Beck Part 2

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Beck Part 2
That entire night was amazing with Tim (dad) and Heather (mom). We have been going none stop ever since. The last 4 weekends I have spent the weekend with them. When we are together we barely wear clothes and there is lots of sex. When I am at school I think about going back to their place.
This weekend we went and got are nails done and our pussy’s waxed. It was my first time being waxed, I have never had my pussy and asshole so smooth. Mom wants me hairless all the time. She left her triangle pattern as usual. Next we went to the mall and mom bought me some bras, panties and my first lingerie. We got some looks from people when I was showing it off to her in the changing area. One girl gave me a dirty look but I think it was because her boyfriend was staring at my huge nipples that were visible thru the pale pink sheer top.
When we got home Dad have nearly everything setup. I was so excited, this is going to be my first group experience. Heather and Tim are part of a group that gets together every few months and has a group event. I am lucky they have let me join since this time it is at their house. Right in the middle of the living room Dad has a sex swing setup. I was excited I have only seen one in porn before.
You still want to be in the swing all night hun? Dad asked
Oh my god yes, can I get in now and try it out? I responded.
Mom grabbed a stool and dad helped me strap in. I could feel myself getting wet with excitement as dad raised me up. It was actually comfortable and supportive. The straps went under my hips and others around my knees forcing my chubby thighs up and out. Exposing my freshly waxed puffy slit. I could have cum right then.
The rest of the day dragged on but we started to get ready around 7. My new pink outfit was sexy. It showed off my hips and dads favorite my chubby belly. It had one tie under my big boobs to hold them up. It held them up but not in. I had a ton of cleavage, the material couldn’t cover my entire nipple.
Mom was in this leather pant suit and heals. It was amazing. It started below her knees and stuck to her body like it was glued on. I was shocked to see the leather cutout around her pussy. It was supper sexy seeing her trimmed pussy out like that. The material continued hugging her body except around her breasts. Her saggy breasts were on full display, hanging low and heavy. The material came back together all the way up to her neck, where it strapped on and her back was completely open.
Dad wore the matching outfit to mom. Leather pants with his little cock hanging out. When he isn’t hard he is really small. Like 1.5 inches. Makes for easy sucking hehe.
People showed up around 8:30 mostly couples but there was a couple singles as well. The group has been going on for years. One solo guy (mark) was the x husband of a lady there with her new husband. He still comes even though they split 5 years ago. In total 7 couples were came, one single guy.
The first hour or so was causal chit chat and drinking. Everyone was super nice to me. I was easily 15 years younger than anyone else. The lights were dim and people were groping each other. The first person to make a move was Mark. He was on his knees blowing Dad. I was shocked but totally turned on. Clearly not the first dick he had sucked.
That seemed to be the moment for everyone. Next thing I know mom has her legs spread sitting on couch while a skinny lady in her 50’s with small empty tits and long pointy nipples licking her pussy. I stared at them in awe.
Do you eat your mom’s pussy like that? A big guy startled me
Yes, I smiled
What about dick? he asked, while pushing lightly on my shoulder with one hand and stroking his dick with the other. Turns out he was the skinny ladies husband, she couldn’t have been 115lbs and he was easily 300lbs and 6’5”. As I got on my knees and he moved his hand from his cock I was shocked. Biggest dick I ever did see.
Omg I said with a smile.
He laughed at me. You mom loves it too honey, he commented
He was semi hard when I grabbed it with one hand and I didn’t cover half of it. I put my lips on the tip and opened wide. He was thick and still growing. I started going as deep as I could but the harder he got the less I could get in my mouth. I had both hands stroking him while I tried to deep throat it. His hands in my hair took over controlling my head. I didn’t even know his name yet and I was licking his lollipop.
I opened my eyes and a few people were standing watching me including dad. I was drooling everywhere as my throat got used. Mom actually stopped us as she was now ready to fuck and his dick was the only one currently on the menu.
I stood up and dad and mark helped me out of my lingerie and into the swing. It was so exciting being lifted and spread into position. I was completely naked, my thighs held apart, my pussy and ass in full view for everyone. The rolls in my stomach fat sit under my tits and pancake nipples. I wasn’t in the harness a minute and the lady who was eating out mom came over. I found out her name is Sarah she was so sweet. She massaged my big tits and sucked on my nipples. She loved playing with them. She told me how hot it was seeing my young body in the swing and how she watched me suck her husband’s dick.
It is huge, I said.
I know, when Mark first brought him home I couldn’t believe it. She explained.
Mark is your ex?
Yes he is, we married young he was my first boyfriend, first fuck. After a few years of hearing my girlfriends talk about guys with big dicks I knew I needed more. Mark finally agreed and I slept with a guy while Mark was in the other room. Turned out Mark loved it as much as I did and fucked me better than ever before. So we continued doing it with other men and he watched and fucked me after.
Omg that’s so hot. How many guys has he watched you fuck? I asked while Mark was now eating me and people watched.
Oh hunny, after 20 years of having new dicks I quit counting.
The proud slutty talk, Marks tongue and her pinching my nipples set me over the top and I came for the first time. I was literally dripping wet. Mark stood up and slid his bare dick inside me. I now knew why Sarah liked having other dicks. Mark basically just fell into my hole. He was even smaller then dad. I could feel his balls on my ass as he thrust into me but his dick wasn’t deep or thick. He pounded me for less than a minute when he announced he was cumming. I felt his hot juice shoot inside me which was the best part. My eyes were closed and I barely felt him slide out of me.
I am not sure who was next but they wasted no time at all, his tip slapped my clit before sliding in my cum filled pussy. I was a little surprised but loved I was being fucked by a new dick full of cum. I didn’t get his name at all. He grunted a lot while pounding me, his dick was much better, good length and girth. I was loving it. He was strong, his arms wrapped around my knees. I came hard and screamed as he filled me aswell.
Tim she’s getting full. Mom said.
Dad got on his knees and ate two loads from my pussy. It was so fucking hot.
Mom came over to make sure I was ok and having fun. She told me all the guys wanted to fill my pussy. I couldn’t say no. By this time every one was fucking someone else as dad was eating my cum filled pussy. He came up grinning from ear to ear. His face covered, I swear his ears were wet. No sooner did he get out of the way a hairy old man mounted me. He was atleast 40 years older than me. He just pulled out of some other mother and when he was close he pulled out of her slid into me so he could cum.
OMG yes! fill me with cum, This is so fun! I let out.
Everyone was cheering and laughing and fucking. The old guy took no time at all to finish in me. He pulled out and a lady jumped between my legs and ate me. While she was busy between my legs, a wet dick slapped my forehead before being shoved in my mouth. Clearly just removed from someone else’s pussy. He put his hands on my head and fucked my chubby face. It felt great having a dick in my mouth he got so hard before pumping cum down my throat. When he slid out of my mouth cum ozzing out the sides I just smiled and said thanks.
When I looked back down over my chubby rolls to my thick legs spread wide, there Sarah’s husband was about to slide that monster cock in me. Mom was right there, aiming the tip at my spread open hole. I was shocked how good it felt when his mushroom tip pushed thru my wall. I let out a moan and everyone cheering as his slowly worked me, getting deeper and deeper. As loose as my pussy now is he still felt huge. I had played with big things in my pussy before but not like this. I came in seconds. My pussy making all kinds of juciey noises. By this time he was so deep and couldn’t hold back anymore. He grunted loadly and the pulse of his dick I think split me open hehe. I came again as he pumped a gallon of cum in me.

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