A Humiliating Thanksgiving Diner

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A Humiliating Thanksgiving Diner
This takes a little while to get to the good stuff.
Content: Femdom, cum eating, bondage, and a little forced-bi

I’d been in Denver almost a year. I’d made some friends among my coworkers but was having hard time outside of work. It was my first time being away from home and the comfortable bubbles of family and long time friends. Add to that the fact that my girlfriend, who I had moved out here for, dumped me a month ago. All in all, I was miserable, lonely and sex-starved.

I’m not sure which one convinced me to say yes when my co-worker Anna invited me to thanksgiving with her family. Maybe it was all three, after all, she was cheerful and hot. Not, drop dead gorgeous hot, just above average and fit. She had long brown hair and smallish tits, but her smile was infectious and she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

In the days leading up to the holiday, she warned me that her family was…different. They were all adopted. Grandparents adopted her mother and aunt, followed by her mother adopting her and her siste-r. As a result, none of them were actually related by blood. I thought this was unusual but didn’t think much of it beyond wondering how different they would all look from one another.

There was a strange gleam in Anna’s eye when she was explaining this, as if there was some mischievous secret she wanted to tell me but couldn’t. She said that because they didn’t have a traditional family, she had made their own, unique, family traditions. I asked her for an example and she grinned and told me that her Grandfather did all the cooking while the women set the table. The way she said, “set the table” gave me pause. She was definitely alluding to something but damned if I knew what.

She told me to bring a bottle of wine and meet her at the office to drive out. As we pulled into the driveway of her parents house, she turned and looked at me with a serious expression,
“Dave, before we go in. I need you to agree to just go along with everything, ok? Some of its going to be weird, some’ll shock you. But I guarantee, that at the end, you’ll have loved it.”

This caught me a little off guard, “What do you mean? It’s just dinner.”

She smiled impishly, “Just promise me, if you don’t promise, I can’t let you come.”

I thought about it for a moment, then my stomach rumbled, “Alright, whatever, I promise.” She giggled and got out of the car. I suddenly wondered what the hell I just agreed to…

It didn’t take long for me to get an idea. Her mother answered the door, in a black leather corset and thigh high boots. And nothing else, my jaw dropped a little as I looked down at her shaved pussy. “Hey honey, glad you could make it.” They hugged and Anne she’d her long coat. My shock did not abate. Underneath the coat she had worn the whole drive over, she was completely naked. My cock started to stiffen through my bewilderment.

“Mom, this is my friend Dave, he’s promised to go along with everything tonight.” Anna’s mother looked me up and down like I was tonight’s turkey.

“Hmmmm, good choice. Dave, darling. Thank you for the wine, now please, let me explain the house rules for the evening. First off, remove your clothing.” I gasped a little at her commanding tone. “Now, dear.”

With more than a little hesitation, I stripped. Anne took my clothes into another room. My cock was hardening at the situation and my mind raced with where the evening was going.
“Good, now secondly, you are to address all the women present as madame, or mistress. Anna included. Thirdly, tonight’s safe word is panama, I trust you know what a safe word is?” Anna’s mother didn’t waiting for a response. “Good, finally, are you clean? Free of disease? Anna’s suppose to ensure that but I always prefer to ask directly.”

“Uuhhm, uh yeah. Yeah got tested after my last girlfriend broke up with me.” I stammered out.

“Excellent, then come right this way.” She turned and I followed her bare ass out into the dining room. Anna’s aunt, Clare, I think her name was, was dressed much like Anna’s mother. It hit me they were both very young, then I remember the adoption story and it made sense. Clare was chatting with a man who, like me, was completely naked.

Anna came back from wherever she had taken my clothes. She was now dressed in flowing gown that was completely sheer. She caught me staring, “like what you see?”

“Oh yes…..uh, Mistress?” I replied, remembering the rules.

“I love it when they embrace it.” An unfamiliar voice came from behind me. I turned to see a tall black woman in black leather boots, a studded collar, and nipple clamps. She was naked otherwise.

“Dave, this is my siste-r, Eva.” The two woman kissed each other, then Eva turned to me.

“Dave, huh, well at least you got a nice cock.” I felt my face turn red as she walked past and slapped my ass.

Anna’s mother called out loudly, “ladies! It’s time to set the table.”

A whirlwind of movement began. Anna took my arm and pulled me towards the table. She told me to relax, that I would enjoy this. I shuddered slightly when I realized she was right. My cock was rock hard and I wondered how long I’d been ready to submit to a strong, dominant woman.
Anna pushed me up onto the table and I felt hands guide me back. I felt them strap thick leather cuffs to my ankles and my wrists. I looked at Anna with a little bit of alarm, but she just smiled and kissed me. I felt her lock a collar around my neck during the kiss, but I didn’t care. I was gone, fully surrendered to whatever these beautiful women wanted me to do.

When Anna broke the kiss, her siste-r Eva leaned in and secured a ball-gag in my mouth. She gave my cock a playful tug, the gently pushed me back. Before I could react, she and Anna hooked my wrists to my ankles. Then they hooked my ankles to ropes attached to the ceiling. A few pulls later and I was upside down, with my cock hovering over my face.

I looked up and saw the other man tied face up on a side table, with Anna’s mother artfully placing small dishes of food on his naked body. Potatoes were on his chest, vegetables ran down his stomach and his erect cock and balls rested in a boat of gravy.

A few moments after he was completely covered with food. An older man came out of the kitchen, naked except for an apron that read, “kiss the cook.” He looked around, put his hands on his hips and said in a gruff voice, “Dinner, is ready.” The Eva and Anna went into the kitchen while Clare and Anna’s mother, who’s name I learned was Molly, began to kiss and caress my helpless, vulnerable ass.

Clare and Anna returned from the kitchen with a sizable turkey. They placed it on the end of the table past me. After that, I watched, upside down as the older man was tied up comfortably in a chair where he could see everything. That’s when I felt someone pour lube on my ass and slide something in. I jerked in my restraints as it started to vibrate powerfully. It was expertly positioned to deliver sensation to my prostate and my eyes began to water at the pleasure. From the slight moaning, I guessed the other man had just been similarly penetrated. Then the women began to eat.

For the entire meal, my cock drizzled pre-cum on my face. The women made merry, they laughed, joked, drank the wine I’d brought. They teased the man tied up under the food, brushing against his cock and “accidentally” spilling food that they then ate directly off his body.
My cock begged to be touched, I was moaning like a whore through the ball gag in my mouth.

The women had just finished dessert when I came. My cum coated my face and the women cheered and clapped. Except for Anna, she just finished her glass of wine with one big gulp.They then lowered me onto to table and took out the ball gag.

“Well well, I don’t think we’ve had a guest cum just from the foreplay before.” Eva laughed. “Guess you loose s*s.”

Anna sighed, then stood and took off her sheer gown, “when do I not? John’s made of steel. He hasn’t lost in six years.” She then leaned over the table and began to eat the cum off my face! I whimpered slightly, they hadn’t turned off the vibe in my ass and my cock was threatening to harden again.

Molly stood and untied her husband, who smiled and went into another room. She then turned and called out, “with the first contest out of the way, let’s move on to the second.” Everyone but Anna cheered and clapped.

Once Anna had finished, I was unhooked from the ceiling and repositioned on my back at the edge of the table. The other man, Eva’s guest apparently, was untied and similarly positioned next to me. I was surprised when Anna was fitted with restraints and placed on the table as well.

From my new vantage point, I could see the room Anna’s grand-father had gone into. When he returned, my eyes widened. He was carrying a tray that had dildo’s and harness’s neatly arranged on it. Clare, Molly and Eva all took one and stepped into it.

Now adorned with cocks, Anna’s famil-y stepped to the table and started fucking us. After the vibrator, my ass was loose and took Molly’s cock with ease. Eva seemed to delight in roughly pounding her siste-rs asshole. Clare fucked the man next me with wild abandon, he just smiled.
Anna looked over at me. “Dave, uhhhh, if you, mmmmmh, cum again. You…ooooh gooood…. you’ll have to eat, ooooooh.” Her eyes closed as she fought not to cum.

Molly was an expert, despite Anna aborted warning, I felt myself cum again. Molly cried out, “I WIN!”

Eva groaned and reluctantly withdrew from Anna’s ass. Clare pulled out with a frustrated sigh.
As I relished the second orgasm of the night, Anna and the other man were unhooked. They climbed down gingerly from the table. Molly bent over me, sucking up all the cum I had shot on my stomach. When she had it all, she pulled me up to her by my collar and roughly kissed me.
My eyes went wide as she shoved my own cum into my mouth. She pulled back, “You lost, Swallow.” I did.

I was then repositioned on the table so that my ass was off one side and my face off the other. The other man who had outlasted me twice, stood in front of me. Clare and Eva had stripped naked and were kneeling in front of and behind Molly. I watched as they strapped dildo gags to their faces and Molly face fucked them with both holes. Anna strapped on a cock and moved behind me. My competitor shoved his cock down my throat at the same time Anna shoved hers up my ass.

On my back on the dining table, they split-roasted me. The man who had beaten me fucked my face until he came. I gasped for air as he pulled back. I could feel my saliva and his cum run down my face. Anna didn’t stop, instead she started to jerk my cock with both hands. Then the old man came over. He didn’t face fuck me, he just tugged his old cock a few times and then exploded. I couldn’t believe how much he came. My face was completely drenched in cum. I heard Molly cry out in ecstasy before cumming again myself.

Anna came around the table with her hands cupped in front of her. She opened them and added my third load to the mess on my face. She then unhooked my restraints, slid a finger up my ass, and said, “told you you’d love it.”

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. I hope you enjoyed my twisted little fantasy 😉

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