A Changed Woman Part 1

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A Changed Woman Part 1
A Changed Woman

To get the most from this story, please read “The Pageant” part 1-7

Returning to work after a memorable weekend, Barb dressed more conservatively than normal. She would do anything she could to hide the things she had done over the past few days. She was not sure whether it was shame or embarrassment. Either way, she had been a very different woman at the private beauty pageant.

She had come home with $5500 in cash. One side of her brain told her it was contest prize money. The other side told her she had been paid as a common whore. While participating as a competitor she had exposed her body in public. She had allowed herself to be touched in a most personal ways by strangers. She had even given herself totally to a man twice her age that she hardly knew.

For all of her twenty four years of life she had been reserved and conservative. She had never done anything to embarrass herself or her family. This past weekend her inhibitions had been stripped away. She had experienced the effect her body had over powerful men. She had felt sexual fulfillment that few women experienced in their entire life. Barb was unsure what the future held.

An entire week went by with no contact from anyone at the beauty pageant. Barb began to think it was a one time thing. That was until Tuesday evening when the phone rang . As soon as Barb said “hello” the voice on the other end said “Babbs, this is Ann from Mr Darrien’s office.” Ann had been one of the attendants at the pageant who had done Barb’s hair, make up and wardrobe. An attractive woman in her late 30’s she had been very friendly and supportive.

Barb didn’t know whether to be sad or glad to get the phone call. The only time she had ever been called Babbs was at the pageant. Mr. Darrien, her host, had given her that name for the weekend. Babbs was the name of a wanton slut who had no inhibitions. Babbs was the name that represented the devilish side of Barb.

There were a few minutes of friendly conversation with no mention of the pageant. Then Ann started. “The real reason that I called is that Mr. Darrien asked me to invite you to Biloxi for the weekend. You could consider it a girls get away. He wants us to spend some time together and explore future opportunities he might have for you . As always, all your expenses will be taken care of.”

Caught by surprise, Barb could only say “Can I call you tomorrow. I am not sure I can get away.” One thing that she had learned over the weekend of the pageant was not to rush into anything. Make them think that they wanted you more than you needed them.

As she hung up the phone Barb got a chill through her body. Sitting in her front room in a pair of sweats, she closed her eyes and traveled back to the night of the pageant. There she stood in front of 2 men opening her top and exposing her breast. There was no shame or fear. She arched her back slightly to push her C cups up and out. Let these wealthy, powerful men look at her exposed tits in awe. Let the men in the room see her exposed beauty because she allowed it.

Her hand crossed over her toned stomach and into her sweat pants. Running her finger lightly between her pussy lips she found it pleasently wet. Multiple passes and finally inserting her fingers into her body brought her pleasure. The thought of standing semi nude in a room of men made her quiver with sexual energy. It was only a matter of minutes before she was tensing to the waves of an orgasm.

It was then that she decided to accept Ann’s offer. She would wait until tomorrow to call. She knew the side of her brain that was reserved and proper was loosing ground to the uninhibited, sexual side.

Saturday morning Barb drove her rental car the 3 hours to Biloxi. At Ann’s direction she had upgraded to a Cadillac. She felt like she fit right in as she pulled up to the valet parking for such an upscale resort. There were no signs to indicate that this would be any less than a great outing.

Riding up the elevator to the 5th floor, Barb could not help but be impressed with the opulence of the resort. Room 523 was just down the hall. Just as she pushed the card into the lock, the door popped open. There stood Ann with open arms and a big smile.

“So glad that you accepted my invitation. We are going to have the best time. Let me show you around.” said Ann.

Look around was the understatement. This was a suite. Elegantly decorated with 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths. To the back of the sitting area was a pair of large glass doors that led to a private balcony. Beyond that was blue water as far as the eye could see. Everything first class.

This was the first time that Barb had been able to relax and just visit with someone associated with the pageant. She was curious to find out more about Ann. What was her job? How had she come to work for these people? What did they want?

It didn’t take long. Ann walked over to the pair of chairs and said “Why don’t you have a seat. I’m sure you have lots of questions. Let me tell you a little about myself and the people I work for. Knowing more about us will allow you to relax and enjoy our weekend.”

Fixing them both a drink, Ann began to share a little about herself. After high school she had taken a job as the receptionist at a photo studio. They had done family pictures and weddings. The owner, Jack Horn, had always been complimentary to Ann on her looks. He was always wanting to take her picture. As time went on it developed into topless and then nude photo sessions. Being only 19, she thought of it as harmless fun.

He never made sexual advances to Ann. Unknown to her, he shared her pictures with his friend, Tom Darrien. Tom was a businessman in his mid thirties. He came by the studio once or twice a week. With each visit he would stop and visit with Ann. He never asked her out but always said he wished he had such a pretty girl in his office.

One thing about Tom that had been true for a long time. He always got his way. He made an agreement with Jack that he would offer Ann a job and Jack would encourage her to take it. In return, Jack would become a key part in recording and photographing the parties that Tom was beginning to host.

It didn’t take long for Ann to find out what her new job entailed. First, there was the dress code that over time became more and more provocative. Less clothes and more skin became the rule for all 3 female employees. Second, there were the frequent visits by his old college friends to the office. They came mostly late in the afternoon and always had drinks. It was like a mini clubhouse. Third, the women were encouraged to stop their work and act as bartenders and waitresses.

After the first few months the weekend parties started. As part of their employment the girls were required to attend. Though there were other women at the parties their job was to be hostesses. Dressed in skimpy outfits that Mr. Darrien supplied, they were encouraged to be “friendly” with his guest. If they were asked to dance they would. If their partner wanted to feel them up on the dance floor, they would not resist. When asked, they would accompany a man to one of the bedrooms.

The months grew into years. The number of female employees grew to 10. The parties became larger, better organized, and wilder. Contest and pageants became a large part the entertainment. The women became comfortable with their role as escorts. Well paid and well taken care of they were still basically whores. A lot of the women began to have cosmetic surgery. Bigger boobs was easily the favorite.

Ann, though only in her mid-twenties, had gotten old and too familiar at the parties to remain in good standing. The men wanted fresh young faces and bodies to play with. Mr. Darrien had a plan for her. He promoted her and put her in charge of his social events. As part of this she would from time to time entertain important clients and other men at Mr. Darriens direction.

“Is this what you brought me here to do?” Barb blurted out.

“No” answered Ann. “I was just letting you know a little about myself. Let get changed and go down by the pool for lunch.”

With that Ann got up and went into one of the bathrooms. She returned with two matching bikinis. One in silver and one in gold. Holding them up, Barb could see they were more substantial than the ones from the pageant. Instead of a few pieces of fabric held together with a couple of strings, these were classy well made items of clothing.

“Take the gold. It was a good color on you in the contest.” directed Ann.

With that Anne proceeded to take her clothes off. Barb could not take her eyes off her. A completely tanned body with no lines. Having taken care of herself she looked more like 29 than 39. Trim, fit, and toned there was not a hair on her body below the neckline. To Barb, Ann was a marvel. Even her boobs were perfect in size and shape for her height.

“Is there something wrong?” Ann asked.

“No, I was just struck by the shape your body is in.” confessed Barb.

After putting on their bikinis , Ann went back to the bathroom to returned with coordinating wraps and open toe sandals with 4 inch heels. A quick touch up of makeup and they were off to the pool.

Eating lunch poolside they drew quite a bit of attention. They received complimentary looks even from some of the women. The lunch tab was picked up by a distinguish looking gentleman seated at the bar located across the pool area. In recognition of their waves of thanks, he simply nodded his head.

The conversation turned back to Mr. Darrien and his business. Barb could not help but assert her curiosity. “Where exactly in all of this do I fit in?”

“You have been selected because of your potential” started Ann. “Your potential to make yourself a lot of money. Your potential of having a fulfilling and exciting life. And your potential to become a great asset to Mr. Darrien and his company.”

She then went on to describe the things that were being made available to Barb.
There were no office positions avaiable in the business. She would be offered a position in the support staff. Ann explained the choice of options that the company was prepared to offer Barb.

The first was as a contestant in some of the future contest and pageants. This would be similar to what she had experience a few weeks ago. There would be different contest from time to time. The beauty pageant. The wet t shirt contest. The hot body contest. The bikini contest and more. These event would take place over a weekend. She would compete and be expected to take part in the “social” activities. When required she would provide sexual services to one of the guest. She would have all her expensed paid plus a minimum of $5000 plus tips. If she wished, she could continue her life working in the dress store with no one being aware of her activities.

The second option would also be limited to the weekend events. She would need to attend a minimum of one per month. She would not have to compete but would be expected to mingle and flirt with the guest. She would be required to provide sexual services to any guest that requested them. For this she would have all expenses paid plus a base fee of $5000. For each guest she provided full sexual services she would get $1000 plus tips. She would not be asked to do anything that would harm her or leave permanent marks. In this situation she could continue her normal life and work.

The third option would be to work for the company full time on call. She would become an adult entertainer. The base compensation was all expenses paid and $300,000 annually plus bonuses. She would be given an upscale apartment a few blocks from the company office rent free. All of her expenses to maintain herself as spa treatments and clothes would be paid for 100%. All transportation would be 1st class and paid for 100%. She would provide entertainment and sexual services to whomever Mr. Darrien directed. It could range from being eye candy on the arm of a man for an event to an escort for a trip half way around the world. She would be required to fulfill all sexual request as long as it did not harm her or leave permanent marks.

The fourth option was to say no. Barb could spend the rest of the weekend having fun and go home to her job at the dress store.

To be continued

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