A Male Ass Worship story

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A Male Ass Worship story
I’m naked, hooded, collared, and blindfolded. Master has restrained my arms and legs tightly with His leather cuffs and locked me into a kneeling position. He has me positioned right behind the office chair at the desk in His office; it’s the kind that’s open at the lower back, making it perfect for tonight’s events.

Master tells me he’s had a busy and stressful week, and is looking forward to having a long, relaxing masturbation session. I’m very happy to hear Him tell me that, since it means He’ll be allowing me the privilege of doing one of my favorite activities.

Master sits down at the desk and I can hear Him placing down some lube and His fleshlight. He finds some porn to watch, then I can hear Him say “Are you ready, cuck?”

I nod vigorously and say “Yes, Sir”, then I can hear Him unzipping his fly and pulling His pants down. Being blindfolded I can’t see it, but I know His bare ass is now only inches in front of my face. It smells faintly of soap – Master is so kind to wash up for me.

“Get your tongue in there, loser,” I can hear Him say. I don’t need to be told twice. I bring my face forward and nestle it between His large, hairy ass cheeks. I feel around with my tongue until I find His asshole. Then I get to work, licking it and worshipping it. I make sure to keep my face between His cheeks the entire time, breathing through my nose by drawing in air down along His ass crack.

Meanwhile Master begins to jerk Himself off with his flesh light. I can hear the sound of porn playing – there’s lots of moaning, and the slippery sliding sound of Master working the fleshlight up and down His beautiful cock.

Master pleasures himself for a very long time. He knows exactly how to keep himself from cumming, instead edging himself and building up a bigger and bigger orgasm. I’m happy for Him to go as long as He wants – it just means more time making out with His delicious asshole.

After what feels like a couple of hours I can tell He’s almost ready to cum. His breathing picks up and I can feel His anus squeezing tight around my tongue. Then He moans and has His first orgasm of the night. I dig my tongue deeper up his ass, trying to add some extra sensation to His orgasm.

When Master is finished cumming He stands back up, pulling His ass away from my face. I take my first breath of fresh air in what feels like forever, then wait patiently, mouth open, for what I know is coming. Master brings the flashlight up to my lips and tilts it up, allowing the mixture of lube, cum, and other seminal fluids to pour into my waiting mouth. I swallow it down greedily, savoring the salty-sweet taste of Master’s fluids. As I drink it I can feel my cock straining vainly against my chastity cage.

When the last of the cum and lube mixture is gone Master sits back down in the chair. He orders me to resume worshipping His ass, this time also kissing His cheeks and licking up and down His crack, in addition to tonguing His asshole.

Over the rest of the evening He cums twice more, both times feeding me His ejaculate which I happily swallow for Him. After His third orgasm He’s spent, and zips His pants back up. It’s now early in the morning and Master sends me home, my cock still tightly locked in it’s cage, a very happy slave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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