Buzzed night and my friend fucks my girlfriend

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Buzzed night and my friend fucks my girlfriend
To start let me say that all names have been changed to protect the innocent (ha-ha innocent). Also, this is a true story minus very few alterations which were necessary but none which affect what actually happened. That said, enjoy and please tell me what you think as this is my first submission. I hope the story turns you on as much as it did for me to share it.

Those involved we will call Sam (me), Sarah (my lovely girlfriend) and Jason (my friend). I am about 6 foot tall, dark hair and eyes, and with a very athletic build. Sarah is dark haired, dark eyed, has a perfectly shaved pussy and beautiful 36C breasts. All of which is complimented by here natural Hispanic tan. Jason is also 6 foot, average build, and blonde with light eyes.

So here’s how it all started:

I was hanging out with Jason because Sarah had gone out with some of her girlfriends for the day and was not expected back until late that night. Around 10PM we had been watching TV and chatting when the conversation suddenly turned sexual. Jason and I had always been comfortable talking about whatever so this was nothing unusual. While discussing some of his wild single nights Jason asked if Sarah and I had ever talked about our fantasies. I said yes but she wasn’t really game for my top choices which were both threesomes, MMF and FFM. Jason seemed shocked that Sarah (who was very sexual when alone with me) was not fond of the idea of either. Jokingly I told him that maybe we’d get lucky and she’d come home plastered so we could have our way with her. Don’t get me wrong, I would never take advantage of her but she gets especially horny when she’s had a few and is more willing to try new things. Jason thinks for a minute and say’s he’d be game. I laughed but admitted that I really wouldn’t mind. In fact, the idea of Jason and I fucking my beautiful and sexy girlfriend was starting to turn me on, enough that Jason suddenly said easy tiger while gesturing to the growing bulge in my sweats. We continued to talk until about 11PM when Sarah stumbled in the door.

I immediately jumped off the couch to assist since it was blaringly obvious that Sarah had not stopped at just a few but was completely plastered. After she used the bathroom she went straight to the couch and laid down. Jason was on the other couch and just smiled and winked at me jokingly. I on the other hand began to wonder just what I could get away with tonight. Sarah asked me for water and when I brought it to her she pulled me close and whispered, “When is he going home so we can be alone? I need you inside me! Now!” Not letting the opportunity pass me by I pulled her into a long and passionate kiss while at the same time beginning to caress her stomach under her shirt. Sarah took a drink and began telling us about her night (girl stuff), then asked about ours. While telling her a brief rundown of our dull evening I noticed she was fidgeting and attempting to adjust her bra. By now I was sitting right next to her with her feet d****d over me and I did the courteous thing and asked what was wrong. She told me her bra had been irritating her all day. Now I did the best thing I could think of and pulled her in for another passionate kiss while sliding my hand up her shirt to cup her breast. After the kiss ended I said how the bra was in the way and that I thought if it was irritating her so much she should take it off. She still had a shirt on after all. After a moments hesitation she did just that, slipping the bra off without even needing to remove the shirt.

Now as the shirt settled back on her chest I could see that her nipples were very hard. I joked to her about it and Jason moved to get a good look, asking her if she was cold. She just laughed and shook her head but said nothing. She then pulled me close again for another kiss but while in between my tastes of her tongue she commented how “all of her clothes were uncomfortable after the long day and she wished we were alone so she could take them off.” I began to kiss her harder and slipped my hands first up her shirt to massage her perfect tits, then down to her pants where I undid the button and zipper before reaching down to caress her pussy over her satin blue bikini panties. Remembering Jason was there she told me to behave but was still smiling. I told her not to worry and went back to kissing her while slowly working her shirt higher and higher, closer to her braless breasts. When I would’ve been one pull away from exposing her 36C tits to one of my friends she whispered, “easy buddy” and I pulled the shirt back down teasing her a few more times the same way. Finally, in between making out and massaging her breasts under her shirt I asked her what she would do if I just pulled the shirt up, exposing her to Jason. She hesitated, uncertain if I was serious, then shrugged and just started kissing me again.

Taking this as an okay, I once again pulled her shirt high, exposing just the lower swell of her tits before pulling it back down. Then I did it again, this time completely lifting the shirt but keeping my hands covering most of her chest while I was kissing her. By now I am rock hard and both extremely excited yet hesitant about exposing the one I love, the parts of her only I am supposed to see, to my friend. Though I notice that he had moved from the couch and was sitting on the floor watching us and rubbing his own bulge through his pants. Finally, making my decision, I begin to lift her shirt higher and higher until I watch as two pale breasts are completely exposed for everyone in the room, nipples standing out hard and dark against the pale skin of her tits. Immediately as the shirt clears her head my lips are on hers and I begin to alternate between massaging her breasts and stealing down for a lick of her nipples.

Noticing Jason has now reached inside his own pants, I keep going. I reached down once again, this time going inside her panties and began to caress her pussy. It didn’t take long before she was soaking wet and I was fingering her right there, though not yet exposing her. After a few minutes of fingering, I mentioned how “in the way” her pants were and began to tug them lower. In only a few moments I had the pants down and off. Quickly I undid my own pants and pulled them off then fell back to making out. In the midst of one especially deep kiss I pulled my cock out of my boxers, moving it a little closer to her pussy, and pulled her panties to the side. Moving forward gently I felt my cock sink inch by inch into Sarah’s soaking pussy. Sarah was still not exposed anywhere below her waist (unless you count her gorgeous legs) and did not protest. Jason though, had pulled down both shorts and boxers and was blatantly stroking his cock as he watched us have sex just 2 feet away.

Deciding to be very daring, I slowly work my hand up Sarah’s arm, grab her wrist and guide it to Jason’s dick. Her eyes shoot open as her hand closed around his cock but she just pulled me into another kiss and I glance sideways to see her hand pumping up and down on Jason’s cock. Now was the time, I leaned away just long enough to grab both sides of her panties (making sure Jason was watching), and pulled them over her hips, down, and off. Jason’s eyes were glued to her freshly shaven pussy and as he watched I eased my cock back inside her. I watched in pure excitement as Jason then made his move. He reached over and began to massage my girl’s perfect tits and then he leaned in and began to kiss her. I watched in pure excitement at the way he rubbed and felt all over both her tits and even more so as I saw how wet and eager her tongue was against his. After a few minutes I decided it was time to push this farther.

I pulled out of her drenched and throbbing pussy and moved around Jason. Tapping him on the shoulder I took his place at her lips and tits and gestured for him to play a little lower. I tried to focus mainly on Sarah’s breasts at this time so I could watch what Jason was going to do. Easing into it as slowly as I had I watch as he reaches up to her stomach and then lets his fingers glide downward. He teases both sides of her shaved lips before working first one finger, then two, into her waiting box. Surprised but happily so, Sarah digs her nails into my back in her passion. As I refocus on kissing her and lightly brushing her nipples I notice she now seems to be moving her hips. Hoping I didn’t miss Jason’s moment of penetration I glance back down and see his head buried between my girl’s legs. She is moving her hips, pushing her pussy roughly into his face, moving with the motion of his tongue. I watch Jason run his tongue around the outer lips then after a few quick licks to the clit, bury his face and tongue as deep as it will go.

It went on like that for a few minutes before I felt Jason shift again. Now he had positioned himself between her legs, his cock just inches from her dripping lips. This was the moment I wanted, this was what I was waiting for. I wanted to see my girlfriend’s most private area penetrated by another mans dick. I looked up just in time to see the head of his cock being rubbed around the outer lips of her pussy before he started easing into her. I watched as he pushed his penis inch by inch deeper into Sarah’s pussy and then slowly pull it back out, now wet with her juices. Needing something warm and wet myself, I kneeled by the couch and placed my cock near Sarah’s mouth. Her eyes were closed as she obviously enjoyed having Jason’s cock insider her, it took her a moment before she noticed my dick, smiled and wrapped her mouth around it. This was the most erotic moment of my life as I felt her tongue swirl around the head of my penis and cup the underside of my shaft as her head moved up and down. At the same time I watched as my friends dick moved, unprotected, in and out of my girlfriends shaved pussy; stretching her lips around it at each stroke.

Wanting the feeling again I met Jason’s eyes and he nodded. He withdrew his now wet cock and moved back where his hands and mouth could explore her mouth and breasts. I moved back between her legs and began pumping my cock in and out. Soon I felt a familiar tension and had to pull out completely before I went over the edge. Taking the perfect opportunity I dropped my head down and began to eat Sarah out. There was something incredibly hot about licking her pussy when I knew that both myself and Jason had just fucked it without condoms. As the tension subsided I raised back up and began fucking her again, this time the tension came back quickly and I gave in, pulling out just in time to shoot my cum onto her pelvis and stomach. Surprisingly not yet finished I push my cock back in for a few more pumps before switching places with Jason again. Again, the sight of Jason’s penis sliding in and out of her pussy, my cum dripping down her side, was so hot I was rock hard in an instant.

Jason and I switched twice more, each taking our turns fucking Sarah, eating her out, kissing her and enjoying her perfect breasts. Jason came, pulling out and moving up in time to shoot his cum right below her tits. I quickly took his place and came in record time. Something about the way Sarah looked with my cum running down her stomach (just barely above her pussy) and Jason’s cum glistening under her tits, pushed me over the edge again and I deposited another load of hot cum right below her belly button. Jason gave her one last thank you kiss, running his hand along her pussy and up to her breasts as he did, then got dressed, winked at me, and left. After lying there for a moment, Sarah and I got up and went to bed. We didn’t even shower first. In the morning we had some of the hottest sex we’d ever had. A pity we didn’t have a camera running for the whole thing, I only wish now that I could see it again.

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