A day at the beach.

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A day at the beach.
I arrived at the beach as usual with swimming trunks and towel in hand. I grabbed a book and some mirrored sunglasses out of the center console of my car, locked it up, and headed for the beach. As soon as I get down to the nudist area I removed my trunks, folded them up in my towel, and enjoyed the light breeze licking at my body, cooling off the hot, soothing sun.

Everyone past the sign which read “Clothing Optional” was pretty much naked, and the beach looked a little crowded. Some people were playing volley ball, others were swimming, but most of them were just sunning themselves on shore. There was a nice shady area that ran along the side of a little offshoot of water. I looked for a decent place to kick it for a while, and parked myself in the shade near some bushes (almost as tall as trees) and tall grass. It’s beautiful there, the trees were whispering in the wind and the water was so inviting and blue. The sand was fine, mostly white and there were gorgeous women all over the place.

This particular spot was near a lot of foot traffic, where people have to pass to get to the beach or going back the other way to get to their cars. It seemed ideal.

I lay down on my side, purposefully letting my cock just hang out in front of everyone. All I can do is hope the guys ignore it and the girls don’t. The underside of the shaft remained the most exposed as the upper side gently rolled on my leg. The head is almost touching the sand but not quite, and my balls are, well they’re doing whatever balls do. Life is great, and being naked makes it better. It feels so free, so natural to be naked and relaxed.

I knew I was happy with the place I’d picked, but when 5 ladies in their mid-to-late 20’s decided to take a break from the sun and move to the shade about 12 feet away, kind of facing me, I was infinitely happier with it. I picked up my book, and grabbed my sunglasses and decided to try and stay there until they left. I wanted to keep my cock out in front of them as long as possible or at least long enough for all of them to glance at it a few times. My mind was reeling at the thought of being so exposed to them, but I had to keep it in check. Getting an erection at a nude beach is just bad form, so I tried to keep my cool.

While pretending to read my book, I studied their faces, and their smiles. I’ve never seen a smile on a woman I didn’t really like. I wonder what their personalities are like, and wonder what they do for work and fun. One of them is Asian, one is African-American, and two are Caucasian. The last one, I couldn’t really tell, she was dark skinned, had high cheek bones and dark brown eyes and dark hair. I thought maybe Italian? Either way she was beautiful. They all were, actually.

I turned a page in my book and kept my face toward it so I didn’t give away the fact that I wasn’t reading. It was then that I noticed there was a little patch of sunlight about 3” in front of my cock. It hit me that if I scooted forward just a little bit, my cock would be highlighted by the sun, and might have a better chance at getting seen. I slowly moved my hips forward and felt the warm sun as it hit my cock and balls. My plan worked, as almost immediately I saw one of them glance over at it. She smiled and whispered something to the other girls, nudging her head in my direction.

As their faces turned I felt a kind of elation that I’d been waiting for. Shivers went up my spine like millions of tiny cars speeding along on a thousand lane freeway. Finally, my cock had their attention, and the realization of this fact definitely had mine.

I could see them glancing at me, and it felt like I was showing them my most intimate self. The Asian girl quietly grabbed a cell phone from her bag, and I could see a tiny lens on the back. She seemed to buy the reading bit because she slyly pointed the camera in my direction, then showed the phone to her friends. They all looked and smiled, and talked quietly among themselves.

Then another girl (one of the Caucasians) grabbed her phone and did the same thing. I was in heaven. I couldn’t believe my luck!

After a little while I decided it was time to switch positions. As it got a bit later in the day little patch of sunlight was moving toward the girls and no longer illuminated my whole cock. I scooted forward a little to put my cock back in the sun, and this time bent one knee so it was sticking up, opening my legs a little more. With this I guess it became obvious I was doing, and they looked, took more pics, now without trying to conceal it, and talked some more.

Standing up, the woman whose heritage I couldn’t quite guess walked over to me. Her form was amazing, perfect legs, great tummy and soft skin. She said “Excuse me,” and knelt down. I put the book down and removed the sunglasses. I looked into her eyes and felt amazingly lucky to be talking with her. I wanted to say something but I was so shocked by the moment I couldn’t make a sound.

She smiled at me and said “My name is Elizabeth. My friends and I were wondering if you might be, well, kind of an exhibitionist.” She said the last words kind of fast, like it was one single word “kindofanexhibitionist”.

At first I fought back the urge to deny it, but I could feel my face flushing and the words “kind of” caught me off guard. I was intensely curious why she asked me this question. “Yes,” I said, “I enjoy being naked. And if you don’t mind my saying so, any man would be thankful to be nude like this in front of you and your friends.”

She smiled, grabbed a little handful of sand and started sprinkling it in the breeze. She adjusted her aim in such a way that the grains of sand began to fall gently on my cock and bounce off. I wasn’t sure exactly what this meant, but it got my cock very excited, and I felt it was starting to swell. I fought back the urge to let it, because I knew once I got hard after this much time I would remain so unless I relieved the pressure, and this wasn’t the place or time for that.

“You want to come over and sit by us?” she asked. Again I couldn’t believe my luck! “Sure, I’d love to.” was all I could manage, trying not to sound overly enthusiastic. This was the kind of exposure I’d always dreamed of.

I gathered my things and followed her over to her friends. It was just a few steps away. I put my towel down in front of them and sat Indian style, trying to keep my cock where they could see it. They told me that they were all from out of town, and were just enjoying the sights when they decided to hit the beach and continue working on their tans. Elizabeth said that they’d rented a furnished condominium nearby for a couple weeks.

Then, after a short conversation about how nice this place was, she said “My friends and I are thinking about bringing you home with us. Angela (the Asian girl) is a photographer, and she’s been taking nude pics of us for a photo project. Now she says she thought what she needed was a male subject. She thought you might be interested by the way you were showing off your cock, do you think you could come over and pose for us?”

The thought left me reeling. Clearly I couldn’t refuse, even though I had planned on staying naked at the beach all day. Angela handed me a little card with their address scribbled on the back (in case I lost them in traffic on the way over), and we all packed up and headed to their house.

I wanted to stop by somewhere and jack off so I could maintain my composure when I got there, but there just wasn’t time, so again I tried to put it out of my mind. I slipped on my shorts, and headed with them to the parking lot, on my way to what I already knew would be the most erotic time I’d ever had.

(To be continued)

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