Adventures of Mikhail – Chapter 2

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Adventures of Mikhail – Chapter 2
Chapter 2 – A Knight to Remember

A week passed since Mikhail graduated from the academy and lost his virginity. Today, Gudbrand was going to graduate from Knight Academy. Mikhail arrived at the training hall, a bit late, and quickly found a spare seat. He felt out of place among all the muscle bound people. The beefy woman he was sitting next to was confused why such a small and skinny boy was among them. Gudbrand’s name was called as he strutted proudly onto the stage in his shining ceremonial armour as his blonde hair flowed behind him. He was knighted as everyone applauded.

After the ceremony, Mikhail met up with Gudbrand and shook his giant hand. 
“Congratulations, Gudbrand.” Mikhail said, cheerfully. “You look great in that armour by the way.”
“Thanks, Miky, although it’s damn uncomfortable” Gudbrand replied, smiling. “Not like my regular armour. Can’t wait to take it off. Anyway, everyone’s going to the tavern. You coming?”
“I think I would make everything awkward…”
“Nonsense.” Gudbrand laughed “I’ll introduce you to some of my other buddies.”

Mikhail had only been in the tavern a handful of times when fights broke out and he had to heal the losers. Gudbrand shoved his way through the crowd with Mikhail following close behind, trying not to get crushed. Eventually, they reached their table.
“Hey, Gudrand!” Yelled one of his friend.
“Hey, Dag!” Gudbrand yelled back.
“Who’s the cute k** you’ve got with you?” Another friend asked. Mikhail blushed with embaressment.
“This is Mikhail, my best pal.” Gudbrand answered. “Mikhail, this is Dag, Eilert, and Ivar” After a round of handshakes, the group started cracking jokes, drinking and telling stories.
“Mikhail, you want something to drink?” Asked Ivar
“I don’t drink alchohol…” Mikhail responded shyly and quietly
“Ah, one won’t kill you! Hey, Gunvor, get this k** a stein!”
Faster than Mikhail could respond, a big breasted, blonde woman slammed down a stien of ale right in front of him. Mikhail hesistated but eventually drank as much as he could. He felt uneasy and suddenly vomitted on the floor. The group howled with laughter, even Gudbrand. 
“Miky, you want me to take you home?” He asked while still chuckling.
“I’ll be fine.” Mikhail answered, coughing “You can have the rest if you want.”
“If you say so.”

Hours passed and most people left. Mikhail and Gudbrand were still at the table. Gudbrand was slightly drunk and Mikhail even had a few weaker drinks himself and was starting to feel tipsy.
“Hey, Gudbrand, did I tell you what happened between me and my teacher last week?” Mikhail asked
“No, what?”
Mikhail told him the story of how he lost his virginity.
“Are you k**ding?” Gudbrand asked
“No, I swear on my father’s grave.”
“I used to think Cuilwen was too pompous for that shit. Proves that you’re real cute, Miky.” The two laughed. “By the way, Miky, I need to confess something.”
“What is it?”
“I’m bisexual.” Mikhail sat up in surprise.
“Hope you don’t hate me…”
“N-no, not at all. In fact, I think I may be bisexual myself.”
“Why don’t we find out, huh?”
Mikhail gulped and nodded. Gudbrand smiled, drank the last of his ale, stood up and put Mikhail over his shoulder.
“Where are we going?”
“My house. My parents are out of town for a week.”

They arrived at Gudbrand’s house, not too diffrent from Mikhail’s apart from a couple of extra rooms. Gudbrand put Mikhail on a chair and began taking his armour off. “Sweet Fjörgyn, it’s great to be out if that.” Gudbrand said, baring his muscular, hairy chest in his undergarments. He pulled them down as his huge, hairy dick flopped out.
“Is this your first time seeing another man’s bratwurst?” Gudbrand asked
“It’s my first time seeing one this close.”
“I want to compare ours.”

Mikhail said nothing. He pulled up his robes and pulled down his undergarments and the two began rubbing their penises until they were erect. They both put them together, Gudbrand having to crouch slightly to be on level with Mikail. Gudbrand’s fat, 7 inch cock towered over Mikhail’s 5 inch cock. Mikhail blushed. Gudbrand noticed. 
“Ah, don’t worry about it, Miky.” He said, joyfully. “It’s not how big your sword is, it’s where you stick it.” Mikhail smiled. Without warning, Gudbrand grabbed Mikhail’s shaft, his strong grip much diffrent from Cuilwen’s gentle touch. Mikhail returned the favour, although nowhere near as strong. His small hand barely wrapped around the huge love muscle.
“Gudbrand, can I…taste it?”
“If you want.”
Mikhail knelt before him, pulled back the foreskin and licked the salty dick head with the tip of his tongue, imitating what Cuilwen did to him. He forced the massive manly meat in his small warm mouth as he continued rubbing his own cock. Gudbrand moaned. He grabbed Mikhail’s long, black hair and thrusted his hips forward, causing poor Mikhail to unwillingly deepthroat. After a single gag, Gudbrand let go of Mikhail and took his cock out of his mouth.
“Miky, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking right.”
“It’s fine.” Mikhail said, between his coughs.
“It’s not fine.” Said Gudbrand, sounding like a distressed mother. “Just relax for now. I’ll be back.”
Mikhail sat on a chair, still coughing, as Gudbrand went to his room. 

Gudbrand came back moments later with a jar containing a thick, green liquid.
“What’s that?” Mikhail asked
“Chu Jelly. If I don’t use it for what I’m about to do, it would be painful. Now just lean on your belly over the table.”
Mikhail did so, wondering about what Gudbrand was going to do until Gudbrand pulled up his robes to reveal his bare ass. 
“Pretty hairless arse, eh?” Gudbrand chuckled.
“I’m sorry.”
“I’m k**ding. Nature is diffrent for diffrent people. Anyway, this will feel strange for a bit.” 
Gudbrand dipped his large middle finger into the jelly and slowly slid it into Mikhail’s tight anus as Mikhail moaned, feeling stimulated but also bizarre at the same time. Gubrand twisted and turned his finger before pulling it out. He took a handful of jelly and rubbed it on his dick.

“Alright, Miky, prepare yourself.” Gubrand shoved his massive cock into Mikhail’s virgin asshole. Mikhail screamed in pleasure. There was a loud banging coming from the wall.
“Dammit, Gudbrand! Didja stand on yer cat!?” shouted Gudbrand’s neighbour
“None of your business, old man!” Gudbrand shouted back. “Sorry about that, Miky. Miky? Mikhail!?”
Mikhail was in a state of pure ectasy – moaning, crying and ordering Gudbrand to go harder – and could not hear Gudbrand shout at him. Gudbrand sighed and continued thrusting deep into Mikhail’s sphincter. Mikhail eventually ejaculated from the sheer stimulation. Shouting even louder than before and causing the neighbour to bang the wall again. Gubrand orgasmed soon after, pumping cum into Mikhail’s anus. He pulled it out and continued ejaculating on Mikhail’s ass and up his back just as Mikhail turned to face him only to recieve several shots of semen to his mouth and face.

Gudbrand fell back on a chair and Mikhail lay on the table with his ass still uncovered and filled with cum, both of them sweating bullets and panting like tired dogs. 
“Good Freyja, that was great.” Exclaimed Gubrand. “You feeling alright, Miky?”
Mikhail got off the table and wiped the cum off his face.
“Tastes bitter…” Mikhail said to himself.
“Sorry if it was a little too rough. You’ve got one hell of a tight arsehole.”
“Is that a bad thing?”
“No, anything but.” Gudbrand chortled “Even after you get an arsehole full of cum, you still are somehow innocent.” Mikhail blushed.
“Can I take a jar of Chu jelly, please?”
“Sure. They’re in my room in a chest.”
“Thank you.”
“There’s also a tub of water if you want to wash up a bit before going home.”
“Yeah. It’s really late, eh, Gudbrand?” There was no response. “Gudbrand?”
Gubrand fell asleep from exhaustion on the chair, still naked. Mikhail giggled at the sight and hauled him into his bedroom, dressed him and put him into bed. Gudbrand did not wake up at all. Mikhail went to the tub and washed his cum covered cock, ass cheeks, face, hands and back of his robes. He got a jar of Chu jelly from the chest, kissed Gudbrand on the forehead goodbye and blew out the candle. As Mikhail walked out of the house, he caught sight of the elderly neighbour who muttered something like: “Dirty, little wench.” Mikhail’s face turned red and he went back home.

NEXT TIME: Mikhail meets his new colleague. 

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