best friend has anal sex with wife to be

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best friend has anal sex with wife to be
Two months before my marriage to my wife my best friend fucked her ass. My wife one night while drunk told me the story of her and Donny having sex 15 years ago .
She told me this story while we were talking about things we regretted doing in our lives. She said well, I have a story for you. But I don’t regret it. Why, how was the sex we had on our honeymoon? It was awesome. Why? Did I promise you anal sex on the honeymoon? Yes and we had anal every night and not since. Why is that I asked? Because I had promised you my ass on our honeymoon and gave it to you. You did baby and it was great too. But how come we never have had anal sex since then and you liked it. Well. because my asshole belongs to Donny. Who? Donny fuckin who?

Carter? Donny Carter? what the hell you talkin about I shouted. Was anal sex great on the honeymoon baby while she leaned over and kissed me while grabbing my cock?  Yes Kim it was great. I loved fucking your asshole twice a day for 6 days straight it was good for me too Dave, and you have Donny to thank, It was his wedding gift to us both from him. What are you talking about Kim. I’ll tell you a little story Dave.

Hi This Kim, dave’s wife, its now my turn to continue the story in my own words.
Dave had gone to the Georgia football game with a few of his crazy bulldog fans and I stayed home to watch the game on TV. It was a night game and they left around noon to party before the game and I knew they wouldn’t be home until well after midnight. The phone rang and it was Donny, he was inviting me over to hang in the hot tub and watch the game on TV as he had an outdoor hangout. I thanked him but told him Dave had gone to the game so I’m just going to stay home. He told me Kim, Ronnie and Carol, Mike and Lisa, Louie and Tommy, and also Jan and Donna were stopping by. Ok sound like fun. Bring your bathing suite I got the hot tub cranked up. I thought nothing of it.

I got to Donny’s house about 10 minutes before kickoff and nobody else was there. Donny answered the door in his little speedo, which all the guys would k** him about and he had a nice buldge in his little suit. Where’s everyone else. Donny said Ronnie and Carol ended up getting tickets to the game and Mike and Lisa decided stay home and few neighbors over and Louie called and said he and Tommy had called jan and Donna and were going into town for dinner and watch it at the bar. They said they called you but you weren’t home. Oh yeah I was shopping most of the day. This was in 1988! No cells. So I was there and decided to watch the first half then go home.

Donny said hot tube is on go change in the back room and join me for a drink in the hit tub. so I agreed. I went to change into my bathing suit and was naked when the back door opened and it was Donny, sorry Kim, I though you were in the other room not my master siute, Donny was single and had a nice house. He had French doors that led to the backyard, I assumed it was an honest mistake, But I was surprised and just stood there for a few seconds  as Donny checked me out up and down and I didn’t really cover up, my clothes were on the bed and my bathing suite was in my bag. I just tried to seem like it was nothing. Donny apologized and closed the door.

I put on my 2 piece suite and went into the hot tub and Donny had a drink ready for me. We watched the game then Donny need to get another drink. I was sitting next to the steps of the hot tub and Donny sat to my right. He had to cross right in front of me to get out. As he moved near me and got on the first step I could see his cock floating on top.
He had taken his suit off and had his larger than daves cock right next to me. I took a good long look as it was semi hard. Donny said hope u don’t mind, no I said its your hot tub. Well I saw you naked and figured what the hell. Now Donny is good looking and has a wild streak in him, I’ve heard many crazy stories about him nd he’s one hairy guy which I unlike most women find sexy. I grabbed his cock hard and he said hey watch that. I looked up at Donny and said did you really invite other people over tonight and he said no. Why Donny, why did you lie and trick me all along holding his cock? I don’t know just knew you were home and I always think about fucking you and how lucky my boy Dave is, sorry I’m an asshole and a snake, please don’t tell Dave. At that point I leaned over kissed Donny’s now rock had cock and thanked him for being honest about his plans. He got out fixed a drink grabbed his bathing suit out it back on and we watched the end on the first half.

It was halftime and I had enough of the hot tub. I decided to change back into my clothes and went into Donny’s room to change and left the door wide opened and I took my time. After about 10 minutes I heard Donny walking down the hall as I stood up, I was naked , on purpose, and I was waiting for Donny.As he entered the room he to was naked and he said great minds think alike and walked over to me. He grabbed my pussy and said Dave told me you had a nice bush, oh yeah what else he tell ya? He said you’re a great fuck, but I want to find out for myself. Donny threw me on the bed and stared to finger my now wet pussy and kissing my deep throat. Donny has a really nice cock and I wanted to suck it for him. Donny I need your help, can you help me out. I might have a problem. What he asked. I promised Dave that I would let him fuck my asshole on our honeymoon but I’ve never done it before, have you?    Donny said yes many times but it takes a few times for you to learn the correct way and what comfortable for you. Some like it from the side, from behind on top it all depends. If you want your honeymoon to be great for Dave and you you might need lessons. Donny will you teach me please. I want it to be good for Dave and I promised. Just teach me how to anal fuck and I’ll suck your dick for ya later. Donny was excited and he agreed.

Donny started by licking my asshole, which I never would let Dave do, but this was part of the process, and Donny slowly stuck a finger in my ass as I was on all 4’s. He that for 5-10 minutes all along telling me what a nice ass and asshole I had but this was going to take a few more lessons before I was ready to really have a deep hard anal fuck.
I couldn’t wait to feel his cock in my asshole, I wanted to be good and ready for the man I really loved for our honey moon and didn’t want to disappoint him. Donny slowly put his head into my asshole and it hurt. He said it will hurt but you have to learn how to take the head in and out, So for 20 minutes Donny put his head in my ass kept it there for a few seconds and then took it out then back in. Every time it hurt a little more as he only put his head in. After about 20 minutes I had enough, I though wow if this were our honeymoon Dave would be so disappointed in my ass fucking. I know this was a good idea to have Donny help me, and Dave. He fingered me a few more times working in 2 fingers and I could feel my ass open up a little, I guess that muscle in my anus got relaxed and Donny noticed it to and said hey Kim how’s that baby. Your ass opened a little let me see if I can get more of cock in your asshole. I agreed as I could feel how easy 2 fingers went in. Donny licked my ass as I spread my cheeks and he slowly put in his head then popped it out and he did that 8-10 times and it still hurt but went in easier. Donny then said take a deep breath and slowly put his cock in my ass just the head and held it there for about 30 seconds then I started o move side to side a little and Donny moved with me. He then told me to slid back on hic cock as long as it was comfortable and I got about another 2 inches in me and that was it. Donny wasn’t even fuckin my ass, his cock was just resting. He had a great will.I know Dave would have been going crazy on my asshole making cry yell and scream, like I guess most men but Donny had assured me that he could control himself and was honored to teach me anal sex, he was so gentle and I am so greatfull for Donny, and told Dave you too. Anyway it was just too much hurt and uncomfort so I asked Donny to slowly pull which he did. He the kissed my asshole for a few minutes and then moved around and stuck his dick which just came out my asshole in my mouth so I could suck him off. Donny has a great cock and shot a huge load down my throat as I swallows all I could. We hugged for a little while then noticed on the TV that the game had 2 minutes left and Georgia was winning. Donny was so kind to my asshole that I decided when I saw his cock was still hard to tell him hey Donny while spreading my pussy, I had no intentions of fucking Donny, hey 2 minute warning fuck me until the game is over,. Donny fucked me for 15 minutes like never before his cock was so big.Hi shot another larger load into my pussy   and made plans to get together next week as Georgia had another home game. WE kissed said good by and kept out date.
Donny and I had anal fuck lessons 8 times before we got married.  The 2nd time we had anal lessons Donny had his big dick all the way up my ass and it hurt but I felt it was better. The 4th time we fucked it as an all out anal fuck lesson as I wish I would of had 2 or 3 cock to fuck me. The other lessons were just pure lust, sucking cock eating pussy and anal fucking. Donny only fucked my pussy that first time as I had to save something just for Dave. After the honeymoon I’ve been fucked by Donny 20-30 times always anal and now he can fuck my pussy whenever he wants to. Donny got married 8 months after Dave and I and I started to give him lessons on how to eat pussy. Dave eats pussy much better than Donny but Donny’s a much better fuck!

As I was telling Dave this story he was jerking off and wasn’t really mad at me. We don’t wee Donny much as he and his wife have moved 80 miles away north of Atlanta.
Donny knows I told Dave the anal fuck lessons story and there is no way we would have enjoyed our anal sex on our honeymoon if it were not for Donny and his big cock and Dave knows that. The only thing Dave gets upset and hurt by is that Donny, other than our honey moon by Dave, is the only guy that has fucked my ass since our honeymoon. I feel I owe it to Donny that he own my asshole.
Love ya Donny,
Kim and Dave

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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