A Poor Mountain Gal Transitions #1

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A Poor Mountain Gal Transitions #1
A Mountain Gal’s Transition 1

The continuation of “Mountain Gal”

Billy now known as Randy drove the Van into another Truck Center. Hubert and Elwood were amazed when they were told the plan was to shower, eat and spend the day there. Randy would bed early and drive through the night again. Nancy was in the female shower area separated from them. As they showered, Randy said “ I grabbed a piece from Nancy this morning” their heads dropped he added “one or both of you fucked her, but..don’t worry, she has no idea…I filled her up”. They breathed a loud sigh, he grinned “she’s a deep sleeper! Next time, work a wet wipe inside her and wash her out when you’re totally done with her”.

After eating, Nancy and the boys walked over to a “Look Out” spot and viewed Farms low below them. She pointed the road they would travel later. Sh sat on bench far behind them, as they remained at the overlook. Glancing back they saw a man checking her out as he walked over to her. She was giggling as he stood several feet away. They noticed she occasionally gaped her knees slightly, they could see a small glimpse of pantie triangle certain that he could also. They walked back and heard them speaking using much “CB” lingo until he left. “What were you saying? I don’t know that number talk, like your 20 later”? She grinned “I’ll teach both of you some at home”. They went inside where Randy had bought them time inside their Entertainment Lounge, it had games, large TV’s, Card tables and etc. Time passed quickly as the boys enjoyed themselves. They saw Randy and Nancy talking with several men, young and old. Randy soon came over telling them that he was going to grab some rest, to stay as long as they wanted. He added “when you see Nancy leaving absolutely do not come out! I’d like to fuck her a while, so wait an hour after she leaves”. They grinned, he added “she will be full of cum and worn down..Enjoy her!..You won’t have to clean her, she will think it’s all mine”. In 45 minutes night had fell, Nancy told them she was going to spend some private time with Randy, they grinned “OK”.

When they came out, they walked up to Nancy sitting in the slide door of the Van chatting with a man. “Double Straight, 10-8, 10-23 anytime” he spoke as Nancy grinned. It roughly translates, “you were great, I’ll take you anytime”. The boys grinned “CB” talk, they had no idea she had fucked 5 men and Randy too. They climbed in, she sat chatting with them 30 minutes then laid on her side. Continuing to chat they peered her but couldn’t see anything until she shifted her knees slightly forward slurring her words. They quieted and in minutes, she snored as her upper knee slid forward further. Hubert gasped “no panties and she’s dripping wet! Randy fucked the Hell out of her”! Elwood said “he had to be backed up, he’s been driving”. Hubert was thrusting into her in seconds, Elwood said “bang her! Remember what Randy said”. Hubert threw caution to the wind and went for broke, thrashing into her! “Oh man, fucking into her is like sinking into warm oily pure pussy meat!…You’re going to love it..It’s like being fucking sis back home”! Nancy orgasm-ed hearing it! Hubert shot off, adding to her cunt scum! Elwood slammed into her! After a minute of thrusting he said “Nawwww! She feels more like Granny after our brothers have had her”! Nancy came again thinking, “they’re fucking at home, still”! They swapped with Hubert fucking her 6 times and Elwood 7 into the late hours. They talked after saying hopefully they could find a way to Ryan and Kyle out because they were not going back. Both Nancy and Randy smiled.

They were woke, riding and chatting. Nancy hadn’t replaced her panties, was a little more careful flashing them but knew they could see dried cum streaks on her inner thighs almost to her knees. She had them chatting about home, Elwood said “we know we had the same mom but different fathers. She had 6 of us, she wasn’t a bad person”. Hubert spoke “no she wasn’t! Granny says she just got tired of having babies and left”, Nancy smiled. Elwood jumped in “things are different back home. Males die young, young girls have babies”. Hubert replied, “our ways aren’t accepted in the outside world but it’s all we have. One day you’re playing in the dirt, next you’re digging in it in the Mine’s until its thrown over you”. Nancy faked a tear, Elwood added “the days between..You get an itch that you have to scratch”! Hubert added, “you scratch it with who ever you can”. Nancy asked “even at home”? They nodded “yes”, then Elwood said “more at home because your neighbors are filled up. taking care at home also”. Hubert said “we are all bastards, but it’s our way”. Nancy hugged them. Randy’s ear’s were tuned in.

She plated dumb asking “you have brothers”? They told her “yes” saying that if she didn’t mind they wanted to stay with them, find work and get them out too! Nancy smiled replying they had plenty of room, their farm was big and they could earn enough helping Randy! Their face’s lit up! She chatted with them slowly weaving a web making sure she set them up. In a minute they were parking at a rest area to break and freshen up. The boys dashed off, Randy and Nancy talked, he said he would finish setting them up. The guys were back at Van while Nancy took extra time, Randy said “I heard what you said and we will get them out, don’t worry”! He told them that they had 2 houses, he usually stayed in one, she in the other because he got up early, worked late, came in dirty, even sometimes had farm parts strewn around inside. He ate in her house, had sex there but they preferred having their own space too! The boys grinned, He added, “y’all will live with her”, they really beamed with smiles! He let that soak a minute he said “guys, I’m only a few years older than you. Nancy is older than me by many, she’s a good woman!..You know she’s more than I can handle but, he paused. They starred, he added that she had her house and with her extra needs..He “looks way” if she has “visitors”. “Do you understand”, Randy grinned? They laughed and he heard, “it’s like being home again! Everybody looks away”! Randy laughed “we should get home about 2 hours before dark and I’m sleeping at my house…Soooo”! The grinned in reply as Nancy walked up saying “Y’all look like Cat’s that ate Bird’s”. She climbed inside wearing her shortest, tight, upward crawling dress. It hugged her ass tight revealing pantie line’s as her hem climbed, flashing her legs!

Nancy sat with her knees spread, ankles crossed pulled back toward her Indian style, she placed a pillow across her lap as if to block their view. As they chatted, the pillow slid back showing them a clear view into her crotch. They zoomed the eyes viewing the large, open, white Mesh panel, with her cunt meat pressing through it. It was if she was bare! Knowing what Randy had told them, she double downed his talk, “You’re not bastards, you’re young men just growing with biological needs. Everyone has them”. She leaned forward whispering, “I’m not perfect and I may as well tell you now, I understand more than you think”. They leaned closer looking at her moistening crotch, she spoke, “I have needs..Randy is my mate but…I sometimes need more”. They gave her fake questioning looks, she said “don’t judge me but I get help from others”. They saw her cunt glistening and cunt oils staring to drip outside her. They grasp her hand, she doubled down adding “we each have a house. In mine I take care of my “needs” and he understands. You will live with me and I hope you will understand also”. They hugged her replying “we will”. She smiled then grinned “it happen often, very often”. They laughed loudly, Randy said “what did I miss”, they laughed louder as Nancy fell back gaping her legs wide open. She lay spread open and laughing a minute, giving them a good show before she sat up saying “oops!..Heck, it was bound to happen…living with me. I’m not use to being very lady like”. Hubert grinned “we will take that view any time we can get it”! Elwood grinned “and any thing more”. Nancy faked embarrassment covering her face.

They finally drove into their driveway, the boys shot out of the van, running and screaming! Randy hugged Nancy “mom, your boys”. “Boys, she grinned, they have been openly looking at my cunt all day”. He laughed as she stuck her leg out saying “I’ve bubbled oils out and they’re still trailing down my legs”. The boys returned, quickly unloaded the Van with Randy, toured his house while Nancy in hers showered. He told them that he was done for the day and would see them tomorrow.

In Nancy’s front yard Hubert said “I’m going to fuck her tonight, if she allows it”, Elwood grinned as she came out. Her hair was wet as she stood brushing it in a mid thigh length, floral print, loose house robe. With her arms raised it lifted almost to her cunt. She walked down her steps knowing her bare cunt flashed with each step. “It’s bigger than we imagined” Elwood spoke, she replied “I’ll show all of it to you tomorrow. It’s your home now, everything here is yours”. Hubert smiled, looked her head to toe asking “everything”? She stepped away giggling loudly and pointing out a few things. They saw her bare ass cheeks as her robe hem flipped up, walking and pointing. At the rear of her house, the privacy fence automatically opened as she approached, they passed in, it closed as automatic lights lit the yard and pool. She walked over, bent running a hand in the water, showing her full ass before standing. They giggled behind her, she said “get use to it..I’m always comfortable at home”. Inside her house, they toured, she flashed ass, cunt and tits as if they weren’t there. Ending the tour she said, “now get your showers”.

They returned in only boxer’s, she grinned “I’m buying you both a complete wardrobe, those will never do”. They viewed her sitting, legs crossed showing the full length of her side thigh. She let them simmer watching their boxer’s tenting, Hubert spoke “Nancy”, she stopped him! “Nancy is for the public or around a stranger..For us, I’m Nan…Nan is who you choose her to be”. The boys grinned! Elwood spoke “so Nancy is the Good Girl, all respectable..and Nan”? Hubert grinned “Nan….Spread your thighs”. She opened her thighs instantly! “Holy Moly”, Elwood shouted! “Nan, it’s…it’s…Wow”, Hubert added! She giggled “it’s a hungry thing, needs feeding often”. They smiled “we are here to help”! She smiled “I don’t mind, I’ll take all the help you can give”. They pounced on her stripping her as she giggled saying “wait, lets take it to my bed..It’s were you’ll be sleeping anyway” they whooped loudly, she added “unless a visitor has it occupied and there will be visitors”.

On her king sized bed they explored her body, fondling, groping, tongue tracing, licking and lapping her. Her cunt swollen, inner labia protruding plump and splaying outward like flaps. Cunt oils oozed from her meaty seam and the scent of hot cunt filed the air! Each nibbled a thigh as she moaned loudly! Their heads lapped over the outside, then dove into inner thigh below her cunt, she groaned! Sitting beside her, Elwood held her knees back as Hubert ate her. Nan whined and trembled “please…I never get enough of that..They fuck me but”, her orgasm hit! Cunt oils gushed as Hubert sucked her open cunt hole, she screamed! Changing places quickly, Elwood dove into her cunt! Hubert straddled her face thrust his cock into her mouth as he grasp her knees, opening her wide. Nan tilted her head back opening her throat, he face fucked her! In a minute his cum shot directly down her throat causing her to cum in Elwood’s face! Seconds after she stopped cumming, Elwood crawled on her thrusting furiously! Minute later, she felt him powerfully spurting into her! The rotated fucking and eating her until 4am!
At 7am Randy came in, viewed them snoring and covered in each others cum.

At 2pm, Nancy sat with them at her side noticing that both of them were starring at her, “what”, she asked? “We like you and Nan too much!…You’re just sweet, loving, we adore you!..Then there’s Nan, we can’t get enough of her, she is pure fire..We burn for her” Elwood spoke! She smiled, “Nancy loves you and Nan’s yours to thoroughly enjoy”. “You’re our “Mother Lover”, Hubert spoke. Her cunt belched oil into her panties just as Randy walked in, “Hi Babe! The coax is burning, I need a go/no go, Good Buddies!…Double zero’s dipping wicks”. She grinned “reg’s or newbies”? Randy grinned “both! Rack and stack 8, from 3-7 for 1k”. She smiled “10-8”! He left, the boys said “explain”? Nancy laughed “boys, Nan will be very busy from 3pm to 7pm, she has “visitors”. Hubert asked “can we watch”? She stood up replying “when you see Nan, ask her”.

Nan came in a short, curved hem, sleeveless Shirt dress, one they hadn’t seen saying “my work clothes”. Hubert snickered “hot! Can we watch”? She took them in the Office, set up the monitors telling they will have audio/video with zoom but she can’t hear them.

Visitor 1 came, a business man in a suit. Nan laid on the bed, he dropped is pants, crawled on her without any preliminaries. He rapidly thrust into her about 90 seconds and nutted into her! He backed off her, pulled on his pants, reached in a pocket and placed several dollars on her dresser saying “Friday”? Nan nodded “yes”. “Wow! He paid her”, Elwood spoke! They saw Nan exit to her bathroom assuming she was washing up. She laid down speaking “20 minutes before another. Anyone needing a ride”? Hubert ran into her room as she giggled folding her knees back. He thrust saying “he paid”? She grinned “they must pay to have some of YOUR pussy”. He stroked deeply then came! In 5 minutes, Visitor 2 came in. He was an older, typical farmer in Bib Overalls. “Hey pretty girl, I missed you” he spoke as he climbed over her unbuttoning his fly. He didn’t have much cock so Nan kept her legs flat as he hunched into her! He thrusting was more just pressing for 2 minutes then her groaned loudly, squirting into her! He sat back viewing her scummy cunt as he dug in his pocket, handing her money, then left. Elwood ran in smiling as he crawled over her. He thrust into her saying “I can’t hold it”! In seconds he was globing cum into her! “Making money”, he grinned. She smiled “I’m working for you, must get your brothers here”. Visitors 3-7 came and went, dumping their loads and money. They saw her make a wash up run, then comeback and dressed for Visitor 8.

Nan put on hose, garter belt, old fashioned white bra and matching Grannies panties. As she put on a casual normal length dress she grinned. “Boy’s this man is “special”. Don’t be shocked, just enjoy what you view. No matter what you see know that everything is OK and it’s normal with us”, then blew them a kiss.

Visitor 8 was a tall, muscular, ruggedly handsome man dressed jogging wear. Nan sat very demure on her bed, submissive in her manner. He sat, chatted, made her giggle and smile. In a minute they were kissing as he gently groped her asking “have you been with anyone recently”? She lied “only Randy days ago. I have relatives living with me, I’ve made changes”. He smiled “you didn’t have to change much, you always opened your legs to few. I was just lucky to have you, hopefully you’ll keep me”. The boys were laughing their butts off! The man was actually making out with Nan, he said “let me see”? His hand shoved under her dress, she fought his trying to shove, saying “you know I don’t wear fancy underwear. They tussled until she fell back exposing her panties, he grinned “only good girls still wear them. Clean girls, fresh girls”. The boys were rolling on the floor! They were seriously necking, the man said something that really got their interest “we have been an item for a long time. When we met, you couldn’t take all my cock, we slipped around hiding”. The boys laughed, he continued “I was neck in neck with your mate, you refused to give me up after we got caught…..Your marriage is a “common law” marriage, not legal..I offered you the real deal..You turned me down because you’re a good woman committed to him”. The boys gasped!.

They stood and he stripped off his clothes as she took off her dress and laid down. The man turned to face the hidden camera and the boys almost screamed! His cock hung down 18inchs with a bullet tip! On the bed, Nan grasp it in both hands, licking and lapping each side of his shaft. It never got hard, it only swelled thicker! She jerked it roughly until he slid down, dragging her panties off. “I’ve made a hole in you, stretched you, but you took me like a pro” he said as he lapped her furiously! In a minute he crawled over then slowly thrust into her saying “I almost fell guilty fucking you, I know many have tried to get in your panties but so few have”. The boys had tears of laughter! Nan kissed him saying “I’m a good girl going bad, just for you…**** me”! In a minute the man was fucking her like a b**st! His long strokes into her, d**g back with his cock slinging fluids behind him! The sound of her wet cunt being pounded by him, rang like claps in the room! He had fucked her a full 30 minutes, Nan decided it was time to make him cum she cried “don’t get me pregnant”! It hit his ears and bounced through his mind, she said “you know you’re in my womb where no man can reach”! He rammed deeper into her, grunting and snorting loudly! Pushing him over the edge she whimpered “don’t do it”. His cum raced in his cock shaft the burst into her! In seconds she whined “too much!..You’re pumping too much cum in me”. He thrust faster as his cock emptied inside her! The boys watched him slump down on her as they kissed. Minutes later, he sat back with his cock still inside her, he said “hand towel”. Nan reached under her pillow, gave it to him. He pulled his cock free, they saw his cum leap into the air before he pressed the towel on her cunt! Loud cunt farts sounded as she said “no one pressure shoots cum like you”. They laughed as he left her laying then dropped 2, $100 bills on her stomach. The boys gasped! In a minute he was gone as they flew into her room. She grinned, “neither of you can fuck me for a while. You won’t feel anything, I’m wide open and must have a pint of cum in me”.

In 45 minutes, Nancy walked in wearing a normal casual dress saying there’s my boys, I’ve missed”. They knew she was in “Lady mode” and were really comfortable adjusting between the lady and the tramp. They did glimpse her panties as she sat, as she knew they would. “We missed you too”, Elwood replied. “Nan is is always fun but we need to Love you too”. They snuggled into her sides, she said “she’s working hard for you, determined to gather your brother’s soon”. They grinned, she continued “ Randy tells me she’s planning additional rooms to be added here and that will cost. You and he will be doing most of the construction each day while she’s working”. The boys smiled, she grinned “the thousand dollars she made today is already spent on the building supplies being delivered tomorrow”. They shouted “a thousand dollars”! They laughed when Nancy said “she’s a hard working girl”. They had been inching her dress back while they chatted, the hem was at her waist showing her panties, Hubert said “Nancy, you might want to look away a few minutes. We need to Thank her, if you don’t mind”? She covered her eyes as she laid her head back. Hubert grasp her panties removing them and seconds later spread her legs wide. She felt his tongue probe into her seam, opening it top to bottom. He swirled it deep into her cunt, lapping her inner cunt walls then backed away. Elwood quickly replaced him, suctioned her seam then dug his tongue under her clitoral hood. He suckled her long clitoris as his tongue swirled around it! In a minute, she softly whimpered “ah…Ah…Ah..Ahhhhh” as her cunt rippled against his face. They caressed her legs as her orgasm passed, replaced her panties, covered her then sat at her sides again. Nancy lifted her head, smiled at them speaking “she knows you love her too”.

Month’s passed, Nancy had mothered the boys spoiling them, while her alter ego Nan had made them wonderful lovers and skilled fuckers. Her home had been enlarged, Randy’s house torn down and replaced with a garage building and apartment. She had bought a top of the line, 3yr old RV.

The big diesel RV growled as Randy drove, after they had picked up Craig and Denny. Nancy sat up front while the boys reacquainted back in their rear bunks, Randy asked “Happy? You’re beaming”. She smiled “too happy! I’m so out of it, my eyes tear and my cunt drips. I’ve got a tampon in me for the first time in years, keeping my panties dry”. They monitored a small screen viewing them and listening as Hubert brought the brothers up to speed. Craig said “she is very nice, a real lady”, Denny spoke “she’s pretty too”! Elwood spoke, “I don’t really know what it’s like to have a mom but…She’s what we imagine one to be”. Hubert grinned “she spoils your Hillbilly butt”! Nancy grinned as Elwood replied “like you have room to talk”! Randy laughed as all 4 boys tussled! Minutes later she heard “she’s got pretty legs too” followed by giggles. “Green striped panties too”, a voice spoke. Craig spoke up, “I’ll miss one thing back home”, “yep”, Denny replied, “pussy”! They all laughed, Hubert said “look all you want but don’t get caught! Believe me, we look but that’s Nancy so don’t touch”! Elwood chimed in “she’s been around us long enough to get careless, you’ll see more”. Craig and Denny grinned! The heat kicked on, Nancy came back saying”y’all good? We’re seeing some flurries, Randy will grab the next rest area and stretch out the slide outs. I’ll fix dinner”. They watched her walk away, Denny said “she’s got a good shape too! Nice ass”!

They were parked, had ate, Randy said “I’m bushed, going to bed, tired”, Nancy followed him saying “I’ll be back”. Denny grinned “I bet she fucks him”, Hubert snickered “more than likely”. Nearly an hours later, Nancy came back passing them to go wash dishes in a short, shirt dress. It was printed in wide, pale, vertical rainbow stripes. The light passed through showing her full size panties. In a small offset, they view her from the side as she washed, her body and tits jiggling as she worked. Denny whispered, “nice nipples, long and thick! Has she k**s”? Hubert replied “yeah, grown and gone”. As if she didn’t know, she leaned to the side opening a lower cabinet, lifted her leg as counter balance and flashed her crotch at them for a second. Craig hissed “fuck! Her panties are soaked through, he fucked her”! Finished, she sat at a small table and the boys came up. Hubert sat with her, while the others sat across from them. They chatted as they also watched a small TV st her side. When the weather came on she slightly twisted her body to the side “accidentally” opening her thighs wide enough to gap them a view. They starred for 10 minutes at her covered gash before she turned back around. In minutes she got up saying that she would spend more time with them tomorrow and left them. Craig said “Damnn, I could make out her whole cunt wrapped behind her panties”! Denny grinned “it must be damn good! Her full front panel was soaked”!

More to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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