BFF & I went to a nudist camp 2

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BFF & I went to a nudist camp 2
Our second day at the nudist camp

Vanessa was the first to waken. She woke me up then Kate got up. Vanessa wanted to get something to eat. What’s the dress code? I was like what do you mean? The dress code Vanessa said. Do we have to wear clothes? Kate was a little puzzled. Is this the same girl I had to take her bikini bottoms off yesterday? I hardly sleep last night. All I kept thinking about was you. You were such an exhibitionist walking back to the room without any clothes, cum & all on your legs. Flashing your pussy, teasing them, getting them hard. Kim you ate that ladys pussy out & she ate you out. This may be our only chance to live a little. This is are only full day here. We have a few hours tomorrow then we have to go home. That’s why I want to be like you today Kate. What about you Kim? Well I guess… Isn’t this why we came here? My pussy is still sore from that husbands big dick pounding me yesterday.
Aren’t any of you guys sore? Kate said who cares. A stiff cock is hard to come by. Kim laughed, their the only source of tasty cum too.
Kate said she’ll call down to find out the dress code. Well girls we have to wear bottoms because other people sit in the chairs.
Vanessa asked are there any other stand up places to get a breakfast burrito or something like that?
Vanessa said I need my strength. I want to fuck and suck today. I want a big dick like you had yesterday Kim. Kate said I can see that your nipples are already hard & pointing straight out. Careful not to poke an eye out with those. So, so what said Vanessa. Kim has puffy nipples. They swell up the hornier she gets. Kim gave that guy a raging hard on because she has puffy nipples. He couldn’t stand it anymore, remember how he had to get up and face fuck you? I want someone to just pull on my nipples, bite them, pinch them. Just get so turned on they have to ravage me. Not everybody can have your 36D’s Kate like yours good for titty fucking. Sorry Kate said. You’re right. It’s our only full day. We’re not just going to fuck some 2 pump chump.

We all left the room without any clothes. Vanessa led the way. Who wouldn’t want to fuck that? Who wouldn’t want to fuck any of us. Just like the wife of the couple said yesterday, with a pussy you can get as many dicks as you want. How many dicks is Vanessa thinking of getting?

Vanessas bullet pointy nipples were catching a lot of attention from guys & girls alike. After Vanessa’s rant I could see she was right. Kim’s nipples were getting puffier, my clit was tingeing. I felt like having my way with Vanessa’s tittys. I wonder if she’d like that? I did overhear one guy say to his lady friend did you see the tits on her? You’ll fit right in.

We found a place we could eat & even sit down. They had purell wipes with bleach for their guests.
We ordered, sat down. Low and behold there was that family from yesterday across the way. Vanessa, Kim there’s the family we fucked yesterday. You want to give them another piece of ass today? They were a good fuck.
I don’t know they said. It’s a crap shoot, we know they fuck & fuck well. We can switch things up. Vanessa who do you want to fuck? Kim said the Father has a big dick. Do you want to try him? You already had one of their sons. Fuck yea, I’d like that big dick stretching my pussy. I’m so fucking horny I’d like two dick in my pussy. Hmm Kate thought to herself.

We walked over to where they were sitting. Remember us? How could we forget they said. We were hoping to run into you today. Noticing we didn’t have any clothes on the wife said we feel overdressed. I thought you had to wear bottoms. Kate said I think this is one of the few places you can eat naked.
I didn’t see pussy on the menu replied the husband. Kate said Your wife & us girls are supplying the pussy. All you can eat. Wonderful.
The wife undid her bikini bottoms. I won’t be needing these anymore today. Why don’t the rest of you get comfortable? Take your boardshorts off. The husband stood up bent over to pick up his boardshorts. Vanessa cupped his balls from behind. Ohh he said. Cums not on the menu either but it can be on you. He looked at Vanessas tits & said I see you have your high beams on. That usually means a girl is cold or looking to get fucked. Vanessa pinched her own nipples & jiggled her tits. I see you’re looking for a fuck. You up to fucking another tight young pussy? Assuming that’s OK with the misses. Of course dear that’s why we come her, for some excitement. He stood up not quite erect & said you think you can handle this? Kim fucked it yesterday I can fuck it today. He said lets all go down to the beach.

Vanessa lead the way practically dragging the husband by his cock. Two of the other boys wrapped their arms around Kim each had a hand on her tits their cocks already pointed at full staff. That left me, the wife & one of the other boys. I felt a soft hand on my ass crack working it’s way down. I had a feeling it was the wifes.

We got to the beach and laid out some blanks. I could see yesterdays cum stains on them.
Vanessa was already on her knees giving the husband a BJ. Kim was pushed to her back being eaten out by one boy & the other had his balls at her mouth. Kim had her tongue out. The wife did say I need some action, I didn’t get fucked yesterday. Jeez Kate thought I don’t think shes talking about her son. I did get a chance to whisper something in the wifes ear about Vanessa. No problem she said.

I heard Vanessa making gak, gak, gak sounds. I looked over & the husband was face fucking her. Just like he face fucked Kim yesterday.
The wife laid down holding her knees up with her hands. Her pussy was really exposed. I guess that means I have to take one for the team (Vanessa) and eat this cunt out. I got on my knees leaned down. The next thing I knew one of her boys had his tongue licking my ass. I went down on the misses. Pussys not my thing but hers tasted good. I was enjoying the rim job.

I heard Vanessa saying damn Kims right you are a big fucker. The husband told her a stiff dick has no conscious. This ones going in your pussy no matter what. Are you ready? Fuck what do you have your balls in my pussy too? You’re pussys tight. Tighter then your friends I like that. Vanessa was pulling on her nipples. You fucker you. Is that all you got? Fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck me good. The husband moved Vanessas hands away & now he was pinching & pulling on her long bullet size nipples.

I was still eating the wife out when the boy stopped rimming me. I felt his dick at the opening of my pussy. He slid it in nicely. Then he started pumping me. Hard thrusts. Each thrust was pushing my face into the wifes pussy. His mother was encouraging him. Fuck her, fuck her pussy harder. Give the pussy eating slut your cum. Cum deep in her pussy deep. With that he did cum. Filled my pussy up. She rolled me over & went down on me. Holy fuck. It does feel good. Kate you’ve got the biggest pussy lips. I could suck on them all day. She knew what she was doing. I thought I’d give her a taste of her own medicine. Eat me whore, clean me up, suck my pussy lips, lick all the cum from my pussy. That’s it get your tongue in my fuck hole. My own talk & her tongue were really turning me on.

We sat back to watch the others. The 2 boys were taking turns with Kim. 10-12 pumps each in her pussy & switch. At that rate Kim would be on her back for a while. I reminded the wife of what I whispered to her earlier.

I heard one of the boys with Kim grunting, stop pumping then the other one took his place with a few short pumps he collapsed on Kim. Kim came back with the 2 sons. Cum in her pussy, puffy nipples all puffed out bigger then before & a smile on her face.

All eyes were now on Vanessa. The husband was going to town on her doggy style pulling her hair lightly. Her smaller tits swinging back & forth. Her long nipples were almost rubbing in the sand. Fuck yeah was what Vanessa was saying the most. The husband gave a few more pumps and stopped. Looks like Vanessa took his load. She was telling him to fill her up.

They joined us on the blanket. You could see Vanessa was happy. Nipples pointing straight out. She was walking gingerly but happy.
Today we were all exhibitionists. Vanessa sitting legs spread me & Kim with our knees up cum trickling out of her pussy from the 2 boys, The wife one leg bent showing her pussy as well.
Let anyone who wanted to look see our red beat up cum filled pussys.

Vanessa was falling asleep. I looked at the wife to give her the signal. She had told the others. The wife quietly moved in between Vanessas legs. She began to flick her clit with her tongue. It looked like Vanessa thought it was a dream. The husband & sons were standing around here beating off. Vanessa was just moaning. The first load of cum hit her right in the face. That woke he up. She was surprised but stayed down. The second boy came in her hair. The other came on her tits. Vanessa now had those bullet nipples again. The wife continued to eat her out. Vanessa arched her back & cried out OH SHIT.
The wife came back to the blanket, face dripping. Vanessa squirted on my face she said.

We all laid there for a bit. Kate said I think we’ve had enough sun & fun. We better go in & take a nap. The Husband & wife agreed. We need to reload anyway. Fuck you later… I mean see you later.
We woke Vanessa. Lets go to the room. She got up said thanked everyone. She waited for us. Kim said why don’t you go in the water & clean up. Fuck no Vanessa said. I’m a cum slut today. I don’t care who sees me.

On the way back to the room plenty of people did notice Vanessa covered in cum. She looked proud of her cum covered body. Guys pointed & girls stopped to look. One lady said to her good for you girl. Another girl said yeah fuck everybody you can, enjoy yourself. I’m going to. One guy told her you’ve got a body just made for fucking. Love your nipples. Another said that looks like it was fun & took her bikini off. Her hand went straight for her guys dick. Another girl said wow, wish I was there.
Vanessa turned to us and smiled after each comment.

We got to the room & Vanessa just collapsed on the bed. She’s been fucked, sucked, eaten out by the wife & bukkaked.
We too just collapsed & went to sleep.

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