Becoming wife of competitor feminized by secretary

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Becoming wife of competitor feminized by secretary
I am Siddharth Mittal, running my own Company with USD 100 Million of Business. Everything is going on well and I am excelling in my business. I have a secretary named Sonia. She is a smart and beautiful girl with 36-32-36 size. She knows how to get her work done. She wears simple clothes and is decent in her approach. I have never looked at her in any wrong sense.

I have a strong competitor who I always suspect is on the wrong moves. His name is Rahul.

One day I was working out a business proposal when Sonia rang up to say that Rahul is here and wants to meet me. I asked her to make him wait just to enjoy making him wait. After 1 hour or so I asked Sonia to let him in. Rahul was one of the most handsome and eligible bachelor in town. I used to read reviews about him in the magazines. The media was mad about him.

He was wearing a handsome suit and a strong scent. He entered and we shook hands and I asked him the reason for his coming. He said that we are emerging businesses and that we should merge. His company was larger than mine so I guessed he would have a bigger hand in it so I flatly said no. Rahul felt offended but he said he would again come the next day if I wish to change my plans.

Rahul came the next day and I again made him wait but this time 2 hours. I again said no to him and asked Sonia to show him the way out. When Rahul was leaving, he gave a smile to Sonia and she responded too in a strange smile but I ignored it not knowing the big plot planned by Sonia and Rahul.

After 2-3 days, I noticed a big change in Sonia. She came in and I was aghast at looking at her. She was wearing a chiffon saree with strapless blouse and showing a big cleavage and showing her sexy waist. I was surprised and she answered that she has decided to live life to its full and wants to enjoy life by dressing smartly and to do what she likes. It was not that I was aroused and excited but it was only that I was taken aback by her new appearance.

After that day she always used to wear sexy stuff and more than that more feminine dresses and colors. She always used to bend down and show her cleavage to me. Once I entered her cabin and saw her crying. I asked her why she is crying and she said that she is upset about her parent’s sickness and that she can’t do much for them. I tried to console her and took her out to lunch. She then started crying more and told more about her, she said that she does not have a friend in this city with whom she could confide and talk with for she doesn’t get time. I tried to sympathize and told her that from today she can consider me as a friend and not a boss.

She said that but still I would be a boss to her and would be like any other male. I assured her that I would be like her any female friend and she can discuss with me anything. I said that in true spirit and not knowing her intentions.

Then started her gossips and stories. She used to every day tell me about office gossips, dresses, jewelry, make-up, sandals, and many lot of things. Somehow I like the way she used to talk and somewhere her talks used to get me excited. Everyday she would get me a cup of coffee and we used to chat which I later on came to know that some feminizing d**g was mixed into it. I told her that I am going to Jaipur for some business work and would she like to come with me. She agreed and we went together. After finishing my work, I saw that Sonia had got bored so to make her feel better, I took her to shopping. Like a true girl she explored hundreds of dresses but was not satisfied. I said I would help her in selecting a dress. She then asked to touch every dress and tell the fabric plus she took the liberty and started putting the dress in front of my body and examining it. I ignored it and finally her shopping ended.

These trips continued and many more trips, we used to go by car. Slowly slowly I started getting interest in what she was doing. Then once, she started talking about boys, I asked her to stop but she said that she thought I was her best friend so I let her continue. She started discussing about manhood, masculinity, erectness and many things more. She always used to bring the name of Rahul for she said that she admired him and she then used to tell me about her thinking of fantasies of her with Rahul.

Sometimes, her talk used to make me mad. Once we were shopping jewelry and she said that she could not get an opinion about an earring and a necklace so she asked my help. She asked me to wear it, I resisted but as usual she got me into wearing it. This was a silver loop earring with small balls attached to it so when that earring was clasped to my ear with the help of clip-ons, the end of earring was touching my shoulders and then she made wear a necklace and then when I saw in the mirror, I was amazed for it looked good and I got excited and got an erection. Sonia was observing me and saw my bulge. She then bought those.

These trips continued and every time she would introduce me to a new side of feminity. Once she was knitting a sweater for her mother and she again asked me to help her. She taught me how to knit and then I was knitting a sweater. She eventually taught me sewing girl’s clothes and doing embroidery. She also taught me cooking for she used to make me try a dish at home and bring for her the next day.

I slowly and slowly was getting trapped in her plan and in 1 year or so I had learnt all what a girl needed to know before a marriage.

One day we were discussing about Rahul. She used to discuss Rahul everyday and that how good body he has and related stuff. Once she went into extreme by making me think as a girl friend of Rahul and that he is making love to me. I got so restless that I got migraine that day and couldn’t sleep. I then started avoiding Sonia but she by now had such a strong effect on me that I could not resist her and I was again discussing with her like two girlfriends. By now we had become so pally that whenever she used to see a smart hunk, she would wink at me of if I see a handsome guy first I would wink at her. I didn’t know why I was doing that but I was enjoying it. We would then discuss the male in detail later on.

Once we were again in jaipur and she was again shopping when she said that she needed to buy a silk lehenga for her cousin sister who is getting married and jewelry. After seeing a number of lehengas and matching jewelry, we kept aside few but Sonia was not able to decide for she wanted someone to wear it and show it to her. She then started begging with me to wear it for her. I told her that she is taking things too far but then she started crying that her best friend could not do such a small thing for her. In the end I agreed and wore the lehenga over my shirt and pants and also wore the jewelry. I wore4-5 dresses and every time she took a snap of mine form her cell camera. Every time, I looked at me I got aroused and erection and I used to stare at myself in the mirror. Sonia noticed this and smiled.

That day I dreamt of me in lehenga. I woke up with surprise and was disturbed. Where was I heading. In next few days, I started noticing female’s dresses and make-up, heels, jewelry and started discussing with Sonia.

I had mentally become a female.

Once I was going to US for another business trip, Sonia was not going but she gave me a shopping list which included stuff like satin Bra, Panties, thongs, make-ups, Heels, Western Dresses like gowns, mini skirts, tube tops, and even stuff like tampons for she said US stuff are always better. She also asked me to get natural wigs for she said that she had shorter hair and would like to have a wig. I shopped each and every thing she had told me.

Once I was in my hotel room, I saw at all the stuff and God knows what happened to me and I wanted to wear all that. I took each and everything out and started wearing those. I wore the satin bra then the panty, then I wore black silk gown which was till knee, then the heels and then I applied make-up. I had become an expert for I had learnt it from Sonia. I then put the wig and then I looked myself at the mirror and I took some of my own snaps. In the midnight I went to stroll in the lobby for I wanted someone to look at me. One of the guest looked at me and started following me, I felt so scared that I ran to my room. I masturbated myself. In the beginning, I was just shaking my hands out of sheer excitement and looking myself at the mirror. Slowly while shaking I felt the urge of getting fucked by a man. I suddenly wanted a man inside me and that I wanted to call that guest back and ask him to screw me but then I decided to think of a man and masturbate.

I closed my eyes and then started thinking of all the men I met and the celebrities and then my thoughts rested on one man who I recognized as Rahul. I suddenly became weak at the knees and then started masturbating at a high speed. I then released and then I felt bad and then kept the things as it was.

When I returned, I gave all the stuff to Sonia, I had thought of keeping some stuff but then I gave all to her. I didn’t tell her about any of my experience. The next day Sonia cam to my room and asked me to speak the truth for she said that she is a smart girl and she has sensed that someone has worn her dresses and used her make-up and that she has also found loose hair in the dresses. I then confessed and told her about everything. She smiled and looked at the photographs. I even told her about masturbating thinking about Rahul. While I said all this, I started crying on her shoulders. She tried to Console Me and said that I am tired and that we should go out for a holiday.

I agreed and the next day we went to Goa. I took Sonia along with me for I liked her company. We were going by road. In the way we discussed the same topics and the whole time I was reading woman magazines. As the journey was long, we decided to stay at a local hotel midway and would reach the next day by afternoon to Goa. We were staying in separate rooms. That Night Sonia came into my room with her suitcase and said that she has planned that I should stay in Goa as a girl full time and enjoy my womanhood. I resisted but Sonia said that it would be fun and then I agreed. She further told me that she on purpose had asked me to buy all those stuff from US for she wanted me to explore my feminity. I did not feel angry on her and gave her a hug.

Thus started my transformation. Sonia waxed all my hair. I was totally naked in front of her but we both were girls. I went to have my bath with scented soap and oils. When I came out, I liked the smoothness of my skin. She then pasted two artificial breasts on my chest with glue. She made me wear a satin black lace bra and she then made me wear stuffed panties. Then she asked me to wear noodle strap blouse, petticoat, high 3 inch heels, payal on the leg and then she d****d a silk saree around me. I then wore a wig, Sonia then applied light make-up, earrings, and a necklace. My hand and toe nails were painted and now I looked at the mirror. I was amazed for I was looking at a beautiful girl so pretty, so feminine and so attractive that I started to get an erection but I couldn’t see one for Sonia had tucked my dick inside her fabricated panty.

We then went out and we reached to Goa and we checked in as two female friends. I was surprised at the attention, I was getting. Boys were ogling me from down to top and staring at me. I was enjoying myself. I was looking prettier than Sonia which made her feel jealous.

We checked in the hotel rooms and we slept as we were very tired. I wore satin green nighty with the breast and bra. It felt heavy in the beginning then I started to enjoy it.

Next morning, we had to see the city, so I wore a very tight jeans and tank top, I said no but Sonia forced me into wearing it. I then wore big loop earrings, black thin necklace and high heel boots. I was in heaven for I looked so sexy.

Again I saw men staring at me and specially my breasts. We enjoyed the whole day as two girl friends and we checked in the hotel in the early evening for we had got an invitation from the Hotel to attend a grand ball in the evening. Sonia had already selected a dress for me. It was a Black strapless short dress and was far above my knees. Heel Shoes, diamond earrings, diamond bracelet and thin diamond necklace. She did heavy make-up and made me wear a wig which fell on half my back. Oh I looked so pretty, beautiful, feminine, nice and I almost fainted and that time I felt weak and wanted the arms of a strong man. I told this to Sonia and she said that if I prayed then I may get the prince of my dreams.

I never understood to what she said. We went to the grand ball and as we entered, many boys came up to me for a dance but I ignored them all. Then suddenly I saw Rahul who was the chief guest of the function. Sonia whispered into my ears that see your Prince Charming is here. I never guessed that it was all a plot. I stared at that amazing man, oh how smart and handsome, he was. In the meantime, I was drinking heavily. Later in the evening, we met, oh he shook my hands, he had shaken my hands earlier but I had never felt nice but today I felt that I keep shaking his hands. He then asked me for a dance much to the envy of Sonia and other girls. I was in his arms and my head on his shoulders. He was staring at me. We danced the whole evening and then we parted. We promised each other to meet the other day. Rahul told me that he was tired of his work and he has come here to rest for a week.

I slept dreaming of Rahul, my man. The next day I woke up early and got ready for my man, I wore a min skirt and tight top till my navel, took my purse and ran off to meet him. We met for another 4 days and the whole day we used to chat and I used to compliment him for I knew about his business so I used to share my thoughts with him. We also used to dine together. Then one day, while we were dancing in the dark, Rahul Kissed me, oh what a kiss that was. I have kissed so many girls before but this kiss was amazing. We kissed for 5 mins and then the music stopped and I realized what a mistake I have made, I have cheated him. I ran back to my room and sobbed the whole night. Sonia tried to console me.

In the morning Rahul knocked at the door and Sonia informed me that he wants to meet me and Sonia went out. Rahul told me that usually he asks his detective agency to make a check on the girl he meets and he had got a report on me yesterday only before the kiss. He further explained that he knew that I was a male and he knew my true Identity and that I was Siddharth Mittal. I was ashamed and started crying but Rahul again kissed me and said that even knowing my identity he had kissed me. He stared in my eyes and then again kissed me. I also reciprocated for I had now no fears. We kissed each other madly.

Rahul later that day proposed me and we decided not have sex and we would make love only after marriage.

We told this to Sonia and she was very happy. We decided to marry after 6 months and go to Paris for Honeymoon. I had been so madly in love that I agreed for a merger with his company but that would be approved in the Board Meeting next year and till then I would continue to run my business as the Female CEO. I agreed to all this.

We returned and Sonia and I started shopping for the wedding. After 4 days I also had to meet the parents of Rahul for their approval and I was very nervous. I called in for a designer and she started preparing an entire wedding selection for me.

I started to live full time femme. After 4 days, I got dressed to meet Rahall’s parents. I wore a heavy silk saree with blouse and petticoat and heavy gold jewelry. I met them and Rahul’s Mother asked me about household things and I was able to answer everything for I had now been completely trained. I passed the test and we started preparing for the big day.

I bought hell amount of lingerie, honeymoon and related stuff. I started taking heavy doses of hormone injections. I rushed off to Thailand and got a surgery done and now I had a pussy and breast size 36-C.

I was now ready for my sweetheart. The d-day came and I was dressed in an expensive red wedding lehenga, heavy jewelry and heavy make-up. I looked so pretty that everybody complimented on my looks. Sonia became my best friend.

We got married and I vowed in front of God to live a life of an honest and sincere wife to my Husband, Rahul.

The next day we went to Paris for our Honeymoon with all the tips of Sonia. That night we made love to each other madly. I had for the first time tasted a man’s Dick and specially Rahul’s. He exploded in my mouth and it was the tastiest thing I had ever tasted. He then Fucked me, he went inside me, the biggest manhood ever seen and felt. He came out inside me and I experienced the biggest joy of my life. The next few days went on like this and we enjoyed a lot. I did a lot of shopping and I was now happy.

We decided that after 6 months we would declare that I am pregnant and we would a get a surrogate mother to implant Rahul’s and My c***d and then I would go to US for Delivery and come with the c***d so that no one would suspect that the c***d is not from my womb.

The next 6 months went on like a fairy tale. I used to get up early in the morning, have my bath and then I would go and make tea for my husband and then wake him up. Many times, Rahul would pull me in the bed and we would make love to each other. I then would make him get dressed, get his breakfast ready and then see him off to office with a big kiss. I would then go to my office. It was strange that in the same office where people used to call me “Sir” are now calling me “Madam”. The whole office and adjusted to us. I used to now go regularly for shopping with Sonia, I used to go to Kitty Parties, Parlors and do all what a Wife does. I even used to shop for my darling husband like even buying unides for him.

I was very happy as a Wife to my man whom I loved so much.

One day before, the Board meeting when the 2 companies were to be merged, Sonia came crying to me and told me the entire truth that it was all a plan by Rahul since beginning to feminize me and Sonia had helped him. Now things felt in place for Rahul had wanted to take my Company. I cried a lot and rushed home and told Rahul that I know the truth and that I am leaving him. Rahul broke down and told me the truth that earlier it was a plan but slowly he has started loving me and cannot live a life without me. He started crying loudly and knelt on my feet. He said he was sorry and that I should not leave him. His cry and sorry was innocent that I believed him and we hugged each other for I also loved him so much.

Then the board meeting took place and the two Companies got merged and now it has been two years since we got married, we have a son whom I love so much and also my darling and sweetheart husband for whom I can do anything in life.

It is strange that few months back we were rivals and now I am having sex with my enemy but I liked him so much.

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