Ammie sunbathing

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Ammie sunbathing
About 6 weeks ago I get a call from a neighbor who wanted to know if his wife and daughter,(Ammie) could sun bath around my pool to get ready for their trip to the Florida beaches as they are both lite skin and burn easily. Sure no problem. The wife and I work all day and my k** is away at college now. I’ll leave the side gate unlocked and just make sure the gate closes when they leave. Ammie is 22 and goes to the local college and mom is not bad for 45. I’m 52.
I told my buddy anytime, we’ve been friends for years and I trust them. Now Ammie is sexy, blue eyes and long dark hair, what a combo, and a figure that most 22 year olds would love to have. She’s active, she runs, plays volleyball and is always out and about. I’ve watched her grow up over the last 8-10 years and always thought of her as a nice cute girl but never anything sexual, that would be perverted, my thoughts never went there.

So I come home from work for lunch and I can tell that they must of dropped by because some of the chairs were moved around to get more sun, or less depending on what you wanted. I could also see that the decking around the pool was still wet so they must have just left. Then I noticed that the door to the pool house was open and the ac is on so I walked over to close the door and there was Ammie on the couch eyes closed head back with her hand down her bathing suit playin with her pussy. Her mom was nowhere to be seen. I was surprised and shocked and frozen for a second then walked away from the door, I didn’t want to embarrass her and her see me. This was lil Ammie, like a cousin or niece to me.

I went out by the pool and made some noise so Ammie could her me. A few seconds she comes out of the room oh hi Mr Dave, thanks for having me over. Where’s your mom, Oh she was here for about 2 hours then decided to go shopping , she really needs a new bathing suit but I decided to stay as it is a sunny beautiful day. Well, Ammie you can stay as long as you like and come back anytime. I just did she said. What? Nothing Amie said and smiled.

Not sure what she meant by that. I told her I was going to grab a quick lunch make a few phone calls check some emails and need to get back to the streets. Ok Mr Dave but come see me before you leave. ok

I finished up and walked outside and Ammie was laying on her stomach with her ass facing me and her head towards the pool as I walked out the back door. Wow! never noticed that tight nice round ass. He bathing suit on her right cheek had moved up her thigh towards her ass crack, not in her ass crack much more exposed that her left ass cheek.

Mr. Dave since my mom is not here can you put some sunscreen on my back please. Sure no problem. I started to rub the sunscreen into her back and my cock was getting hard. What the fuck I thought to myself, you pervert horny naughty old man, but I couldn’t help it, it just got hard. I rubbed down to her waist to the top of her bathing suit and then stopped. Hey thanks Mr dave, but I need some on my legs too, They are so white. Sure Ammie.

So I began to rub her legs the right one first as I moved close to her ass cheek I stopped and started on the other leg. Mr Dave I need some on my upper thigh and leg higher up as I have another bathing suit but I don’t put it on when I’m with my parents, its not a thong but its cut higher up the legs , its a European style cut. my mom and dad would not approve.

Ok, so I rubbed some on her exposed cheek and now my cock is really hard, could not believe it, I was now thinking about what it would be like to fuck and have sex with lil Ammie. Get that thought out of you mind old man. But I was going to jerk off before I went back to work and was going to do it from inside as Ammie was out by the pool.
I continued to rub her ass cheek much longer than I should have and then moved to her left leg near her calf. No Mr. Dave your not finished as she move her bathing suit into the crack of her ass making it a thong and said, since you’re hear I do have a thong that I wear sometimes just a little more sunscreen can’t burn there I said. I then just grabbed the elastic around her left leg and move that part of her suit into the crack of her ass making it a full thong bathing suit. What the fuck was I thinking? She said nothing as I started to rub her ass cheeks with both hands at the sametime. Oh That feels good Mr Dave thanks. No problem Ammie, can’t have your ass cheeks getting sunburned, just don’t tell your mom and I won’t tell your mom. Deal and she said deal. A few seconds went by and she you talking about me letting you put sun tan lotion on my ass cheeks or that you caught me masturbating in you pool house. What!? What? I saw you Mr. dave and it was to late for me to stop you caught me plus I was almost ready to cum, I couldn’t stop myself, I figure you must have seen your wife play with herself so I just kept on going. No never seen my wife masturbate. Really she asked/Why not? I told her I was sorry I walked in on her and didn’t want to embarrass her so I walked out. You could have stayed I was really into it and ready to cum, I almost called you back in but didn’t, wish I would have. At this point I was now rubbing down her legs to her crotch as she moved open her legs a little giving me more room. Wow. I was so hard. I told Ammie she had me so hot that I was going inside to jerk off and watch her from inside. No she said right here as I continued to rub her pussy even harder as I slipped a finger into her bathing suit and into her very wet and shaved pussy. Right here she said jerk off for me right here and now. Ammie moved around and unzipped my pants pulled them down and out popped my really hard and swollen cock.Nice Mr Dave! she then pulled her bathing suit down and I got a look at that beautiful sweet shaved 22 year old pussy. She then without hestitation grabbed my cock nd put into her mouth and gave it a big suck and kiss. Sorry Mr. dave I just had to do it. You jerk off for me and i’ll masturbate for you like I should have done earlier. Can’t believe your wife doesn’t masturbate for you.I stared to jerk off for ammie and she was rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. Ammie, I can’t believe what we’re doing. Its ok I want to do it. Sure would like to smell and taste your pussy as she offered me her finger to suck and lick.

Since Ammie had already sucked my cock I wanted to taste her pussy and sweet asshole myself. I leaned over spread her sweet lips and started to kiss her pussy don’t stop Mr Dave, believe me I had no intentions of stopping. We then got into a 69 position and boy can Ammie suck cock, I came in 5 minutes, gave her the gentleman warning that I was coming continued to suck my cock and stuck a finger in my asshole. What a load I shot. Ammie did her best to swallow most of it but some did dribble out her mouth but she cleaned it all up. I then stared to lick Ammie’s asshole and then she started to eat out my ass. I had 2 fingers in her pussy as she rubbed her clint and she came hard.Let out a yell that could be heard around the block and she was wet and I think she squirted a little. Ammie said I’ve never cum like that when I play with my pussy, thank you Mr dave, Thank me? No Thank you Ammie.
We both got dresses but I put my hand down her bathing suit and held on to her pussy for about an hour I didn’t want to let go. I really had to get back to work and finally let go of her pussy. Ammie said anytime I wanted to hold her pussy I could do it for her. She said her 3 lovers she has had never ate pussy like me and it was the first time she had eaten ass and the first time had her asshole licked and sucked. She loved it and claims that’s what made her organism so great and so wet. So Mr,. dave you have to promise me that you’ll lick my asshole when ever I say ok. Sure thing Ammie, Mr Dave. will you lick my asshole for me. How could I say no??!!!

That was 6 weeks ago. We’ve hooked up 10-12 times always eating her asshole and she eats my asshole but we haven’t fucked yet. When I asked she said lets take it easy, we have a great thing going. Your wife doesn’t suck your cock anymore or eats your asshole which you and I both love and my current boyfriend/fuck buddy, won’t eat ass and doesn’t know how to eat pussy. So I have to fuck him to get off but I refuse to have him cum in my mouth and I won’t eat his asshole for him. Ok, sounds good to me. But Ammie did say that she’s thinking about me giving her anal lessons since I’m an ass and anal guy and I can teach her how to ass fuck.

Last night Ammie called me and said I think my mom is getting suspicious about us. She checked my phone and saw all the phone calls and a few text messages. Thank God they were not too sexy. I need to remember to delete them. Why you calling Mr dave so much? well mom I have to set up when I can go over to use his pool and sunbath. Well Ammie he said we can go over anytime and need not call first. Why you calling him so often? She kept on me and kept on me and was pissing me off so I just yelled out me and Mr Dave have phone sex ok, His wife don’t fuck him anymore I feel sorry for him so its least I can do. You happy, now mom that you know? Nobody hurt and we have a little fun, We? yes mom I masturbate when I talk with Mr. dave. How did this happen Ammie?

Well the first time we went down to Mr Daves and you left to go buy another bathing suit he came home for lunch. I was horny and went into the pool house to masturbate on the sofa. He comes home and I didn’t here him and I had the door open, I was almost there and ready to come when he walks into the room. What did he do Ammie, walk over to and grabbed your pussy? No mom, he was and is a gentleman, he walked out without saying a word and thought I hadn’t noticed him and just walked away, a true friend and gentleman. not like dad. I know dad fucks around with linda at work and you know it to, and can’t stop it. I’m sorry mom. Its ok Ammie, I love your dad he’s a good man provides for us very well and gives us everything that we need. He just needs more sex than I can or want to give him. He’ll never leave us, How do you know about her Ammie. Well I came home early one night and yall were having sex and talking about Linda. What she does how she fucks. dad wanted to butt fuck you that night but you said no and he says linda loves to butt fuck go butt fuck her. I will bitch, suck my dick,and I knew you were sucking his dick by what he as saying, He said eat me cum bitch, he called you a nice whore and as he walked outside you yelled wash your nasty shitty dick before you come home. I hope linda shits on your cock. Oh Ammie, I didn’t know you were home for that. Sorry, Its ok mom as long as you and dad have this arrangement I’m ok with it and I still love my daddy.

Ammie, yes mom, is there any chance you might want to share Mr Dave with me. Maybe? Sure mom. you need it.

I was shocked when Ammie told me that story about her mom. I was also shocked and disappointed when Ammie told me the other night when we had phone sex she had me on the speaker phone and her mom was in the room as we had phone sex. I wish I had know that michelle was getting off two. Every mans dream, mother/daughter combo!Ammie told me she was under the covers playing with her pussy and her mom was on the floor next to the bed. Fuck wish I had known. So what the fuck, yesterday I called Michelle, Ammies mom and asked her you wanna fuck? I sure do. In 5 minutes I see Michelle walking in my back yard in her bathing suit. So I walked outside naked, he baby, Wow Mr.dave, I led her to the sofa in the pool run and fucked her good, Well she fucked me good Too. She has a great ass and took my cock into her asshole, slow at first then deeper and deeper and harder. What a great time. We also got up the nerve to face time Ammie. We were both nervous about what her reaction might be. She wanted to be there for us both and was sad she had missed our first time fucking her mom.

We have a great setup. I still have not fucked Ammie or had anal sex with her, but she says for now that will have to do. You fuck my mom and we have oral sex and cuddle sex all day. Who am I to argue?

what a fuckin lucky guy I am.

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