Blackmailing my teacher part 3

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Blackmailing my teacher part 3
After I fucked my teacher for the first time I couldn’t wait to do her again. So I got up early the next morning grabbing a quick bite to eat headed for the Tanner’s. When I rang the door bell Mr. Tanner answered it. I was shocked at first but remember shit he don’t leave until 7 and its only 6:45.

He said “It’s a little early isn’t to be ringing door bells don’t you think?” I said that I wanted to get started on that flower bed that his wife pointed out to me before it got to hot. He opened the door wide telling me to come in and to not call his wife as she isn’t feeling well just morning. I told him that I understood and asked if he could leave the back door unlocked so I could get some water to drink later. He said he would and that how much he appreciated all the hard work I was doing for them. He then went on to say that the Mrs. would have to do something special for me to show just how much it meant to them. He told me to be careful of the heat as he walked out to go to work.

I went after the flower garden ripping out all the dead crap and working around what as still alive. I looked up a few times to see if Mrs. Tanner was watching me and about 9 I was her looking at me. I thought that it was a great time to take a break. I opened the backdoor walking seeing her on the staircase making her way down. She had a buttoned top on with a skirt that I had seen her wear in school but I didn’t see anything on her legs. When she saw me she covered her mouth as if to stop from screaming, freezing where she was. I said good morning to her as if I had never fucked her the day before and headed to the sink for a drink of water. Her eyes never left me as I sat down in the same spot that I had fucked her less then 24 hours before.

She slowly came the rest of the way down looking almost scared of me as she turned the coffee maker on. I got up walking up to placing my glass on the counter next to before saying how sexy she looked just morning. She turned her back on me saying “Please can I have the rest of those disc. I can’t stand the thought of you giving them to my husband.” I said that she would get all of them if she was a good girl [ turning her ] I said a very good girl kissing her cheek as I grabbed her ass. I expected her to say or do something but nothing, she just stood there letting me have a hand full of her ass. I said “I better get back to work cause it’s getting warm already in more places then one.

I walked out looking over my shoulder at her and she hadn’t moved a inch, just had a blink look on her face but her cheeks were a little on the pink side. I worked until 11:30 and by then it was all of 90 or more in the shade so I thought time to visit my favorite teacher. I went to the backdoor finding it locked I rang the door bell over and over again until she showed her face. I held one of my disc. up so she could see it. She yelled for me to go home and destroy all the copies of the video that I had. I yelled back through the door the she knows the deal and if she didn’t want to do her part that I would mail them away this afternoon. She came to the door unlocking it. I walked in past her saying that I needed a shower and that she could wash my back for me.

I asked if she had a shower in her bedroom and she said that there was a shower down stairs that I could used and that the one in her bedroom was off limits to me. I made like I didn’t hear a word headed up the stairs enjoying the power I had over her and her hot little body. She closed the backdoor hard locking it running up the stairs behind me. I asked which was her bedroom and she said there was I shower in just bathroom I could use as I walked by finding her bedroom and her marriage bed. I pulled my clothes off heading for the shower in the ensuite, she yelled for me to stop but I opened the shower doors stepping inside. I told her she getter take those clothes off other wise they would get wet as she washed my back. She said where’s the disc, I’m not doing anything until I see it. I said that it was in my back pocket of my pants and that she could have now if she wanted cause I still have more.

She pulled out the case holding the disc opening it taking out the disc breaking it in half. I turned on the water turning to her asking if there was going to be a problem? She began undressing and when she was nude she stepped in with me asking for the soap. She washed my back and I spread my ass cheeks telling her to do that as well. She told me I was a pig for making her do such things as she washed my asshole clean. After I finished showering I washed her pussy and ass asking her if she had ever heard of a ATM. She said “I knew it would come to money, how much do you want asshole?” I said no you have it wrong, a ATM is ass to mouth so you may want to clean out your ass as well or it will be a nasty ATM.

She stood there with her mouth hanging wide open in disbelief before saying “No one has ever done anything like that with me and your not going to be my first. Do you understand me, your not fucking my ass!” I just asked do you have any lube or do I have to get the cooking oil? She said next to the bed there’s lube there as she got the bag out and as I watched she cleaned out her backside. Don’t ask me when I decided to do this to her it just came to me as she washed my ass. She was so close to crying that I almost told her to forget it but I wanted total power over her and this is only a part of it.

I dried her off taking her to her bed she asked if we couldn’t maybe use the guess room and I only pushed her back making her sit down on her marriage bed. Without saying a word she started giving me a blow job, once hard I moved her into a 69er wanting to taste her straight from her cunt. I found that the closer I got her to orgasm the better she was at giving head plus the deeper she took my cock as well. When her orgasm hit her, her nose hit my balls having deep throated me. I pulled her off of my so I didn’t cum to soon but wanting her to enjoy it more I started eating her out once more. When I heard her say “Eat me, Please make me cum, Oh fuck I’m coming” it was like music to my ears.

I moved up her body sucking on her nipples when kissing her mouth which to my surprise she was kissing me back as I pushed myself inside her ever ready pussy. She grabbed my ass pulling me inside of her making me fuck her faster and harder. She moaned Please fuck me make me cum but don’t cum in me, oh god your making me cum again. Her orgasm was the best she had had with me so far and once she come down I asked her to get on all fours which she did no questions asked.

I grabbed the lube putting some on my cock and when I put some on her asshole she said please don’t, not there, cum inside me if you want but not this. I pushed one then two fingers inside her super tight asshole, as I fucked my fingers in her ass I pushed my cock back in her pussy. She soon got back into the fucking with my fingers in her ass and when I reached around her rubbing her clit with my free hand she started bucking like a wild horse under me as orgasm after orgasm hit her. As she was in one of these orgasms I pulled out and pushed into her ass. She screamed not in pain but as her newest and best orgasm yet hit her. She was screaming fuck my ass, fuck it hard, as her next orgasm hit her she shocked me by saying “I LOVE YOU.” I fucked her ass until I knew I was close to coming I pulled out telling her to finish me off with her mouth. Dam she did just as I asked without a word of protest started sucking me like it was the only thing she wanted. I blew my load so fucking hard the room went dark for a for seconds.

I ask her to tongue fuck my asshole as I pulled my legs up and she dove right in pushing her tongue as deep as it would go and with her playing with my cock I started to regain my hardness. She looked up from between my legs saying fuck me again please make love to me. Now that shocked me but she sat her dripping wet pussy back down on my cock for a long not hurried fucking or love making as she called it. When I was getting close to coming I told her and she only pushed down harder as if to take me whole body inside of her. When I couldn’t hold off any more I began shooting my cum deep inside her fertile pussy.

After as we laid there in each others arms I said “What if you get pregnant, will you tell your husband its his?” She said “I will go tomorrow and get a morning after pill then to my doctor for some birth control pills. I love knowing you are shooting your love inside of me and is there anyway I can have all of those fucking disc seeing how you have made me your whore?” I said that I needed a rest after to day but I would see her Friday with the disc so we can burn them. I didn’t see a need for them any more seeing how she was sucking me again to try for round three.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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