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By: The Male me

I regret fucking up with her. I see her with another woman and I just flip out but I need to realize that it was me who played the stupid ass games. Maybe things would be better if I knew what I know now.

When I met Alicia, we were at the bowling alley and she needed some major help on how she handled the ball so I took it as if she wouldn’t mind if I helped her.

“You’re holding the ball wrong.” I said as I stood behind her.

She turned around suddenly and looked at me as if I were what she desired.

“And how am I supposed to be holding it?” She asked in the most sincere voice a man could ever hear coming from someone so sexy and mysterious. I couldn’t find the words. She had a very unique vibe about her that was attractive.

“Would you mind if I showed you?”
“No, not at all” She answered with a smirk.

She was flirting with me but hell; I was flirting with her so it was a mutual thing at that point. She was feeling’ me. Who wouldn’t?

I got up close on her, on her behind. She didn’t say anything about it so I’m guessing that it didn’t bother her. I showed her how to position the ball on her fingers and how to hold it so it wouldn’t be so much pressure on her wrist and I also showed her a good way to stand, I only did that because she was bending over on me and I know she felt my dick as hard as I was, I felt her ass poking it.

“What’s your name?” I asked her after the quick lesson.
“Alicia. And yours?”
“Well, the name is Roderick but my people call me Rod.”
“So, I take it as if you want me to be one of your ‘people’?”

I had to smile at that one. It was like she was reading my mind.

“If it’s possible; I think I make a pretty good friend. I seem nice so far, don’t I?”
She smiled, “Yeah, you seem kind of cool. A little bit too cool. You sure you’re not running game on me?”
I smiled, “Yep, I’m sure baby girl. No need for that shit. Just being myself. So, how am I going to able to reach you?”

She laughed as if I was joking but I wasn’t.

“I’m serious.” I said to assure her.
“I know; that’s why it’s so funny. It’s like you’re implying that I want to talk to you again.”
“Damn, I’m hurt. You’re making it seem like you don’t want to talk to me.”
“You shouldn’t assume. You’ll make an ass out of yourself.”
“Not in front of a beauty like yourself.”
She blushed.

“Damn, did I make you blush?” I asked, already knowing that I did.
She smiled, “Stop looking so hard and you wouldn’t see.”
I smiled.

She was feisty. I loved that. After we’d talked for about 5 minutes, she gave me her number and told me I’d better use it.

About two days later, I called her up and we talked about a lot of stuff.

She told me how she’d never been with a girl before and how she’d desired it. That explained that look she gave me at the bowling alley. Right then, I knew it was going to be mines. She liked me. I could tell by the tone of voice. After we talked for about 3 hours, we made plans to chill at the mall the next day, which we did.

I met her there and she looked like a woman out of a magazine. I was getting happy because I knew it was going to be mines. And when I say ‘it’, I mean, the pussy. Hell, it was obvious that she wanted me. We were in the mall holding hands and she kept calling me ‘baby’ and ‘boo’ and she kissed me on my cheek about 10 times. I was thinking to myself ‘this is a waste of my time, just give me the pussy’ but no, I guess she had that little Nun thing going on. Talking about she didn’t have sex when she’s wasn’t in a relationship. I told her, no one has to know but she got all sensitive so, I knew what I had to do. Make her like me enough so I could call her my girl, to get in the draws.

After spending about three weeks straight with her, we finally hooked up. She let everyone know that I was hers. I hated that but I also liked it. I liked it because she wasn’t ashamed of her sexuality but I hated it because I could’ve had other hoes that I wanted to chill with but luckily, the other women I fucked were never around and she knew none of them.

About four months into our relationship, she invited me over. I was going to break up with her because I wanted to fuck and she was taking a damn long time like she was so fucking’ precious and I was upset because, to be honest, I hadn’t fucked anyone since me and her had first got together because I was trying to cut down a little bit but when I got to her crib, she answered the door looking like a damn playboy model. Her beige, lace bra and thong set made her caramel skin look like golden bronze. Her thick thighs made my mouth water and her beautiful, brown eyes made her face look as if she were Miss America. I knew what the plan was that night.

She led me up to her room. When I walked in, candles were lit everywhere. It smelt like hot sex.
“What kind of candles are these?” I asked.
“The fragrance is called Red Orgasm.” And she smiled.

Hint after hint after hint. Anyone in their right mind would’ve known what she wanted to do.

We talked for about 5 minutes then she lay back on the bed, opened her housecoat and said, “Take my virginity.” I stood up and took off my shirt. She watched and her face glistened. I could see the sparkle in her eyes. I climbed up on the bed, in-between her legs.
“Take your time, I want my first time to be memorable.”
“Alicia, I’ll do my best to please you.” I said only to seem sweet. I was ready to fuck.

I started kissing her inner thigh. She rubbed my head softly. I licked the lining between her thong and thigh. She pulled my hair a little bit. It was turning her on. While I was licking her thigh, I unfastened her bra. Her nipples were so beautiful Mocha brown to be exact. I stopped licking on her thighs and started sucking her nipples. She went wild. I licked from her navel to the top of her thong area. I pulled her thong down with my teeth. I was surprised to see how wet she was. She had the Nile River beat. Her pussy was shaved. Shaved and PHAT. There is nothing better than a PHAT ass pussy.

I kissed her outer lips and nibbled around her clit a little bit.

“Oh baby, that stings.” She managed to say while she was moaning.
“I won’t hurt you. Just be quiet.” She was kind of irritating me with all that talking but as long as I was getting what I wanted, it didn’t really matter.

I started sucking & biting the hell out of her clit. She was pulling my hair. I knew I was giving it to her good. Then, when I stuck my tongue in her, all hell broke loose. She was screaming.

“Oh Rod, yes baby, it feels so good. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. It feels so good baby. I want to cum. I want you to make me cum all in your mouth baby. Oh, I love you!!!”

I was wondering, where in the hell did she get all this love shit from. I didn’t know if she were serious or not but I did know that I was doing something good.

After she had cum about 3 times, I laid her on her stomach and lifted her ass up in the air.
“What are you doing baby?” She asked.
“I’m about to hit it. Be quiet.”
“Don’t hurt me. Be gentle.” She moaned.
“Pain is pleasure, just be quiet.” She was getting on my nerves with all that damn talking. I wanted her to shut the fuck up. I just wanted to fuck. Not fuck and converse. Just FUCK!

I entered her ass with my 9 inches. She was tight as hell. I was fucking the hell out of her and she was screaming. I was smacking her ass and I started making long hard strokes and she was moaning so loud, I could have sworn she was crying but I didn’t care because she didn’t stop me so I figured she liked it.

We switched positions and she started riding me. She was stroking back and forth, very hard and it was so hard, it felt like my clit was getting carpet burns but I didn’t care because I was getting the pussy I knew I was going to get.

“Um, damn Alicia, feels good baby. Keep on going. Damn, oh….” I was kind of embarrassed that she made me moan. I felt like a woman. No girl had ever made me moan before. It is a first for everything. After about 20 minutes of her riding me, I came. I laid there and she lay next to me and in a blink of an eye, she was down there giving me head. It was good too. She was sucking all her cum off of my dick. I felt her tongue lick up from my ass to the tip. Now I’m not gay by any means. But got damn she was starting me to wonder if she was a professional. 5 minutes later, I pulled her up and sat her on my face. She clenched the headboard and was riding my face like she was just riding my dick. My piercings in my tongue were no use because the stiffness in my tongue did all the work. Nothing’s better than a stiff tongue. She’d cum about 4 times but the last time was very intense. She started riding my face hard. I held her ass, grabbing it. After she was done, she lay by me and went to sleep.

I couldn’t sleep, I was ready to leave but I didn’t want to be rude so I helped myself to some Captain Crunch. When she woke up, I was dressed and ready to go.

“I’m about to leave. I have to work tonight.” I said.
“Ok, make sure you call me when you get off.”
“I get off at 4 in the morning so I don’t think I will.” I said.

She looked at me like she was upset. I couldn’t say no to her for some apparent reason.

“But, if I don’t call you, I’ll make sure we spend all day tomorrow together.” I said with a smile.
She smiled at me and got out the bed to kiss me, “Ok, baby, you can let yourself out, I love you.”

I couldn’t say I loved her back because I didn’t. Well, at least I thought I didn’t. “Alright little mama, I’ll holla.” I left out the room before I could get a reaction.

Later on that night, I was chilling’ with my woman, Rosalynda, who I fucked every now and then. Rosa gave good head and could bring you to your knees in bed. But, when Rosa was riding my dick, all I could think about was Alicia. I don’t know why but I was thinking about that love shit. I cared for her but I didn’t want to accept it so I tried to avoid the shot in the ass that cupid had given me.

About 7 months into our relationship, me and Alicia were chilling’ at the Hot Spot, a little hangout. Rosa walked over to our table. I knew it was about to be trouble. Rosa was the type of person that did whatever to get what she wanted and she wanted me.

“Hello Rod. How are you?”
“I’m cool Rosa, and you?”
“I’m fine and who is this?” Rosa looked at me in a devilish way.
“You know who this is.” I said as I kissed Alicia’s hand.
“Actually, I don’t.” Rosa said.
“Well, I’ll refresh your memory. This is my girl, Alicia.”
“What do you mean when you say girl?” Rosa asked.
“She means girlfriend.” Alicia answered.
“Well, that can’t be possible because I thought that was my role, right Rod?”
“Hell no. Alicia, don’t listen to her.”
“Alicia, or whatever your name is, that night you and Rod first fucked, she told you she had to work but instead, she came to my house and we fucked!” Rosa said with her thick, Hispanic accent.

Alicia looked at me and got up and walked away.

“Now, she’s out of the way.” Rosa said with a devious grin.
“Get the fuck off me Rosa.” I pushed her away and went to chase Alicia.

I caught up with her.
“Alicia, she’s lying, I did go to work that night. She just wants me. Rosa is a friend of mines that I tell everything to. She’s just jealous that I don’t want her and I have you. I did go to work.”
“No, you didn’t because I called that night and they said you had called off!”

I didn’t know what to say. I had to think of something. I couldn’t let her go. She was too good of a fuck but I also couldn’t let her go because I cared for her but I didn’t want to accept it. I kept telling myself I didn’t want her to go because she could fuck but I was lying to myself.

“Ok, I did call off but I didn’t fuck her. I also didn’t call u because I wanted 2 spend the next day with you. I spent all night buying you flowers, chocolates and that diamond necklace u are wearing now and then I had it sent to you anonymous. That’s why I never asked how in the hell did you get this necklace.”

She smiled. I wasn’t lying. I only sent this stuff to her because I knew how Rosa was. I had this shit planned. But, I did fuck Rosa. I actually brought all the stuff and had it delivered from Rosa’s computer. But Rosa didn’t know so hell, there goes my lie.

We went back to my apartment and had sex. She called it making love but I called it just getting a nut.

About 1 year and a half into our relationship, I was at my apartment, with Rosa, eating her pussy like there was no tomorrow. She was sitting on my bed, and I was on my knees. Rosa pushed my head back. “What was that for?” I asked.

She pointed behind me. I turned around and there was Alicia standing there with tears in her eyes. There was no way I could get out of this one. I forgot that she knew where I put my spare key.

“I see that you don’t care about other people’s feelings.” Alicia said.
“I think I should go.” Rosa said.
“No, you can stay. I’m done with her. You can have her Rosa. Rod, forget you ever knew me.” Alicia walked away.

I couldn’t chase her and explain anything. It wouldn’t have made any sense.

3 months later, I was at a club and I saw Alicia dancing with some dude and I got jealous. I left. A while back, I was chilling’ at Cherri’s Cafe and she walked in with some woman, a man, named Tim. I sat and watched her. I wanted her so bad. This time, I wouldn’t have fucked up with her but I couldn’t even speak to her. When Tim got up, I went to Alicia.

“Alicia, can we work things out? Please?”
“No, you should have realized what you had when you had it. I loved you and you said u loved me but I guess it was a lie.”
“I didn’t want to accept that I loved you. I told myself I would never fall in love. You made me feel ways that no girl has ever made me feel before and now, I want your love.”
“You should have wanted it when we were together. I don’t want to have anything to do with you.” She walked away.

Now, I sit here, in my apartment with someone I don’t even want, Rosa. Every day, I slip and call her Alicia but she doesn’t care because she only wants sex. I wish I would have knew what I know now. What I know is not to pass up love, or something good when you know its staring you right in the face because if you do, you’ll end up like me, alone and heartbroken, forever. Why? Because I did it to myself!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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