Bob and Lisa’s Story

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Bob and Lisa’s Story
Now the story…..

Bob and Lisa met when they were in high school. Bob was Lisa’s first
boyfriend and she thought the world of him. He was a good looking boy with
dark brown hair which was greased back, the style at the time. Although Bob
was a year older then Lisa, because he had failed a year, he found himself
in the same class with her. There was an immediate bond between them and
before long they were dating.

After school during the week, Bob had a job delivering groceries for
the local grocery and did so with a three wheel bicycle. There were two
wheels in the front which also housed a box in which the boxes of groceries
would be placed. When he wanted to turn the corner, the entire box at the
front of the bike would turn at once. Although the job seemed petty at the
time, it did give Bob all the spending money he required. Bob loved going
to the movies and would do so on Sunday afternoon with Lisa, it was there
time together. They would go to the Royal Theatre located in downtown
Smallwood located in the southern part of Quebec. For a whopping $2.00 both
he and Lisa were able to watch three full length movies and trailers
telling of the coming events. It was during these movies that Bob and Lisa
started to experiment with light sexuality. They would hold hands and at
times Bob would put his arm around Lisa and hold her shoulders

There was this one Sunday when the main movies all starred
Elvis. There was “G.I. Blues”, “Blue Hawaii” and “Kissing’ Cousins”. Bob
was anxious to experiment a little further than they had already and it was
this particular Sunday with Elvis setting the mood that he figured it was
his big break after all he was 16 years old, almost a man. He planned his
strategy well and during “G.I. Blues”, he did as he always did and
pretended to be the perfect gentleman. Little did he know that Lisa also
wanted things to progress between them. She and a girlfriend had already
talked about what might happen between Bob and herself and she was ready.

Lisa’s best friend was Tasha, which was short for Natasha, and the two
of them were as one and it wasn’t uncommon for them to spend some quiet
girl time together. In fact they would spend the night at each other’s
homes in sort of a slumber party for two. Tasha was the same age as Lisa
but wasn’t really into boys yet. There was this one Friday night that Tasha
was at Lisa’s place for one of their parties that something very special
happened. Lisa had only one bed in her room, a double bed and both girls
would share it. But on this one special evening they would share more than
just the bed .It started out very innocently when both of the girls got
excited listening to the latest Beatles song on the radio and both of them
of course were in love with Paul, wasn’t everybody at the time? Well
anyway the excitement led them to some horseplay on the bed. They were in
their baby doll pyjamas and both bounced on the bed showing how they would
like to ride Mr. Paul of the Beatles. Tasha was the first to make the
magic move and accidentally touched one of Lisa’s breasts. The touch seemed
to linger for quite some time as Tasha liked the gentle feeling of Lisa’s
small breast. Lisa although she had just turned 15, had very small
breasts. Most of the girls in her age group had much more to talk about but
she never complained. She was conscious of the hand that was on her and the
thought of pulling back never entered her mind. Girls of this age were
experiencing changes within themselves and the whole scenario was exciting
her to no end.

Tasha, fully aware of what she was doing, pulled her hand away and
looked down towards the bed. She was afraid that Lisa would get mad at
her. Lisa on the other hand wanted to experience more of this new feeling
she was feeling inside and asked Tasha if she would touch her again.
Reaching out she gently felt the material which was between her and the
soft flesh which would some day become a food source for a c***d. Lisa
closed her eyes and enjoyed what was happening to her and reached out and
rested her right hand on Tasha’s shoulder which was bare except the one
quarter inch strip of material which acted as a strap and held up her baby
doll top. Tasha reached up to her shoulder and took Lisa’s right hand and
lowered it to her very own breast. Tasha’s breasts were much bigger than
those of Lisa’s. Her last bra was a 34 with a “B” cup. Lisa’s eyes opened
immediately upon feeling Tasha’s hand. She cupped her friend’s breast in
her hand and began to squeeze her breast in a circular motion. Both young
girls were drifting off into their own worlds. After a couple of minutes
Tasha removed her hand from Lisa and reached for the bottom of her pyjamas
top and with one swift movement removed it over her head revealing her
breasts to Lisa for the first time. Lisa looked at them and her mouth
opened slightly, an indication that she likes d what she saw. Tasha then
reached for Lisa’s pyjamas top and with no resistance from Lisa, pulled it
over her head. Lisa’s breasts were much smaller than Tasha’s and usually
rested comfortably in her 32 “A” cup bra. Size meant nothing to Tasha as
she immediately placed her hand on Lisa’s bare breast. She allowed Lisa’s
nipple to appear between her thumb and index finger as she began to massage
Lisa. Lisa was now in a different world, a world she felt very comfortable
in. Without thinking about it twice, she touched Tasha’s breasts and bent
over slightly to kiss Tasha. As Lisa’s lips touched Tasha’s, she was met
with a very willing participant. Tasha opened her mouth and touched Lisa’s
lips with her tongue. Lisa responded by doing the same and both girls then
began a long French kiss. Lisa could feel a tingeing sensation between her
legs, the same kind of sensation she would feel when she was with Bob, only
more intense.

The kiss ended with both girls feeling only partially satisfied. Tasha
asked Lisa if she had ever played with herself and Lisa asked what she
meant by that. Tasha reached down between her legs and began to rub her
crotch through the light layer of fabric of her pyjamas. Lisa knowing what
her friend meant said that she had on one occasion but stopped when she had
heard her mother coming down the hallway one night. She was afraid that she
would get caught and never tried again, but tonight her parents were away
and the girls were alone for the entire night. Tasha got off the bed and
removed her pyjamas bottoms revealing what had to be the most incredible
sight that Lisa had ever seen. Tasha had a perfect triangle of blonde pubic
hair pointing to the top of her cunt. She sat back down on the bed Indian
style and this in turn allowed Lisa to see the complete outline of Tasha’s
cunt from the tip of her clit to the bottom of her lips which were moist
from the natural juices which her body was producing. Tasha told Lisa that
she too should get comfortable and out of her bottoms, that she wanted to
show her something. Lisa did as was suggested and removed the only
remaining piece of clothing which she wore. She too then sat across from
Tasha in Indian style showing Tasha what she was made of. Lisa’s pubic hair
was thinner than Tasha’s but covered an equal amount of area on her
body. Her cunt lips were wet and puffy as she was turned on to the maximum
or so she thought. Tasha placed her hands on Lisa’s knees and spread her
legs apart and suggested that Lisa lay back on the bed, she did and left
her knees in the air with her legs spread. This allowed Tasha to see the
outer lips of Lisa’s cunt. They were dripping wet. Tasha bent forward and
placed her head between Lisa’s legs at the entrance of her cunt. Moving
closer she opened her mouth and allowed her tongue to slip out and once she
reached the surface of Lisa’s cunt, she began to stroke her clit with her
tongue. Lisa’s heart skipped a heartbeat as she was experiencing for the
first time the pleasures of having someone go down on her. Tasha used her
hands to spread apart Lisa’s cunt lips to reveal the inner lips which were
slightly spread apart. Tasha knew that Lisa was a virgin but was also
determined to bring that to an end. She licked from bottom to top all the
while allowing her tongue to enter more and more into Lisa’s cunt.

Tasha’s index finger began to rub against the opening of Lisa’s cunt
and as Tasha inserted it further into Lisa she came upon a barrier which
would not allow her to enter any deeper. Tasha worked Lisa’s clit with the
expertise of a very experienced person bringing Lisa to even higher heights
all the while working the entrance of her cunt with her finger. Lisa was
about to cum and Tasha knew this was her opportunity to bring Lisa into
womanhood. Lisa began bouncing on the bed with pleasure and it was at this
magical moment that Tasha plunged her finger past the natural barrier
stopping it before but gave little resistance now. Lisa cried out with a
mixture of pleasure and pain as Tasha began to finger fuck her best friend
in the world. Lisa’s clit was fully exposed as Tasha sucked on it again and
again. A small stream of blood began to trickle from Lisa’s cunt as both
girls continued their actions. Lisa had never ever experienced anything
like it before in her life and she loved it. She didn’t feel ashamed
because Tasha was her best friend and it seemed so natural. Tasha noticed
the blood on her finger and stopped what she was doing. She showed her red
finger to Lisa who knew what had happened and was glad it had, she wanted
to be a woman, she wanted to be ready for Bob when the time came. This was
a way to experiment a little. Lisa pulled Tasha onto her and kissed her
once more this time tasting her own juices on Tasha’s lips. The flavour was
sensational and she wanted more. The girls breasts rubbed together as they
kissed a deep tongue kiss. Lisa told Tasha she wanted to taste her and
bring her pleasure as well. Tasha lay on her back as Lisa slowly made her
way towards Tasha’s cunt. She examined the sight before her as she had
never seen a cunt up close before, she had seen pictures at school in sex
education class but the real thing was very different. There was a scent
which could not be described coming from this wonderful part of Tasha’s
body, a scent that Lisa was starting to like very much. Tasha spread her
cunt lips apart as Lisa came closer to the target. In spreading her cunt
lips as she did it allowed Lisa to see right up inside of Tasha. Lisa could
see the inner lips as well as the opening to the canal within. Lisa spotted
Tasha’s clit and immediately placed her lips on it and got her first taste
of Tasha. Lisa loved the taste and hurriedly began to suck on the clit
allowing her tongue to flicker back and forth over Tasha’s cunt. Lisa
didn’t know what had come over her, she was enjoying doing what she was
doing so much that she almost felt guilty. She was pushing her tongue into
Tasha’s cunt further and further until she couldn’t reach any
further. Tasha was wild with excitement and bounced up and down on the bed
as Lisa brought her closer to climax. Lisa began to probe Tasha’s cunt with
her fingers and as she continued to work on Tasha’s clit with her tongue
she allowed her index and middle fingers to enter into Tasha’s cunt. Her
fingers became immediately wet with Tasha’s juices and realising this began
to move her fingers in and out slowly at first then with a rhythm which was
equal to Tasha’s movements. Tasha climax came in the form of a major blast
of screams, movements and of seeping wetness from inside of her. It was
stronger than anything she had ever experienced before. Both girls fell
asleep in each other’s arms and when a new morning was introduced to them
they once again experienced the joys of each other’s bodies this time in a
mutual sixty-nine position which Lisa would perform over and over again in
her lifetime with others…………………..

Bob although a year older that Lisa, was still a virgin when he and
Lisa experienced sex for the first time. Lisa had had some experience with
Tasha but was also a virgin where it came to the pleasures of a man. On
this particular Elvis marathon day at the movies he decided he wanted more
than just the experience of touching Lisa’s breasts through her blouse in
the movie house. Lisa was wearing a short loose fitting skirt which when
she was seated, came up above her knees. Bob was excited. During “Blue
Hawaii” Bob saw his chance as Lisa was fixed on every move that Elvis made
on the screen. Bob placed his hand on Lisa’s knee and allowed it to rest
there for a moment to see if he would get a negative reaction from his
girlfriend, but little did he know, his girlfriend was in a world of her
own as she watched the King. Bob seeing that there was no bad reaction from
Lisa decided this was his chance to explore her earthly delights and with a
little movement of his hand he slowly found his way under her skirt and at
the outside of her panties where they acted as a protection for her girlish
mound. As he reached her panties, Lisa realises what was going on and
spread her legs apart to allow Bob to find the flat spot at of the entrance
of her cunt. The cotton material of her panties was damp from the
excitement of seeing her favourite movie star at his best on screen. Bob
noticed the wetness and began to rub the outside of her cunt lips through
the material. Lisa knew exactly what was going on at this time and had no
intentions of asking Bob to stop any of his movements. Lisa knew what she
wanted, she wanted Bob.

Lisa reached over and allowed her hand to find Bob’s already hard cock
in his pants. This was the first time she had ever made a move on him and
certainly the first time she had ever felt a male organ in her life. She
and Tasha had discussed it during one of their sleep overs but neither girl
had ever touched one before. Lisa could not believe how hard it felt as she
rubbed the front of his pants. Bob on the other hand was working to move
the material from the crotch part of Lisa’s panties to the side so that he
could feel his girlfriends cunt for the first time ever as well. Both
youngsters were turned on and were turned off to the outside worked around
them. Bob found the outer lips of Lisa’s cunt and began to rub his finger
up and down the very outside of her. She was very wet, in fact she was
wetter now that she had been when she and Tasha were together. A story she
would some day tell Bob about but not today. Today she had other ideas in
mind. Applying pressure Bob found his way past the outer lips and into the
smooth slippery canal which led inside of Lisa’s body. With the effects of
Lisa’s hand stroking his cock and the fact that his fingers were inside of
her cunt, Bob came in his pants. His cock erupted with spasms of sperm
streaking from its tip and into his underwear. Lisa could tell that
something was happening but didn’t exactly know what. Bob’s cumming made
him work on Lisa’s cunt all the more and Lisa too experienced an orgasm at
the hand of her boyfriend. She felt a wonderful feeling inside of her, a
natural feeling as if this was the way her relationship should be. She was
excited and in love with this wonderful guy beside her.

Their opportunity to make love to one another came quick enough as
Lisa’s parents had to go out of town one weekend again and planned a
weekend sleep over again with Tasha. Little did Lisa’s parents know, Lisa
had another guest on her invitation list. It was Friday night and Bob,
Tasha and Lisa were all around the stereo and listening to the latest top
40 hits on their favourite radio station. Tasha as always was standing up
and dancing all by herself. She tried to coax Lisa to join her and after a
little resistance she did. Both of the girls loved dancing and this was
always part of their nights together its just that Lisa was a little shy in
front of her guy. Bob on the other hand was enjoying himself as he looked
over at the girls. They were dressed in loose fitting skirts which were
very short and as they turned during their dancing he was able to see their
panties every now and then. Lisa’s were white. After a few songs the tempo
slowed down a little and a very slow song came on the radio. Bob saw his
chance and asked Lisa if she wanted to dance with him.

They held each other really tight and moved to the music. Lisa wasn’t
wearing any perfume but he natural scent was driving Bob crazy. Tasha
looked on and somewhat wishing that she too was dancing but she also knew
that this was Lisa’s night. Bob pulled Lisa closer to him, if that was
possible, and he could feel her entire body against his. Be began to get a
hardon and Lisa knew it was because of her. She began to move her pelvis
against Bob’s cock through his jeans. Tasha could see that the two were
getting turned on by the way they were dancing. Lisa and Bob began kissing
and Bob’s hands began feeling Lisa’s ass. He raised her skirt and put his
hands on her pure white panties not caring that Tasha was in the room with
them. Lisa had asked Tasha to be in the room with them as she and Bob
embarked on their first ever adventure and Tasha was OK with it. She was
getting as turned on as both of her friends in the room with her. Tasha
could feel herself getting wet between her legs and as she watched the
dancers making out in front of her. Bob had pulled Lisa’s panties up in the
form of a “V” and this exposed her bare ass cheeks. This gave him the
opportunity to place his hands on her soft skin. Lisa started to unbutton
Bob’s shirt as the two continued to dance and once unbuttoned easily
removed it revealing his hairless chest.

Tasha was rubbing the surface of her cunt through her panties as she
watched with interest her friends’ every move. Lisa allowed her hands to
roam over Bob’s bare back and was surprised as to the smoothness of his
skin. Feeling Bob’s hardon through his jeans made Lisa want to release it
from its binding cage. She backed away and reached for the snap on his
jeans and with both hands she released it and slid the fastener on his
zipper down to its bottom point. All this activity was under the watchful
eye of Tasha who now had her hands inside of her panties and was rubbing
her now erect clit.

Bob’s jeans fell to the floor for in those days jeans were not skin
tight. While kissing Lisa and hands still on her bare ass cheeks, he
stepped out of his jeans and kicked them towards Tasha who quickly with her
left hand tossed them to the side. Bob’s hard cock was in an upright
position and Tasha could see the entire outline of his offering. Lisa still
had not seen it when she reached in front of her and placed her right hand
on it. She was a little taken by her reaction to its feel. It was harder
than she had remembered from the movie theatre and she clasped her hand
around it as it sit protected inside his underwear. Bob reached up to
Lisa’s blouse and quickly unbuttoned it and peeled it from her shoulders
and let it drop to the floor. Lisa was wearing a matching bra which
although padded still showed her form. Bob’s hands found their way on her
breasts as they somehow continued their dance even though the music had
long since changed for something different. Tasha was continuing to rub
herself as she watched the events unfold.

Bob could only guess what the feeling of Lisa’s bear breasts would be
like as he slowly worked over the outside of her bra feeling only the soft
material in his hands. Lisa was now ready for more interesting things to
happen to her as she released Bob’s cock from her grasp and quickly
released the button which held up her skirt and it fell to the floor. Bob
stepped back and saw that his beautiful little girlfriend was covered only
in a bra and panties. He almost blew his load right then and there. Looking
Bob straight in the eyes Lisa reached behind her back and unfastened the
hook and eye that held her breasts in place. She didn’t really require a
bra but her mother had insisted that she should wear one to properly shape
her breasts as they grew. Lisa then laid down on the heavy shaggy carpeting
which was on the living room floor and watched as her handsome prince
looked down at her and towards Tasha and back to Lisa as if he was awaiting
a signal of some sort. Lisa told him that Tasha was her best friend in the
world and she wanted her there to share in this special moment hoping that
Bob would not object.

Bob’s answer was to reach for the waistband of his shorts and to begin
to lower them from his hips. His 5 inch hard cock sprang to life and stood
almost at a perfect ninety degree angle to his body. Lisa looked at his
cock and found it to be the nicest thing she had seen in the world. She was
prepared for its introduction into her soft warn caring body. Bob knelt
down in front of Lisa and placed his hands on her close positioned
knees. He then allowed his hands to grace the length of her legs until he
reached the top of her panties. He took the waistband in his hands and
gently pulled down on them. He was helped by Lisa raising her bottom off
the carpeting allowing him free passage to remove them. Once over her
ankles he held them in his hands and then to his nose as he smelt for the
first time in his life this heavenly fragrance. He could feel where the
patch which covered her cunt was wet and he began to smile all the while
looking down at his girl. Lisa wanted Bob’s cock inside of her as quickly
as possible and spread her legs apart revealing to him for the first time
the way to eternity. He looked at her as she reached out to grab his cock
and pull him towards her. They positioned themselves as they had seen in
pictures which were shown around school once and his cock graced the
entrance of her cunt. She held on to him and with an upward downward motion
rubbed the head of his cock on her cunt lips. He could feel how wet she was
as he applied more pressure and her actions allowed him to enter her a
little. He stopped as did she when the head of his cock had disappeared
into her cunt. Her outer lips came to a rest along his shaft just above the
rim of the head. They looked each other in the eyes and Lisa now having
placed her hands on his hips, pulled him towards her. His shaft entered her
with ease due to her wetness and he had now become a man. Lisa positioned
herself differently to allow him easy access and Bob began to move back and
forth inside of her. They were now making love as two people in love should
do. Both of them united as one.

Tasha was in a world of her own as she watched the actions being
performed in front of her. From where she was she could see Bob’s entire
shaft entering and exiting Lisa’s wet cunt. Lisa was so wet in fact that
Tasha could see drops of Lisa’s juices dripping out of her cunt and down
the crack which eventually reached her ass. Her own panties were now
nowhere to be found as she had removed them and threw them across the
room. She had three fingers from her left hand inside of her and was
rubbing her clit with her right hand as she watched. She was very close to
an orgasm one she knew she would remember forever. Bob and Lisa were moving
at a very fast pace and Bob knew he was close to exploding. They had
discussed this a few days earlier and had agreed that because they both
were too young to buy condoms that he could not cum inside of her for fear
of having a baby. Lisa could feel her body begin to tremble as she climaxed
for the first time as a new woman. The feeling was incredible she began to
bounce up and down as she screamed out unable to contain this magical

Bob couldn’t hold back any longer and with one swift movement he
pulled out of the comfortable position he was in and spewed pure white
liquidity love seed over Lisa’s belly while letting out his own cry of
joy. Tasha was right behind them as she too came in a violent wonderful
climax. Bob lifted himself off of Lisa and sat down beside her and looked
over at Tasha as she was just finishing her own orgasm and watched her
remove her very wet fingers from her now open cunt. Bob studied her in
every detail. Tasha saw that he was looking directly at her cunt and put
her hands to each side of her outer lips and pulled to each side revealing
for him the entire opening of her still virgin playground. Exhausted, all
three of them just sat there cherishing the moments they all had just been
a part of, a part of their history.

There were many more love sessions in their lives as Lisa and Bob grew
together in their relationship. There’s was a true love, the kind novels
have been written about, the kind that others wish they could
experience. Tasha’s father got a transfer to Toronto the following year and
although they wrote to each other, Lisa would not see her best friend for
many years to come. Bob and Lisa married four years later. Bob eventually
worked as a construction worker and Lisa became an elementary school
teacher, both loved their jobs.

Lisa carried around with her the memory of her adventure with Tasha
and would think about it from time to time. She knew that she wanted to
experience it again at some point in her life. Summer months were good for
Lisa. She would spend the months working in their small garden in back of
their modest little house. The house was left to Bob by his grandmother who
passed away when he was 19 years old of cancer. Lisa made the house feel
like a home adding her very own special touch here and there. Two years
after they were married Lisa ran into a situation she never thought she
would. One sunny July afternoon while she was taking in the sun in the back
yard, she was paid a visit by a real estate agent, Something that real
estate people did was to go door to door asking home owners if they wanted
to list their houses on the market for sale. Well this one very hot day
while Lisa was laying down on her favourite blanket, Harold appeared from
around the front of the house. He startled Lisa when she saw him and she
immediately sat up. Explaining that he had tried the front doorbell and
hearing a radio playing he figured there would be someone possibly around
the back. He introduced himself and stated why he was calling on her. She
said that they loved their home that it had been in the family for years
and were not interested in selling. Harold said he understood her point of
view but also let her know that the market was quite good and if she ever
changed her mind, she could make a good piece of change on her
place. Before leaving however, Harold asked if he could have a glass of
water for he had been walking all morning in the area and was thirsty. Lisa
said yes and invited Harold into the house with her as she got up and led
the way.

Lisa had developed a very beautiful body over the years. Unlike when
she was 15, her breasts had now grown to a 36 “B” size and along with her
slim waist, she was a very beautiful woman. Harold couldn’t help but
notice just how beautiful she was and she caught him staring at her.
Noticing that he had been caught in the act he apologised to her explaining
that he no longer had a wife in his life because of the type of work he
had, the long hours day and night and the periods of the year when his
income was very small, and couldn’t help but admire a good looking
woman. Lisa was flattered as Harold was a very handsome man about 26 to 28
years old dressed in very casual summer attire which included an open shirt
boasting a gold chain around his tanned neck. Lisa handed Harold a glass of
orange juice nice and cold from the fridge and sat down at the kitchen
table with him and they began small talk.

Harold told Lisa about his short lived marriage to Betty. She had left
him about 8 months ago and he had a hard time starting over. Lisa was aware
of Harold’s glances at her breasts and in some odd way she enjoyed the
attention. Bob had been working lots of overtime and since he took on the
latest contract he spent three nights a week out of town. He would call her
each and every night but it wasn’t like having him next to her at
night. The conversation was making Lisa feel the almost 90 degrees of heat
being sent out by the summer sun. She thought to herself a moment then
asked Harold if he would like to borrow her husband’s swimsuit and go for a
swim in their backyard pool. Harold didn’t know what to say at first but
with a little coaxing from Lisa he agreed and Lisa showed him to the
bedroom and handed him the swimming trunks and left the room. A minute
later Harold came back into the kitchen bare feet and all wearing Bob’s

Lisa couldn’t help but notice that Harold more than filled the cock
holding portion of the trunks licked her lips and proceeded onto the pool
area. Harold’s suit was made of a latex white material the same material
Lisa’s was made of. The type of material which left little to the
imagination. Lisa was the first in the pool followed closely by Harold. The
water felt refreshing on their bodies. The water helped in making the
material of their suits very transparent and Harold was able to now fully
see Lisa’s nipples through their light covering. His cock reacted to what
his eyes were seeing and began to harden. He felt bad for he didn’t want
Lisa to see what effect she was having on him, but it had been a long time
since Harold had had sex with a woman so it was a very natural thing that
was happening to him. Lisa was sort of walking around in the pool still
talking to Harold about this and that.
Their yard was fully enclosed by an eight foot fence which was law
because of the pool so being that there were no high buildings in this
residential area, no one could see in. They were in their own little summer
paradise. Harold began to swim around the pool underwater bringing his head
above the surface only to take in some air. Lisa went to the edge of the
pool and picked up a beach ball and waited for Harold to surface to throw
it at him. It hit him in the head and caught him off guard but being the
professional he was, managed to scoop it up and return it to her. Lisa
jumped out of the water to catch it for his shot was well over her
head. Doing so revealed to his very pleased eyes, the light blonde patch of
pubic hair which could be seen through her suit. He was pleased now that he
had thrown it up so high. Lisa managed to stop it and fired it back to
Harold almost as fast as he had thrown it and just as high, maybe even
higher because he too had to jump way out of the water to catch it and this
revealed to Lisa his almost fully hard cock which she could see through her
husband’s swim suit, but this wasn’t her husband’s cock, it was much bigger
and she wanted inside of her somehow.

Lisa was turned on and the nipples of her breasts were the indications
of just how much. She smiled and looked at Harold as she walked towards him
in the pool. When she reached him she had already decided to plant a kiss
on his thick lips. Harold didn’t resist as he responded by opening his
mouth and putting his tongue inside of her mouth. She almost creamed
herself as the excitement from this forbidden activity almost made her
cum. Harold tool Lisa in his arms and began to untie the top of her suit
and allowed it to fall into the pool allowing him to see those beautiful
magnificent tits of hers. He broke off the kiss and eagerly began to suck
on the nipple of her right tit all the while squeezing her ass with both
his hands. Lisa already had his cock out of his suit and in her hand. It
was the biggest cock she had ever seen well over nine inched in length and
very wide. She was excited and wanted his cock in her mouth and fast. She
assumed that having a big cock meant that he would have a very big load
that she could swallow down into her belly.

She led Harold to the edge of the pool where they got out and sat down
on the blanket he had found her on upon his arrival. He took off his suit
and stood naked before her as she removed the only remaining clothing
covering her exciting body. He could now see the wonderful sight of her
cunt in front of him. She got to her knees and took his cock in her hand
and began to stroke it. She was having trouble fitting her hand around it
was so big. She leaned forward and opened her mouth taking the head of his
massif tool into her mouth but the head was almost too big to fit into her
mouth. Harold was not only turned on by the feel of her actions but by the
visual aspect of seeing this beautiful woman’s mouth on his tool doing her
best to help him blow his load.

The blow job lasted a few minutes when Lisa told Harold that she
wanted to attempt to take him inside her cock. She lay on her back and he
mounted her in the normal missionary fashion and proceeded to insert the
head of his cock inside of her stopping once he was about a quarter of the
way inside of her allowing for the walls of her cunt to expand to
accommodate the rest of him. He waited about thirty seconds then continued
his mission of filling her cunt with his cock all the way up to his
balls. Lisa screamed out with excitement as his stroking the inside of her
cunt walls in and out over and over again. He eventually filled her cunt
right up inside of her. She was going wild with desire. She imagined that
she was fucking Bob when in fact Harold was doing a better job of filling
her needs right about now. Lisa came in an exciting raging orgasm which
seem to last forever. She was satisfied in every way as Harold continued to
fuck her exciting body.

Harold could feel deep down inside of his balls that he too was about
to drop his load and asked Lisa where she wanted it. She answered him by
saying, “Here”, and opening her mouth for him to see. He then pulled out of
her overflowing juice dripping cunt and mounted her face where he stuck his
cock into her opened mouth. Almost at once he began stream after stream to
ejaculate hot cum inside her very willing mouth. Lisa couldn’t believe the
volume of cum she was receiving from this handsome stranger but she knew
that she wanted it all. His sperm began to overflow from her lips and drip
down her face as the last amounts were being deposited by this very willing
donor. When he had no more to give, he pulled his cock from her mouth and
replaced it with his tongue as they began to re-explore each other in a
long cum tasting kiss which both Harold and Lisa enjoyed to the fullest.

Harold soon dressed and left her well satisfied as he made his way
down the road to the next property to repeat his sales pitch to yet another
lonely housewife. Lisa never saw Harold again although she had wished he
would have returned to give her more. She would never ever tell Bob what
went on that time while he was away.

Harold was the only man with which Lisa ever had an affair with but a
few years later she would have another experience with Gail, one of her
co-workers at school.

The years went by and Lisa became pregnant. A mom at last at the age
of 23. Susan was the name they gave their daughter. She would be their only
c***d for complications set in and Lisa was told she could no longer have
c***dren, she was thankful for God’s precious gift. Over the years Bob and
Lisa would be the best of parents loving their little girl in every way

When Bob and Lisa reached the ages of 33 and 32 respectively, they
decided that they would pay a long overdue visit there one time best friend
Tasha in Toronto. Tasha had married twice and divorced once with three
k**s. Her first marriage was to a moron that didn’t treat her very well but
did give her two of her c***dren. Pat on the other hand was a wonderful man
and father to not only his their c***d but also to her first two. Pat was
the same age as Tasha and they had interests which were common to
both. They were happy in their relationship as well as with their
individual lives. They did have one secret however, they were swingers, had
been for several years and loved the experiences they shared together.

Lisa and Tasha could barely contain their excitement when they met
after all these years and both women cried as they hugged each other at the
airport. Both couples had planned for this vacation time together and once
they reached Tasha’s house, they settled in very quickly. They were
home. It was summertime and the c***dren were away with their grandparents
for the better part of the week with which the visit would last. During
supper the first night Lisa, Tasha and Bob spoke of old times while Pat
listened with both ears open, absorbing all he could. Pat couldn’t help but
look over at Lisa whenever he could, he liked what he saw and imagined her
naked and making mad passionate love. Tasha had told Pat the entire story
of their experiences together as teenagers and he was hoping the activities
could be re-lived.

Lisa asked Tasha if she remembered the special night she and Bob
finally lost their virginity’s and with a full face smile, said she did as
if it was yesterday and was only too sorry that she didn’t get the same
attention from Bob as Lisa did. Bob looked over at Pat and smiled a little,
Pat did the same. After supper they all went out into the garden area for
drinks and more conversation. Tasha and Pat had an in ground pool which had
underwater lights in it. It was dark except for the pool lights. Tasha
asked Lisa if she wanted to take a dip in the pool and Lisa said yes. Tasha
stood up next to the pool and began to remove her dress over her head. Not
to be out done, Lisa did the same and within seconds both women were down
to their bras and panties. Looking over at the men, who had their eyes wide
open, Tasha removed her bra exposing her breasts to them Lisa did the same
as Tasha was removing her panties. Lisa followed her friends lead. Both
girls stood naked before their men and with a twinkle in their eyes smiled,
gently kissed each other and dove into the pool exactly at the same time.

The men were enjoying the show as normal men would. Pat then told Bob
that he and Tasha were now into the swinging scene and that this is where
Tasha learned to be so open with her nakedness. Bob liked what Pat was
telling him because he and Lisa had thought about swinging to bring new
experiences in their lives. Mentioning this to Pat encouraged him to ask
Bob if he wanted to have a little fun with it. Bob agreed and the two men
made a big production out of the fact that they were getting undresses and
ready for the water. Tasha and Lisa watched the show and when both men were
in their naked state of affairs they couldn’t help but notice that their
men’s cocks were beginning to send out little signals of their own. Tasha
looked at Bob’s cock and was surprised at the way it had grown since she
last saw it when he was 16. Lisa saw that Tasha’s man had the equipment to
take very good care of her. His cock was a little more that 8 inches in
length which she would see later when it would be fully erect and inside of

The remaining events of the evening all started out very innocently
and developed into full fledged sexual fun as both couples engaged in every
possible act they could together. Bob and Pat performed a perfect 69 for
their women each allowing the other to cum in his mouth and swallowing the
special gift each had to offer. The women sucked both men’s cocks, each
other’s cunts as well as prolonged tit play with each other. The men
enjoyed being sucked and blowing their loads in the other guy’s woman’s
mouth and cunt as well as fucking and eating out a cunt at the same
time. Both Bob and Lisa knew that they now would want to continue this
swinging shit a whole lot more once they returned home. They were hooked
for life. That was five wonderful years ago.

To be continued…..very soon

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