Anal with Ruby

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Anal with Ruby
This event took place five years into my twelve year love affair with Ruby, which placed her at being 75. We met at the senior center and started a weekly affair that took us to all sorts of sexual adventures. She was one VERY arousing and open-minded woman!
I left work for the afternoon and picked Ruby up at her home and we made for our favorite eatery. We enjoyed a wonderful seafood lunch and a bottle of wine, which was what we usually had week week. But we also knew that we wanted to be home and in bed. Even at her age, Ruby was extremely attractive and turned heads wherever we went. The staff always said good bye when we left and told me how sweet I was to take my mother out for lunch each week. If they only knew that as soon as we were in the car “mother” would be giving me a handjob.
It was always a careful ride home. I couldn’t let myself become too excited as Ruby sat so coyly next to me slowly stroking my cock.
Reaching her home, I opened the door to the car and waved to her neighbors, like always, and walked her to the door. Once insides we simply wrapped eachother in an embrace and kissed hard and deep. Damn how Ruby could kiss! She felt wonderful in my arms and I loved kissing her.
She broke off and poured herself a glass of wine and me a scotch. We snuggled on the couch, enjoying the drinks and catching up on our week. Fucking would come soon enough, we enjoyed friendship as well. After my second scotch, I asked her to pour me another and that I was headed to take a shower. Ruby brought my drink to me , handing it to me as she opened the shower door. Smiling, looking at my hard cock she said for me not to take too long, she’s meet me in bed. I sucked down my drink, got out of the shower and dried quickly, and as I came into the bedroom I saw Ruby facing the bed and starting to undress.
I came up behind her and told her that I’d undress her as I unzipped her black dress and let it fall to the floor.Her slip soon followed. There I had my Ruby, garter and stockings, bra and panties leaning back to my chest as my hands explored her body.I enjoyed my hands touching every inch of her,especially her naked body.I unhooked her bra and she left it fall as my hands cupped and caressed her 36d tits. Her nipples were so sensitive that I could make her cum over and over simply by sucking them.I felt her shudder and then moan as I played with her tit s and whispered that I wanted to suck them. My cock was throbbing, pressing against her, finally finding it’s home cupped in her ass crack. Feeling my cock finding it’s home, Ruby enjoyed pressing to meet it and very slowly rotating her hips.I Needed my cock closer, and pulled away longer enough to kneel and slowly lower her panties as I tongued and kissed her ass cheeks.Standing my cock pressed even harder into her ass and my hand found her cunt mound and the wet slit of her cunt. I asked her to keep her cunt shaven for me and try as she might, she needed help. So the last thing I did before we parted was to shave her freshly fucked cunt. If we met more than just once a week, her cunt was shaved again.
So here I have my Ruby. My cock between her ass cheeks. One hand finger fucking her wet cunt. One hand milking her hard nipple on one tit. Her pinching her other nipple and me whispering how much I want to fuck her. Damn she could make me hard! Ruby had the vocabulary could surprise you and I loved how the more she became aroused the more she talked dirty!
I finally told her to lean forward onto the edge of the bed and as she did I aimed my cock towards the slit of that sweet wet cunt. I loved each time my cock parted her cunt lips and heard her moan and say more….
Older woman of 75 or not, Ruby’s cunt was ALWAYS wet and I loved the way her cunt coated my cock with her wetness with each stroke.I loved fucking her and loved how she’d fuck back. I think tha one reason we lasted so long was , not only the friendship, that we just enjoyed fucking each other.
Though we had fucked this way many times before, this day my 3 doubles made me want something different, something we had not tried before.I had her ass cheeks spread since I liked watching my cock fucking her cunt and we were fucking slowly at the moment so pulling my cock almost all the way out was nothing unusual. But on one stroke I pulled my wet cock from her cunt and swiftly pressed it tightly against her ass. I her Ruby take a deep breath but she said nothing.Slowly I pushed forward waiting for her to say stop. Not hearing anything other than deep breaths, I pushed hard enough for my cock head to spread her ass. Waiting for a few minutes, I pushed even more until I felt that incredible pop as my cock head entered her ass.My hands caressed her ass cheeks and I whispered how wonderful she felt as I slowly continued to push my cock into her sweet tight virgin ass. Resting often and moving slowly I continued until my cum filled balls rested tight against her dripping cunt and my cock was finally deep in Ruby’s ass.
We rested for what seemed like forever until I started small stoking of my cock in her ass.With time the strokes became longer and somewhat harder. I became even more encouraged when Ruby’s dirty mouth started..”Fuck me Baby”
I fucked harder and I know she , like me, enjoyed the slapping of my balls on her cunt. Ruby’s ass was awesome and finally being able to fuck it was a dream come true. She started meeting my strokes and was fingering her cunt as we fucked.I was close and told her so. She was as well and I told her to cum first and as she did her ass clamped tight around my cock as I fucked her. With her last shudder I slammed my cock deep and pumped my cum deep into her ass. It felt INCREDIBLE. I pulled her tight to me and stayed as long as I could before my softening cock slipped from her ass.
I rolled her onto the bed and joined her, kissing caressing and telling her just how wonderful that was.
We showered, went back to bed and after we fucked again and as I was slipping from her cunt, Ruby told me that we do anal more, but she enjoyed me fucking her cunt more. True to her word, I was able to enjoy fucking Ruby’s ass several more times.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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