At the office

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At the office
I come to your office to pick you up from work, your the last one working, everybody’s gone except you. I poke my head in the door but you don’t see me, your eyes are fixed on your screen, and your doing that sexy pen in your mouth thing.
It gets me kinda hard. So I sneak in, you still somehow don’t notice.
I get next to you and I see what’s got your attention. It’s the pick I sent you earlier in the day. I see that your other hand has made its way up your skirt.
This is the pic I sent
I say “I guess your really did like it?”
You say “Yeah I’ve been dreaming about it all day.”
Then you pull your hand out of your skirt and show me your fingers are soaked. I’m rock hard now.
I roll your chair back stand in front of you and say “dream time is over” as I drop my pants to the floor.
You get on your knees and grab my cock with your wet hand and just work the pussy juice all over it.
Then squeeze the base of my cock and work those sexy juicy lips up and down the shaft.
Your other hand is back up your skirt finhering your pussy, i can hear how wet you are.
You look up at me and lick your lips while you squeeze and stroke my cock.
You smack the head of my dick on those sweet juicy lips of yours and tell me “I want all of this cock”
You wipe some more of your pussy juice on your lips then open your mouth and slowly slide my dick in.
You take your time, letting your lips stretch and slide down the shaft.
To tease me you get halfway down and pull your head back, your mouth is filled with drool, you let it run out of your mouth allover my cock.
You squeeze the base again, lick your lips and smack my sloppy wet dick on them, it feels so good I twitch and let out a “oh fuck yes baby, I love it when you do that”
Then you slide those soft thick lips up and down my shaft again, top, bottom, both sides, you make sure you don’t miss an inch.
Then you go down the bottom of my shaft with the tip of your tongue, when you get to the bottom you put my freshly shaved and smooth balls in your mouth. You stroke my cock real good.
can hear you lightly smacking your pussy while you do this, I drives me nuts.
I say “please baby, put my dick back in your mouth.”
You take my balls out of your mouth, press your lips together and wipe my dripping precum on them.
You ask me if I’m ready to cum.
I say “oh, fuck yes”
You wrap those fat wet lips around my cock again and slowly slide it down your throat.
You stop halfway down, look up at me and smile.
I say “fuck you look so sexy with my dick in your mouth.
You go the rest of the way down, you keep looking at my while you do it, I love the wide look in your eyes as my cock hits your throat. You kind of gag, but don’t take my dick out, you just want more.
You get to the bottom of my cock, my balls are hitting your bottom lip.
Then you work your head back and forth from base to tip, taking all of it every time. I’m shaky and ready to cum, you put your head down to the base again and just fuck my cock with your throat until I cum.
You take all of my load with no problem, then you slowly slide my dick out and while I’m still hard rub your lips all over it.
Then you stand up, and I pull you in for a nice deep kiss.
You grind your wet pussy up and down on my dick while we kiss.
Then I tell you “It’s time to get you home so I van take care of that pussy.”
The end.
For now………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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