A collaborative writing

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A collaborative writing
Slrrp, slrrp, slrrp.
It’s not the sound that woke me up first. At the beginning, it was this feeling my glans was huge and burning, sunk in a moist and magic potion, suspended from the stiff and hard shaft my erect dick is.
My eyes are closed, my mind is at peace, focused on the heat and moisture that’s now all over my cock.
Slrrp, slrrp, slrrp.
The sound is somewhat hypnotic, all the more it’s like an echo to what I feel with my dick. A languid back and forth between the nearly electric
excitation of my glans and the soothing dive of my rod in a lukewarm bath.
Slrrp, slrrp, slrrp.
Cindra is sucking me. Just thinking this, my cock hardens in her mouth. She alternates the licks on the brake or the crown of my glans (to nudge me) with the throating of my cock (to make me cum). From time to time, she dives her nose in my balls, to smell them while massaging them delicately with her mouth.
I open my eyes.
I see my dick between her lips, glistening from her saliva. She looks back at me, hornier as she feels my cock getting harder and bigger.
Slrrp, slrrp, slrrp
She puts her hand at the base of my rod and begins to wank me slowly. “You were so hard when I woke up, I thought I had to suck you !”
“I love your mouth, please go on”
Cindra goes back to her blowjob. As she knows I’m completely woke up now, she acts with vigour, gulping as much of my dick between her lips as she can, twirling her tongue, her hand following the rythm of her mouth. She wanks the part of my cock she can’t throat.
I love this unique feeling of being literally pumped. I feel the sperm accumulating in my balls. I feel the weight of my full balls, stretching my cremaster. I feel my rod hardening and swelling even more. I feel my glans opening. I imagine the eye of my uretra dilated in her mouth, opening more each time she uses her tongue.
“it’s so good, Cindra, keep sucking me”
She gives the tempo. I can only follow. I fight (a little) against the rising pleasure, then I surrender and let myself go.
Slrrp, slrrp, slrrp.
The sound is more frenzied. Cindra knows I’m about to cum. While she’s wanking my cock moist from her saliva and my presperm, she looks at me, lascivious: “I’m going to make you jizz with my mouth”
My cock shakes as she says that. Cindra uses this moment to take me back in her mouth, slooooowly making my shaft disappear between her lips, going as deep as she can. When she’s there, she looks at me one last time.
“Fuck ! So good ! C’mon, make me cum” I nearly shout it
She sucks quick and strong. I feel the sperm rising from my balls to my glans. it’s like a wave. My dick, my tip are dilated like 10, 100 times. My body is tense, hard, from what she’s doing with her mouth. She is like the moon and me the tide.
I cum in her mouth. I melt in her mouth. I cry in her mouth.
It’s stolen time, an orgasm I don’t want to stop.
Then it stops. Cindra makes a half amused half bothered face and goes swiftly to the bathroom while I try to find my breath back and smile at the same time.
5 minutes later, she’s lovingly nested in my arms. I’m relaxed.
“Ian ?”
“Yes ?”
“I hope you’ll be hard again in no time, because now I’ve got an urgent need of your dick in my pussy !”
We smile both. “For you, I’ll find a way, always”

“Good.” I whisper as I kiss him, my tongue snaking into his mouth as my hands cup his face. I feel his warm tongue on mine as our tongues battle each other.
After a few minutes, we break the kiss, both gasping for air. As Ian catches his breath, I kiss down his jaw line, making my way down his neck. My hands are now on his chest, rubbing it as I nibble his neck. I hear him moan, making me smile and wet downstairs as I grind against his thigh.
I move so I’m on top on him, his slowly hardening cock under my pussy lips as I lean down and suck on his right nipple, the other under my hand.
Ian closes his eyes as I assault his right nipple, licking the hard little nub and nibbling it, the left one being pinched softly. I look up and see the look of pleasure on my lover’s face, his hips slowly rolling against my drooling cunt. I let go of his nipple and lick the valley between his pecs, my pussy gliding over his now hard cock.
I feel his hands on my cheeks as he locks eyes with me. I see longing, desire and want in his green eyes. I move up and kiss his thin sexy lips, my pussy just above his cock head.
“You want my warm pussy around your cock Ian? My warm wet pussy for your perfect hard cock.” I whisper as I prod his cock head against my pussy.
Ian could only nod, his eyes begging for me to push back. I smile and lean back, his cock head slipping into my wet cunt. I kiss him before he could make a sound, his moan melting into my lips. I tighten my pussy around his cock head, more moans rolling into my lips. I break our kiss and lean back, taking more of your cock in me. I smile as I look down, my perfect lover under me, moaning and writhing, begging for me to sit on his cock. I moan softly as sit down on his cock, his shaft slowly disappearing into me. Ian shudders and writhes under me. I bite my lip as I feel his hands on my thigh, his entire cock in me, throbbing in my pussy.
“Ohh Ian. I love you. I love your cock in me so much.”
I moan as I squeeze your cock in my pussy, my hands on my boobs, squeezing them. I start riding you, taking my pussy to the tip and slamming back down on you, grunts escaping your lips as I fuck myself silly on you.
“Ooh Ian. Ian. Ian!”
I moan each time I slam myself on your cock.
I take your hand on place them on my clit, letting you play with it as I grind on you, your cock throbbing in me.
“Oooh yes.” I moan as I feel you rubbing my clit. My breathing quickens as I feel your pulsing cock in me. My thighs shudder and my pussy tightens around your cock.
“Oh god Ian! Oh fuck!” I scream as I cum with your cock in me. I start to shudder as my juices flood around your cock, leaking out and pooling around your base. I fuck myself on you as i cum, your cock glistening with my juices as i ride you hard. The wet slapping sound and my moans filling the room.
Exhausted, I fall on you, your cock still in me and my juices dripping down onto the sheets.
I look up weakly and kiss your chest, nuzzling against it and resting my head on your heaving chest, my pussy still around your cock.

I comb my lover’s long black hair gently while she finds her breath back. I like feeling her resting against my body. The softness of her lithe body, the hushed whiz of her breathing, the warmth of her pussy wrapped up around my cock.
“All these juices… You’ve got me nicely lubed down there dear”
She grins a mischievous grin. “I know what’s on your mind you anal piglet! But know I’ll have my revenge for this”
I tilt her sideways. She’s an angel feather. She turns her back at me, retracting her legs to stick her butt out.
“You want this, Ian, don’t you ? You want to shove that big hard cock in my tight little ass?”
“Is it so easy to read me for you now ?”
As I say so, I cup her chin with my hand. My fingertips caress her full lips, her snub nose I like so much. I slide my index in her mouth. She uses her tongue to play with it, deftly, making me harder if possible.
I rub my dick in the crevice her asscheecks make. It’s soaked with the juices of her former orgasm.
My glans probe at her butthole, lubed with Cindra’s love and my own precum. It sticks in. I push slowly. Cindra bites my finger
“Mmmh. Come on big boy. I’m ready for you”
The hand I had in her mouth glides to cup her tit, my fingers full of her saliva playing with her hard, erect nipple. I love Cindra’s bosom. Unlike many of the screen world girls, they have a normal size that fits nicely in my hand.
My glans probes…I feel the sphincter giving way… I’m in…A nice, tight feeling overwhelms me… The sheer idea of being in my lover’s ass could make me cum, all the more she’s moaning.
“Ooooh Ian. You’re feeling so… Big now”
I slide my other hand between her legs, fondling the erect clit that protrudes between her trimmed black hair.
“Uuuuh… Yes baby. Play with my clit, play with my ass… So good feeling that hard cock invading my ass, that strong hand rubbing my clit”
“Cindra…” I’m panting, fighting the urge to go wild in my sweetie’s ass. “Cindra, it’s such a nice sheath for my cock”
“Oh yeah… Impale me… Impale me with that sweet hot rod”
Who am I not to comply with her desires ?
Now I’m pounding her ass, locking her basin in the strong grip of my hands, driving a burning lust through hands and shaft. She has retracted her legs to the max, sticking her butt out so my moves have the deepest momentum.
“FUCK ! IAN ! You’re… You’re tearing up my insides ! AND I’M FUCKIN’ LOVIN’ IT !”
Her words unleash a wild b**st, a forgotten, reptilian part of me.
“I’m going to break that lovely little ass of yours Cindra ! And jizz shitloads of hot sticky cum deep inside your womb !”
“YES IAN YES ! Give it to me ! Give me your cum ! I want to feel it flooding my ass ! Again and again !”
Urge, momentum, desire, lust… All these words are candles to the nova Cindra’s igniting in my body.
A crushing tidal wave she has risen, and it engulfs us both… Leaving us panting on a warm, quiet shore… Where sand is really sticky…

I groan as I feel Ian cum in my ass, some leaking out as I roll my hips.

“Mmm.” I slowly pull myself off his cock, his eyes closed and breathings heavy from the intense orgasm. I stand over my lover, taking in the view, eyes closed, and a smile on his face and the raise and fall of his chest. I feel the warm trickle of cum leak down my thigh but I give it not much thought.
Something inside me snapped. My eyes hardened. I bite my lips and crawl up Ian’s arms. I turn him over, and nibbles on his neck as he slowly stirs.
I hear him moan as I slowly tease his collar bone with my tongue.
I lean in close to his ear and whisper “Get up Ian. Now.” as my hands rub his sides.
I saw a look of surprise on his face but he complied nonetheless. I lay on the bed as he stood over at the edge of the bed, his cock dangling between his legs. I spread my legs and my hands wander down my body, playing with my tits and my other hand fingering cummy ass.
Ian moved, his hand targeting my pussy in which I snapped back “No, stand there and look pretty.”
I heard him whimper as I continue to finger my ass and play in front of him, moaning out his name. I look up his eyes, full of lust and desire as I slide my cummy finger inside my pussy. Ian bites his lips and his hand moved for his hardening cock. I give him a hard stare, in which Ian returned his hands to his sides. I d**** my legs by the edge on the bed, my pussy and ass close to his hard cock. Despite the closeness of it, Ian does not make a move to do anything. I smiled and got up and started to circle him, my fingers trailing his chest. I heard him moan as my finger left trails of cum. I stood in front of him and licked the cum off him, a moan escaping his lips as my tongue touched his flesh.
“Oooh Cindra, please.” I hear him say as his hands twitched.
I place my finger on his lips, silencing him as I leaned in to whisper. “Hush now, don’t you worry, you’ll have your fun.” I grin as I slowly push him against the wall. I hear him moan again as my hands rub his chest, my fingers flicking over his nipples. I chuckle, leans down and suck on his nipple. Ian bites his lips, his hand moving for his cock again.
“That’s it.” I growl as I shove him, making him face the wall. I pin his hands above his head, as I kick his legs apart.
“Ahh Cindra.” Ian groans.
“Shut up. Don’t look back. Don’t you move your hands. And stick your ass out, pretty boy.”
I commanded as I give his pale ass a smack.
Ian moaned and turned his head, facing the wall while sticking his ass out for me.
I grinned as I drink in the prefect view, his sexy ass all for me. I place my hands on them, spreading the cheeks apart to reveal the puckering hole between.
I place a finger on it, the hole quivering as it made contact. I smile and kiss Ian’s back as I slowly apply pressure, my finger tip slipping in the tight ring. Ian gasped, but made no move to resist my intrusion. I smile and slide more of my finger in. I feel him writhe and with a grin I shove my finger all the way to the knuckle.
“HNNG!” I hear Ian groan as I wiggle my entire finger inside his tight ass.
I kiss his shoulder as I whisper “Don’t fret dearie, it’ll all be fun soon enough.” as I slowly pull my finger out, only to shove it back in again. Each time, I hear Ian grunts slowly dissolve into moans, his ass pushing back to have more. My other hand reaches around and pulls him for a kiss, Ian moaning into my lips as I add another finger in his ass. I saw his eyes bulge and I shove my tongue down his mouth, lashing against his as I slowly scissor my finger in his ass. His eyes slowly close and he moans into my lips again.
I break the kiss and push his head against the wall. He faces it as I kiss my way down his shoulders.
I pull my two fingers out of his ass and place them on his asscheeks. I pry them apart as I hover near it, my breath making his ass pucker up.
“Mmm, such a sexy hole.” I whisper as I kiss his ass.
“W-what are you going to do?” Ian asks as he turns and looks down.
I look up and replied “What did I say?”
Ian whimpered and turned to face the wall. As he did, I leaned down and give his quivering hole a lick.
“Oooh!” Ian exclaimed, straightens up in surprise. I pull his ass back to me, and continues licking his hole, Ian writhing and moaning.
‘Ahhh” I hear Ian groan as I prod my tongue tip inside him, my hands rubbing his thighs as I taste his inner walls.
I smile as I continue licking his hole, my hands on his back as Ian shudders.
“You like this don’t you?” I mumble as I tongue his hole.
I hear him whimper and groan, as I slid a finger in with my tongue.
“Oooh Cindra….” I hear him say, pushing is ass back for more. I grin and my other hand fondles his dangling balls. I reach for his cock, hard and leaking precum. I wipe the tip of his cock and smear the precum all over his cock as I stroke it. Ian moans louder as I match my fingerfucking to my strokes.
“Cindra, I think I’m gonna cum.” I hear Ian say as I feel his balls tighten. I grip the base of his cock, and turn him around. His cock at my face and him looking down on me. My fingers explore his ass, searching for that little button. My finger tips feel this spongy muscle but I restrained myself.
With a smile, I take his cock head in my mouth, swirling my tongue around his glans. Ian closes his eyes, fighting off the urge to cum right there and then.
“Look at me. Look into my eyes when I make you cum.” I said as I suck his cock head. He slowly opens his eyes, locking into mine as I press on his prostate.
His eyes bulge, his mouth opened, no sound but a gasp escapes. His thighs stiffen and so does his cock in my lips.
I feel his cum on my tongue. Warm. Sticky and tasty. I gulp every drop down, some leaking out as I try to drink down his sweet nectar. My finger continues to press on his love nut, coaxing more out. I grin as trails of cum trickle down my chin.
I look up and see him breathing hard, leaning against the wall, his mind in a euphoric state. I release his cock from my lip with a pop, wipes the cum off my lips with the back of my hands and kiss my way up his neck.
I nuzzle against his neck, my hand circling his chest while the other pats his cute ass.
“How was it?” I ask as I purr against him, my breasts on his chest.
Ian could only chuckle, lifts me up and carries me to the bed.
He cradles my body against him, his arms around me and we submit into the arms of a well deserved rest.

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