Bi Male

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Bi Male
This is an experience my wife and I had a couple months ago.

My wife Penny and I had corresponded back and forth for quite some time with a Black gentleman we met online.

First of all, let me explain that we are swingers. We have met quite a lot of good people in the lifestyle. After we had a few experiences, Penny floored me one day with the question of whether or not she was going to see me and another guy play or not. She new from numerous personal conversations, that I had been with guys also in the past. It was purely a sexual thing for me. I can’t see loving a dude. Sorry. It’s not my thing. But I do, however like to have sex with guys also.

I told Penny that if that is what she wanted to see, then I would be glad to do it for her. It was for me also, duh!

After having a few experiences with some bi guys, we were both yearning to meet up with a Black bi guy.

So it seemed that this particular Black gentleman wanted to meet us also. His name was Darrell. We met him on swingers site. He had a very large cock. I was thinking that this could be the experience I want Penny to see. I have been with a couple Black guys in the past, but neither one was as large as Darrell.

I don’t like to brag, but I haven’t sucked a cock yet that I couldn’t deep throat! Darrell’s cock looked VERY challenging! He told me online, that it was 11.5″ long by 7.5″ around. Now you understand the challenge!

On to the good parts…

We went to a hotel in the suburbs of a large metropolitan area, and met Darrell. We met at the bar to the hotel.

Darrell looked just like the pics we saw of him on the Internet. Well, at least so far. After we chatted for a bit, and got aquainted, Darrell suggested we take our drinks up to his room. He had already gotten a room, figuring that we were on the level, and serious about playing.

We got into the room, and opened another drink for some light, or heavy conversation. Darrell kind of took the floor, and asked what we were into, and what we had done in the past. He was very pleased to know that Penny had already seen me with a couple other guys, and didn’t have any hang-ups with it. In fact, she spoke very openly with Darrell about what she wanted to see. Darrell seemed to get kind of excited when Penny told him what she wanted to see. More that anything, she wanted to see me suck a big, black cock, and possibly watch me getting fucked in the ass by one. Darrell said that would be no problem.

Right then, Darrell stood up and started to take his clothes off. I asked if he would leave only his underwear on, and he agreed. He was built very well. Penny was on the couch observing, while I sat on the corner of the coffee table, and Darrell was getting more naked by the second! He turned around to take his pants off. He was wearing a thin black pair of briefs. I could see the line of his ass through them. He then turned around. WOW!!! What a bulge he had going! I could see most of his cock and balls through his shorts. He had a GREAT package! I asked him to come closer to me so I could feel his nice big cock and balls. He stepped right in front of me.

I almost couldn’t believe that this was finally happening. I wanted Penny to see this for quite some time.

I reached out for his cock. I smoothly rubbed his cock through his briefs. I looked up at him, and told him he had a great cock. I also told him that we like people that are very vocal in bed. He said no problem. As I rubbed his cock and balls through his briefs, a small amount of pre-cum was leaking onto the briefs. I grabbed the sides of his briefs, and pulled them all the way off. I wanted this big dick Black man totally naked in front of me. Darrell’s cock was hanging at about a 45 degree angle from the floor. The shear weight of his cock couldn’t defy gravity. It had to hang! I just kind of went ” Mmmmm…,” and took the head of this massive black cock in my mouth!

After I sucked the head and a little of his cock in my mouth, I pulled it out, and started swabbing his cock with my saliva. I was ready to take the challenge, and try to deepthroat Darrell. After I made his cock wet enough, I took his cock in again, and this time I slowly worked more and more of it in. I felt Darrell’s cock pushing against the back of my throat. I wasn’t ready quite yet to deepthroat him, as I was thinking about how nice his big balls would feel in my mouth also.

I looked over at Penny, and she was almost naked playing with herself. She told me to just have fun for a while. I thanked her, and got back to what I was doing.

I lifted Darrell’s big cock out of the way, so I could suck on his balls. He not only had a great cock, but his balls were the biggest I had ever seen in person. His balls hung down very nicely. I proceeded to suck on ball at a time in my mouth, and after a little work, got the other one in also. His balls were so big in my mouth, that I could only breathe out of my nose! I lathered his balls nicely with my saliva. I stroked his cock while I saturated his balls. His balls weren’t shaved, but he had very little hair there. I started noticing some pre-cum dripping from Darrell’s cock as I stroked it. I quickly put his cock back in my mouth, and suck every bit of pre-cum I could get out of it. After I siphoned him well, I started in sucking his large cock again. Only this time, his cock seemed to grow a couple inches!

All I knew was, I was ready to work on some black cock! I sucked Darrell’s cock very hungrily. Penny seemed in her own world watching us. I asked Penny to scoot up a little on the couch so Darrell and I could try something. I told him I wanted him to come over the top of me, while I am on my back sitting up on the end of the couch. I wanted him to fuck my mouth, and every so often, drop his big balls in my mouth. Penny gladly scooted over a little. I stripped nude real quick, and laid back against the arm of the couch. Darrell came over to the couch, lifted one leg over me, and hung his cock above me. He asked me if I liked his big, black cock. I told him it was turning me on so much having his nice cock and balls in my mouth. First, Darrell moved his balls over me, and asked me to soak his balls again with my spit. I lifted his massive cock again, out of the way, and suckled his balls. After a few minutes of some wet ball sucking, Darrell pulled back a little, and dropped his cock into my eager mouth. Darrell started fucking my white mouth good with his nice big, black cock. His wet balls were slapping against my chin. I was thinking how much fun it might be to feel those big balls slapping against my body as Darrell fucks my ass. Darrell was pushing his cock as far down my throat as it would go. My eyes started watering after he plunged his cock a little too far a few times.

After a while, Darrell pulled his cock out, and told me he wanted to suck me too. He backed off so I could get up, and we just traded places. Darrell immediately took my in his mouth, and hungrily sucked on me. My cock is about 7″ long by 7″ around, so it isn’t a little one itself. Darrell pulled my cock out of his mouth, and complimented me on what a nice cock I had also. He said he had never sucked a white cock as big, or thick as mine. Darrell was very good at sucking cock! I had to tell him to slow down a couple times. I didn’t want to cum for a while. He kind of chuckled, and asked if there was anything else I would like to do, or is there something else Penny wants to see. I told him I would like to do a 69 with him for a bit, and then move on to the fuckin’.

Darrell and I moved to the bed, and Penny came over by the bed in a chair. Darrell and I laid on our sides, and started sucking on each other. There was quite a lot of pre-cum coming out of his cock. I was wandering if he was a big cummer or not. After a while of deep cock sucking, I told Darrell I was ready for his big cock. Darrell had been slowly playing with my ass already when we were in the 69.

Penny got up to go to the bathroom. Before she passed through the bathroom door, she looked back, as said she wasn’t coming out of the bathroom until she heard Darrell’s balls slapping against my ass, on top of me fucking my tight white ass! Darrell put plenty of lotion on his cock, and came up between my legs. His cock was pretty close to fully hard. Darrell slowly slid the head in, and started penetrating my as farther and farther. After a couple minutes, he was ready to make some slapping noises!

I had had cock in my ass before, but this cock felt the best so far, for some reason. After a few slaps of Darrell’s against my body, Penny came out of the bathroom. She looked very excited. She wanted a closer look. Penny got on the bed. She massaged Darrell’s balls, and wanted to feel the hardness of Darrell’s cock as it was going in my ass. After trying out a few different positions, I told Darrell I wanted to suck him off. He ran in to wash up real quick, and returned quickly.

I told Darrell to let me know right before he is going to cum, because I want him to set the end of his cock on my tongue as it is stuck out. Penny said she wanted to see Darrell shoot a nice big load of cum in my mouth. I continued to suck away at this big, beautiful black cock. A couple times, I pulled his cock out of my mouth to tell him how good his cum was going to taste flooding my mouth. It didn’t take much talking, because Darrell motioned to me that he was ready to cum. I tilted my head back a little, stuck my tongue out, and right as he set the head of his cock down on my tongue, he shot a nice load of cum in my mouth. I swallowed a couple times, as there was so much. I looked up at Darrell and smiled. He smiled back. Penny came also right after she saw him shoot his cum.

Darrell said he wanted to watch Penny suck me off now. He said he would share it with her. So Penny started on me. After only a couple minutes, I was ready. I told them both I was going to cum. They said to shoot it on their faces. I jerked cum out of my cock, all over their faces. Wow! What a time!

We all three fell back on the bed and relaxed. After not a long time, Darrell was putting his big cock in front of me again. Penny and I both rolled over, and with one on his cock, and the other on his balls, we worked at him together until he came all over us both!

Now THAT was a date to remember!

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