A Night At The Metro (2) Norma

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A Night At The Metro (2) Norma
I had been into the Metro a few times after meeting Jennifer, half hoping to see her again, half to see if I could (as they say) Grab-A-Granny. Each time I either left drunk or with a number.
This time just went for a look. I had a rubbish day at work and just wanted a drink and to watch the world go by.
I got their quite late, more people around, less chance of anyone coming over to me. All I wanted was a drink and a spot of people watching.
Only down side being I had to pay a little to get it. The up side was I got to ogle to girl at the counter with a huge set of breasts. True she wasn’t much to look at but the odds of making eye contact were rather slim.
I got my drink from the bar and sat at a table by the wall so I could see what was going on around. There wasn’t too many there, people having some drinks before heading off to other clubs, there were the usual old men passing comments about the younger girls dressed up to pull.
I kept listening into a conversation behind me, I had seen the two women when I came in, the other reason I took this seat.
One women looked like she was approaching forty, quite large, not in height but over weight. She was wearing a blue floral blouse and a long dark blue skirt that covered her feet. The other was much older, closer to seventy, shorter than me by about a foot and a half, black hair and glasses. I heard the older one talking about how the other should get over Laurie, that there were plenty more women out there for her.
I instantly tried to picture the two of them together. Every man fantasises about lesbians, and since I have a thing for older women and larger ladies my mind was doing flips picturing the two of them.
The younger one wasn’t really listening, saying that it was easier for her, guys were easier to get then girls, she also said that being big made it harder for her, that when she was with a guy it seemed easier.
The older women said, almost as a joke, that she should go back to guys.
I listened for a while longer and then soon tuned them out, going back to watching the people on the small dance floor and those propping up the bar.
I soon got a little tired and figured that drinking on my own didn’t seem right so I finished my drink and got up and danced to lift my spirits up, and to get a better look at the two behind me.
The larger woman looked pretty. Beautiful smile, little nose and large tinted glasses. The older women straightened up her black t-shirt, put on her pink jacket and pointed at the bar.
When she walked I saw just how drunk she was.
The barman pointed at the door, then at her and ove of the bouncers, sorry, Door Men came over and started to walk her out.
I figured that it was my turn to leave as I didn’t want to get so drunk I had to be helped to leave.
I got as far at the stair leading to outside when the older women walked past me. She looked me up and down and said “Hello, aren’t you a handsome young strapping man.” She giggled the hiccupped.
“Thank you.” I replied. “Mighty fine yourself.” Seeing her from the front I noticed that she was a little chucky, with heavy looking boobs and a devilish glint in her eye.
She saw me looking her over and said “You wanna see more?” She slurred. “See me at the outside, just gone t’ get m’ friend.”
No sign of Jennifer this time but my luck was in. True she was very drunk and would’ve come on to any man at that moment but I was lucky enough to be there when she did.
I went outside and sat on a shop step until the old woman came out with her large friend.
When they came out I walked over, and made a mini scene about helping her to a taxi, my treat.
As we waited she said “Can’t believe I didn’t introduce us.” She pointed at herself. “I’m Norma, this is Sally”
I nodded at Sally, who I could see was just as drunk.
The two of them got into the back of a taxi, I hopped in the front.
I was about to say my address when Sally said hers. “Norma’s my neighbour.”
The driver looked at me, then looked at the two women. “Bit of a handful there mate. Two handfuls and a bit more.” He said as he drove.
I kept looking over my shoulder at the two of them as we headed towards Sally’s house. They were whispering and giggling while looking over at me. Sally put her hand on Norma;s thigh and gave it a little squeeze.
We reached Sally’s home, paid the fare and took Norma to her place.
We took Norma through to the front room and she pointed at the kitchen. “More wine in the fridge.”
Sally headed through.
I sat next to Norma and without warning she grabbed the back of my head and kissed me. I could taste all the drinks she had. Her hand went straight for my crotch and started rubbing.
She then hiccupped and pulled back, still with her hand on my crotch.
Sally came back with a glass each for us.
We talked a while, then Sally smiled at Norma and said “Well, I can see the two of you have plans so I’ll just head off home and leave you to do whatever you were doing.”
I looked at her and smiled. In my dirty mind I was hoping for a threesome.
“John, be a gentlem’n and walk Sally home.” Norma said licking her lips. “I’ll still be here for you.”
I stood up and headed out with Sally.
“Such a nice guy.” She said as we walked out of Norma’s door, turned and walked through Sally’s.
When we were in she stopped, turned and said. “Look, Norma thinks I’m a lesbian, she has only seen me with girls. But I like guys too. I like you.”
I could feel my cock getting hard.
She leaned forward and kissed me. I grabbed hold of her and squeezed her soft body so I could feel her against me.
“But Norma’s said that she wants you first.” She said with a smile. “So if you still want to…. With me, just come over whenever…” she kissed me again, grabbing my arse and squeezing. As we kissed she slid her hand down over my steadily growing hard on. “Please come over….” She gave me a card with her number.
With that she opened the door and I walked back over to Norma’s.
I kept thinking about Sally as I walked back though to the lounge, expecting to see Norma passed out on the sofa.
No sign of her.
“In here lover.” She said from a room behind me.
She stood in the doorway in black bra and panties, long pearl necklace and stockings.
All of a sudden, I wasn’t thinking about Sally.
I grabbed hold of her and kissed her. I kissed her neck, her shoulders, down her chest. “I’m gonna love this.” I said.
“Not as much as I will” she said. Still a little unsteady on her feet she wobbled over to her bed, then laid down. “Now stip boy.” She ordered with a smile.
Gladly I did what she asked, feeling a little relief at finally freeing my hard on that had been rock hard since leaving Sally’s.
“Wow.” She said. “You’re a big boy aren’t you. C’mere. Let Norma get a better look at ya’.” She slurred, still very drunk.
I walked to the side of her bed, up by her head and instantly she began stroking it. She then wrapped her pearls around it and kept stroking it. “Yummy yummy. Can’t wait to…” she said before she slid my cock in her mouth. Getting a blowjob with all those peals was such a great feeling.
I started stabbing her mouth with my dick, in and out, letting the pears slide off before pushing in as far into her mouth as she’d let me.
She gagged a few times but still welcomed it.
As she sucked away I reached down her back and unclasped her bra freeing her large but saggy boobs.
Pulling my penis out of her mouth she asked “Are you punishing me for being a naughty ol’ whore?” She said wanking me off furiously. “I deserve to be punished.” She then went back to sucking.
I slapped her breasts a little, then slapped her nipples. Not too hard, just enough to get a reaction. She flinched and giggled.
I squeezed her breasts as she sucked harder and harder, I put my hand on her head and bobbed her head in a rhythm.
I ran my hand down, over her belly as she shifted and moved her legs, making it easier for me to reach her panties. I pushed them aside a little and pushed my finger into her pussy and played wither clit a while before seeing how many fingers I could get it.
She reached down and stopped me. “Just the clit.” She said and she pulled down her panties.
I kissed and licked her nipples, then kissed down her belly until I parted her legs and began to play with her pussy. Rubbing and dipping my finger in while whispering in her ear all the things I wanted to do to her.
“But I’ve been bad.” She said.
“I know, but you look so good.”
I lay on my back and put a leag each side of my head so I had her pussy on my lips and just started sucking on her clit, rubbing it with my tongue. I put my hands on her arse cheeks and pulled them apart a little, slipping a finger in her arse. I could feel her squirming, her breathing getting heavier.
“Oh m’ God,Oh m’God.” I heard her say over and over again.
I pushed her up over my head so she was on all fours. I gave her a play slap on the arse and asked her how bad she’d been.”
“Very bad. Spank me harder.”
I slapped her arse.
I slapped her backside again, to the point where the butt cheek was turning red.
Still on all fours I parted her legs a little, and slapped her arse with my cock. I ran in down the crack of her arse before sinking it into her moist pussy.
I started slowly, but soon I could feel myself thrusting faster and faster. Every push I gave she gave one right back.
“Fuck me. Oh god, fuck me.” She ordered.
I slapped my hands down on her back side then put my hands on her hips and kept going.
“Treat me like an old whore. I’ve been bad. Hard, stick me hard.”
I kept on pounding while Norma took off her pearls. “Tie me up.”
I pulled out and she rolled back into her back.
Taking her pearls I wrapped them around her wrists, telling her that she wasn’t to touch me.
I lifted up her legs and went back to screwing her. I leant forward sucked and nibbled her nipples before kissing her passionately
“This is so good. Don’t stop.”
Every thrust seem to push her up the bed until she was holding onto the headboard.
“How bad had you been?” I asked.
I pulled out and got her onto all fours.
I slapped her arse a few times, each slap getting harder until she told me to stop.
I gave each cheek a gentle kiss.
“How bad to you want to be?” I asked.
“You want to fuck me arse don’t you? You like my arse.”
“Oh yeah.”
“Go ahead. Long time since I’ve had someone break my back doors.”
I pulled her back so her legs were off the bed, crouched a little and squeezed her bum cheeks open enough for me to get my cock in her arse.
I was the first time I’d ever done anal so this was new to me. I was a little surprised at how tight she was, but I could still push into her and I went back to fucking her. Pushing my dick in harder and harder. I could hear her muffled shouts as she bit onto a pillow.
At first I wasn;t sure if it was pleasure of pain until I heard her tell me to keep going.
I reached down and felt for her pussy, fingering her and I thrusted.
I pulled out after a few more strokes then went back to fucking her pussy.
“I cum so many times.” She sais between thrusts. “So good.”
I pulled out and sat her on the bed. I could see sweat and tears on her face.
“Cum in my mouth.” She said, wanking me in to her mouth. She took it back in and sucked hard until I came, and came a lot. At one point I thought she was going to spit it out but she drank everything I gave her.
We lay kissing for a while then she told me to stay the night and she fell asleep.

I was woken in the morning by Norma kissing my chest and stroking my penis.
I was hard again in no time and she treated me to another blowjob.

After getting my breath back she told me to go, but asked if I would come again.
“Just gimme a call.” I said heading away home.

And Sally?
There’s another story.

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