A door shared between rooms

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A door shared between rooms
During a warm autumn weekend, Ana convinced me to have a quick trip to Las Vegas, to get ride for a while from the Big Apple and try a little luck in the Casino tables…

We arrived late afternoon and made the check in. Later in our room, we heard a knock on a side door. That door was shared between two rooms.

Ana answered and a tall black man was there. He was real huge and at least he was sixty years old. He introduced himself as Parker and asked if we did not have any question about sharing that internal door. Ana answered it did not matter to us, as it was kept locked all the time…

After a light dinner, Ana and I went to the Casino floor and played some blackjack. They provided free drinks and I took too many shots…

Later that black man Parker saw us playing blackjack and joined us sitting next to my sweet wife. He gave her constant tips on her hand which I did not mind too much…
We gambled for three hours with Ana mostly winning with Parker’s help.

Past midnight Ana and I said goodbye to Parker and headed to our room.

Once there I undressed; flopped on my single bed and felt the room just spinning. I remember Ana covering me up before passing out…

A short while later I awoke in the dark room, hearing loud moans coming from the room next door. I found Anita was not in the other bed close to mine… I was so tired; I flopped back into my bed.

I laid there listening to the load sexy moans on next door and found myself getting a raging erection. I could hear the woman crying “fuck me, fuck me” over and over again with some wild moaning and squealing.
The female voice was muffled but I could hear she was thoroughly enjoying herself. After a pause of a few minutes I heard her begging desperately: “Give me that nigger cock, fuck me with that nigger cock now”.

Then I recalled it was that black man Parker next door to us. I was really impressed that as old as he was he was getting such a reaction from a woman. The squealing got louder and so did her begging for his nigger cock. I could only imagine what was going on next door. I had never heard anything like it before. I couldn’t help myself and started stroking my cock.
The fucking next door continued. Suddenly I could not take it anymore and I came inside my underwear.

My head was still spinning and before I passed out again I made a mental note to try remembering to catch a glimpse in the morning of the woman Parker had fucked so wildly.

Some hours later I awoke with a mild hangover. Anita was in the other bed so I took my shower and then attempted to wake her to go get breakfast.
But Ana seemed to be out to the world and there was no way to get her awaken; so, I went down to get some breakfast on my own.

Some minutes later Parker showed up and I asked him to join me…
He was really a nice soft spoken gentleman and then I found it hard to picture him as the man who had fucked a woman, begging him to fuck her harder with his huge nigger dick…

I asked him if he had come with anyone and he said was alone on that trip.
He stated that he had never problem finding some companionship.
He could tell by the look on my face that I doubted him. Then he asked me to go with him to his room and he would show me what he wanted to mean about finding companionship…

Once inside his room I was disappointed that he did not have a female quest. I really wanted to see this woman that he so thoroughly fucked.

He took his computer and placed it on the desk and told me to sit down. He opened up a video file and played it for me.
Parker was there sitting on the bed fully naked, stroking his huge black dick. Then he woke up when he heard some knocking at the door… He announced the door was open; so, somebody opened it and got inside.
Parker smiled as my own wife appeared in scene, close to his naked body…

I could not believe what I was seeing. I looked at Parker and he smiled…
He finally broke the silence and said, very seriously:

“Just keep watching, Victor, your slutty little wife got the fuck of her life and she will be fucking me whenever I want her to from now on…”

I answered him it could not be possible; but Parker pointed to the computer screen and I looked. My wife was wearing a sexy black nightgown and I saw Parker pushing her to her knees in front of him.
Then he took his massive black cock and lifted the head to Ana’s sweet lips and pushed it into her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and willingly accepted him between her sexy red lips…

Then Parker grabbed the back of her head and pumped his black cock into her mouth. His head went up and back as he moaned in appreciation.

“That’s it, Ana; suck that black cock, suck it like the white slut that you are”. My cock instantly got hard watching her take that black cock in her mouth.
The black bastard was treating her like a slut and Ana was letting him.

Parker kept pumping his massive black cock in her mouth. I could see that she was having difficulty keeping up with him and she could not even swallow all the saliva accumulating in her mouth. Ana was almost gagging but that black bastard did not stop pumping.

Then he abruptly stopped and grabbed my wife’s hair and pulled her head back, he leaned over and whispered to her very softly:
“You are a good cock sucker girl, bitch… now it’s time to take it all”
With that he shoved his massive black cock into her mouth; grabbed the back of her head pumped his cock all the way. My wife resisted but he had a strong hold of her and pressed hard and I could see it slide all the way into her mouth. Her eyes were closed and tears were running out and she was clearly gagging but there was nothing she could do.

Parker pumped short strokes into her throat. He moaned in pleasure. He then pulled out quickly and Ana panted for breath. He pulled her head back again and leaned down to her again: “You like this, my little white slut?”
My sweet wife looked into his eyes and moaned: “Yes sir, I love it…”

Parker got behind me and whispered into my ear:
“That is where she became my true white slut for my black cock…”
I saw my wife again take his massive black cock all the way down her throat. This time it was easier for her. I saw her reach around with both her hands and grab his buttocks and pull him into her.

After what seemed like forever, Parker pulled my wife up. He leaned over and kissed her deeply and fondled her breasts. He guided her towards the bed and Ana willingly climbed onto. Then she lay on her back, spreading her legs for her brand new black lover…

Parker climbed on top of her and let his monster cock dangle over her pussy. He licked her breasts and nipples driving her crazy. The head of his cock was hitting her pussy causing her to quiver and buck up against it.

He kissed his way up her neck to her face and asked her:
“You want this nigger cock deep inside your married white pussy…?”
I saw my sweet wife nodding a “yes” as she moaned in pleasure.

Then Parker lowered his black cock to her pussy and jabbed her with it. She squirmed and moaned, begging him: “Fuck me with your big nigger cock…”
Anita finally reached for his black cock and guided it to her pussy. The black bastard teased her by sliding only the head inside her and she moaned and bucked against him trying to get him deeper.
She whimpered begging: “Please, fuck me with your nigger cock, please.”

Parker finally slid his black cock into slowly. My wife moaned constantly as he slowly worked his cock back and forth with slow deliberate stokes until he was all the way inside her. She was panting and grabbing at his ass while rocking her hips while adjusting to size of black cock.

Once she became accustomed to his size, Parker started slowly fucking her. He slid his cock almost out of her and then would slowly slide it back up and listen to her moan. His pace never altered. He just slowly fucked her.

I saw Ana thrusting her hips to meet his cock every time and moan deeply throwing her head back with each upward thrust. Parker’s pace was slow and deliberate and it was having its effect on my wife. I could see that her orgasm was building very slowly, almost torturously slow.

My wife was rocking her hips back and forth trying to get Parker to speed up but he held his pace. She began clawing at his ass and pulling him to her. She began screaming: “Fuck me, fuck me harder, please…”

Suddenly Parker made a pause on the video and patted me on my back.
“This is just the beginning of your wife becoming my white slut…”
He asked me if I wanted to watch even more…
I turned to video and saw him continued fucking my wife slowly and methodically. Ana was moaning and clawing at his ass the entire time.

She begged over and over for him to fuck her harder and faster but would not comply. Finally I could see my wife stiffen underneath him, she lay there motionless and began panting and screaming, as she begged for more…

Then Ana started shaking uncontrollably beneath that black hard body;
He continued slowly fucking her while she had an intense orgasm beneath him. Parker smiled as he noticed my wife was having her climax:

“You like this nigger cock… then you are going to be my slut from now on…”

I watched my wife having at least six wild orgasms as he slowly fucked her. Every time Ana screamed with each orgasm and she begged him to fuck her harder with his monster black cock.

Parker finally had enough and he began slamming her hard and fast. My wife screamed in delight, as he hooked his arms around the back of her knees pushing them up and pounded for all he was worth.

My wife froze and stopped breathing for a moment and then it happened. She let out a scream and she then squirted. The entire area beneath them became soaked in her juices. He then arched his back and unloaded his cum deep inside my sweet wife’s pussy.

Ana continued shaking uncontrollably beneath his black body. She was still squirting until she finally collapsed and lay limp. Parker climbed off of her…

My wife could barely move and was exhausted.
“You are a good married white slut, I will fuck your pussy more often…”
I heard Ana moaning: “Yes, sir, anytime you want…”

Parker then stopped the video and looked at me. He said he was living in Brooklyn and Ana had given him all the contact information; so, he would be soon in touch with her; to fuck my sweet wife whenever he wanted…

I left his room and slipped back into ours.
I saw Ana still resting on her bed and then understood why she was so tired.
I lifted the bed sheets and saw her naked ass under her sexy nightgown. Her thighs were spread and some semen was still dripping from her engorged reddish pussy lips…

Then I understood I would have to accustom myself to see the same picture when we would be back in the Big Apple…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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