Ally’s Sharing My Room pt1

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Ally’s Sharing My Room pt1
So it all started with the annual family reunion. My relatives flock once a year to someone’s house for a weekend and partake in festivities or something like that. The only good thing about having it at our house this year is that I would not have to go anywhere; I could seclude myself in my room and ride out the weekend. But other than that, it sucked. Who the hell likes a bunch of people roaming around their house; family or not it gets annoying real quick. At least I wouldn’t be inconvenienced by having to move out of my room since my room in the attic is the most undesirable. Unlike that of my older sister who’s giant room is located on the first floor in what I call prime location for pasty family members.

So the day finally arrives…Friday. All guests arrive and are accounted for. They immediately pounce upon my home territory and infest the area…so to speak. I quickly retreat to my bedroom of solitude. I keep myself busy, music, homework, messing around on the computer, usual stuff. Then comes a knock at the door, and my sister peeps her head in.

“Hey lil b*o…guess what”

“What?” I hesitantly question.

“Mom said I have to bunk up here for the weekend since aunt Sara and her husband are with their newborn son. It’s best if they have my entire room for privacy” she quipped.

“You’ve got to be k**ding…have you seen the size of my bed” I said hinting to the fact that it’s a single not meant to fit two people.

“Ohh grow up and stop being so selfish…it’s only three nights, I think you’ll survive”

She replied throwing her knapsack of stuff on the floor. Clearly there was no getting out of this, she was here to stay.

Now, I have nothing against by sister, she’s 21 I’m 19 and we have the type of relationship every other brother and sister on the face of the earth share…we hate each other’s guts. We’re constantly getting on each other’s nerves. She’s always teasing me about my way too slender physique and I always retort with some insult against her looks, which obviously was not true. Recently we were maturing some and getting along like a brother and sister should. I first noticed her beauty when I was now turning into a man. She has the most beautiful blonde hair, framing her angelic face. She’s such a bitch because she knows what she has and she uses it… always wearing tight tees so her pert breasts are always on your mind when in her company. And when she wears skirts…it drives me crazy…she has the smoothest tan legs that go on forever leading up to the tightest ass.

So there I was…stuck…having to sleep in the same bed as my sister for three nights. sister or not she was a hot girl and I knew that there would be problems.

With the topic at hand on my mind constantly the day went by pretty quickly. It was around 10pm when I saw my sister again. She had been out entertaining the family. I was working on a paper on the computer when she came in.

“I’m going to take a shower and get ready for bed”

I nodded, acting as if I didn’t care, when in fact I had been dreading nighttime whole day. I sat there nervous as hell and before I knew it, she was back and was I shocked. My big s*s blowed my mind when she walked in wearing the tightest red tee-shirt, her breasts perfectly outlined giving me a pretty good idea of their size, and the shortest pink cotton short pants ever made, the contours of her ass filling out the garment incredibly. I can only assume that was her regular sleeping attire because she waltzed in as though nothing was wrong about the situation. As expected, the sight of her started stirring up certain things in my nether regions. Without a word she hopped into bed and under the covers. It was really a shame that I had already taken a shower or else I could quickly rub one out and my problems would be solved, although the act of performing the deed in a house full of people who could walk in the bathroom at anytime was a bit risky. If only there was a way for me to do it somewhere up here where no one would bother me but with my sister right there it was impossible.

So to avoid my problem all together I rolled out my blanket on the floor near to my bed and grabbed my pillow. Noticing me removing my pillow Ally got up and looked over to see what I was up to.

“James…don’t be silly. There’s no need for all of that, there’s more than enough room here for both of us.” she said motioning me as she raised the cover proving that there was sufficient space.

“No, its OK, I’m fine down here…really”

“James don’t be a fool, this is your room after all, you should be able to sleep in your own bed. Now stop acting like a baby and get in here.” she said, almost furiously this time.

Not wanting to really piss her off I hesitantly agreed and climbed in, keeping as much to the edge of the bed as possible I laid my head on the pillow and closed my eyes hoping to god to fall asleep as quickly as possible. Seeing my obvious discomfort, almost falling out of the bed, Ally still not satisfied grabbed me by the arm and pulled me nearer the center where she was.

“There…this isn’t so bad…now go to sleep” she scolded.

She turned her back to me and did as she instructed and went to sleep. I however could not. There I was lying in bed next to my scantly clad sister, with a raging hard on just under the sheets. I for the life of me could not get rid of this thing. I tried thinking of everything holy and unsexy and still this tent post persisted. I tossed and turned trying my best to keep my distance from Ally as to not allude to my problem. I finally fell asleep about an hour later with my hard on still intact.

It was early morning when I was awoken by a soft moaning. As my senses became clearer I realized that Ally was slightly moaning…nothing extremely erotic but still arousing. I was oblivious as to what was turning her on when to my horror I realized our position. I was practically in spooning position with her. My erect member nestled between her firm ass cheeks. Every once in a while she would gently rub her ass against my dick and let out a soft moan. I was still so shocked I didn’t know what to do.

“Did she know what she was doing? Was she awake?, What the hell am I going to do?” were all the thoughts running through my mind.

All this and the pleasure it provided, the great feeling of having my dick pressed against Ally’s tight behind, it was all too much. I abruptly jumped out of bed and dashed out the door never looking behind to see if I had awoken Ally. Since it was still early in the morning no one else was awake, I locked myself in the bathroom and tried to come to terms with what had just happened. I then noticed that my dick was still pitching a tent and figured I’d take care if this right now. I buried my hand in my boxers and almost jumped as my cold hands took grasp of my sturdy pole. I began stroking my dick with so many thoughts running through my head, of my sister, in her tight top, shorts, her taut stomach, firm round ass grinding into my dick. When all of a sudden…

“James I need to pee, hurry up!”

It was Ally, she had gotten up. I hurriedly packed my dick back into my boxers without relief. Opening the door I kept a straight face trying not to lead Ally on to what I had been doing in the bathroom.

“All yours Ally” I said as I brushed pass her.

I figured I’d finish up in my bedroom while she was in the bathroom, but sadly just a couple minutes later she was back up in my room before I was able to start anything, or finish for that matter.

“James mom said that we had to take out Aunt Susan and Sara for the entire day. They’re planning a surprise birthday for them and want them out of the house.” My aunts were fraternal twins you see.

“Sure Ally, let me just jump in the shower and we’ll be good to go”

“Ok, but don’t lock the door, we have guests and have to remember that we’re sharing a bathroom” she replied with a somewhat coy grin on her face.

There was no way that I could relieve myself with an unlocked door, it was too risky, and so a cold shower would have to do. My cold shower helped a little in subsiding my problems, but still the thoughts were running through my mind. As I headed out to the car I was greeted by my two aunts and Ally who still had a sly grin over her face. Ally was wearing a tight pair of ripped jeans that showed the perfect shape of her ass, nice and perky and a size too small shirt with the top button unbuttoned giving a nice view of her cleavage. What I would give to cup those pert creatures in my palm. They weren’t huge by any means but more to my likings small, round and to attention. I rushed for the backseat when Ally announced she wanted to drive. The more out of my sight she was…the better.

After a full day of discomfort it was time to go home. I once again headed for the backseat when my aunt stopped me and said she would rather the back for more space if I didn’t mind. I couldn’t just tell her no so I headed to the front…shotgun alongside Ally. I sat down and waited for Ally to get in. She was standing outside the car right by the driver’s door on the phone. Then I noticed that through one of the rips in the jeans I could see some blue. It was her panties. This drove me crazy; one miniscule piece of color peeking out of the jeans…it was ridiculous how much this turned me on. When she turned around the situation went from bad to worse because though the front rips I could see her beautifully tanned legs, even though the rips weren’t huge its what they left for the imagination that got my loins stirring again.

“Eyes front big boy” teased my sister.

“Had she caught me staring at her legs?” I thought to myself in a panic.

I tried to keep my eyes on the dashboard the entire time but found myself peeking over trying to catch a glimpse down Ally’s shirt. Her breasts filled them out so well, pressing against the top button, almost begging to be freed. All this did little to help my predicament; luckily I was wearing a baggy pair of pants that could conceal my growing hard on. When we got home everyone enjoyed the party, except for me of course who had one thing on my mind.

As the night wound down I announced that I was off to take a shower and hit the sack. Again I was warned by my sister with a grin on her face.

“Don’t forget James, don’t lock the door”

I was furious but obliged as to not draw attention to my situation. When I got out of the bathroom I headed to my bedroom, only to find my sister showing my uncle some ridiculous shit on the computer. She left him there and went to shower.

“Hey Jimmy, just keep Uncle Simon company for a while won’t you.” She quipped as she passed me.

Simon was reading some article on the web, I was so frustrated, the exact reason I hated having people in my house, and you could never get a moment to yourself. So I got into bed and just laid there. Ally returned about half an hour later thankfully in a robe.

“Hey Uncle Simon, aunt Sara asked if you could watch the baby while she took a bath” smirked Ally as Simon left the room.

“Once again James… its you and me” said Ally as she disrobed.

This time she simply floored me. Tonight she was wearing the familiar tight top, no bra evidenced by her protruding nipples, and the sexiest pair of black bikini cut panties I had ever seen. These displayed her tanned legs that I was earlier fighting to see hidden by the ripped jeans to their full extent. My god those legs, leading right up to the cut of her black panties which covered her mound with no great discrepancy. I could clearly make out the form of her lips against the surface of the material.

“I hope you don’t mind, its just that this attic can get so warm at night I’d rather be cool and comfortable” she explained.

Before I had time to think Ally was in bed beside me. After about ten minutes of staring at the ceiling Ally broke the silence.

“Hey James, could you just hold me for a while, just till I fall asleep, I’m accustomed to falling asleep with my giant teddy behind cuddling me. I know it sounds stupid but it takes me forever to fall asleep and clearly he can’t fit in this bed with us.”

“Umm…I don’t think that’s such a good idea Ally, it’ll feel weird.” I stammered.

“Come on James I just want some help to fall asleep, come on…Pleeeeaaasee… help me out”.

I figured her falling asleep as fast as possible would be best. So I agreed and position myself behind her and d****d my hand over her.

“Closer…I need to feel you!” she pestered.

I shuffled closer trying not to jab her in the ass with my dick. She held my arm and pulled it over her chest and let out a satisfactory sigh. After a couple minutes she began moving around restlessly and moved back just a little. As little as she moved back, it was enough for her to back her panty clad ass right into my protruding dick.

“Mmm…that’s what I’ve been looking for” she sighed, pushing her ass back more so my hard on was grazing up right against it.

“Ally…what you are doing?!?” I protested.

“Ohh come on James, you know you love this…probably even more than I do.”

With that she started grinding her firm behind more vigorously against my erection.

“What are you talking about? This is so wrong” I said all the while panicking.

“Mmm..So why does it feel so right.” She moaned.

By this time I too was reveling in the shared pleasures of a firm ass pressed against my hard cock.

“Ohh…mmm….Ally…we shouldn’t”

“Don’t you worry about a thing sweetie, why do you think I’ve been preventing you form masturbating whole day?”

“What?!?” I questioned…somewhat puzzled.

“So I can have this nice rock hard cock to rub up against.” She cooed holding my palm and placing them over her breasts and then squeezing my hands down on them.

“Wha..mmm…we can’t do this Ally!” I relentlessly protested.

“Ohh James, don’t play shy with me now…I saw you earlier staring at my breasts in the car…and this morning was such a fabulous way to wake up…you prick lodged in my ass”

Finally the ecstasy was too much…I began to give in. I put my hand on Ally’s hip, and ground my dick into her ass gently.

“Ohh yeah….that’s it sweetie” she moaned.

This just turned me on more. She stirred and moved back against me. Leaving my one hand grasping on her firm breast Ally reached behind and without turning around grabbed my boxers and attempted to remove them. She only got so far when I helped out and just pulled them off. I lay there naked, fully aroused, and started shuffling my way back to my previous position. I gently nudged my dick up into her ass again, pressing into her panties.

Her erotic moaning got louder as she started to remove that tight tee all the while grinding into my erection. There we lay, me naked and her in just her panties. I lifted my head so I could see her breasts. She had kicked the covers off so they were exposed. She looked to be a B-cup or slightly bigger, and I was glued to the sight of them. The thought of her lying naked next to me, or at least mostly naked, made my really horny. I gently thrust into her ass, and again, and I began humping her ass through her panties. The smoothness of the material against my dick was magical. I felt myself near the breaking point as my gyrations and hers became more in sync and faster when she suddenly stopped and reached behind and grabbed my dick. It was the first woman to take hold of my penis and it felt so good. Her warm hands clasped tightly around my rigid cock.

“Wait Jimmy…not yet I want to save this big boy”

Startled and confused I was in so much turmoil as the result of this action.

“I want you so bad James, I’m so wet for you…but I had so much fun teasing you that I just want one more day.” she said.

“What do you mean Ally?, I thought you wanted this” I replied very puzzled at her actions.

“I do baby…ooohh you have no idea how much I want it but I just want to make a little deal with you…so here goes…I want you to wear my itty bitty panties the entire day tomorrow and then after the long painful day…I’m all yours for the night…you can do with me what you want.” she explained.

“What…why??” I replied.

“The thought of your big hard cock confined in my panties is as much a turn on for me as it will be for you wearing them…I promise. One more thing Jimmy…you have to promise that you don’t masturbate and cum till you’re with me tomorrow.”

The thought of her black panties was an enormous turn on…and then having her tomorrow night…how could I resist.

“Ok Ally…I’ll wear them…and I promise…no masturbating” I told her.

“Ok…good…now…as much as I’d like to continue I think that’s enough hanky panky for tonight…it’ll just make tomorrow night that much better.” replied Ally as she turned to face me and cuddled up close…real close…so that my still erect dick was pressed against her side.

“Good night sweetie”

“Good night Ally”

After some time I fell asleep with my half naked sister in my arms. A couple hours later I got up…it was very early morning around… 1am and I was still with my throbbing penis. I opened my eyes to see Ally staring back at me.

“Hi” she said with a smile.

“Hi” I replied.

She then reached under the covers and was fumbling around doing something.

Then, this innocent looking girl d****d her leg over me so she was straddling one of my legs. She pulled herself as close to me as possible, which meant that her breasts pressed against my chest, but I could also feel the slight prickliness of her pubic hair against the side of my leg, she must have removed her panties. I could tell that she had recently shaved and the stubble had now begun to grow in. All these sensations I was experiencing at once was not common for me, here I was and a beautiful girl warming my leg with her pussy. Ally placed her head in the nape of my neck and shut her eyes. We stayed in this position for about five minutes before Alana began to squirm on top of me. At first, I thought she was going to get off me and I was more than disappointed, but, she was merely repositioning herself. She lay her head down on my shoulder and presumably went to sleep.

“How could she leave me in this position? I will never be able to get to sleep” I thought to myself figuring out that it was all part of her teasing game.

So I somehow found myself back to sleep and about and hour or two later I felt some shuffling around. I opened my eyes to see a panty clad ass leaving the room…Ally had apparently put her clothes on and went to the bathroom. When she returned I was asleep again. Another couple hours later I myself needed to use the facilities, I awoke and went off. It was around 5am when I returned to see my sexy sibling sound asleep on the bed. Feeling bold…I felt it was my turn to tease a little. I approached and sat beside to her on the bed. I slowly pulled the covers off her to reveal her beautiful body…those sexy panties and tight top. I ran my fingers along her smooth toned legs going up to her mound. When I reached the valley between her legs I traced out the folds of her vagina through the smooth black silk. This led to slightly rubbing her pussy through her panties that were slowly becoming damp. As my actions became more vigorous it was apparent to me that Ally was waking up and getting her senses because she started moaning. When I looked at her she had a smile on her face. When she finally awoke she took the hand that I was using on her and brought it up to her face and slowly began to suck on my index finger.

“You’ve been a naught boy…and look what you’ve done to your panties…there’re all wet now…well I guess you still have to wear them.”

That being said, she sat up pulled the covers over her and removed her panties under them.

“I want to save the prize for the main event tonight” she said bringing her hands back over the covers holding the damp garment which gave off a heavenly aroma.

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