A night at the cinema

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A night at the cinema
This is a story I wrote that has been posted previously on another site on my blog, I hope you enjoy.

It was a warm balmy night, summer solstice was only a few days away, even so I’m shivering part in anticipation and part in fear. I feel a warm masculine hand stroke me on my neck, leaning into the touch that I love so much and your quiet reassuring voice soothes me.
“it’s OK Babe” I hear you say”we don’t have to do this if your not ready.” “but your safe with me, you know that don’t you?”
We are standing in the alley under the neon’s of the Dendy, I take your hand and squeeze it and breathing slowly in and out, “lets do this babe, oh Tony I want this with you” . You smile at me and kiss me deeply..while im still breathless and melting from your kiss you lead me inside.

Its dark with the only light coming from the porn on the screen, I glance around as we walk down the centre aisle. there must be at least 20 people here too dark to see if they are all men. As we get to the end of the aisle, still standing you pull me hard to you and you start kissing me and stroking my arse, you push my coat off my shoulders and it slithers to the floor leaving me exposed in the lingerie you chose for me to wear. I may as well be naked as im only wearing a cup less black and red satin corset with fishnet stockings and high heeled black leather boots. no panties as per your rules.

MMMM you lower your head and start suckling on my nipples and your hand is playing with my clit, oh fuck baby its so good, oh god m gushing already. you laugh “mmm good girl now get on your knees and suck my cock”. “fuck yes my pleasure” I moan as I lower myself to my knees with my legs spread, watching your eyes as I unzip your pants and free your engorged cock. Already wet from precum you feel my hot breath on your cock as my tongue licks the precum off the head and circles the ridges, one hand cupping your heavy balls my other hand clasping your shaft at the base and stroking. I can hear you moaning as I work your cock my head bobbing as I take all of my man’s gorgeous cock into my hot greedy mouth. Your body stiffens and then your hands tangle in my hair holding my head in place as you fuck my mouth. Hard deep thrusts making me deep throat your cock and then gag me.

Unnoticed others have moved up close to us, loosely encircling us, their cocks in their hands stroking as they watch me pleasure my man. One a bit bolder than the rest speaks up “can I touch her man? shes so fucking hot” and I hear you tell him to go for it. All of a sudden it feels like there are hands everywhere stroking my body, pinching my nipples, fingering my hot dripping cunt. The sight of those men touching me inflames you so much all you can think about is sinking your cock into the ass you own, you lift me to my feet and pull me over to the nearest seat. You sit down with your cock held out and tell me to fuck you.

Knowing exactly what you want I turn around with my back to you and lower myself down. Your cock head rubbing on my hot tight ass hole, finding the sweet spot you pull me the rest of the way down as you thrust up. Oh my GOD the pleasure pain makes my gasp in pleasure ” oh baby Tony fuck me ,oh yesssss fuck me harder” and you do and its soooooo fucking good. You pull me back your arms around me pinching my right nipple and you bite my neck, sucking hard triggering a gush the hot stream flowing all over your balls as I cum.

I hear various voices “oh yeah fuck her hard” ” give it to her” and I feel my legs lifted and spread and a hot mouth start tounging my cunt , while your cock is still deeply in my ass. I try to moan but there is a cock in my face too, I pull my head away and turn to you “baby suck it with me please” I beg you. Our tongues sliding up and down either side of the shaft often meeting in a kiss. taking turns sucking, I pull away gasping as the tongue in my cunt is replaced with a thick cock. Triggering another gush as it feels I’m being split apart. Two cocks sliding in and out of me only separated by a thin membrane. Lust overwhelms me as I’m being fucked in both holes safe in my mans arms and watching my baby deep throat the cock we were sharing.

I know your feeling it too as I feel your cock fuck me faster. The man your deep throating unloads in your mouth, thick white creamy cum, so much its running out of your mouth, you start to swallow it greedily, but I cry out “Babe, no let me share, kiss me” the salty cream in your mouth inflames me further, I devour your mouth and and you hungrily match my lust for you. I can feel your body tighten and your cock starts to pulsate and you pull me tighter as I start to spasm too. “TONY, TONY, OH YES” my screaming triggers you, convulsing your body as you cum deep inside of me, your mouth on my ear moaning “Kerri I love you babe “.

Your subsiding slowing inside me as you keep holding me and kissing my hair and face enjoying the feeling of the other cock fucking my cunt. I turn my head and whisper in your ear “I want to see you fucked Baby both of us getting fucked at the same time, please Baby” “mmmm anything Babe,you want to see me take cock?” you tell the man fucking me to let me up so we can change position. He pulls me to my feet and I reach for your hand needing the contact and the safety it brings. We both move so we can both get on the floor on hands and knees facing each other so we can kiss while we both get fucked.

to be continued

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