A Stripper’s Tale Mel’s Story part 3

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A Stripper’s Tale Mel’s Story part 3
-A Stripper’s Tale – Mel’s Story part 3

Mel had gotten comfortable with the transition to Mercedes. Only after a couple of weeks, she danced, she pranced. She wiggled her tits, and shook her naked ass. She made money with the best of them. Star continued to pick up extra money in the VIP rooms. Mercedes always was interested in what Star was doing but continued to wear her club issued bracelet. It kept the dogs at bay from trying to corrupt her.

The day came when she need to make an appointment for her photo
shoot. Sid, the club manager, scheduled Star for the same day and time to have her photos updated. They drove together to an office park a few miles from the club.
It was the offices and studios for their porn operations.

It was a nondescript looking building. It looked like the other offices in the complex.
When they went in they were greeted by girl with oversized tits and a really short dress. Star recognized her as Angela, a dancer that used to work at the club.

“Right on time. They’re finishing up and will be ready for you in about 15 minutes. Come with me and we’ll get you into some outfits” said the receptionist.

She led the girl to a dressing room.

“There are an assortment of lingerie and shoes along the far wall. Pick something out and change. The studio is across the hall.” she said then turned and left.

“I wonder why they don’t help so we pick out the right thing?” asked Mercedes.

“Probably because it doesn’t matter. Within the first few minutes they’ll have you naked” Star informed her.

When they had pick out a couple of things and put them on, the receptionist returned.

“Star, you need to go to studio A and Mercedes you need to go to Studio B” she directed.

Star had pictures taken the last time she worked at the club. She knew what to expect. For Mercedes this was a new experience. She walked into a fully equipped photo studio. There were lights and camera equipment everywhere. Four men stood around talking. She recognized one of them as the club owner. He introduced himself, the photographer, and his 2 assistants.

They quickly got down to work. They had Mercedes pose in front of a fake window that had a bench seat. For or five shots in the sheer baby doll and they wanted her to ditch the top it.

“Man, is this easy” she thought to her self.

The photographer told her how to stand and pose. The assistants moved the lights at the direction of the photographer. The club owner stood toward the back of the studio nodding his head in approval. For her part, Mercedes smiled and showed off her young body.

“Put your arms above your head and push those cute little titties out” directed the photographer. “Pull on your nipples and make em hard. We need them to look like rocks”

As the session progressed, the photographer had Mercedes play with her bottom in a teasing way. Her landing strip of hair clearly showed through the sheer material Slowly pulling on it until the top of her slit was exposed. Then her full pussy. Then it was time to slip them off. There she stood. Nude in front of a room of strangers. Had it not been for dancing in the club, she probably would not have been able to do it. There she had gotten comfortable taking off her clothes and walking around with strange men staring at her.

“That’s the end of the shoot for the club” said Sid. “If you want to earn some extra money, we can take some more shots while your here.”

“What kind of shots and what kind of money?” inquired Mercedes.

“$500, thirty minutes, and photos of a more personal nature.” responded the owner.

“Personal nature?” asked Mercedes.

“Plain and simple. We want you to show us your pussy. You know, pictures of you playing with yourself. We want things a girl might do when she in bed by herself.“ said the photographer.

“$750 and you have a deal” offered Mercedes.

“Wiggle that sweet little ass back into the window. You have a deal” said the owner.

“Spread your legs so we can see that tight little slit of yours.” directed the photographer.

No longer was his voice comforting in guiding her through her poses. He became more demanding and his language became rougher.The other men in the room became focused on the young girl in front of them.

“Touch yourself. Use your fingers to open yourself up. Smile” came further commands.

Mercedes couldn’t help herself. Her once damp damp kitty was growing wet. Between having a man command her to open herself and the click of the camera she was getting aroused. Every time the camera clicked, bright lights flashed in her direction. She felt exposed like she had never been before.

“Open up and pull your hood back so we can see your clit. Rub that little sucker. Smile.” came the commands.

In the club she was nude within a couple of feet of the customers. She was so close they could smell her sex. They could study the hardness of her erect nipples as she played and pulled on them. They could clearly see her pussy lips and the short, manicured hair of her landing strip. But this was different. She was not only exposing herself but she was displaying her most private parts. She found it exhilarating.
As the session progressed, she masturbated until she came. At one point she had her legs spread and with one hand was fingering herself. With her other hand she was putting a finger up her ass. When the session was done to the satisfaction of the owner and the photographer the room went quiet. A minute later the door opened and in came Star led by Angela, the receptionist.

“What have you guys been up to?” Star asked.

“Just having a little extra fun” said Mercedes

“She’s showing us how you girls masturbate. Mercedes was nice enough to let us take pictures” said the photographer.

“Mercedes, I hope you enjoyed yourself because those pictures will outlive you.” said Star.

“I might as well use this money maker while it’s still in good shape.” responded Mercedes.

“While your both here, why don’t you let us take some pictures of you together?”
said the owner. “I’ll give you $500 each.

Mercedes and Star looked at each other with Mercedes being the first to speak.

“The two of us together naked. Topless, bottomless, no spread shots, no sex. That’s it.”

“Ok, but you have to kiss. I mean real suck face kiss. And you have to at least hug each other. ” Said the owner.

“Deal” said Star.

The girls went back to the dressing room and freshened up. When they returned to the studio the had bikinis on. They sat on a sofa side by side. They removed their suits and posed at the direction of the photographer. Every once in a while he would have them stop and kiss each other.

Being lovers over the past weeks each kiss excited them a little more. As the clothes were removed they touched each other a bit more.

“Kiss Star’s nipple” requested the photographer.

“No sex was the deal” spoke up Mercedes.

“That’s not sex” responded the owner.

“OK” said Mercedes as she put her lips on Star’s erect nipple.

“Now the other one” directed the photographer as her got up close for a few shots.

The session continued with both girls completely nude kissing, hugging, and playing with each others boobs. Everyone in the room could see that the girls were enjoying each others company. It was easy to see the sexual chemistry. The girl’s bodies were starting to glisten with a light film of sweat.

“What do think of these two? The owner asked of Angela who had remained standing by the door.

“They’re hot. They look like they’ve done this before.” answered Angela.

“I tell you what” said the owner. “I’ll give you a $1000 each if you’ll have sex with each other on film. We’ll get you showered up and them well go to the other studio.
We’ll start from scratch and have you get each other off.”

After consulting with each other, the Star and Mercedes answered with a yes. They went off to the dressing room to shower and freshen up. When they entered the second studio they found it was set up like a bedroom with a king size bed. All four men were there. Angela was sitting in a chair topless.

“Angela has great tits. I like to look at them every chance I get” said the owner.
“ If you want, I’ll even have her eat your pussy” He laughed.

“No, let’s get started with the business at hand before I loose my nerve” said Mercedes.

The two girls climbed up on the bed naked and faced each other as they had in the photo session. When directed, they began to make out. As they had in their own bed at home, they began to get lost in the moment. The photographer moved about the room, a hand held camera capturing the scene. The club owner and Angela sat on the sofa. She was still topless and he was playing with her oversized tits as he watched the two girls perform.

Star was first to go down, tongue fucking Mercedes. She was not only talented with her mouth but also her fingers. It didn’t take long for the already aroused Mercedes to have her first orgasm.

“Now it’s your turn Mercedes,” called out the director.

Before Mercedes descended between Star’ thighs, the two girls made out again. They enjoyed kissing with the taste of their love juice on their lips. As Mercedes began to work her way down Star’s body, Star rolled over on her stomach. She kept her head against the bed and raised her ass up in the air. Instead of being presented with a pussy, Mercedes was face to face with a beautiful pink star. Instead of sticking her outstretched tongue into Star’s moist slit, she poked it in her ass.

Star moaned at the welcome intrusion into her body. She had hoped that by putting her body in that position that Mercedes would take the hint. One thing about Star’s ex boyfriend was that he was a first class jerk. But, he had been first class at rimming her ass. He would grab her by the waist and pull her up until her ass was as far as it could be from the bed. He would run his tongue from her clit to her asshole.
He would finger both holes and tongue fuck her until she could stand no more. She would cum and he would then bang both holes hard until he came.
He was rough and abusive in the way he fucked her. She had always enjoyed the first part but there was no affection in the second. He would keep her in that position with her ass high in the air. At times he would tell her to grab her ass cheeks and open herself up more for him. The only times he would stop would be long enough for her to suck his cock and lick his balls. After he came, he would always have her use her mouth a clean him up.

But now she had assumed the position for Mercedes. Everyone in the room took notice. There was no roughness to the way Mercedes proceeded. She lovingly stroked and licked Star’s entire bottom. She gently caressed her ass and pussy like they were fragile and might break. As she saw the flow of the clear liquid emerge from Star’s pussy, she knew she was doing the right things.

Star moaned and gently moved her ass about. She at times pushed back into Mercedes’ face. Encouraging her to stick her tongue in as far as possible she maintained her position. That was until Mercedes laid on her back between Star’s feet. When Star squatted down her pussy was in direct line with Mercedes’ mouth.
When Mercedes’ mouth and Star’s pussy made contact, Star began to grind her hips.
She was on the verge of an orgasm and she was not going to be denied.

Mercedes was pinned below her. She did her best to lick and suck. It had the desired effect and Star came like a woman possessed. Bucking and screaming the photographer’s assistants thought they might have to pull Star off so Mercedes could breath. Just as quick as it started, it was over with. Star raised up on her knees to give Mercedes the much needed breath.

As she fell to the side on the bed Star yelled “Are you alright? Did I hurt you? That was fantastic. I mean crap…That’s what it must feel like with a cattle prod stuck up your cunt. I mean damn…What did you do?’

“I’m alright now. But for a minute I thought you were going to kill me. You were going crazy. But it was really good for me too.” said Mercedes.

“Did you get all that on film?” asked the club owner.

“Every minute” said the photographer.

“Angela, call upstairs and have 3 of those wannabe actresses hanging around come down and take care of these 3 guys. Their dicks are so hard you can see them through their pants.” directed the club owner.

“Star, you and Mercedes get home and get some rest. You both have to work at the club tonight.”

“Angela, get somebody to cover the front desk. I want you to go to the club with me.
I want you to blow me in the limo on the way over.. If your good, I might even fuck you when we get to my office.” concluded the owner.

And so ended Mercedes first day at the porn studio. See had been paid a total of $2250 for a half days work. By the end of the day, with a shift at the club, she would make more than she used to make in month. Life was good, real good.

Mercedes and Star had begun a full blown career in the porn business. Over the next year they made a number of films as solo actresses and together doing lesbian films.
The developed a following that would frequent the club to see them. They developed a show. They would perform it at special events and bachelor parties.

They avoided going to parties except to put on their show. The found that they could control the environment with their show and even on film. When other girls went to entertain at parties they were at the mercy of the men. They were there to entertain the men and perform sex acts. This did not appeal to Mercedes or Star.

They avoided conflict with the owners. Their films were generating profits. They generated new interest in the porn studio and the films they produced. The club benefited from the notoriety of the girls working there. During special promotions they would perform their lesbian sex show live which always played to a full house.

Normally, owners of clubs and producers of porn, pressured their female talent to take care of their friends, clients, or anyone they chose. The girls were told it was good for their careers and the studio in general. The would be sent from anything from a hotel for a date to a weekend party with multiple girls. The owners said it was good promotion. They paid the girls well for their participation. The girls referred to them as a strip,suck, and fuck parties.

Mercedes and Star let it be known that they had limits to what they would do. They only contracted on a film by film basis. The owners wanted to bind them up to a long term contact. But the girls would threaten to quit and not work anymore. The biggest advantage they had was they stuck together.. They supported and protected each other. Thelma and Louis, 2 bad ass girls, Mercedes and Star, taking on the world.

Six months into their new venture the two girls were traveling and performing in other clubs owned by the Tampa club grou. They worked in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, and Dallas. As with all acts, they found things that got a response from audience and those that didn’t.

The act that was best received was a version of their oringinal film. Mercedes would be on stage alone. She would strip until she was topless. She would act like a horny school girl left home alone. The lights would go out momentarily and Star would appear. She would strip the rest of Mercedes clothes off leaving her only in her white tennis shoes. From that point, Star would take charge and seduce Mercedes ending up with her between Mercedes spread legs. She would lick, suck, kiss, finger and massage Mercedes to orgasm.

Mercedes would then strip Star as they passionately kissed like lovers. Eventually, when Star was completely nude, she would assume the face down, ass up pose. Mercedes would proceed to rim and tongue fuck Star to the audience’s delight. The final part of the show would be Star straddling Mercedes while she lay on her back. She ground her pussy and ass much like a burlesque dancer of the 50’s would do the bump and grind. At the same time she would be rubbing her pussy and playing with her tits. It was quite a sight. She would have an explosive orgasm and collapse onto Mercedes ending the show.

All this brought them a fair amount of notoriety and a whole lot of money. To celebrate their success they decided to take a trip to Le Carbet, Martinique. They stayed at a small hotel but planned to visit a clinic that specialized in cosmetic surgery. The lead doctor was from France and well respected. He had worked on famous clients around the world. They were both going to get their boobs done. Nothing drastic. Mercedes wanted to go from a C cup to a D and Star wanted to go from a D to a Double D.

Mercedes wondered if she would run into Ashley. She wanted to thank her for the life changing conversation that they had on the flight from Boston to Atlanta. If not she was content to believe that she was starting to lead the life that she had imagined.

They were planning on 3 weeks. It would give them time to have the surgery done
and have a full recovery. They would even have enough time for the swelling to go. By the time they returned to Tampa they would be fully recovered and rested. They would return to work with two sets of cosmetically perfect tits.

They returned to work like movie stars. They were promoted as “The Deadly Duo”.
They did individual appearances and special showings of their lesbian act. The club was filled to capacity for each of their shows. They were so well received that they were booked for a six week tour of the other clubs. At the end of their tour, they were contracted for films.

The were scheduled for one solo film each. Mercedes was going to strip and masturbate featuring her new boobs. Star was going to do a strip and shower show for her solo film. The third film was going to be a lesbian act showcasing their world class enhanced boobs. The fourth film was going to be something new for them. It was a three way with a guy.

They recruited a young man they had seen at the studio during one of their previous shoots. At the time he was making a guy on girl stock and trade porn. He was a blond beach boy type about 25. He was muscular and to their way of thinking very cute. One feature they really liked was his 10” cock.

The plot of the film was simple. Boy comes home from work. Girls seduce him and coach him into the walk-in shower. Through out the movie it is very clear that the male and his oversized cock are just props. It is about two girls that enjoy each other. They also enjoy using the young man for their pleasure. This was not a movie about women using their bodies to give pleasure to a man. This was film
about two women that enjoy each other. They pleasure and enjoy each others bodies. They seduce and stimulate the guy until his cock is stiff and rock hard.
They don’t let him fuck them. They use him like a human dildo.

It is a hot movie. The girls look beautiful and their love for each other comes off the screen. The young man is gorgeous. His large white piece of meat would be the delight of any woman.

The girls tease and please him while filling their own wants and needs. He is not allowed the normal fuck them as much and as hard as he wants. They don’t suck his cock or deep throat him at his command. There is no face fucking.

They stoke, suck and tease his manhood to keep it hard and erect. What good would a 10” cock be if it were limp and soft. While teasing him the girls kissed each other like familiar lovers.

As the film progressed, they assisted each other in fucking their stud . They purposely used him as their boy toy. As Star was being fucked by his monster cock, Mercedes would play with her clit. When his cock would pop out of Star, rather than the normal porn film thing of the guy gets cock sucked, Mercedes would lick on Star’s pussy. When finished, Mercedes would guide the cock back into Star.
This went on through the whole fuck sequence. The girls were working each other and using the big white glorious cock as a tool of their own pleasure.

The girls goal was to keep him as hard a possible as long as possible. When he could stand no more, they allowed him to cum like a fountain into the air. They had teased him and they felt obliged to please him. But they made a point to humiliate him as men had done to women for a long time. They would allow him to cum only after he had served their purposes. They were not going to allow him to cum in their mouths or on any other part of their bodies. The film ended with them using their fingers to play with the cum on his stomach.

The film was a complete opposite of the hardcore, submissive woman that had been the mainstay of the porn studio. The owners were smart enough to know they had to expand their audience. Mercedes and Star were on to something. The sales of their 3 way sex video was double anything produced before.

The owners negotiated a year contract that made the girls rich. They gained control of the content of their future movies. They were given additional money as not only actresses but directors. In addition they were given a permanent percentage of the profits of their films. Thelma and Louise were getting closer to Bonnie and Clyde the way they were collecting the money.

The girls were allowed to hire a personal manager that could book them as feature dancers in clubs all over the country. They were required to have 1/3 of their bookings at clubs owned by the studio owners. The porn studio actually loved this because it put demand for their films over the top. Their business was SEX and business was good..no excellent.

Star and Mercedes worked and lived as a couple. It was a cross between a business venture and a marriage. They had a joint business account at the bank where they each had their own. They worked so much that their day to day living expenses ended up as business expenses. After 5 years they were very happy and had large bank accounts.

Most of the other dancers at the club were not so lucky. Star and Mercedes were the exception to the business. If they had taken the path of most dancers, they would have been under the owner’s thumb. The lifestyle and age would have taken it’s toll. Misty, was a good example.

Star and Mercedes had seen her on more than one occasion seen her return from a party with clients hardly able walk. She would miss two to three days work dancing because she was so sore. The men they entertained would treat the girls like pieces of meat. They would be throat fucked until it was hard to swallow. Their asses and pussy would be fucked with fingers and objects when the men could no longer get hard. It was a hard life that d**gs and alcohol did not help. When they had been used up, they were cast out.

Star and Mercedes had avoided this due to their smarts and success in films. Being two instead of one gave them an edge. However, they knew that all good things could come to an end. The spent a lot of their time thinking about the future.

One night after work, they were driving home. Star was driving and Mercedes was in the passenger seat. A drunk driver ran a red light and T boned their car on the driver’s side. Star did not survive and Mercedes was taken to the hospital. When she was released, she returned to work at the club as a dancer.

Without Star to guide and protect her, Mercedes found herself falling into the trap of the other dancers. First the owners leaned on her to have sex with them in the club office. Then they took her to the condo the entertain them and spend the night.
In the end they were whoring her out like the rest of their dancers.

One night she was directed to meet with another girl from the club. They were going to be dates for 3 men a sportmen’s lodge party. The arrangement was to meet at a private dock. They would then to go by boat with the men to the party When she arrived at the dock the 50 foot sport fisherman was there. The 3 men were there. But the other girl failed to show. The men convinced Mercedes that rather than ride on the boat , the girl had made other arrangements.

Over the next four hours, the boat with Mercedes on board, cruised Tampa Bay. She at first, was relaxed and tried to entertain the men. After she had striped to her thong, everything went wrong. They weren’t going to a party. The men gang ****d her for the next three hours. They forced her to perform every type of sex act they could think of. They violated and abused her mouth, ass and pussy. All the while they filmed and photographed their activities.

To add humiliation to her abuse, when they were finished they tied her hands and feet, gagging her mouth. They strung her up on the aft deck like a trophy fish. No longer was she treated as a sexual goddess. No longer was she treated with respects. There she hung covered in drying cum. There she was like a prized catch as the men drank and enjoyed the trip back to the dock.

As they approached the dock, Mercedes noticed that there were two other large offshore sport fishing boats tied up. On the aft deck of both boats hung two girls in the same predicament. They hung nude by their tied hands. They were all trophies of the men’s outing. As the boat got closer, she could see the men having their pictures taken as they toyed with the bound girls.

The nightmare was not over. The girls were hauled up on the dock like the catch of the day. They were strung up near a weigh in scale. There hung 5 naked girls bound hand and foot. The men surveyed their trophies and had more pictures taken like it was a fishing tournament.

When they had their fun, the men returned to their boats. As the engines were started the last man on the dock cut one girl down leaving the knife where she could reach it. As the boats pulled away with all men on board, the freed girl cut the rest of her bonds. She then proceeded to release the rest of the girls. As the sky began to lighten with the start of a new day, five naked women walked off the dock to their cars.

There was no fear in the men of being in trouble. Everyone of the girls had been well paid to whore at a party. All had voluntarily gotten on the boats with men they didn’t know for the express purpose of having sex. They were no more than objects to be rented for a night.

As Mercedes climbed into her vehicle, she made up her mind enough was enough.
She and Star had cosigned on each others bank accounts. When Star passed away Mercedes was able to access the large amount of money that Star had saved. This combined with her savings were more than enough to walk away.

She drove to her apartment, loaded her clothes and a few other things, and headed north. She was not sure of where she was going but wanted to get as far away from Tampa as possible. She did not have Mississippi as a destination but was headed in that general direction. At the end of the first day she was in the Florida panhandle east of Pensacola.

She had been there one time with her family on vacation. She had seen the sugar white sand and emerald colored waters. It was a beautiful place to stop and access her future. One night on the coast turned into a week.

By the end of the week she had decided to stay for at least a little longer. She was staying at a small motel on the water. She knew no one in the area but no one knew her.

Here was just what she needed. A slice of paradise where she had no past. She could spend her days on the prettiest beach in the world. As long as she dressed modestly, she blended into the tourist scene. With no make up and casual clothes she was easily accepted as Melanie.

Toward the end of her first week, after a morning walk on the beach, she stopped to have lunch. She had found a small restaurant which was frequented by the locals.
As she sat at the bar eating her oyster poorboy, a girl about 20 sat down on the stool next to her.

“Mind if I have a seat?” she asked. “I hate to sit alone, this is a laid back place but the guys can be a pain in the ass. All I want to do is have a nice lunch.”

“No problem. I’m Melanie” was the casual response.

“I’m Betsy. You new here? Where are you from?” the girl continued.

The red flags went off in Melanie’s head. She had not had anyone be so inquisitive. She had thought about what she would say but when the time came she hesitated.

“I’m, I’m from Jackson, Mississippi” Melanie stuttered.

“What you doing here?” asked Betsy.

“Just checking it out, I’m thinking of moving here” answered Melanie.

“What kind of work do you do?” asked Betsy

Once again Melanie hesitated. “I did waitress work at home while going to school.”
Finally came out.

“There’s lots of work like that here” stated Betsy. “It pays OK but it’s a lot of work. Me, I dance at a local club.It’s easy work and I make pretty good money.”

Melanie’s heart sank. The red flags were waving and the sirens were going off. She knew exactly what this girl did. Could she not get away from her past.

As they ate their lunch, they continued to talk. Rather than inquire about Betsy’s job, she asked about things to do in the area. Anything would be a good topic of conversation was anything except stripping. It actually worked for a while.

“Have you ever thought about being a dancer?” asked Betsy.

“No, there’s not much of that where I’m from” answered Melanie

“You should think about it. We have a good time and make good money at Randy’s Cabaret ” said Betsy.

She went on to explain that Randy’s was owned by a woman. Her father had opened the club but when he died she inherited it. Rather than sell it, she decided to run it. She was really nice.

Betsy had never danced before. A friend of hers had been dancing in different clubs before she went to work there. She talked Betsy into trying it out about 4 months ago. She thought it was the best job ever.

“What is it that you do?” asked Melanie innocently.

“I work 2 day shifts and 3 night shifts a week. If I want to work extra I can. I dance on stage topless then I mingle with the customers. I try to get them to buy me drinks. I encourage them to drink and party. If they want, I table dance topless for them. There are VIP or some people call them champagne rooms upstairs. That’s where we do topless lap dances” explained Betsy

“I don’t fully understand all that but do you ever take your bottoms off?” asked Melanie continuing to play the innocent role.

“No way” was Betsy’s blunt answer.

“Do the customers ever grab or touch you?” asked Melanie.

“No” again Betsy answered without hesitation.

Melanie wondered how such a club could make any money if Betsy was telling the truth. She asked Betsy to tell her more. She played the ignorant card as if she had never been in a strip club.

Betsy was more than glad to describe what she did in greater detail. Randy’s was the better of the 5 or 6 club’s in the area. Between the local law and the management the girls didn’t even try to cross the line. They were known for attractive, young girls that performed a class act.

If a man wanted to meet a slut he could visit one of the other clubs. They would allow a touch here or a feel there. For the right amount of money they would let the men even finger them. At one club, out in the county, the girls danced totally nude. When girls could not find work at the other clubs, they ended up there. A man could reasonably expect that he might be able to date one of those dancers at the local motel.

But at Randy’s, the girls were held to a higher standard. They had a strong no d**g policy. The girls were only hired if they were fit and not overweight. As part of their dress code they could wear G string bottoms cut in the front as low as they wanted. It had to fit and it had to cover their private parts. The back could be so small that the dancers appeared nude from the back. If they didn’t shave their pussy completely, they couldn’t let any hair show.

The club Betsy described was totally different from anything that Mercedes had been exposed to. Though she had left Tampa with a bad taste in her mouth, it was the only type of work she had known. She made arrangements to go with Betsy to work that night to check it out.

Melanie was amazed that everything that Betsy had told her was true. The doorman were dressed in coats and ties. They kept a close check on everyone that entered the club. The bar tenders were all women. The waitresses were dressed in white shirts with some cleavage exposed. They wore black toreador jackets. They had mid thigh, tight fitting black shorts. They’re uniforms were completed by 4” black heels.

The inside and outside of the club was spotless.The music system was professional and balanced through out the club. The lighting on the stage was controlled by the DJ. It gave a full range of effects to highlight each dancer. The dancers themselves were young, fit, and very attractive.

There was no doubt in Melanie’s mind that the club was successful because it allowed men to see and mingle with a class of woman that to most was a fantasy.
On top of that, they would dance topless and show off their world class bodies. The men and the employees appeared to be enjoying themselves.

Melanie met Marie, the owner. They were impressed with each other. Melanie saw a professional business woman in Marie and Marie saw a beautiful young woman in Melanie. They talked for a while, had a drink, and made an appointment for the following afternoon.

The next day when Melanie arrived at the club it had just opened. As with the other clubs she had worked she was escorted back to the manager’s office. There she met Marie and her club manager Thomas. The office was definitely that of a female with good taste. It was light, airy, and very contemporary. The white executive desk had a glass top. Behind it was a matching white leather chair. Correlated contemporary chairs were place around the room. There was no stage and no stripper pole.

The conversation was mainly about Melanie. Where she was from and what brought her to the coast. She stayed with the story she had shared with Betsy. She maintained her innocent persona and lack of knowledge of strip clubs. She said she was looking for work and was open minded about different possibilities.

She was offered a waitress job on the spot. She passed sighting the fact that she had already done that. It was OK but she was looking for something different.

She was not offered a dancer job right away. Instead she was offered an opportunity to take off her clothes with the exception of her panties. Marie explained that some girls had some objectionable tattoos, brands, and scars that made their employment impossible. Others just had not taken care of their bodies and lacked tone. Melanie was a picture of what they wanted. Her near perfect, surgically enhance boobs, received the most scrutiny. Instead of creating a problem, They sealed the deal.

She went to work to have something to fill her days. She deeply missed Star. She had been her protector, companion, friend, and lover. Mercedes hated what had happened to her after Star’s death. She did not want anything to do with that part of the business. She did remember when her and Star were at the top of their game. Men fawned over them and she felt like a sex goddess. She loved when just looking at her made men’s cocks get hard.

But this was a quieter life. She spent 3 months dancing at the club. She dated a few guys outside of her work. She even got up with Betsy one night after work. None turned out to be anything special. As she became bored, she decided to go back to school. She danced a few nights a week at Randy’s and dedicated her efforts to a business degree.

With 6 months left until she got her bachelor degree she began to think of the future. About that time she met Dr. Joe Turner. The first time he was at a conference and stopped by the club with some fellow doctors. Though he was older than Melanie, he had an easy manner about him. A bit shy, a bit playful, but generally appeared to be a good guy. He watched the girls dance with his friends and had Melanie give them a couple of table dances.

About 1 months later he came back by himself. He was pleased that she was working and he occupied most of her night. They drank and talked with her giving him an occasional dance. It was almost like a date but she was taking off her top and showing her boobs. When she danced on stage, he watched the other men drool over her. He felt a sense of pride that when she finished her set, she would come back to him.

He didn’t consider himself an attractive guy. He had no false sense that it was his good looks that had this attractive woman spending the night with him in the club. They enjoyed each others company. It did not hurt that he had money to spend.

During the conversation in a relaxed moment she shared with him that she was from a town about 40 miles from his home in Mississippi. She also shared with him that she was finishing her business degree.

In about 6 weeks, after calling the club to make sure she was working, Dr. Turner returned. This time as he sat and drank with Melanie, he was more serious. He had been thinking about her and her circumstance. He knew that one, she could not dance forever. The other was she was getting her college degree in a few weeks. What he offered her was a job as the business manager of the three clinics he owned in Mississippi.

He offered her a new career away from the clubs making use of her degree. It would allow her to be back in her home state. He would make sure that she was financially well compensated. And lastly it would make it easier for him to get to know her. His busy schedule and the 200 mile drive had made their contact limited. She had not been forth coming in encouraging him with ways to contact her outside the club.

Dr. Turner had been divorced for some time from his first wife. After about five years of marriage he found him and his wife sexually incompatible. He, though shy in public, had a strong interest in voyeur activities. His wife was beautiful but she thought his request were perverted. He would have loved for her to parade her body around their home. She found it offensive that he would buy her outfits she thought of as slutty. His desire to photograph her was one of the final straws.

Mercedes and Dr. Turner had never seen each other outside the club. They had never exchanged letters or made phone calls. Melanie was at first taken aback by his offer. But when she thought about it, this was the first man that had asked her for nothing. All he was doing was giving. He had never been anything but courteous and respectful of her.

“Why not?” she thought to herself. “I have made some good and some bad choices. But this one feels good.”

Mercedes accepted his offer. After graduation she returned to her home state of Mississippi. For the next year she worked for Dr. Turner. She was slow to come around but eventually began to date him. One thing led to another and by the end of year she had accepted his proposal to become Mrs. Melanie Turner.

The End

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