Annie getting done in the forest

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Annie getting done in the forest
This is a true story, although it happened quite a while ago.

The summer my twin sister Annie and I turned eighteen and graduated from high school, our folks were worried that we had no plans or job skills. So they made us sign up for a government youth summer jobs program,clearing brush way out in the national forest to reduce the fire hazard. Usually the k**s who signed up were boys, but they didn’t discriminate so Annie and I could both go.

There were seven guys including me, plus Annie. All kinds of guys, hispanic and black and white and one huge Samoan k**. We had a group leader, Johnnie L., who was around thirty and looked like a cowboy or something. The guys shared one big cabin, Annie had a small one, and Johnnie L. had his own. So every day we got in the truck and rode to a trail site, then busted our butts all day. It was hot, and we sweated buckets. We all noticed that Annie looked pretty damn good with sweat sticking her clothes to her. She was thin, with fairly small breasts and great legs and ass.

It took about four days for the situation to get hot. That night one of the guys that Annie had been talking to during the day went out for a walk and didn’t come back for about an hour. The next day I saw Annie talking to the Samoan k** and him grinning. That night he went for a long walk. This went on one guy each night for three weeks until one night one guy went, then as soon as he got back another went, and so on all night. I wasn’t the only one who noticed this, and the next morning Johnnie L. told her to come to his cabin to talk after dinner. He kept her for hours. Around midnight I sneaked out and went and peeked in Johnnie L’s cabin, and he was fucking Annie’s brains out. I couldn’t keep myself from stroking my cock as I watched them.

I decided I had better talk to her, at least to make sure she was on the pill. We had never talked about that kind of stuff at home. So I went to her cabin and sat on her cot and waited for her. After a while she came in looking exhausted and was startled to find me there.

“God, Jim, you scared me.”

“It’s okay, Annie, I’m just worried about you. It looks like you’re fucking every guy in the camp. Are they forcing you to do it?”

She grinned. “Hell, no, I’m having more fun that I ever have in my life. One guy after another every night!”

“Oh… okay, if you’re okay with it, I should go.”

She took my hand. “Jim, you’re being so sweet about this. But you’re the only guy in the camp who isn’t getting laid. That’s not fair. She stood in front of me and unbuttoned her blouse. “We were so well-behaved all the time we were growing up, but now we are adults and we can do anything we want. She pulled her blouse and sports bra over her head and kneeled down in front of me, then undid my belt, pulled down my zipper, pulled down my boxers and took my cock out. I was so hard I was like a baseball bat. She began to lick me, then suck me, and within about thirty seconds I came in her mouth. She was laughing while she struggled to swallow it all, but she did. Then she took the rest of her clothes off and lay down on the bed. I took mine off and got on top of her and she guided my cock, which never did get soft, into her pussy. I was in heaven. I knew nothing about fucking, but she apparently had learned a few things, so she took command. Pretty soon we rolled over and she sat astride me, facing me. She took my hand and pressed two of my fingers to her clit and showed me how to rub it while she fucked me cowgirl. I watched her face as she got hotter and hotter and then came like she was riding a bucking bronco- her brother! I came right after her and we hugged for a minute, then she told me to get back to my cabin.

“I’m going to tell you the same as I told the other guys- if you tell anyone, I won’t fuck you again.”

“Okay, I promise.” When I got back to the big cabin everybody was grinning at me.

Well the next night was the last night of the job, and all bets were off. The guys huddled after dinner and we decided to all go see her together instead of one after another. When we knocked on her door she was a little taken aback to see us all, but then sort of shrugged and let us in. She was naked in ten seconds, and it began. We fucked her every way we could think of, over and over. She sucked us and jacked us while she was getting fucked. She told first one small guy and then a black guy with a really big cock to fuck her in the ass. She kept screaming, “Oh, God,” and “Fuck me!” This all went on for a couple of hours, then the door opened and Johnnie L. came in.

“Looks like a party,” he said. “Mind if I join you?”

Annie grinned and said, “Come on in, Johnnie, and show these boys how a man fucks.”

Well, we were a little insulted at that, but she was right, he knew his stuff. Johnnie did a number on her with a long, thick cock. She had two screaming orgasms before he finished, fucking her standing up with her legs wrapped around his waist, and then he just dropped her back onto the bed. He grinned at us, took his pants and went back to his cabin.

We were all pretty much fucked out, so guys began drifting out. Pretty soon it was just Annie and me.

She looked at me seriously and said, “Jim, if you tell anybody we know at home, or the folks, I won’t ever fuck you again.” That was a deal I was willing to make, although it seemed different at home and we didn’t really do it much after that.

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