Another beautiful fuck session

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Another beautiful fuck session
When I arrive at your house I notice the door is still open. Only slightly.

I decide to enter without ringing the bell. I close the door behind me and walk further to the dining room.

When I open the door I see a lovely spectacle.

You are lying on the table on your back, legs wide open and your pussy oriented to the door. Right at me.

I see you are playing with yourself. So much even there is already some of your fluids dripping on the table and floor beneath you.

I walk up to you and stop when I stand next to you. Now you have noticed me, but you don’t stop enjoying yourself. I hear the sopping sound of your finger on your pussy.

“Can I help you?” You moan.

Without waiting for my answer you grab my belt, pull me closer to your face, undo my pants and take out my cock. It’s not yet hard, but the sight of you pleasuring yourself has made it hard enough for you to take it in your mouth.

Without ever stopping rubbing your clit, you take my dick in your mouth. Your warm delicious mouth. As a sex addict you suck me off.

You are doing brilliantly!

I stand there fucking your mouth for a while, while you keep rubbing your clit and pussy. Suddenly I hear your moans increasing in loudness and intensity. With my cock still in your mouth, you cum. I love that!

You release me from your mouth to enjoy the last bits of your orgasm. You lay down on your back completely, so your head hangs over the end of the table.

An opportunity I won’t miss. I walk to the head of the table where you are hanging and put my dick back in your mouth.

I start to roughly fuck your mouth, until it become your throat.

Your tits bounce on the rhythm of my pounding. A sight to behold!

It’s clear that you haven’t been roughed up like this for a long time. That’s probably the reason you decided to cheat on your husband with me anyway.

But that’s none of my concern. I just want to cum on and in you over and over again.

I pull my dick out of your throat and hear you gasp for breath.

“Lets move to the other side of the table shall I?” I tell you.

I walk around the table, grab you by your heels and drag your so your pussy is hanging slightly over the edge.

My cock is wet with your saliva and your pussy is dripping wet. So with one push I jam my dick balls deep in you. You scream out in pleasure. I rest with my cock as deep as possible for a second before I start pounding away.

I hear your pussy sopping around my dick. Oh that’s a great sound!

I feel like cumming. “Where do you want it?” I pant.

“Fill my cheating pussy with your juice!” you scream.

The sound of you shouting such dirty talk at me sends me over the edge.

I fill your pussy with a big load of cream. The hot feeling of me spraying in you gives you another mini orgasm.
“Fuck, I grunt” while pulling out.

Your pussy starts dripping cum immediately.

I let you lay down while you clean my dick with your mouth. Tasting my and your own cum.

“When can I fuck you again?” I ask you.

You take my dick out of your mouth for a second: “tonight?”

“What about your husband?”

“He should be home really late, so it’s okay.”

While getting dressed again, my mind is racing with all the things I am going to do to you tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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