Back in Town

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Back in Town
Carmen glanced around the busy train station, her gaze lingering on a woman’s ass for a moment before moving on. Anxiously, she looked down at her phone. Frustrated, she continued to look around the station. It wasn’t like Lindsey to be late.

Lindsey was one of Carmen’s best friends. They had roomed together in college, and they had clicked immediately. Unlike most other women in college, Lindsey was one of the cool ones, the kind who was always there for you, but knew when to leave you alone when you brought someone back for the evening. Even though most nights Lindsey had a guy or girl spending the night in her room, she always made sure not to bother you. Carmen appreciated the courtesy, and the two had kept in contact over the years. Today was the first time since graduation that Lindsey was visiting Carmen in her home town.

“Carmen!” Carmen turned.

A tall blond woman was hurrying toward her, waving and smiling. Lindsey Reese wore a leather jacket and a pair of sleek black sunglasses. Under the open jacket, she wore a tight red tank top, her full, beautiful breasts jiggling as she rushed over. Around her waist she wore a black, bejeweled belt that held up her tight jeans.

“Lindsey!” Carmen ran to meet her friend and embraced the other woman. Lindsey’s perfume washed over Carmen as they hugged. An electric tingle shot through Carmen’s body as she felt Lindsey’s breasts pressing against her own. Without meaning to, she inhaled. The scent of Lindsey’s hair caused a momentary stir in Carmen’s womanhood, but she ignored it. She’s my friend. I can’t make it weird.

The two women began catching up, chatting excitedly as Carmen led them outside to her car, a black Camaro convertible. As soon as they put Lindsey’s bag in the trunk, Carmen suggested they go eat at Wheeler’s, Carmen’s favorite restaurant, to which Lindsey agreed. Carmen put the top down and pulled out of the parking lot, noticing how amazing Lindsey’s hair looked blowing in the breeze. Mentally kicking herself, she forced herself to focus on the road ahead.

At the restaurant, Carmen and Lindsey talked about old times. Lindsey told Carmen all about the last woman she dated, who had decided she liked dick more than pussy. From there, she told all about her friends and what was going on in their love lives. “Alice and Betty finally got married. Of course, I almost missed it because I was in bed with the Maid of Honor. Dana’s pissed at Ellen because she found a bra in their couch, which was even funnier because the bra was bigger than the ones she wears. And Jordan finally got her secretary to become a lesbian, which of course went over really well with her husband. So what about you? Is there a special woman in your life? Or a guy?”

“No, nobody right now,” Carmen admitted, sipping her coffee. “The last woman I asked out said my boobs were too big, and she preferred flat-chested women.”

“Forget her,” Lindsey advised. “I think your boobs are perfect, and someday you’re going to find a woman who will be an amazing wife, just you wait.”

“Can I get you ladies anything else?” the waitress asked as she approached.

“No thanks, just give us the check,” Carmen said, surreptitiously checking out the woman’s chest. The waitress handed them the check and walked away.

“Here, let me help with that,” Lindsey volunteered.

“No way, you’re my guest. I’m not making you pay for stuff.”

“I’m your friend, Carmen. What kind of friend would I be if I made you buy stuff for me the whole time I’m here? I’ve got money.” Setting down her coffee, Lindsey reached into her tank top. Her left breast jiggled as she rooted around in her bra. Carmen sat in silence, transfixed by the sight of her well-endowed friend handling herself. Then Lindsey produced some folded bills and the moment was gone.

Later that evening, after Lindsey was unpacked and settled into Carmen’s spare room, the two women sat in the den, watching a rerun of some old cop show. The clock on the wall slowly ticked the minutes away as Carmen switched from channel to channel, searching for something to watch.

At last, she couldn’t take it anymore. “What are we doing, Lindsey? We’re two beautiful women on a Friday night! We shouldn’t be in here, we should be out there having fun!”

Lindsey’s head shot up from where she had been resting it on the arm of the sofa. “Are you sure? I’m okay if you just want to stay here.”

“No way! I’ve been a bad hostess, letting you sit here and be bored. Come on, I heard there’s a great new club downtown.”

“Well, I have been wanting an excuse to try out my new dress,” Lindsey said. “Okay! Give me a few minutes, and I’ll be ready to go!”

Once in her room, Carmen stripped down and opened her closet. Quickly, she selected her outfit and put all the clothes on her bed. Before she went any further, she picked up a small bottle of her favorite perfume and sprayed one squirt on each of her boobs, happily noting how firm and perky they were despite their large size. Most women didn’t have the genes for such a thing, but Carmen (and for that matter Lindsey) wasn’t most women.

First she snapped on a sheer black bra, twisted it around, and hooked the straps over her shoulders, adjusting the garment so that it gently cupped her breasts. I wonder if a man or a woman will take this off me tonight, she thought as she made sure her cleavage was just right. Women are sweet in bed, but it’s been forever since I’ve had a dick in between these puppies.

Next she slipped on a matching pair of panties. She paused for a moment to admire her tight, perfect ass in the mirror, then she pulled on her favorite pair of sheer black stockings. After making sure the stockings were just right, she put on her tight red dress. Looking in the mirror to make sure she was showing enough cleavage, she thought about putting on a necklace and a pair of earrings. Nah, better not. If they’re looking at my neck or ears, they can’t be looking at my boobs. After giving them a good squeeze, she put on her best lipstick, happily imagining her lips wrapping around a man’s penis or meeting a woman’s lips. Satisfied, she stepped into her sexiest pair of black heels. She walked around a few times, listening to the sound they made on the floor, a sound hot enough to make any man hard and any woman wet.

“Hey Lindsey, are you ready?” Carmen called, walking into her living room.

“Just a second!” Lindsey called. After a moment, she strolled out. “How do I look?”

Lindsey wore a tight, deep purple dress that hugged every curve of her body. Her blond hair flowed down to her shoulders, drawing the eye away from her face and down toward her goodies. On her chest, the dress proudly displayed the tops of her boobs, inviting any man that saw her to imagine putting his penis between her love pillows. Further down, she wore a pair of tight black fishnets on her legs that led the eye down toward a pair of sexy heels on her feet.

“You look amazing!” Carmen finally managed to get out. Has her perfume always smelled this good? She wondered inwardly. Beaming, Lindsey walked toward her, and Carmen forced herself to tear her gaze away from her friend’s breasts.

“You look great, too!” Lindsey said happily. “We’re gonna be the two hottest girls in the whole place! Oh, before I forget…” Lindsey pulled a condom out of somewhere. Carmen read “Magnum XXL” on the wrapper. “Just in case.” Lindsey winked as she slipped the condom into her bra.

Ten minutes later, Carmen and Lindsey strode into the club. The bouncer at the door had tried to stop them from getting in, but Lindsey had leaned forward, given him a generous view of her cleavage, and asked nicely. Carmen tried not to react, but somehow the thought of Lindsey with a man bothered her in a way she couldn’t explain.

The club pulsed with the mad energy of people desperately trying to forget their lives, the air heavy with perfume, sweat, and hormones. Scantily-clad women were everywhere, drinking at the counter, grinding on each other on the dance floor, and sneaking off to dark corners to commit their sweet sins in private. A few guys could be seen here and there, dancing and watching the women. Some of them were even lucky enough to get women, who were apparently too impatient to get a room. Carmen saw a few naked boobs from women whose dresses had “accidentally” slipped down, and once or twice she saw penises, courtesy of men who had found women that wanted it badly enough.

Carmen and Lindsey danced for awhile, their breasts heaving and jiggling to the beat of the music. Once a man came up and asked Carmen to dance, and Carmen grinded on him for awhile, feeling his hard dick through her dress. After they had been dancing for awhile, Carmen turned and started to ask if he wanted to get out of here, but the man had spotted a woman who was jiggling her breasts at him and gone after her.

Lindsey had spent the night dancing like Carmen had never seen her dance before. Women from all over the club seemed drawn to her. Amid the dancers, Carmen watched as several women surrounded her. As they danced, the women got more and more affectionate with Lindsey. One woman pulled down the front of her dress, giving Lindsey a full view of her boobs. Lindsey smiled and grabbed the left one, causing the woman to moan happily.

Disgusted, Carmen broke away from the brunette that she had been about to close the deal with and made her way over to Lindsey. “Come on,” she said, grabbing Lindsey’s hand. “How about we take a break?”

The two of them ordered drinks and rested at the counter. Carmen couldn’t take her eyes off Lindsey’s breasts as they went up and down as her friend caught her breath. I don’t mind if she sleeps with a woman, she insisted to herself. But can’t she pick a woman that will wait until they get a room before she whips her boobs out?

Another drink slid across the counter into Lindsey’s resting hand. “Hey blondie,” the hot bartender said. “You got an admirer.” She jerked her thumb toward a woman sitting further down the bar.

The “admirer” was a tall redheaded woman with long, full hair that reached down to her waist. She wore a short leopard-print dress with a divide that ran from her neck all the way down to her belly button, giving a full view of her cleavage. She wore no bra, but her breasts appeared as large and as firm as Carmen and Lindsey’s. When Lindsey took a sip, the woman gave her a sultry look.

“’Scuse me, Carmen,” Lindsey said, winking as she went over.

Carmen watched helplessly as the women chatted for a few minutes. The redheaded woman smiled and put her hand on the side of Lindsey’s face. Lindsey returned her smile. Carmen gripped her glass so tightly her knuckles turned white.

Standing, the redhead took Lindsey’s hand and led her out onto the dance floor. The two women danced with the passion of two lovers on their wedding night. Lindsey grinded her ass into the redhead’s crotch as they moved to the music. The redhead grabbed her ass and moved closer so that her almost-naked breasts were pressing against Lindsey’s back. Carmen tried and failed not to notice the look of ecstasy on Lindsey’s face.

Carmen lost track of how long the two women danced, but eventually they edged off the dance floor and snuck away. Finishing her drink, Carmen followed them to a booth in a quiet corner of the club. She walked past the other booths and rooms where people committed their carnal sins in peace. Several lesbian couples kissed and fingered each other under their dresses as she passed. One man sucked on the breast of one woman while another knelt in front of him, stroking his penis while she sucked on his balls. Two women had their dresses down and seemed to be comparing breast sizes. At one point, a door to one of the private rooms opened and a naked woman, her pussy dripping with love juice asked Carmen to join their lesbian group sex. Carmen grimaced inwardly at the opportunity but declined anyway.

At last she spotted them. The two women were kissing passionately. Even as Carmen watched, Lindsey put her hand behind the redhead’s head and pulled her closer so she could kiss her more deeply. The redhead moaned slightly and grabbed Lindsey’s boob. She fondled Lindsey’s goodies for a few minutes, then slipped her hand inside Lindsey’s dress.

“Hey Lindsey, can I talk to you for a second?” Carmen asked, coming forward.

The two women broke off their kiss, and the redhead gave Carmen a sour look. “Right now?” Lindsey asked, surprised.

“Yeah, right now.” Lindsey excused herself from the redhead.

“I’ll be in the bathroom,” the redhead said coldly, getting up and walking away.

“What’s wrong?” Lindsey asked as soon as she was gone.

“What’s wrong is… is… is that I want you, Lindsey!” Carmen burst out. “I’ve wanted you ever since college! You’re beautiful and amazing and I get so jealous when you-” Before Carmen could finish her sentence, Lindsey rushed forward and kissed her.

“Oh Carmen, I want you too!” Lindsey exclaimed after they had kissed for a few seconds. “I want you more than anything! For years I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid you didn’t feel the same way-”

“I do,” Carmen said, relieved. “I want you, Lindsey.”

The two women embraced, kissing like sex-starved teenagers as they groped each other. Carmen’s womanhood ached as she felt Lindsey’s breasts pressing against her own, the softness of Lindsey’s lips, the sweet smell of her hair. Lindsey’s nipples started to get hard as Carmen ran her hands over her body, admiring her dress and the woman beneath it.

The rest of the evening passed in a haze of love and hormones. Carmen and Lindsey danced for over an hour, teasing each other with their bodies. While they danced, Carmen tried to touch Lindsey as much as she could, Lindsey’s dress turning her on more every second.

At last, when they could stand it no more, they somehow made it back to Carmen’s place. They stumbled through the door, groping and kissing uncontrollably. Barely remembering to close the door, they stood in the middle of Carmen’s living room, kissing madly. Lindsey moved to the side to kiss Carmen’s neck. Carmen stole a glance down, feeling herself grow even wetter as she admired the sight of her breasts and Lindsey’ breasts squishing together. For a moment, she wished they had a man with them so they could put a penis in between them. Then Lindsey began kissing her mouth again and the moment passed.

Their heels clicked on the floor as Carmen involuntarily thrust her hips forward, trying to get her crotch to touch Lindsey’s while her hand grabbed Lindsey’s ass. Bending down, Lindsey scooped up Carmen in her arms and carried her to the bedroom like a bride. Setting her down, Lindsey climbed on top and kissed her more. For several long minutes they embraced on the bed, lost in their lesbian love. Then Lindsey whispered, “Take off my dress.”

Eagerly, Carmen reached down and grabbed the bottom of Lindsey’s dress. Slowly she lifted the garment from Lindsey’s body, revealing her goddess-like figure inch by inch. For a moment she slowed down even more when she reached Lindsey’s chest, causing Lindsey’s breasts to emerge with a satisfying flopping sound. At last, she lifted the dress over Lindsey’s head. Lindsey shook out her hair as Carmen deposited the dress on the floor.
Lindsey knelt upright on top of Carmen. Her deep purple bra and panties smelled of her sweet perfume, causing Carmen’s own panties to become even more drenched. Drinking in Lindsey’s body, she ran her hands down Lindsey’s fishnet-covered legs. She smiled as she saw Lindsey’s erect nipples through her bra.

“Do you want me to take yours off?” Lindsey asked.

“Yes…” Carmen whispered.

Lindsey reached down and grabbed the bottom of Carmen’s dress. Carefully, she pulled it up, Carmen raising herself slightly so Lindsey could slide part of the dress between the bed and her ass. In seconds, she lifted the dress from Carmen and tossed it next to her own on the floor.

The two women embraced once more, kissing and humping and trying to feel every inch of the other’s body. Before she knew what she was doing, Carmen reached around behind Lindsey’s back and unhooked her bra.
Lindsey’s breasts spilled forth. Carmen gasped involuntarily as she beheld Lindsey’s perfect DD tits, topped by her large, erect nipples. Before she could stop herself, Carmen reached up and grabbed her friend’s boobs like a horny teenager.

Lindsey moaned as she leaned closer to Carmen. “It’s not fair if it’s just you,” she whispered. With a practiced move, she reached under Carmen and removed her bra. Reflexively, Carmen let go of Lindsey’s chest and covered her ample boobs, blushing. Lindsey remained unperturbed as she lifted Carmen’s bra to her nose. She met Carmen’s eyes and took a long, deep sniff of one of the cups. “So you wear perfume on your goodies, too,” Lindsey smiled. She sniffed again, then she tossed the bra to the floor and moved in for another kiss.

Gradually, the two women undressed each other, their clothes littering the bedroom floor. Even though Carmen wanted Lindsey to leave her heels and fishnets on (because what’s hotter than fucking a woman wearing heels and fishnets?), Lindsey had discarded them as well, until both of them were completely naked under the sheets.
Carmen and Lindsey kissed passionately. After a few minutes, Carmen broke away from Lindsey’s lips. “Nothing is as pure as love between two women,” she whispered in Lindsey’s ear. Then she kissed Lindsey’s neck and began to move down. Tenderly, she kissed Lindsey’s shoulder, then her clavicle. She brushed her lips against Lindsey’s nipple, but didn’t touch it any more. One by one, she planted kisses on Lindsey’s body, across her tight stomach, and finally down to the love between her legs.

Lindsey cried out and arched her back as Carmen began eating her out. “Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh… Carmen…” she moaned, putting her hand on the back of Carmen’s head.

Carmen barely heard her, her attention focused entirely on Lindsey’s pussy as she reached under and grabbed her friend’s ass. Carmen had made love to many women before, but not like this. Women were different in bed than men. Men liked to stick their penises in a woman and pound until they filled her with cum. But women cared more about touch and intimacy. They were turned on by their partners being delicate and sensual. Carmen had eaten out plenty of women, and most of those women had eaten her out in return, so she knew exactly what felt good. But Lindsey was special. She deserved something extra. So Carmen drew on all of her memory and experience to give Lindsey the best night of her life.

“Carmen… I’m cumming!!!!!” Lindsey’s body went rigid and a wordless cry erupted from her as the orgasm ripped through her body. Carmen closed her eyes and relished the feeling of Lindsey’s love tightening around her mouth. It seemed to last a lifetime, but eventually the beautiful woman relaxed, panting, her perfect body glistening with sweat. Carmen looked up, admiring Lindsey’s underboob. “That was amazing…”

“We’re not done yet.” Carmen climbed up and kissed Lindsey. Lindsey’s eyes slid shut as she savored the taste of her
own pussy. Carmen leaned in deeper. Their tongues danced as Lindsey grabbed Carmen’s boobs and began fondling her. No one can touch a woman like another woman, Carmen thought as she felt Lindsey playing with her nipples.

“Now it’s my turn to please you.” Lindsey reached down. Carmen gasped as she felt Lindsey’s fingers touch her womanhood. Instantly, the love between her legs began to moisten. Lindsey put her hand behind Carmen’s head, pulling her deeper into their kiss. Carmen’s lips moistened even more, drenching the sheets beneath her naked body.

The orgasm was upon her before she knew what was happening. Carmen arched her back, crying out at the top of her lungs, her toes curling as she grabbed the sheets in fistfuls. Lindsey watched with a smile, savoring the feeling of Carmen’s lips tightening around her fingers. She waited for the orgasm to subside, then kissed her friend again.
The two women fucked some more, kissing and grabbing and moaning as each woman tried to get her fill of love. They played with each others’ boobs for awhile, taking turns sucking on each others’ nipples. As she ran her tongue around Lindsey’s areola, Carmen wondered what milk from her friend’s boobs would taste like. Finally, as they lay next to each other fingering, Lindsey leaned over and whispered in Carmen’s ear: “Get between my legs.”

Eagerly Carmen climbed over Lindsey, barely able to contain herself. Carefully she spread her legs and slid between Lindsey’s.

Carmen gasped as her pussy touched Lindsey’s love, barely noticing Lindsey doing the same. Gently the two women pressed their secret lips together. Carmen felt the slickness of their love pouring out of her new girlfriend. She looked over and met Lindsey’s eyes, relishing the look on her face as they shared the ultimate act of love.
Carmen began to thrust against Lindsey’s womanhood, gasping again at the feeling of their clits touching. Lindsey thrust back, each time meeting Carmen’s movement with her own. Carmen’s eyes drifted shut, riding the waves of ecstasy. This is what it means to be a woman, she thought. This is love.

The two thrust against each others’ pussies for hours, gasping, their heaving breasts rising and falling in perfect harmony. Sweat covered their perfect bodies. Fluid from their lovemaking stained the sheets below them.

At last Carmen felt her love tightening. Arching her back, she cried out as the orgasm exploded through her, barely noticing Lindsey screaming as well. After a few minutes, the screams died away, and the two women sat on the bed, panting breathlessly. Carmen met Lindsey’s eyes. The two women embraced, collapsing into each other’s arms as they kissed.


Sunlight filtered in through the blinds. Carmen stirred sleepily and looked down at the beautiful woman in her arms.

“Morning,” Lindsey said tiredly, looking up at Carmen.

“Morning,” Carmen smiled, stroking Lindsey’s hair. “Last night was amazing.”

Lindsey returned her smile. “It’s the least I could do for my girlfriend.” The two women kissed for a long minute. Then Lindsey extracted herself and stood up, revealing herself to still be naked. She found her heels on the floor and stepped into them. “Just relax for a bit. I’ll get us some breakfast.” Carmen stared at Lindsey’s naked ass as she walked away, already touching herself under the sheets.

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