A Surprise visit continued

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A Surprise visit continued
When Daniel was satisfied he stood and dressed, looking back as he opened my bed room door, Daniel said “…remember you are my Bitch. I expect you to service me every day you are home. So, I’ll see you tomorrow…” I heard Daniel open the front door and I curled up in a ball crying as his seed continued to leak out of my butt and dry on my lips.

I was sleep when my folks got home, the crack between my buttocks was caked with Daniel’s dried male spunk. My butt hole ached, yet longed for the feel of Daniel’s cock to invade it again. I slowly left my bed and found that I was wobbly on my feet, Daniel had really put a hurting on my thighs, hips and anal opening.

I got in to the bath room, ran some water in the tub and slid down into the warmth of the enveloping water. After a good long soaking and quick bath I made my way back to my room and crawled under the covers. The next day I stayed in bed as I heard my folks leave for work.

Just a little before noon the door bell rang, I answered knowing I would be sorry. There stood Daniel and Charlie. Both smiling at me. Daniel glanced at Charlie and quipped “…see I told you our Bitch was home and wanted to see us…”

I shook my head as Daniel and Charlie just walked right past me, Daniel pinching my left nipple as he passed and Charlie tried to grab my right butt cheek. I pushed his hand away and was admonished by him “…so that’s how it is now. You in college and don’t want me to feel your fine ass, but Daniel is welcomed to do what ever he wants…”

Daniel stopped and turned back saying “… closed the fucking door and get your ass over here. Didn’t I tell you I’d be back today. You know Charlie and I always share our pussy so don’t make me have to remind you as to how you are to act…”

Once I reached to where Daniel was standing he reached out and embraced me kissing me on my neck and ear. I stood there trembling in anger as Daniel licked and sucked my neck till he pushed back and said to Charlie “… see you just have to know how to treat a Bitch. Now go over there and give Charlie a hug and tell him you’re sorry..”

I stood there and Daniel pushed me into Charlie’s arms. Charlie grabbed me and gripped both my ass cheeks and tried to kiss me, I turned my head and was severely kicked in the butt by Daniel. This caused Charlie and I to stumble back against the hall door and Charlie ripped my undershirt off one shoulder.

Daniel cautioned me “…last night you fucked me like you wanted me, now you want to act like a little stuck up Bitch. You gonna fuck us both and make us feel like you want to or else explain to your folks how come you got all beat up, the house torn up and still fucked silly…”

Slowly I embraced Charlie and lifted my lips up for him to kiss, Charlie’s lips brushed mine and he pulled me tight to his body and grind against me as he smashed his lips against mine. All while trying to insert his tongue into my lips, I could feel the huge bulge in Charlie’s crotch grow and knew what was in store for me the next few hours.

Charlie released me and told Daniel “…I know what’s wrong,m David heard about our boy Bruce, getting married and now he’s up set he want be seeing Bruce anymore…” Both of them started to laugh as Daniel grabbed my wrist and pulled me down the hall to my room.

Charlie said to no one in particular “…damn you do know your way around, don’t you b*o…” once we were in my room Charlie closed the door and they begin to undress. Daniel took one look at me and tossed a pair of pink lace panties in my face and growled lowly “…get the fuck out those close and into your panties. Then start sucking, you’ve got a full days work ahead of you…”

I stripped and pulled up the snug fitting panties as Charlie turned me around looking at how they fit me and touching my buttocks. Daniel came over and turned my back to Charlie and gripped my buttocks and spread them apart. “…look here, I even got the panties with the butt open so our little Bitch can feel real girly…”

Charlie pushed his forefinger into my butt crack and right up my anal opening, hooked his finger and pulled at my butt opening saying “…damn, this Bitches pussy is tight and hot as hell…” Daniel laughed “… our Bitch always was tight no matter how many times we fucked her. That Boi/pussy snapped right back…” again they laughed.

I thought of how awful this would be if my folks came home and caught me in such a condition. Daniel must have sensed my concern cause he lifted me slightly up and started to the bed. I tried to stop him but we fell on the bed and I was quickly tossed to my stomach across the bed.

Charlie came around to grasp my face and push his dick in to my lips. I parted my lips and started to suck feverishly as Charlie moaned and whimpered, caressing my face in his hands. Daniel encouraged “…yeah that’s my Bitch, suck that dick like you luv it. Suck it good…”

Daniel spit between my buttocks and smeared it with his huge dick head and pressed against my bung hole. It was all I could do not to bite down on Charlie’s throbbing thick dick head. Daniel pushed his dick head into my anus stretching my anal sphincter muscle tube to it’s breaking point.

Daniel said “…Charlie you should see how this cute little brown star stretches around my knob. My anaconda feels right at home nestled in this tight little bootie tube…” Charlie was too engaged to answer as I tried to suck his dick till he shot his load.

Daniel asked Charlie “…you wanna get up in this ass/cunt hole too, right…” Charlie just grunted his agreement as I tried to keep sucking. Straining to accept Daniel’s love muscle was an endurance I could barely manage, still sore from our session last night was a little more painful then I could bare.

My poor little anal chute was being stretched and pushed to it’s limits to accommodate the massive intruder. Daniel was staring to grunt and gasp as he pushed more and more of his snake like dick deeper into my prostrate bung hole. Tears of anguish, pain and humiliation was streaming down my face as the two of them enjoyed their treat.

Daniel lifted my buttocks up and held them as he pounded his male member harder and harder into my bung hole. Whimpering around Charlie’s huge dick head as he worked his dick back and forth and around my oral cavity, I had to reach out and grip his thighs to keep from being choked between the two of those brutes.

Charlie gripped my face tight and his throbbing cock exploded into my mouth filling me with his slimy male substance, so much of it, that some erupted from around my lips and his dick. Gasping for air, i pulled away from Charlie’s man hood and was rewarded with two huge spurts of jizzum from his BBC.

Charlie stood over my head, holding my face in his hands as Daniel slammed harder and harder into my bunghole. Daniel slowed his pace and said to Charlie “…Wanna come and get some of this chocolate starfish before I wear it out…”

Charlie said not a word, just dropped my head and walked around to my tortured butt. Daniel slowly pulled his wicked one eyed monster out of my butt hole so slowly, I could feel every vein and bump on his penis. Once the enormous head slipped out of my bunghole there was an obscene sound of wet slurping sound, and an enormous sound of air.

Charlie gripped my buttocks and pulled me back to him and positioned his penile glans against my quivering aching bunghole. Charlie told Daniel “…watch this b*o…see how my love shaft enter this o-ring like a hot knife through melted butter…”

I could feel Charlie as he pressed his penile head against my sore butt hole entrance. I thought he would be softer after he had came so hard, but his penis was like a steel pike as he pushed against my puckering anal sphincter muscle and his dick head slid slowly int my anal chute.

Charlie gasp “… you ain’t lied yet b*o, this Boi/pussy is just as tight as if it ain’t been entered…” Thankfully Charlie is not as huge as Daniel but just as long, His dick head is broad but his dick shaft is slimmer. Once his dick head entered and his prestigious penile ridge passed my anal sphincter chute it snapped shut tight around the neck of his dick shaft.

Charlie agonizingly took his time savoring the sensation of my butt gripping his dick shaft as he slid back and forth in my anal muscle chute. Charlie told Daniel “…I do believe that this round eye got better over the years…”

It was then that the two of them begin to take turns entering my butt hole for a couple of strokes and pulling out and letting the other one do the same. My bung hole was abused and used for over three hours by Daniel and Charlie.

When I thought it was over, but it was not over yet. Daniel sat in the chair and told me to “…come over and my master of ceremonies feel wanted…” I slithered off my bed and manage to get across the floor between Daniel’s knees and begin to lick, kiss and suck Daniel’s huge dick.

Charlie looked over and said to Daniel “… damn man come sit on the bed so the Bitch can service both our main vein at the same time…’ Daniel took hold of my left ear and stood up and led me across to the bed and him and Charlie spread their legs wide and ordered me “…such dicks till we are ready to go…”

I sucked one dick after the other tell they both were hard again and they stood before me in a fashion so that I could suck both at the same time and they filled my mouth with their splooge. i struggled to swallow both their huge loads.

When I had sucked and licked their dicks clean they both dressed and had me walk them to the door in the pink lace panties. As they were leaving, I noticed my Uncle as he was about to turn into our driveway…I scurried back to my room and managed to get my jeans on and dash into the bath to wash their splooge off my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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