Biggy x The Beagle Wilds

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Biggy x The Beagle Wilds
Ziggy blinked an eye. His head was giving him that sign again, like when his dad talked with him thru telepathy. It was faint at first but then it came thru clearer, more audible. It said: “Look son, you three must get out of there as fast as possible. The boss is sending Montana over in an hour to bring you boys to him. Montana is a mean big bulldog who likes to beat up young k**s. There’s no telling what he will do if the boss asks him to knock some information out of you guys. Now listen carefully. Your guard, Biggy, told me the other day that he dreams of having a foursome with three young boys who do anything he wants them to. And he always wanted to be fucked by a dinosaur but he never got one and I’m way too big for him. This is your chance. You must talk him into fooling around with all three of you. Fuck him with his head facing the wall. And while you fuck him to kingdom come, Bow Wow can take the spare key. He keeps it in the drawer of his desk. Then I will come to lure him away and you boys must escape. Don’ take the stairs. Use the back door near the ventilation shaft, it’s the only safe exit.”

Ziggy turned red while he send his message to Grox: “But dad,… I… I have never fucked someone before and I don’t know…”. Grox interrupted him: “Listen, Ziggy, you are part stegodragon. At your age you can fuck like all hell breaks loose. Stick that dick in his ass and all the rest will come automatically. Just go easy on him and don’t hurt him too much, I don’t want him to scream and warn everybody. I wish your first time fucking a guy would be different, but there’s no other option.”

Ziggy sighed and called his brothers. He whispered the plan in their ears and Bow Wow looked at him strange: “Wait, did Grox tell you that? But how?” But Ziggy told him to be quiet: “Just do it now.”

It was Segal taking the lead: “Hey guard, I didn’t thank you yet for letting me use the restroom.”

Biggy looked at him, surprised: “That’s okay. Anything else you want? You know this isn’t exactly a hotel here.”

Segal smiled. “Actually there is. Me and my brothers are kinda bored here. And we was looking at you and , well, you know…”, he said, “Ziggy here told me that you look pretty damn manly and all, but at your age you probably can’t fuck both of us anymore. And he’s pretty sure you cannot take his dino dick either.”

Now Biggy looked at them with renewed interest. “Are you suggesting a foursome ánd some dino dick?”, he smiled, “Well boys, this might be your lucky day and mine. You calling me old? Lemme show ya what I got.” And he was already unbuckling his pants.

“I am gonna let you out. Now don’t do anything foolish, okay. There are more guards upstairs, so there’s no escape”, he told them in a firm tone. “Besides, why don’t you boys undress and I lock up your clothes in the cell while we have us some steaming time. You can’t escape buck naked!”, he said pleased with the solution he had come up with.

“Whatever,” Segal shrugged and they were getting out of their clothes in no time.

Biggy watched them like one would inspect meat. The two beagledogs had nicely shaped plump dicks, but the dino… Well, the dino was whole other story. His dick was massive and all over the shaft were flabs of meat, just like on his tail. The sight of that extra meat made him super horny. Biggy got an erection and the boys understood why he was called “Biggy”. He had one of those dicks with narrow foreskin and the top peeped out halfway. The head all pink. And he was very hairy. His balls sack was more than average sized and his dick as thick as a beer can. Biggy smiled seeing the frightened look on the k**s’ faces: “Dontcha worry, k**s. I’m gonna be real nice and besides, I got plenty of lube.”

He looked at Bow Wow: “You first. I’m gonna love giving that tight young ass my cannon.” Then he looked at Segal: “Why don’t you suck your little brother’s dick while I’m at it?” Both the k**s swallowed, but for different reasons.

Like a good k**, Bow Wow bent over. It looked an impossible mission, but with great determination Biggy lubed up both his dick and Bow Wow’s ass and pushed the top of his dick against the muscle. It gave little way. Bow Wow had a painful grimace on his face when Biggy’s dick went in deeper. He wanted to escape but got blocked by Segal standing in front of him. Heaving a scream, his muscle gave way. Biggy stood still, giving Bow Wow the opportunity to feel more comfortable with the girth.

Biggy bowed over Bow Wow and softly pinched his nipples. It took the boy’s mind away from the dick in his ass and the big man slowly pushed it further inside. Bow Wow was torn apart between the feeling of pain caused by the huge dick and the feeling of pleasure caused by his brother giving him a blow job. But as Biggy’s dick slid in and out, the pain ebbed away and pleasure took over. His whole body was shaking. His belly felt weak and his dick grew harder still in Segal’s mouth.

Biggy pointed at Ziggy: “Why don’t you suck your little brother’s balls a bit? Make sure to take them both in your mouth.” Ziggy obeyed eagerly.

The hot mouth and tongue around his balls, the sucking sounds of his older brother and the banging of the big man made Bow Wow mad of pleasure and soon he shot his hot cum all in Segal’s mouth.

Biggy didn’t cum yet and retreated. “Your turn, big boy”, he said to Segal, “let’s change positions.”

His big dick was still smeared with the ass juices from Bow Wow. Biggy took out the lube again and fingered Segal’s ass. It felt loose. He looked at him: “Not your first time huh? Seems like you’re a regular. See what you can do with that dick of mine, shall we?” And without much further ado he shoved his dick inside Segal’s ass. The boy bit his lips. Damn, that Biggy was enormous! He moaned softly but refused to scream while Biggy started to make circular motions, like it was a drill.

He drilled his dick inside and Segal grabbed the hands of Ziggy standing in front of him.

“Hey, k**do,” Biggy said to Bow Wow, “why don’t you slap my butt real hard while I fuck your brother’s brains out?” Bow Wow slapped him as hard as he could and each time his hand hit Biggy’s buttocks, Biggy shoved his dick deeper inside. It was a reflex.

“Aw, aw, aw”, Segal screamed softly while Biggy fucked him like a machine. This was good pain, the kinda pain you don’t want to stop, the kinda pain that made you feel alive and aware. Segal lost his grip a bit of Ziggy. Biggy bent over and freed one of Ziggy’s hands and brought it to Segal’s dick. “Jerk it, dino boy”, he said, while pulling up his pace. He now fucked him wildly, with incredible speed and power. He fucked him like there was no tomorrow, no next hour, no next minute. He fucked him like he was a battering ram breaking open the gates of heaven. “Say FUCK ME PAPPI!”, he said to Segal and Segal screamed “FUCK ME PAPPI! FUCK ME PAPPI!”.

Biggy’s whole body shook while he came in successive powerful blows, simultaneously with the k** hanging on his dick.

Biggy still breathed heavily when he walked up to Ziggy. “I need to regain some of my strength”, he said. He looked at the two beaglebears and continued: “Please dino boy here. But don’t let him cum. I want him to be real hard. He gets the honors to fuck me instead.”

The tree k**s laughed. Their plan worked out well. Segal started licking Ziggy’s ass while Bow Wow took his little brother’s dick in his mouth. He felt how it became hard in seconds. Soon it was too big for his mouth. Waw, their little brother was huge indeed! While Segal continued licking Ziggy’s butt crack, pushing his tongue inside, Bow Wow started to lick the head of the dino’s dick. It tasted like nothing he had taste before. Vanilla mixed with musk and mud. “Quite yummy”, he thought. Then Biggy stopped them: “Ho, now stop boys. If he gets any bigger he won’t be able to stick it up my ass anymore.”

Biggy sat on all fours and said to Ziggy to start fucking him. “I can’t do that. I’m way too big to take you in that position. Why don’t you lean against the wall with your hands and I fuck you standing?”, he said. Biggy laughed: “The k** shows initiative, huh? I like that. Let’s do it the way you say, k**do. And don’t spare me!”, he said while he was lubing up his ass and Ziggy’s dick. He used the whole bottle, knowing he might need it.

Even with all that lube it was a hard task. Ziggy stood behind Biggy, this was his moment. He slapped his dick a few times in his hand and pushed Biggy’s back downwards. The top of his dick reached Bigggy’s hole. It seemed impossible to get it inside. But Ziggy’s dick was like a magnet. It clang itself to the tight muscle in front of him. The extra flabs of meat actually worked like pincers, opening the muscle wide. Still, it took Ziggy all of his force to push it inside and Biggy heaved a loud scream. It felt like he was torn apart. Once inside, Ziggy’s dick attached himself to that warm ass like a lock. “It is way too big! Aw, the pain!”, Biggy yelled. But they both knew there was no turning back.

Ziggy was so huge that his dick couldn’t get all in. He struggled and with all his might he managed to get the top in and then some. It was just enough to keep him going and he felt the sensation of fucking a guy for the first time. The tight grip on his dick felt amazing, the feeling of his veins throbbing.

Meanwhile Bow Wow sneaked towards the desk and opened the drawer. There it was, just as Ziggy had told him: the spare key! He still didn’t understand how Ziggy could have known that, but hey, why bother about that now? He took the key and realized he was still naked and couldn’t put the key away in his trousers. So he went to the prison cell and tossed it behind the bars. It landed right in the corner, out of sight. That was luck.

At the back the screams of Biggy had been replaced by a constant moaning. It seemed he had taken peace with Ziggy’s dick after all. Not being used of fucking, Ziggy soon felt how his load was building up from his loins. It felt sensational, he could actually feel how his cum looked for a way out and when it did it seemed like there was no end to it. Like a volcano spitting out hot lava. He came and came and came. It completely filled up Biggy. His eyes grew mellow and Ziggy pulled out his dick. The cum gushed out of Biggy’s ass in powerful streams.

Still weak in the knees, Biggy turned towards Ziggy and kissed him on the mouth. “Thank you, that was magic”, he said. It took him some time to get back to reality. When he did he told the boys to go in their cell and put their clothes back on. As he was doing the same, someone came down the stairs. It was Grox.

“Hey Biggy. What you’re up to here all alone? Look, I know it isn’t protocol, but I need you to give me a hand upstairs”, he said.

“Hi Grox. As much as I want to, you know I can’t. Commander Gander told me to stay here and watch over our prisoners”, Biggy replied.

But Grox didn’t take no for an answer: “You know and I know they ain’t going anywhere. You got the key, don’t you? Just get your ass outta here and help me load that thing in the truck. It won’t take long, 15 minutes max. Besides, we are all having beer upstairs, and you know I like drinking with you.”

Biggy couldn’t help it. He always had a soft spot for that stegodragon. So his initial reluctance soon got replaced by the idea of spending some time with his buddy. He followed Grox upstairs.

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