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A wonderful monster had been unleashed inside of me. I became very observant of the bulges in the pants of some of my teachers and made me squueeze my legs together under my desk. Shannon and I had only a couple classes together and little time to talk. She too was visibly altered by the experience of that lovely night in the back seat of daddy’s car.
One afternoon we were walking home when she confessed to having a crush on our gym teacher Ms Cox. She was a short woman in her late thirties, perhaps early forties, with powerful looking arms and legs and walked with a decidedly mannish swagger which led to the speculation that she had a pair of cock and balls in her shorts. Shannon decribed fantasies she would have of the two of them grinding the cunts together in the middle of the gymnasium while the whole school watched and cheered.
I was becoming so aroused that I literally pushed here into a nearby wooded area, pulled down her pants and sucked her pussy. She clutched a small tree to keep from falling over me. Her legs became almost like rubbed at times. I reached down the front of my own pants and fingered myself until I came. Shannon took just a little bit longer but let out a stifled cry and then lost her balance and we fell together into a pile of leaves, laughing. If anyone happened upon us at that very moment what a sight they would have seen, two semi nude bi sexual teens.
Shannon and I continued home, seperating, whispering I LOVE YOU to one another. We were careful not to openly display our affection because this was a very conservative town with a lot of noisy old women who loved observing these actions and making a great issue of it. They seemed to me that they could do with a good cunt licking—I’d happily volunteer my services for the cause. Regardless I was walking on air. I had two great loves in my life at the moment. If they only knew about the second their heads would surely explode.
The house was quiet when I stepped inside and looked around for my mom who should have been there. I went to the the master bedroom and opened the door and saw mom stretched out on the bed, naked, legs wide open, a vibrator being shoved up her hairy cunt. She made these strange deep throated little cries. Fortunately she did not see me and I quickly and quietly shut the door. I would not want to embarrass her by having her dauhter catch her masturbating. I just outside in the hallway in a state of shock.
Later when daddy and I got a moment alone I asked him if mom ever masturbated.
“I don’t think she’d ever do something like that. I told you she is very sexualy conservative. She doesn’t even want me to suck her pussy because she said she didn’t want to taste her own vagina on my lips when I kiss her. Why do you ask?”
“No reason, Just curious,” I said and rubbed his erect cock through his pants under the table.
Sometimes these stolen moments were frustratingly brief. Sometimes Shannon invited herself into the scene which became a frustration as well. I wanted to be alone with daddy sometimes. I wanted to cuddle and evven take a long shower with him, lather his body and cock.
“What is the one thing you and mom never did sexually together,” I asked one night.
“She never would consent to do anal sex. Would not even consider it for a moment. She thought that it was dirty and hurtful and pleasurable only to the man,” he explained.
I had seen enough porn clips online where it looked rather painful, but daddy’s birthday was coming up shortly and I wanted to give him something special and the idea just there and then fell into my lap—or rather up my ass.
“I want to give daddy a special birthday present,” I announced to Shannon in her bedroom the following afternoon. We had just finished a lengthy make out and were feeling sweaty and exhausted.
“Have you ever done anal?” I asked.
“A couple times. It was not very pleasent. Why stick it up my ass when there is a perfectly good pussy right there. Why?”
“Daddy never did anal. I want to let him fuck me up the ass for his birthday and I need your help. I need to start training my asshole. I had the idea of starting off with same items to be stuck up my ass and then gradually increase the size until it roughly approximates the size of his cock. It might make it more easy on me and pleasurable for him.”
“An interesting idea. Never thought about training your asshole. Guys really love fucking up the ass for some reason. They’re weird sometimes. I think sometimes I could just turn into a full-time dyke. I’d probably miss having a nice cock in me though,” said Shannon as she settled back omto the bed and rubbed her pussy. The combined scents of our sweat and cunts made the small bedroom almost stifling. I went and opened the window just a crack to allow a little fresh air in.
Over the next several weeks Shannon and I went about training my asshole. I lay flat on my belly, legs apart, and braced myself as she gently worked each new item up my asshole. We started with Shannon’s own finger. She lubed up the finger and then my asshole before slowly working up into that virginal area that previously only knew exiting items. The muscles instictually clenched and tightened, but Shannon was eager and patient and withdrew the finger if it became too uncomfortable or just painful. I realized that it was not going to easy to adjust an orifice that was clearly not designed for sexual penetration.
“How do gay men do this and enjoy it?” I asked on one particular afternoon when we had graduated up to a vibrator that Shannon owned and kept hidden in a box way in the back of her closet less on of her snoopy brothers find it.
The vibrator was switched on and the soft buzzing made the experience slightly more pleasent but was still rough going and I squirmed on the bed, shifting my hips around to find some sort of comfort. This was a modest sized vibrator and we still had yet to find an item to match daddy’s cock. He is not what one might consider a well hunf man, certainly above avarage with an erection that can be sustained for a good length of time. This factor also had to be taken into account. It was now endurance that had to be figured into this training and Shannon sat on the side of the bed inserting one new item up my ass after another, working it in and out over a period of time that gradually lengthened. But there were moments when I doubted my ability to take his cock up my ass when the time came. I had created the whole scenario in my head when I would I would spring it on him. Each new item introduced up my perplexed asshole made me seriously doubt this gift but I lay there as Shannon did her job, which happily did while masturbating herself. I buried my face into the pillow and moaned, but it was not with pleasure. After each session my ass was sore as hell and I walked home with a slow and careful stride as I tied to think of alternative gifts. Had it not already been done (and few times since) a threesome with Shannon would have made the ideal gift but that was no longer an option.
Whenever daddy and I fucked (when the opportunity presented itself) I tried to conceal the pain is was experiencing in his ass and quickly brushed his hand away whenever he began to finger my asshole as it sparked a small burst of electrified needles that seemed to be jabbing at that area.
But the day had finally arrived and I had committed myself to this gift which I fully intended to offer him despite my own reservation of the act itself. I wanted to give him something very special. With mom away visiting an ill friend we had the house completely to ourselves for this event.
I did not say a word when I took his hand and led him into the master bedroom and undressed myself then turned and undressed daddy, rubbing his hard cock until a little pre cum seeped from the tip. I sat on the edge of the bed and sucked his cock for a while but I was mentally preparing myself for what was to come next.
He lifted me up and lay back onto the bed and sucked my pussy and was just preparing to stick his cock in me when I halted his progress. He seemed perplexed for a moment but then I rolled over onto my belly and poised my ass upward it all seemed to be clear to him what I was offering him. He smiled and printed many kisses upon my ass. I had a tube of lube stashed under the covers and offered it to him. He squeezed out a generous portion onto his fingers and rubbed it into my asshole and then his cock. He worked his fingers up inside of me. His fingers were much thicker than Shannon’s but no less gentle. He knew that this must be my first experience with anal sex.
He paused for a moment and leaned over.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.
“Yes, my love. You’ve opened my cunt so now I want you to open my ass,” I said with my face half pressed into the pillow and looking him in the corner of my eye.
“My love, my love,” he whispered and then made the first initial penetration which sent a hot wave of pain racing through my body.
I tried to detach myself and attempted to relax and open myself to the experience. He was very considerate and periodically paused and even withdrew his cock to allow me to recoperate but then went deeper the next time. I clutched the edge of the bed and my body sank away from this new intruder but I felt like a butterfly being stuck by a pin. It advanced slowly and stretched those muscles out beyond their normal capacity. Strangely I thought of mom masturbating on this very bed and it put me into an odd state of mind.
Pain and pleasure struggled to eclipse one another and I moaned deeply into the soft pillow. Daddy was now almost entirely up my ass. I felt his pubic hairs bristling against my ass and felt proud that I had overcome this task. Daddy began to really pound has ass now. The sound of our sweaty bodies smacking together was deafening at times. I just lay there until at last I felt the warm thick come splashing over my back. At that moment I just collapsed. Daddy as well was exhausted by the experience and crumbled down onto the bed beside me, panting deeply.
Later that night after we had showered and departed that I finally got the opportunity to call Shannon. The call was brief as I was beyond exhausted and I just wanted to let her know that the gift had been delivered. I fell into my bed and lapsed into a state of u*********sness. My asshole was a blazing fire but I was happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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