Beachside adventure

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Beachside adventure
It was the first day of our holiday on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW and we were off to the beach.

I’m Sean, a 50 year old middle manager with two teenage k**s who spend half their time with their mother.

Kasey and I have been together for two years and have explored a lot of sexual avenues that hadn’t been open to us in our marriages.

Kasey is in her mid forties and her sexual prime. While the years and gravity have had an effect on her body, I think it makes her even more desirable. Her  38D breasts hang a little more than they used to, as do her arse cheeks, but combined with her sultry looks and new found confidence in herself, she is one sexy woman.

Today we were hoping to fulfil a few fantasies in one go. We hadn’t fulfilled any of these partly because of my fear of being caught by the wrong people and partly because of my  possessiveness of Kasey.

I did fantasise about her having sex with other people, but was terrified she’d be swept off her feet by some bloke with a huge appendage. We talked about it a lot and she convinced me she wasn’t so shallow as to do that and besides, if I allowed her to have other men, why would she need to go elsewhere?

We’d chosen this place to holiday because we’d heard there was a tiny beach around the point from the main beach, that was a ‘free’ beach, as nudist beaches are referred to in this neck of the woods and because it was a bit hard to get to, it was frequented mostly by exhibitionists and voyeurs.

We packed the esky with ice, food and drinks and parked the car at the southern end of  the main beach.  We needed to walk around the rocks at the bottom of the headland to get to the much smaller beach on the other side. Kasey was wearing a long t-shirt (or very short dress) with a white g-string swimsuit.

With me carrying the esky, I lagged behind a little and was able to enjoy the sight of the bottom of her dress flipping up every now and then, exposing her bare arse cheeks. My cock started to stiffen in my board shorts.

We made our way around and found the beach that was only about 40 metres wide and 30 metres from the shore to a steep cliff. There was a bloke by himself just to our right as we walked onto the beach and two other blokes sitting together at the other end. The obvious place to plonk ourselves was in the middle, but back near the cliff face.

The beach being so small meant we were only about 10 metres from the single man and 15 metres from the other two,

“They’re not naked”, Kasey pointed out. They were all wearing brief swimmers, which we later discovered were g strings.

“Maybe they’re waiting for someone to break the ice”, I suggested, looking straight at Kasey.

She went to the esky and bent over to get a bourbon and coke out. Her back was facing the single guy, so he would have copped a nice view of Kasey’s barely covered pussy and her completely bare arse cheeks.

The man rolled over on his towel, exposing his almost bare cheeks, which meant he could now see us without turning his head.

Kasey sat on the esky and crossed her legs. I had no doubt she would be exposing at least a little of the crotch of her swimmers. It’s funny how exposure like that can be just as exciting, if not more exciting, than total nudity.

I laid out our towels and suggested to Kasey that she should lie down while I applied some sunscreen. She took of her ‘dress’ and quickly laid on her stomach. I don’t know why she was being so coy with showing her tits. She loves to wear short skirts and low cut tops. It turns her on knowing that men are trying to get a glimpse of anything they can. Sometimes she’ll deliberately expose extra breast and even a hint of nipple.

Kasey looked naked lying there, the only hint she wasn’t was the string emerging from between her cheeks, attached to the one the went from one hip to the other.

 I applied liberal amounts of sunscreen to her back and legs, so her skin glistened in the sun. I looked over at the single bloke and we certainly had his attention. The other two seemed to not notice us at all, at various times being in deep conversation or looking at their devices.

I got another bourbon out of the esky for Kasey and she downed it very quickly. I said to her, a bit louder than I needed to, so the man could hear, “This cream is going to wreck your swimmers if it gets on them, I’ll just slip them off for you.”

I hooked my fingers in either side and to my surprise, Kasey lifted her arse up slightly to assist. They slipped off easily and I squeezed more cream into my right hand than I needed to.

I applied the sunscreen slowly to Kasey’s gorgeous, slightly spongy mounds of flesh, giving myself a quick thrill by pulling her cheeks apart and exposing her puckered little hole and her slit to my gaze only.

I could tell it was having a positive effect on Kasey because of the goosebumps on her arse cheeks and the glistening wetness on her slit. “Get me another drink will you, love?” She asked me and as I did, she rolled over revealing her bare breasts, stiff nipples and carefully coiffed pussy for all to see.

I love Kasey’s nipples. They’re the type that have aureole the size of small saucers when she’s not excited, but crinkle up nice and tight, almost becoming non existent when her long nipples stiffen.

Her pussy is a sight to behold. She waxes her lips and the outer areas of her mound, leaving a closely cropped tuft of hair on her mound. It shows off the puffiness of her stimulated outer lips beautifully.

We now had our man’s full attention as she sat up to drink from the long necked bottle. He sat up to get a better look as she licked the opening of the bottle and enclosed it in her lips before drinking some more.

She laid down again and I did her legs and tummy first. I then spread sunscreen over her bounteous tits, paying close attention to her nipples. I rolled them around between my thumb and forefingers and pinched them occasionally. She was moaning softly, indicating her enjoyment and her legs opened a little.

I then rubbed the cream into her mound and made sure I got right down into her groin. While my hand was there, I run my fingers up and down her wet slit and couldn’t resist pushing two fingers inside her, making sure nobody could see. We were still a bit unsure of how much we could get away with. Kasey groaned louder now and pushed her hips towards my hand, to get more of my fingers inside her.

I pulled my hand away and had a sneaky lick of her juices on my fingers. I was getting very stiff by now. “Your turn now big boy”, she giggled. The 3 quick bourbons had gone to her head.

I laid on my back so as to hide my erection and Kasey swiftly removed my boardies. Then single man got up and walked over to us. “G’day guys, my name’s Greg, beautiful day isn’t?” And without waiting for an answer, continued “I see that you guys are going au naturale, I was wondering if you would mind if I do to”

“G’day Greg, I’m Sean and this is Kasey. Mate, we don’t mind at all, besides this is a free beach isn’t it?” I replied.

“Yeah, that’s what I was told, but it’s my first time here and I didn’t want to offend anybody”, Greg said as he removed his posing pouch to reveal an impressive semi erect dong. “This is a bit embarrassing, but I put sunscreen on everywhere else, but not these parts. Could I borrow some?”

Kasey had the sunscreen now and said, “Come over here love and turn around”, she told him, which he did.

Greg was probably about 30 and was quite tall. He had a bit of a paunch, but was otherwise in good shape.

Kasey applied sunscreen to Greg’s tight arse cheeks and took her time about doing it. “Mmm, nice buns Greg” she said with no inhibition, “Now turn around so I can do the front.”

It was at this point I thought I would be jealous, but my cock was telling me different. It was harder than Chinese arithmetic. In fact I moved, almost without thinking, so I could get a better view.

As Greg turned I took a quick peek over at the other two guys. I thought they might have been emboldened enough to come over to us, but while they looked over a few times, they didn’t appear to be that interested.

I wasn’t the only one that was hard. Greg’s cock was about 7 inches and pointing skywards and he had a huge smile on his face.

Kasey was kneeling in front of Greg. With her face at cock level. She dispensed a huge amount of lotion into her right hand and as she smothered it onto Greg’s shaft, she said, like a mother applying it to a c***d, “Now, we have to make sure this is rubbed in well. We wouldn’t want such a sensitive part of your body getting sunburnt”, and as she massaged it into the now angry red head of his cock, “this part is even more sensitive.”

Kasey turned to me and said, “Be a love and get me another drunk will you?”, before turning back to Greg.

She was gently massaging his cock head, using her thumb to pay special attention to the sensitive underside of his helmet. She was also running it over the eye of his penis.

She took a swig of the drink, before looking up into Greg’s eyes and saying. “It looks like you might produce some cream of your own, Greg”, before putting her drink down and cupping his balls. “Have you got a nice load of cream in there for me.”

Greg just grunted and nodded. He seemed speechless. Kasey then started stroking his cock from the base to the tip, slowly increasing her speed. every now and then she’d stop at Greg’s helmet and massage in the clear pre cum juice that was now leaking from the eye of his cock.

In the meantime, I downed a bourbon and started fondling Kasey’s soft arse. I slipped my hand further down, finding her pussy and pushing two fingers inside her, fucking her with them.

I found the ridge inside her cunt that held her g spot.  It was more swollen than I’d ever felt it. I stroked gently along the rough skin and found Kasey’s g spot easily, partly because she adjusted her position very slightly, to make sure I kept stroking there.

“Ooh Greg, your very excited, aren’t you?” Kasey said and without waiting for an answer, continued, “Are you going to cum for me? I want to see your cum spurting onto my titties.”

Kasey was again stroking Greg’s cock from base to tip, much more urgently now. I could feel her pussy start to go into pre orgasm spasms and continued to massage her cunt gently.

Greg moaned loudly, looking down at my horny partner tossing him off. He let go with two quick, powerful spurts of cum.

“That’s it Greg, give it all to me. Empty your balls onto my tits. It feels so hot splashing on my skin.” Kasey was in heaven. She’d slowed her strokes so as to milk every drip of cum from Greg’s balls.

Greg gave her two more powerful spurts. Her tits were covered in his seed. The last spurt had landed on one of her stiff inch long nipples and hung off it. Two more strokes of Kasey’s hand produced a dribble of cum and two more created another strong spurt.

“Your hot cream is making me very horny Greg. It’s so thick and wet and gooey.” Kasey continues to slide her hand up and down Greg’s shaft slowly as her own orgasming hit her.

Her body tensed and she lost control. The next three strokes of Greg’s shaft were involuntary. She was just holding on and her loss of muscle control throughout her body caused her hand to jerk up and down.

She didn’t actually squirt like she often does with a g spot orgasm. Her cunt tensed around my my fingers and the next second copious amounts of her juices flooded over my hand and onto the towel.

Kasey collapsed onto the towel, from the exertion of her orgasm. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and ran my soaking index finger between her cheeks and across her puckered arsehole. She flinched in excitement again and sighed in satisfaction.

“Man, that was the best hand job ever!”, exclaimed Greg, “You’re one very fucking lucky man, Sean. She fucking drained every last drop out of me.”

It excited me to hear him say that. Gone were any doubts about how I’d feel about seeing Kasey with another man. My brain had told me I’d be jealous, but my cock told my brain to fuck off!

“I’m going to have to wash this off,” she smeared Greg’s jizz around her boobs and slid some down near her neatly trimmed pussy. “Or should I wait a while to see if it gets added to?” She subconsciously licked her lips as she looked at my rock-hard cock.

“Go have a swim,” I tapped her on the arse, “Those two lads down there need to see what they’re missing out on.”

“Yeah,” she stood up and gazed over towards the two lads, “What the hell are they doing just lying there?”

“Maybe they’re gay,” Greg said. “or short-sighted.”

“Or both,” Kasey said as she took off in a slow trot across the sand.

“Do you mind if I bring my gear over here?” Greg asked. “I was feeling a bit weird being here by myself.”

“Sure mate,” I moved the esky and rearranged a few towels, “I’m sure the day has a fair bit longer to run.”

I thought I might find it weird sitting naked on a beach with another man, but I was sweet with it. It would have been really bizarre if Kasey hadn’t been there, mind you, and I could see where Greg was coming from.

“Hot arse,” he said as she bolted into the churning sea. “My ex-wife let herself go somewhat.”

I should have known that Greg may have been married, not that it mattered at all, but as Sharon dipped and dived in the water, he banged on about his ex-wife. I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was saying because I was fantasising about fucking Kasey, but when he asked me a question I was suddenly all ears.

“How often do you two include others?” he asked.

“What?” I replied in shock, “Umm, you’re the first, mate.”

“Really,” he looked across at Kasey who was now walking up past the two lads, “Crikey, that’s pretty cool, thanks mate.” He gave me the thumbs up, “Respect.”

Once more I was left feeling positive about our decision and felt excited when Kasey waved to the two lads and diverted her path towards them.

Greg and I sat in silence sipping on our drinks as Kasey giggled and smiled as she chatted to the lads. I was expecting her to leap over them at one stage but soon enough she hopped up, waved goodbye and wandered back to Greg and I.

I nodded at the two lads as she came within earshot “What’s the go?”

“They’re waiting for their girlfriends,” she said. “They liked the show too.”

“Sheesh,” Greg said, “You wouldn’t have known they were watching.”

“Oh they were,” she said clearly pleased that they liked it, she was enjoying being an exhibitionist.

Strange though it may seem we all behaved like we were at Bondi, we sat and chatted about life, politics, the environment and football as though we did this every day.

It was only when two stunning young women strolled onto the beach and headed towards the two lads did the dynamic change. One was a stunning brunette with her hair bunched on her head, the other a blonde with wild curly locks.

“Beautiful,” Greg whispered out his thoughts.  

The two girls were indeed beautiful. Dressed in short flowery skirts and loose summer tops, the pair sat themselves down next to the boys and began chatting. At one point the two girls turned to look at us and Kasey knew what they were talking about.

“There we go,” she said, “The boys just told her what we did.”

“Hopefully it will inspire them to follow suit,” Greg said. “Either one will do.”

As if they’d been listening, the girls stood up and faced the sea. The blonde was the first to lift her top off and drop her skirt before standing in front of the boys in her very skimpy white bikini.

“Keep going,” I said, “Get it off.”

Kasey playfully slapped me on the leg. “Why do you need to look at her?” She spread her legs slightly, “When you can feast your eyes and hands on this?”

“Because,” I tore my eyes away from her swollen pussy lips, “I’m male. It’s what we do.”

Blondie though stayed wrapped in her bikini and all I had was my very fertile imagination to fill in the blanks. The brunette quickly followed suit and whipped off her outer clothing layer in seconds. I’ve spent thousands of hours on the beach and admired the forms of countless women and these two were in the top ten.

“They are hot,” Kasey said, “

“So Kasey, what makes you want to come to a beach like like this?” Greg enquired.

“What do you mean?” Was Kasey’s puzzled response.

“Well, men are pretty straight forward. They come to be he’s like this to get any action they can get. But women usually have specific desires that make them come”, Greg responded.

Kasey wasn’t worried about telling this bloke we only met recently. After all she’d just tossed him off over her breasts.

“Well”, Kasey replied, “I like to be naughty and show off my naughty bits. It turns me on to see men turned on by seeing me naked and I love cum. I love to see cum spurting out of cocks, I love the smell and taste of cum and I love to feel it on my skin. Is that a good start?”

Greg looked down at his rapidly stiffening cock in reply. “Well aren’t you just the fucking stud? You’re getting hard again already”, Kasey observed.

“All due to the little blue pill I took just before I left the car park. I always do, otherwise my day might have been over already”, Greg explained.

“Hang on mate”, I said, a little miffed, “Earlier you said this was the first time you’ve been here.”

“Sorry, I lied”, Greg said sounding genuinely apologetic, “that’s my ice breaking line. I usually get handed the sunscreen and stand there taking my time putting it on and getting stiff. That usually results in a conversation starting up or the woman getting her man stiff as well, I’ve never had a woman offer to put it on for me. That was just so hot!” He exclaimed.

“Looks like there’s movement at the station”, I said nodding discreetly in the direction of the youngsters.

The two blokes had stood up and now quickly whipped off their swimmers. There was an appreciative moan from one girl and a shocked shriek from the other.

We didn’t find out their names, so I’ll give them my own names. Peter was with the brunette, Emma and Mick was with the blonde, Molly.

The appreciative groan came from Emma, when she saw Peter’s erect, thick 6 inches and the shriek came from Molly when she laid her eyes on Mick’s baby elephant trunk! I k** you not, it hung at least 9 inches and was only partially erect. I wondered if he ever fainted when he got an erection, from lack of blood to the brain.

Emma laughed at her friend as she took Peter’s dick in her hand, inspecting it like it was a delicacy. Despite her initial shock, Molly was inspecting Mick’s monster cock in the same way.

“Now whose turn is it to perve and ooh and aah?”, Kasey laughed, “it looks like the poor girl doesn’t know what to do with it.”

“Christ, that cock will do some damage,” Greg said. “I can’t wait to see it slide into her cunt.”

The sudden upgrading of the language to Hi-Porn excited Kasey no end and she wasted no time before joining in.

“Let’s hope she gets fucking dp’d and she has that nice fat cock in her pussy and the other in her arse,” she moaned. “Both cocks filling her up as she licks her mate’s pussy.”

“I’ll go over and fuck her mouth if she does that,” I said as I pulled on my prick. “Make her air-tight.”

“What about her friend then,” Greg asked ,”I’ll get behind her and fuck her in the arse as she licks her cunt.”

“What about me?” Kasey begged, “What would I be doing?”

“You’ll be kneeling next to us squeezing our balls, massaging their clits and tits waiting for us all to cum,” I told her, “Then we’ll all cum over your face and tits and we’ll get the girls to lick our jizm off you.”

“Fuck yeah,” Kasey said before running her fingers down to her pussy and sliding them in.

Molly and Emma though weren’t about to share and after a quick glance in our direction, they got the boys to sit down.

“Fuck,” Greg said, “That’s an anti-climax if ever there was one.”

“Maybe the girls are shy?” Kasey asked us. “Maybe they came here because it’s a Monday and they thought the beach would be deserted? If we left, for a while, maybe they might start?”

Greg and I sat there pondering this for a while before he came up with a brilliant plan.

He looked over his right shoulder and nodded to the top of the cliff. “From up on top there you can see the whole beach. Maybe if we look like we’re leaving, the girls might get naked.”

I was keen and judging by Kasey’s extended nipples, so was she. She gathered up her top and threw it on.

“That sounds like a mad idea,” she said, “You’ll be fucking me though even if they keep their clothes on.” She reached over and pulled his hardening cock. “Their loss if they don’t get it on.”

We pulled all our gear together and got dressed and with a great fanfare and a wave in the groups direction, we made for the main pathway. When we got to the top instead of heading to the car park we spun in the opposite direction and through the coastal heathland shrubs we scampered like a trio of horny rats.

When we got to where we thought we’d have a nice view we got on our hands and knees and crawled to the edge. Sure enough Greg was right. Emma was now topless and kneeling in front of Peter sucking his cock down into her hungry throat. Molly was stripping off as Mick lay back, stroking his cock to full hardness.

“Greg,” I whispered “You’re a fucking genius.”

Molly’s tits were firm and erect as she massaged them and her pussy was trimmed and beautiful. Rather than simply mounting his cock she spun around and squatted down over his face. We had a perfect view of his tongue parting her pussy lips and her head bobbing down over his cock.

“Oh my,” Kasey moaned as she blindly reached out for my cock, “Someone lick me out.”

Without replying Greg crawled around behind her, pulled her bikini bottom down and completely off. He slid a few fingers into her pussy and began to finger fuck her. His cock was rock hard and I thought he might just ram it home straight away. He was a man of his word though and laying down, slid beneath her legs. I pulled her top off so that she was completely naked and I comically fell back on the grass trying to get undressed. Once I was relieved of my clothing I whipped my cock out and offered it to my slutty little wife.

“Suck it,” I whispered to her, “Suck my cock. Make it hard.”

With a gusto she began to suck on my cock, wetting it with her saliva as she licked around the head and was rocking back and forth on Greg’s mouth as she did so. Greg’s Viagra enhanced cock was at full mast but I was so stimulated I had no need for such support.

I nearly came in Kasey’s mouth though when I glanced down at the action below. Emma had stood up and peeled off her bikini bottom. I assumed she was going to fuck Peter but she stood over Mick and squatted down over his cock. Molly moved up and began to suck on Peter’s cock as Emma filled her delightful shaved cunt with Mick’s massive organ.

I didn’t want Greg to miss out, and I wanted to fuck Kasey before he did, so I tapped him on the shoulder and whispered, “Greg, come look.” Kasey was moaning in delight as she watched Emma bouncing on Mick’s thick and long prong.

I shuffled behind Kasey and rubbed my cock over her soaking wet pussy. “Fuck her,” Greg said as he offered her his cock, “Fuck her hard.” I slid my cock into her and thankfully she had a mouth full of prick because the four below would have certainly heard her moan.

“Fuck yeah,” Greg groaned in appreciation, “She sucks a mighty fine cock.”

“Especially when she getting one from behind”, I replied, “Fuck her throat mate, she loves that.”

Doggy was always our favourite position, she loved being fucked hard from behind and here out in the open, with another man’s cock in her mouth with two other couples fucking on the beach, was a first for both of us.

Kasey’s tits were swinging low as we pumped her hard with our rock-hard dicks. In between fucking her throat, Greg was wiping his cock all over her face and I could see threads of man jam trailing across her face. Now that I’d fucked her for a while I decided to let Greg sample the delights of her pussy for the first time.

I held up my hand and he instinctively knew it was time to swap. He high fived me and we swapped positions. Kasey crawled forward a touch and we all leant over the cliff edge to check out the group below.

Emma was now on her hands and knees as Mick fucked her from behind and Molly, her hair hanging down over Peter’s face, rode him for all she was worth.

“Lie down,” Kasey hoarsely said to Greg, “I want to ride you.”

Greg did as he was asked and with his head nearly hanging off the cliff readied himself for Kasey’s wanton cunt. It was an immense turn on for me to see another man’s cock slide into Kasey’s slick, wet cunt. I knelt down so I could get a closer look.

Kasey made a real show of it for me, holding Greg’s shaft still, she lowered herself so that her pussy lips kissed the head of his cock. She moved them back and forth across his engorged helmet, lubricating it with her juices.

She then lowered herself a little more, so that just his helmet was inside her. “That feels fucking fantastic, Kasey”, Greg complimented her.

Then, making sure I had a good view, she slid down his pole slowly,  but taking it all in one movement. She sat still, her spread lips now kissing Greg’s balls. It was such an erotic sight, I could have stayed watching it for ages.

Kasey roused me from my reverie by ordering me to give her my cock in her mouth. “Come on Sean, I need a cock to suck.”

Kasey was more alive than she’d ever been before. I stood up and she grabbed my cock and pulled me towards her mouth and hungrily sucked my thick member down.

Kasey was intent on watching the action below so her sucks came sporadically. In the meantime she just rode Greg and wanked my cock and I fondled her tits, pinching her nipples just the way she likes it. I was so turned on by all of this, I’d forgotten about the action below.

Then down below things changed. Molly leant right forward and Peter pulled his cock out of Emma and moved around behind Molly. He spat down on his cock and Mick pulled her arse cheeks apart. Emma and Molly began to kiss as Peter slid his cock into Molly’s arse.

Even with the ocean waves crashing, the wind in the heath and Kasey moaning, we could hear Molly scream in delight as she was filled with cock. We probably weren’t the only ones who heard it. Just then three men walked onto the beach from the point. They didn’t appear to be there as a group and they put their stuff down in separate spots.

As soon as they did, they all wandered slowly over to the young foursome, as if to sneak up on them or not disturb them or both. All three of them stood around the group, wanking their cocks.

One bloke was looked about 60, he had a beer gut and man boobs. His cock looked quite small when he was walking, but as it stiffened it grew into a respectable six or seven inches.

The other two were a bit younger. One looked about my age and was tanned all over. He looked like he had been athletic in his younger years and probably still kept himself reasonably fit. The other was about 30 and just an average looking bloke, but with a member that rivalled Mick’s in girth and length.

I don’t know if the group hadn’t seen the men arrive or sidle up to them or were just ignoring them. Mr 60 laid on his side to get a better view of Peter fucking Molly’s arse and he continued wanking.

The other two squatted down either side of Mr 60. Emma looked and saw them and she must have decided to give them a little show. The previously shy Emma now took the bull by the horns, or rather Mick by his huge horn, faced the voyeurs and sat down on Mick’s cock. I wished I could have seen what they were seeing.

Mr 60 obviously had certain tastes, because rather than watch Emma fuck Mick’s pole, he moved around to get a better view of Pete analising Molly. The other two though hopped up, moved closer to Emma and stood within two feet of her thrashing torso. With her back to Mick she looked up at the two young men and beckoned them to her. They immediately stepped forward and as one began a slow fuck of her face, the other mauled and sucked at her pert young breasts.

“Check this out,” I whispered to Kasey and Greg, “It’s all happening down below.”

Kasey opened her eyes and peered carefully over the edge. “Oh my god,” she whimpered, “That little slut has three cocks to play with. Lucky fucking bitch. And look at that other one being fucked in the arse like that. I want that too.”

My wife’s conversion to cock hungry slut was not one that I’d expected, but I was happy to oblige.

“You want a cock in your arse?” I smacked her arse cheek hard, “You want to be filled with cock?”

“Fuck her in the arse,” Greg urged, “Let’s fuck this slut hard.”

Without even asking Kasey spat a huge glob down on my cock and I added some of my own.

“Fuck my arse,” she hoarsely whispered, “Fuck it.”

Kasey stopped rocking on Greg as I squatted behind her and rested my cock against her rose. Kasey wasn’t unfamiliar to a good bum fuck, but this was the first time, well the first time that I know about anyway, that she’d been double penetrated.

My cock slid in more easily than I expected and her silence was a sign of her delight. As Greg restarted his thrusting I could feel the outline of his cock through the thin membrane that separates the two tunnels.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” she groaned as we began to piston into her.

From my position I couldn’t see what was happening below. I couldn’t have cared less really because here I was double fucking my girl with a total stranger; a total stranger with a filthy mouth at that.
“You love this don’t you, slut,” he said, “You love being fucked hard like a dirty whore. You want another cock in your mouth to suck, don’t you?”

“Fuck yeah,” was her surprise answer, “Fill me with cock, fuck all my holes.”

As if to demonstrate Greg slid three fingers into her mouth. Kasey gagged as he pushed his fingers in but she took it in her stride like the trooper she was.

“Suck it,” Greg said, “Suck that cock, baby.”

All this was pushing Kasey to her limits and she erupted in a sudden orgasm of such proportions that the contractions felt like a silken hand rubbing my cock.

“Jaysus!” she cried out as I exploded deep in her arse. “Fucking hell.”

Twitch after twitch of jism sent forth as my ball bag emptied itself in her. Greg kept a cool pace of thrusting as she relaxed back down from what she revealed to me later, was an orgasm like no other she’d had before. I could hear her copious juices flooding out and slopping about Greg’s cock.

I pulled my softening cock slowly out and rolled back onto my towel. After a quick spell I looked around and watched as my cum oozed out and dribbled down onto Greg’s cock as it pounded into her. The extra lubrication seemed to bring him closer to the inevitable and he hurriedly flipped her over. His heavy wet cock slapped against his belly as she lifted off and knelt down between us. He unsteadily hopped to his feet and aimed his cock at her.  

“Suck it down your slutty throat, you dirty whore,” he said, as he pumped his sodden cock.

Kasey eagerly took his cock and began to pump it and suck it.

“You wanna cum in my mouth?” she asked, “Shoot your load down my dirty throat?”

“Oh Lord,” he cried, “You’re so fucking good.” And with that Greg jettisoned out a thick stream of cum, his second in an hour, down into her mouth and across the bridge of her nose.

“Ggggrrrrggggglllll,” was all the noise Kasey made as she swirled his load around her mouth before letting it drool out down her chest. “I think I need to clean up,” she giggled. I held out my hand and she wobbled to her feet. She looked amazing as she stood there naked between us, glistening with cum. Her hair was a mess, her chest red, her face glowing.

“That was so amazing guys,” she kissed us both, “Thanks so much.”

We gathered up our gear and I took a quick peek over the ledge. The three interlopers seemed to have finished quite early and were all in the water. All that was left was Emma,  Molly and Pete hurriedly putting their gear on. It was then that I noticed Mick darting low across the sand gathering up the belongings of the three unsuspecting swimmers.

“Shit,” I said, “They’re nicking their gear.”

“What the?” Greg laughed. “Well I’ll be fucked. That could have been us.”

The four of them took off across the sand and into the shrubs well before the three swimmers noticed anything amiss.

“Was that planned do you think or are they just taking advantage of it?” Kasey asked. “Should we do anything?”

“Not much we can do,” Greg said, “There’s no mobile service here and I’m not going to front them.”

“Nor I,” I added. “We can help those poor bastards down there though once they notice their stuff’s gone.”

They both nodded and we headed back down to the beach, Kasey ran into the water and told them what had happened as Greg and I stood on the beach.

“I’m just wondering,” he said, “I have a mate of mine that’s looking for a bit of action, has been since he left his wife, and I’m wondering if we might make, you know,” he nodded to Kasey, “her three cock fantasy come true.”

“Mate,” I slapped him on the shoulder, “You’ll have to ask her, but I reckon,” I watched as the two young men looked back at the beach and the older gent started running through the water, “You might be right.”

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