Andy and the contractor

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Andy and the contractor
Andy was playing games on her laptop while her husband Marcus was watching TV. Andy got excited when she won a game on the Solitaire game site. She told Marcus, but he wasn’t really interested. Marcus just sat in his chair flipping channels. He scrolled past the adult channels. Andy looked up as he past “Naughty Wives”. She told him to stop there, with a big smile on her face.

Marcus looked at her with a big question mark on his face. “Since when do you watch porn?” he asked. “Since my husband doesn’t have sex with me anymore” she replied. “I suppose you play with yourself, too?” he said with the same facial expression. “Yes, all the time. Sometimes with my fingers, with my toys or with some veggies” she said as she blushed. “I’m horny and need to have sex with you, but you just don’t seem interested in me, anymore.” Andy said to him with tears dripping from her eyes.

Marcus stood up in front of her and grabbed her hands to stand up. She stood in front of him and looked him in the eyes. Marcus told her, that he had paid for a lap dance at the strip club last week, but when the girl ran her hands up his chest, he got up and walked out. The girl followed him back to his table, and then Marcus turned and gave her a hundred dollars then left the club, with his friends still at the table.

“I’m not getting excited when I see pussy or tits, I don’t know what’s going on” Marcus replied. “I could strip for you and give you a lap dance, if you want.” Andy ran her fingers through his hair and kissed her husband. He jerked his head when she kissed him. Andy pulled away and took off for their bedroom. The door slammed shut and you could hear her locking the door.

Andy lay on the bed crying; wondering what is going on with the man who took her virginity ten years ago. They were seniors in high school, going to their prom. Marcus was a year older, because he failed a year in grade school; this made it easier for him to rent a hotel room. They made plans to go to the dinner and do some dancing, before heading to the room.

Once they got to the room, Marcus seduced Andy, by dancing and kissing her. Her hormones rose to an extreme level when he kissed her behind her ear and then on the lower part of her neck. The two teenagers had gotten hot and bothered, that they pretty much tore each other’s clothes off. Andy stood in front of Marcus with a bright pink strapless bra and a matching pair of G-string panties. Marcus asked that she leave her heels on, so she did.

Marcus had surprised her by going commando for prom. When he took her pants off, his thick cock sprang at her. She smiled and took him into her hand. Andy had given Marcus and a few others from the football team hand jobs and blowjobs, but they never had intercourse with her. Marcus moaned as she stroked him before going down on him. Andy took him deep in her throat and sucked him to his first coming.

When she shown him that she swallowed his load, he pulled he close for more kissing. He unsnapped her bra, letting it fall to the ground as he held onto to her breasts. She did allow the guys to feel her up, but only Marcus was able to suck on them. Marcus led her to the bed. She laid her head on a pile of pillows and watched Marcus kiss his was to each nipple. He sucked on one and toyed with the other. Pinching, tugging and flick it. Andy moaned when he nibbled on the one in her mouth. She could feel the excitement build between her legs. Marcus moved one hand down her chest, over her belly then to the top of her freshly shaved mound. He rubbed her over the top of her panties, feeling the moist heat coming from her.

Marcus stopped with her nipples, worked his kisses back to her lips. He lifted to look her in the eyes and asked if she was ok. She nodded with a faint smile. Then she asked, “Did you bring condoms?” Marcus got up off the bed, found his overnight bag and pulled out a small baggy. He dumped everything on the bed next to her. Bubble bath, lotion, oil, lube, different colored condoms, a ribbed and a glow in the dark condom and also a knobbed cock ring.

“All of this for tonight?” Andy questioned. Marcus chuckled and said, “Only if you are up for it.” Andy pulled Marcus on top of her and kissed him some more, then worked her kisses to his ear. She whispered that she was getting wetter and that he needs to take care of it. Marcus looked at her, smiled and kissed his way to the top of her panties.

He rubbed her mound down to the beginning of the string, and then he pulled the panties off of her. He ran his legs up her legs, as she spread them wide enough, for him to see her wetness. He smiled as he touched her pussy. Andy jumped at first, but instantly relaxed when Marcus kissed her inner thigh, then kissed her mound.

Marcus spread her lips for his tongue to take a long lick from her entrance to the top of her nub. Andy cooed when he licked and sucked her pussy, he then entered his thick finger. Andy purred and gripped his finger tightly with her lower muscles. Marcus began feeling her insides, and then worked his way in and out until she had come. She gushed her come all over his hand all the while he continued fingering her faster and slipping another in for more enjoyment…

Marcus looked at Andy as he rolled the first condom on his long thick shaft. He bent down to lick her again making it nice and wet for his grand entrance. Slowly he inserted his dick in her tight virgin pussy. He looked Andy in the eye and asked if she was alright. “Yes” she replied. He worked his way in further, watching her exhale with each inch.

Once in, Andy got off again. “Three times you got off, since I first entered you” Marcus said with pride. He bent down to kiss her some more, then continued with him making love to her. After a short bit, Marcus began to come. He continued pumping her pussy until he felt that his dick wasn’t pulsating any longer. He pulled out of her; the condom was full beyond the tip. He then took if off and tossed it in the trash can.

That was a night to remember for always. Their second year into college they got married, traveled a lot and then bought their first house. k**s haven’t really been in their plan for life; they really just wanted to enjoy life to the fullest.

Andy woke up in the wee hours of the morning. She unlocked the bedroom door and headed towards the family room. There she saw Marcus asleep on the couch. She tried to wake him, but he didn’t budge. She covered him with a blanket and went back to bed. Andy lay alone wondering what was causing him not to want to have sex with her. She thought to herself that he’d been working a lot of overtime and he was just tired. Then she remembered him saying that he went to the strip club with his friends. Was he telling me the truth about walking away? Andy thought. The tears built up in her eyes while she laid there pondering what’s going on.

Marcus came in the room after taking his shower. He got dressed and kissed Andy on her forehead. She sat up and asked if he was alright? He said he was fine and that maybe they need to go see a counselor. Andy agreed and said she would look for one, this afternoon. Marcus left for the day; Andy got her in the shower and began to play with her pussy.

Today was her day off, so she wore nothing but one of Marcus’ t-shirts. She liked walking around with nothing, but she was expecting a contractor to come by and give her an estimate for a new back patio. Andy cleaned up her breakfast dishes and headed to her computer. She began looking for a marriage counselor. A few counselors said they specialized with sex therapy and dysfunctional relationships. Andy called one who was close to home.

“Dr. Lindsey Goodall’s office” someone answered. Andy told the receptionist what she was looking for. The lady who answered said she could set up an appointment for next Tuesday evening. Andy jumped on the date and hung up. Shortly after she hung the phone up, the doorbell rang. Andy made sure the shirt was straightened out and was covering her. She answered the door to see a nice looking man standing in tight white painter’s pants, work boots and a snug bright green t-shirt.

The man introduced himself as Charlie and he was here to give an estimate. Andy led him thru the house and took him out the back door. Andy showed him where they wanted the patio. Charlie began with measuring the area. He mentioned to Andy that he also builds decks if they might be interested in something like that. She asked him to give her an estimate for both.

Andy walked back towards the door and offered Charlie a glass of iced tea. Andy watched Charlie out the window above the sink. She imagined him taking his shirt off and working in her back yard. From her nasty thinking of him getting all sweaty, Andy spilled her tea on her shirt. Her nipples grew hard. She cleaned herself up, before taking his glass out to him.

Charlie sat at the patio table and started figuring the price of a concrete patio. Andy walked over to her tomato garden and bent over to pick a few that were ripe. Charlie turned to look at her, right at the time she bent over with her ass peeking from her shirt. When she turned around, Charlie turned back to his paperwork. Andy walked back to him and sat down next to him. Charlie began explain the procedure of the patio with Andy.

Andy put her hand on Charlie’s leg as he was explaining on how long it would take for preparations. Andy had grown some balls to be making the moves on this guy. She was so horny, that she couldn’t keep her hands away. Charlie didn’t seem to mind, either. He turned to face her and touched her hard nipples that were poking thru her shirt. Just with the light touching, her nipples grew harder and her pussy twitched with eagerness.

Charlie was shocked to see how this woman was putting some major moves on him. She had moved her hand to be rubbing him a major hard on and also rubbing his chest. Andy’s legs parted, hoping he would touch her there. Charlie lifted her shirt to reveal her tits and for him to be able to suck on each nipple. Andy turned her chair to face him and removed her shirt all together.

Charlie stood to remove his shirt and to unbutton his pants. His dick was hard and was beginning to rub on the zipper, causing pain. When he unzipped his pants, Andy helped to free his dick. She gasped as she seen how big he was. Charlie hadn’t had the chance to pull his pants down, when Andy took him into her mouth and began to suck him.
Her tongue twirled his knobby head, then slid down to his balls and back up again. Charlie let out a loud moan as he grabbed her hair and began to fuck her face. She felt so good; her tongue and the hot moisture that built in her mouth. Charlie pulled from her tight suction as his pre-come began to ooze. Andy smiled and licked her lips. Her grip on his balls was comforting. Andy stroked his dick until he was ready to come. She hurried and was able to suck his leaking dick.

Charlie watched her clean him up, then sat down in front of her. His hands were on her chest and on her thighs. Andy’s legs were spread wide enough for him to touch her pussy. His fingers slid in between her pussy lips on down to her opening. Her moisture was making the man lick his lips. Andy stood up and positioned herself on the table in front of him. She had her legs on his shoulders as he began to lick her pussy.

Charlie licked and fingered her until she came. Charlie licked her until she was just about ready to orgasm. He lifted her off the table and took her in the house. Andy told him to walk down the hall and into her bedroom. He then laid her on the bed, spread her legs wide and licked and fingered some more until he had her shaking with an orgasm.

Andy lifted to see him working his semi hard dick to be stiff again. She motioned him to come closer for her to suck his dick. He let her get him hard again, for his entrance. When he crawled between her wanting thighs, Andy pulled him in to be closer and for him to fill her with his manhood. Charlie pulled his dick all the way out, then back in slowly. Andy begged for him to fuck her senseless.

“Hell, woman!” he said as he fucked her hard. Andy asked him to pull out of her and to let her get on top. He didn’t seem to be upset about that, so he moved. Andy lifted her pussy to sit on his face as she took his dick deep into her throat. Charlie moaned with delight as he licked her pussy again and again. When he was ready to fuck her some more, he lifted her to sit on his dick.

Andy faced the door and rode his dick. She anchored her hands on his legs as she lifted up and down. Charlie helped her turn to face him, pulled her close and fucked her wet drippy pussy. Just as he was beginning to come inside her, the bedroom door opened. There stood Marcus. He wasn’t angry or upset; he just stood there and watched. The two lovers were so into their own pleasure to notice he was in the room.

Charlie belted out with joy as he came, Andy cooed as she felt his ribbons of come hit her insides. When she collapsed on his chest, Marcus turned and left the room.

Marcus went to sit at the dining room table, to work on some paperwork he had brought home. As he studied his work, he could hear Andy giggling, and then heard her say to Charlie that her husband will be home soon. Shortly after that was said, the two lovers came from the bedroom. Andy came out first and seen Marcus sitting at the table.
Andy and Charlie both had shocked looks when they see Marcus stand up. Marcus put his hand out and shook Charlie’s hand. He asked Charlie if he’d gotten the measurements he needed. Charlie said yes, and then said he would get the other estimate to them in the next few days. Andy shown Charlie to the front door and said bye then blew him a kiss. Andy licked her lips as she turned towards Marcus.

Marcus didn’t look pissed, but Andy could tell he wasn’t very happy. She walked over to him and told him that they are getting an estimate for a wooden patio also. Marcus looked up to her and asked with a stern voice, “Did you enjoy your fucking, with Charlie?”

“How do you know we fucked?” Andy replied. “I saw you riding his dick, I stood in the door way and watched you enjoy his dick in your pussy. How many other guys have you fucked?” Marcus began to get angry. Andy turned away and looked out the patio door, then told him “If you would just make love to me, I wouldn’t have fucked Charlie!” “How many others have you fucked?!” He yelled.

“Just this one time have I fucked behind your back,” Andy cried. “I don’t think I can handle this,” Marcus said as he cleaned up his paperwork. Andy walked out the door and sat at the table, she wasn’t crying, but she was upset that she got caught. She rested her head in her cupped hand, and then turned to see Marcus standing next to her. He touched her hair and said he needed to talk.

Andy turned and said for him to sit and tell her whatever he wanted to say. Marcus told her how he went to the strip joint with some guys from work. The one stripper was flirting with him and asked if he wanted a lap dance. Marcus nodded and off they went to a private room. When she took her bra off, Marcus grabbed her tits and sucked each one, then when she sat on his lap and began to grind on his dick, is when he stood to walk out.

The girl was shocked and confused. She grabbed her bra and followed him to his table. He told his friends he had to go, then seen the girl. He handed her a $100 bill that had his cell phone number written on it. Marcus said he sat in his car and waited for the girl to call him. “That’s when you called and was wondering when I was coming home.”

Andy said with question, “You said you were having dinner with a client and wouldn’t be home until late that night, right?” Marcus nodded his head then continued with his story. He said after they hung up, the stripper Mandy called. Marcus apologized for walking out and asked if she’d like to go someplace nice, with him. She said she would but had to change clothes and clock out.

Marcus said he was happy that she wanted to meet. He figured it would take her a bit before coming out, so he pulled out a girly magazine and began to jerk his stiff dick. He knew he’d get off quick, so he wanted to come before they met. She called and asked which car he was in, then walked over to see him jerking. Mandy opened the passenger door and slid in, grabbing his dick to help him get off. She jerked his dick hard and fast until he came. She hurried and took him in her mouth to get the rest of his come.

Marcus smiled and drove off to a nicer hotel away from the main strip. He booked a nice room with a king sized bed and a double shower. He figured they both needed a good hot shower and they could do it together. When they got to the room, Marcus took his clothes off and headed straight for the shower. He told Mandy she could come join him, if she’d like. She was on his heels as they got in the water.

Marcus told Andy how he and Mandy had sex multiple times that night. He really enjoyed how she wanted to have sex in so many different ways and on every piece of furniture in the room. They had hot sex on the walls, with the curtains open and in the swimming pool. “Swimming pool?” Andy asked. “We swam in our underwear” Marcus replied with his head held high.

“We were the only ones in the pool, so we took advantage of the situation. She stroked my cock, and then jumped to straddle me and let me fuck her in the water. Then after I got off in her, I lifted her to the side of the pool and ate my come from her pussy.” Marcus said with a smirk. “Andy, I’m sorry baby; our sex life has been boring and I have caught you masturbating numerous times.”

Andy looked at Marcus and asked how she could be mad that she fucked a stranger, when he did the same thing. Marcus looked at her and said that he and Mandy had been fucking around for a few years. Just this last time is when he told her, he loved her and was going to break things off with Andy. Andy’s eyes filled with tears as she got up and locked herself in the bedroom.

Marcus tried to get in the room but Andy wouldn’t budge or let him in. Andy then told him to go find his whore and get the fuck out. You could hear the bedroom window open. Marcus ran to the side of the house and seen her throwing his clothes out in the yard. Then she locked the door and lay on the bed crying.

Andy was very upset and called her friend Lynn to come over. When Lynn arrived, Andy was sitting on the couch. Andy told Lynn everything that had happened with both of their affairs. Lynn told Andy that it might just be for the better. “Neither one of you had other partners, ever.” Lynn explained. “Maybe this is just what the two of you needed. To play and explore other people. I think you need a separation period and go play.” Lynn said.

Andy hugged her and said thanks for the talk, then lead her to the front door. When she opened the door, there stood Charlie with the plans and the estimates. Lynn left after Andy introduced then to each other. Charlie walked in and sat in a chair by the dining room table. He looked at Andy with her red face streaked with tears and asked her what happened after he left.

She told him how Marcus got upset, then how Marcus told her that he was leaving her for another woman. Charlie stood up, pulled Andy into his arms. He held her close and kissed the top of her head. He stroked her arms and rubbed her back. Andy looked up to him with tears streaming again. Charlie bent his neck to give Andy a kiss. Not just a peck, but a “passionate, I want to make love to you” kiss.

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