy’s. I broke up with my girlfriend shortly after that. “You were married and I didn’t think that I had a chance with you. But there were times that I thought about it. Once at Kate’s 4th of July pool party when you were wearing a bikini, whoa that turned me on!” She replied, “Shit, Kate’s bikini was so small she might as well been naked.” I said back, “All the men were after Kate and her big boobs. But that day I had my eyes on you, but our paths didn’t cross that day.” Judy said, “Damn, I wish I would’ve known. Did you know Kate and her husband are swingers. Joe and I used to swap with them. Kate was the first woman that I had ever been with sexually. She is pretty wild.” I said to her, “I know she’s wild, let me tell you a story. The next year at her 4th of July pool party, Debi and I snuck off when her husband left with Kate’s husband to go get some pot. We knew we had at least 45 minutes before they got back. We went into the house and ended up in the master bedroom. I had Debi’s shirt off and she had just started to go down on me when Kate came out of the master bedroom and caught us. She told us not to stop because she wanted to watch. Well, that lasted a few minutes. She joined right in and Debi loved it when Kate ate her out. A week later when Kate’s husband was visiting his patents up north, she showed up at my place and we pretty much sucked and fucked all day.” Judy said, “Kate has nice tits, they’re pretty damn big too.” I just focused and Judy’s chest and said, “Judy, your tits are nicer. They are perfect!” We both laughed realizing that we both had been with Kate. She said, “But there is one thing. Joe and I had a great sex life, but he had a little cock. Yours is almost twice as big as his. Your old girlfriend told me that you were well hung. I think that is why I was drawn to you all those years ago. I wanted to see for myself!” I chimed in, “She told me about your bachelorette party with the male stripper. She said that when he put his cock in your face, your started sucking on it in front of all the girls. That turned me on.” “Yeah,” she replied, “He had a nice one like yours. I couldn’t help it. I thought it was the last good cock I would ever get. I ended up taking him into a closet and finishing him off!” I glanced at the clock on the microwave, it was 9:30pm. I told Judy I had a frozen pizza and was going to cook it. I put on some shorts and Judy put on her panties and the top she had, only buttoning a few buttons at the bottom, which exposed most of her tits. She commented, “I’m sure we’ll be naked again before the night is over!”

While Stephanie was in blissful slumber, we munched on the pizza. Our bodies needed the nourishment. We kept talking about sex and I swear her nipples stayed hard the whole time. When we were finished, Judy told me to scoot my chair back away from the table. She got up and sat on my lap and said, “I wish we would have done this years ago.” She kissed me and pressed her tits hard into my chest. “God you are so sexy Judy. We would’ve made a great couple.” She leaned back and took off her top, “Here, suck on my tits, that feels so good to me.” I just wanted to make love to her tits. I was getting hard again and Judy felt it. She rubbed her crotch against my erection as our passion kept increasing. She stood up for a second and said, “Take off those fucking shorts!” She looked down at my hard prick, pulled her panties to the side and impaled herself down on me. “Oh fuck Jay. You feel so good.” She slowly rocked on my cock and I said, “Judy, your pussy feels like heaven. I could fuck you for hours.” I leaned back and just watched her tits shake as she fucked me. I said, “You’re a hot nympho, aren’t you?” She replied, “Yeah, and you’re a horny little bastard. That’s why we feel so good together.” I grabbed her tits close to her chest and squeezed them together. I sucked on one nipple, then the other. Then I positioned her nipples right next to each other and sucked both of them into my mouth. “Jay, I’m so glad my tits turn you on, because your cock really turns me on. I love feeling it in my pussy” I spread her tits apart and kissed her chest, pressing her boobs against my head and covering my ears. When I came up for air, Judy had a total look of contentment on her face. She rose up off of me, got on her knees and said, “Damn Jay, I just want to suck it some more.” She sucked me, jacked me, rubbed my cock all over her face and her tits. She moved over on her hands and knees and said, “I want you to fuck me from behind like you were fucking Stephanie earlier. Come on, get down here with me.” When I put the head of my cock to the entrance of her pussy, Judy slammed back into me all the way. I just stayed motionless and let Judy rock my cock. “Jesus this feels so good. Fuck me Jay, fuck me hard.” I gave her ass a slap, grabbed her hips, and started to drill her with everything I had. Judy rammed her ass back against with every thrust in perfect timing. She reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. We must have kept at it like that for 30 minutes. Judy came 4 times and I felt I was going to stay hard forever. She finally slowed down and pulled off of me saying, “I have to take a fucking break, as in a break from fucking!” We went back to the table and finished off our drinks, Judy was still trying to catch her breath. Then she leaned back in her chair and said to me, “I want to see you get yourself off. Make it cum for me.” I began stroking myself and Judy said, “I just love the way your balls move up and down, and that big purple mushroom head really fucking turns me on. Here, will this help you cum?” I was looking at Judy’s fantastic body when she brought one of her tits up to her mouth and sucked on the nipple. “Oh yeah Judy, make those big tits feel good, you’re going to get me off.” I started to beat off faster and I knew it wouldn’t take too much longer. Just the fact that Judy wanted to see me masturbate was incentive enough. I told her I was going to cum and she urged me on. She then quickly got on her knees in front of me and said, “Cum all over my face Jay. It would make me happy to feel that hot juice on my face.” She positioned her head and offered her face as a target, staring at the hole of my cock. I was incredibly turned on and even though I had already cum twice, I let her have it. She opened her mouth wide and I was amazed that I still had 5 good loads to decorate her. Some went in her mouth and the rest was dripping off of her chin and cheeks and down to her tits. It made my toes curl. I said to Judy, “Fuck you, you’re too good to be true.” She said, “Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I take care of my man!” Judy stuck her long tongue out and licked up as much as she could. She then went to the bathroom to clean up and brought a warm washcloth back to wipe me off. Stephanie was still dead asleep. I said to her, “Why don’t you just stay here tonight. I don’t have a meeting until 2pm. Then I have an interview for dinner. I said that I wanted to move back here and that was another reason for this trip. Then I have another meeting Friday morning. That’s pretty much it for my week other Than phone calls, emails, and reports.” She just looked at me and said, “Come on, let’s go to bed.”

I do remember that sleeping with Judy put my mind to ease. I slept like a baby until Stephanie woke us up around 6am. “Hey Judy. You have to get up and take me home. I have to be at work before my plane leaves.” Judy shook her head, then said, “Hey Stephanie, get in my purse and take my keys. Take my car back to your place and leave it parked there, locked, with the keys under the floor mat. I’ll have Jay take me back to my place and get the spare key so I can pick it up later. Oh, take my house key off and leave it on the table.” Stephanie came over to the bed and kissed Judy on the cheek, then she came around to the other side of the bed and kissed me full on the mouth. She reached under the covers and played with my cock, saying, “Mmm, I love it when it’s stiff in the morning. Thanks lover boy. You were good last night. Take care of Judy while I’m gone.” Stephanie was out the door, I spooned Judy with my early morning hard on nuzzled against her ass, threw my arm around her and cupped a tit in my hand. Judy rubbed her butt against me and we drifted back off into sleep. I woke back up and hour and a half later. Judy was still there so it wasn’t a dream after all. I made coffee and fired up my laptop to see what was going on in my business world. Fortunately, it was a slow Tuesday morning. I got in the shower and half way through Judy startled me by pulling back the curtain. “Sorry,” she said, “I just wanted to see you naked! Mind if I join you?” I grabbed her hand and pulled her in with me. We made sure each other were really clean, rubbing our soapy bodies against each other, and after rinsing off we toweled each other dry. I was hard the whole time. I had her sit on the vanity and spread her legs apart. I stepped forward and my cock was aimed at her twat. Judy grabbed it and rubbed the head up and down her slit. As I pushed forward, Judy grabbed my hips and pulled me in. As I slowly fucked her I said, “Well good morning, Judy!” She replied, “What a wonderful start to the day!” We fucked like that for a while, then Judy got down and turned around so I could screw her from behind. We looked at each other in the mirror and seeing those gigantic tits swinging as she bent over would be forever etched in my memory. Neither one of us came, it was just a nice, slow, pleasant love making session. She made me feel so good. We got dressed and I took her out for breakfast before taking her back to her place. I told her I had a pretty big day ahead of me and she made sure to give me her phone number. “Call me tonight after your interview and let me know how it went.” We got in the car and I drove her home. Judy was rubbing my cock the entire way to her place. I pulled in her driveway and she said, “Come on inside while I get my spare key. I’ll make us some more coffee.” She has a nice place, isolated at the end of a cul-de-sac. We took me out to her screened in deck and I knew I had about an hour to kill. When Judy brought two cups of coffee out, she was topless. She set the cups down and went to her knees, wrestled my pants off, and said, “I want to suck your cock for good luck on this interview. And it would make me really happy to make you cum this morning.” She put her elbows on my knees and grabbed my shaft in one hand and my balls in the other. She went down on me and I was amazed at the total concentration that she gave to my crotch. I reached down and grabbed her tits from the bottom, feeling their weight in my hands. In a moment, Judy raised up and wrapped them around me erection and started to tit fuck me. She kept spitting in her cleavage for lubrication and begged me to cum, just staring at the head as it popped out the top. “Fuck Judy, that looks so good. You’re going to make me cum baby. Keep it up, I’m going to cum!” She urged me on saying, “Yes Jay. Do it for me. I want to feel your hot cum on my big fucking tits!” The first spurt shot up a foot in the air and splattered across both of her round orbs. Then 4 more shots roped out covering her skin all over. After the last few drips, Judy backed up, lifted her tits up, and admired her handy work. “I think I’ll just wear this all day, let it dry and get crusty and look in the mirror so I can see it!” We sat there and finished our cup of coffee, her staying topless and I didn’t bother putting my pants back on. Finally, I had to go. Judy put on a loose fitting top and we went to get her car at Stephanie’s. She gave me a huge, mouth watering kiss as I dropped her off. “Call me tonight. See you later you handsome, sexy man!”

There are bad days, there are good days, and there are awesome days. This was an awesome day. My meeting which had a lot of negative potential went better than I ever imagined. My interview over dinner was outstanding. My skill set is exactly what they are looking for. If I was the selected candidate, they were going to take care of me, including buying my house and moving me here. The interview went so well it lasted past 9pm and they indicated that they would let me know before the week was over. Once I got back to my hotel, I made myself a drink and called Judy. There was no answer so I left a voice mail for her to call me back. I got out of my suit and put on that pair of gym shorts, turned on the TV, and tried to relax but I was hyped on getting this job and moving back home. My phone rang about 5 minutes later and I recognized the number as Judy’s. She said, “Sorry I didn’t pick up your call, I was on the phone with my mother. Are you at your hotel? Well, I’m about 5 minutes away, mind if I drop by? I want to see how your interview went.” She knocked on the door exactly 5 minutes later. When I opened it, I still could not believe my good fortune having run into her last night. She was wearing a summer dress, the kind with a tube top. I said to her, “Wow Judy, you look very sexy in that dress.” Sexy was an understatement. She thanked me, walked in the room and kissed me passionately. She said, “Let’s have a drink and you can tell me how it went.” She brought the vodka and some orange juice. We sat at the table and again, I could not take my eyes off of her chest. I told her that I would know about the job by the end of the week and I was pretty sure I had better than a 50/50 chance that I would be moving back here. Judy smiled big and said, “I hope so. I think that would be great!” I replied, “You know Judy, I had a really great day today and it all started with waking up beside you.” Judy said, “Yeah. That was wonderful. I had a great rest of the day too. My dad passed away 6 months ago and today we settled his estate. My mom will be very well taken care of for the rest of her life. That made me feel so good.” “I’m sorry about your father, both of my parents have passed on.” We remained silent for a moment and Judy pulled out a joint saying, “Let’s celebrate!” We took 2 tokes apiece and set it down and sipped on our drinks as we talked about our day. Then the conversation naturally turned to sex and the fun we had last night. I said, “Let’s just lay down on the bed and watch TV.” We stood up and Judy said, “I’ve got a surprise for you.” I said back, “Oh yeah? What could that be?” She lifted the hem of her dress up and she wasn’t wearing any panties. “Oh wow. You already make me horny, now I’m really horny!” Judy pulled down my shorts and took off her dress saying, “We might as well get naked!” We lay on the bed next to each other and about two minutes later we were in a 69 with Judy on top. Judy has such as nice cunt, a musky scent, bright pink on the inside, she gets really wet, and her clit works. I gently sucked on her clit and slowly moved my tongue around it while rubbing her soft, round ass. There seemed to be nothing short of my concept of perfection about her. Judy loving sucked my cock and massaged my balls. After 15 minutes or so, Judy got off of me saying, “Jay, I need that big dick in my pussy. I need it now!” She sat down on me and said, “Fuck you feel so good. I’ve been missing a cock, and you’re the right one to get me back on track.” She rocked on me and I grabbed up to manhandle her tits. She stared me in my face, smiling, then closed her eyes and built up her orgasm. When she started to cum, I thrust my hips up and was as far inside of her as I could get. I could feel her engorged clit rubbing on me and out of nowhere I felt my balls get tight and I was going to cum with her. She felt each shot going in her as she came. We were both moaning, Judy fell on top of me, pressing into my chest as we finished and came down. All you could hear was us trying to catch our breath. I kissed Judy’s neck and rubbed her ass until she lifted her head up, stared down at me, then put a lip lock on me that she made sure I wouldn’t forget. It had been a long yet productive day for both of us and we agreed that it was a fitting end to the evening. Judy lay her head on my shoulder and fell asleep and I soon did the same.

I woke up with my usual hard on and got on top of her. She invitingly spread legs and I pushed myself inside. As I fucked her I said, “Judy, I have got to cum. Rub my nipples, that will make me get off.” She urged me on and I pulled out to cum all over her. “Wow, I love seeing you cum Jay. I’m so glad that I turn you on!” After soaking in the pleasure, Judy took a quick shower before heading home, she had more business to take care of with her Mom. We had a cup of coffee and Judy invited me to her place that evening for dinner. I ended up having a rare slow day at work until 2pm. I got phone call from the hiring manager that I interviewed with. They verbally offered me the job and told me to keep an eye out for an email for the offer letter. It showed up in an hour with all the details that we talked about. I was coming back home and I knew Judy would be thrilled. I called her immediately and told her that instead of cooking for me, I was going to take her out to her favorite restaurant to celebrate. I stayed the weekend and found a new place to live about 7 miles from Judy. In three weeks I was again a resident of Dayton, Ohio.

Fast forward to the present day, I’ve been back in Dayton for a year now. Not only is Judy the best sexual partner I’ve ever had, we get along famously. It is always a pleasure being in her company, she just has such a positive attitude and a lust for life. The new job requires a lot of my time and I travel a lot, but I make it a point to be home by Thursday night so we can spend the weekend together. Stephanie found herself a man, but she still gets together with us once in a while. She doesn’t want her boyfriend to know because, ‘he wouldn’t understand.’ Another afternoon I was working from home and went out for a quick lunch. I ran into Debi who was glad to see me, and she proceeded to tell me how fucked up her life was. Her husband became an alcoholic and lost his job. As we left, she followed me home but she kept on going when I pulled in the driveway. That Saturday she showed up at my place unannounced and Judy was there. Debi has this sexuality about her that draws people to her and Judy was no exception. They went into the kitchen and took a long time. I went to see what was going on. Judy was laying on the floor with her pants off and Debi was going down on her. Judy looked up at me and said, “It’s ok, you can fuck her later.” We had a nice day. Then about a month later, Judy and I we feeling frisky and she suggested that we see if we could track down Kate. Judy made a couple of phone calls and found out she was working at a pharmacy not too far away. We went there and at first she didn’t notice us. We picked up some rubbers and KY Jelly and went to the check out. Then she noticed us and had a smile on her face as she checked out our items. She came over to Judy’s after she got off work and after a couple of drinks we were all naked. It was another night of sucking and fucking. Judy wants to get Stephanie, Debi, and Kate together with us for a party. We’re still working on that but I do believe that it will happen in the not too distant future.

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