Brother’s Adventure

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Brother’s Adventure
Brother’s Adventure

Kelly has been here for over a week now visiting me. We have been together almost constantly while I work and she seemed to be enjoying herself, but I realized it had to be boring to just sit in the office or follow me around picking up horse manure and stuff in the barn every day. It was a busy morning and I had little time for chit-chat, so I suggested Kelly go out and find one of the farm girl helpers and perhaps try her hand at taking care of horse brushing or saddling them for a customer’s ride. That would be more action than she had seen and probably be more fun as well.

Shortly before lunch, I decided to take a stroll thru the barns and just check on everyone to see how it was going. All of the farm girls were relaxing near the back of the arena sitting around the tables drinking soft drinks. I went over to them and asked if they had seen Kelly this morning, and they all said she had been with them at various times helping them, but around 10 am, she had wandered out of the arena to the paddock area, where Steven was clearing some brush from the fence lines.

Thanking them, I continued along outside to the paddocks. There were several piles of cut brush and miscellaneous boards raked up, but neither Steven nor Kelly was around. I started back to the arena when I spied Steven’s axe and rake propped up against one of the small sheds. The door was open part way and all the tools, rakes, shovels, weed whackers and such were visible hanging on the walls.

A wheelbarrow was standing near the doorway with a horse blanket d****d over it and my friend Kelly was laying back in it with her legs straight up in the air, ass hanging over the bottom of it, and my brother Steven was humping her. Her breasts were flouncing rapidly in time to his strokes. Now, Steven is a rather inexperienced boy with little contact with human females; his main experience was with Shortcakes, the female collie. I noted he continuously kept grabbing his flaccid cock, stroking it with his hand, and aiming it at her pussy trying to get it hard enough to put it in her. I covered my mouth to stifle a laugh watching his inept assault on Kelly’s wet pussy.

I could tell she was getting frustrated by his attempts as she finally pushed him back, got up and forced him on his back into the wheelbarrow. Grabbing his ankles and putting them on either side of the wheelbarrow handles, she knelt down between them and began a sensuous series of kisses and licks on his cock. Holding him by both cock and balls, she worked meticulously to get him hard enough to fuck. She stood finally, turned around, and wiggled her ass at him as she backed up and started lowering herself onto his now hard cock.

She was twerking her ass as his cock slowly disappeared inside her. His hands grabbed her ass cheeks, massaging and squeezing them, pulling her up and down on his length. In this position, her lovely breasts hung down like huge teardrops, nipples hardened to points; she cupped them to prevent bouncing and pinched her own nipples as she did. Her hair fell across her face, covering her eyes, and Steven’s eyes were glued on his cock driving into her petite pussy, so neither of them noticed me in the doorway watching.

My hands stole downward into my shorts and found my pussy began getting wet watching the two of them lust after each other. My fingers began rubbing my clitoris, squeezing it gently, touching the sensitive tip, enjoying the feelings that swept thru my body. I stepped into the shed still unnoticed and removed my clothing quietly. Kelly’s pussy was high in the air as she leaned over sucking Steven’s cock; her legs were wide, giving me a full view of her pussy and the wetness of it. I continued to finger myself, stepping even closer and knelling down between her legs.

Unable to control myself, I slipped my tongue into her pussy and felt her startled move feeling my tongue, yet her mouth did not skip a stroke on his hard cock. Her hands reached back and felt my hair. She softly brushed it, encouraging me to move closer to her heat and continue licking her. Her legs began to move, her knees bending slightly, causing her pussy to move up and down against my face. I reached out and got handfuls of her breasts, holding them tightly in my hands, feeling the soft mounds of flesh, pliable to my hands and fingers. A soft moan escaped from her lips on brother’s dick, which was apparently an almost electric feeling on it, as brother moaned loudly feeling the humming of her moan on his cock.

Within seconds, I felt her tremor received the reward of fresh warm flowing nectar on my lips, dribbling down to my chin and onto the dirt floor in a puddle. She rapidly went down all the way on his cock, completely swallowing it in her mouth, holding him there with her face buried in his pubic hairs. It was too much for him, and I felt her body jerk as he unloaded his cum deep in her throat. Not satisfied still, she continued to manipulate his cock in her mouth insuring that it would remain stiff and hard.

She released him from her mouth and he just lay back with his eyes closed in the wheelbarrow. Kelly twirled around, her mouth full of his cum, and started kissing me passionately, exchanging his cum into my mouth with her tongue. His salty sperm excited me for some reason like it had not before. She pulled me up, spun me around so my ass and pussy was over his still hard cock and using her hand, guided me down onto my brother.

His cock is not that large, but from the position he was in the wheelbarrow, his hips were high upon the lip of it, thrusting it up high, intensifying the length as it slipped into me. My brother, still unaware of me being there, opened his eyes, saw an ass and pussy on his cock, and started thrusting with vigor deep into the waiting pussy. I felt him enter me deeply, felt his heat pushing deep inside of me. It went in easily as I was well wet from watching the two of them before, and accepted his cock with no problems.

Kelly’s mouth was now upon my sensitive clitoris with Steven’s cock plunged into my pussy below. She licked and lapped at it, teasing the sensitive tip with her tongue. I felt her start licking up and down, on my brother’s cock, which startled my brother, feeling the tongue hit his balls from below. He sat bolt upright and looked. As I turned around to look at him, his eyes got wide, realizing that he was fucking his big sister and the girl that he was trying to fuck before was now licking his balls and his sister at the same time.

Talk about a priceless look! Before he completely recognized what was happening, he managed to shoot a huge load into my pussy. It squirted out all around his dick from the position he was entered into me, and immediately, Kelly’s tongue began lapping at the cum flowing out of me and around his cock. Using her fingers, she pried his cock from my pussy and choked down on him, tasting my pussy juice and his cum simultaneously. Forcing his cock down with her chin, she attacked my pussy with her tongue, lapping and sucking all his cum from my pussy. Her face was covered in our cum when she finally leaned back, smiling at my brother and me.

“Thank you so much for that Steven, I could not have asked for better sex or a better ending to it than that one,” Kelly spoke as she used her discarded top to wipe the leftovers from her face. “Frolic, I hope you don’t mind me trying to get into your brother’s pants. Hopefully, you are not as jealous of him as you are of your father.”

“Kelly, you little cock-sucking slut. How can I be mad at you when you make me so horny all the time and give me the most satisfying feelings all the time. Hell, you might have even converted my brother from dog pussy to girl pussy, and that is a good change.”

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