Catching my Wife, Part 11

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Catching my Wife, Part 11
I was surprised by how much pleasure I derived from shoving that un-lubed butt-plug up my whore-wife’s asshole. I lifted one of her legs by her knee, high above her waist, while her arms were still suspended above her head. She was standing on her tippy-toes on the other foot and was helpless to move. I roughly pushed the butt-plug into her wet pussy, fucked her a few times and then quickly lined the tip up with her little hole and while maintaining eye contact, pushed it up and into her asshole. Her face fought to fight a grimace while her eyes filled with tears.

“Oh, does that hurt? “I asked sarcastically. “You didn’t seem to mind a pair of cocks in your holes, did you?”

She made no attempt at a response as I picked up the flogger and made a few practice “swishes” through the air.

“You know how they say” I again questioned sarcastically, “that this is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you?

“yes” my wife replied.

“Well, I quickly answered, “That’s not going to be the case her. This is going to hurt YOU a hell of a lot more than it’s going to hurt me. In fact, it’ not going to hurt me at all!”

With that, the first strike landed across her rib cage. She winced and lifted her head up and turned it slightly away. The next few landed across her breasts, her nipples still clamped with the notebook binders. With each swipe of the flogger, the clips bounced, and she yelled a bit more. I then focused on her tummy, fronts of her thighs and finally her pussy. I would bring the flogger up from in front of her and make it land between her thighs and on her now very red and swollen vulva. She was now panting, and I realized that this excited her a great deal. I dropped the flogger, lifted her legs by placing my hands under the backs of her thighs, raising her knees, and thrusted into her dripping cunt. She came almost immediately. It’s then that I felt Connie pressing up against my back and stoking my shoulders as she whispered into my ear,

“Fuck her” she whispered, “fuck her like the whore that she is…”

Connie’s hand dropped down my back and her fingers seemed to slip in between my butt cheeks and her finger tips found my anal ring… she slowly traced my opening while I rammed into my orgasming whore-of-a wife. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but suddenly I was very aware of Connie’s finger DEEP inside my rectum.

“Don’t cum yet” said Connie, into my ear, “Let me slide this into you first… and then let me push your cum out of you and into your worthless whore wife.”

Connie’s other hand was still wrapped around my shoulder and hugging my chest… her fingertips found my nipple as her other hand slipped out of my anus and I felt her lube me up. I then felt the tip of a dildo, or something, begin to slide up and into me. I exhaled and even moaned slightly. That seemed to encourage Connie and she hugged my chest even tighter.

“You’re going to love this” said Connie. She was obviously wearing a strap on and was now leaning back and thrusting into me as I tried to find a rhythm to continue fucking my wife.

There we were, the three of us: My wife hanging in a doorway, me holding her legs up and thrusting into her as Connie was behind me, wearing a strap-on and fucking me. We must have been some sight.
“Reach up and hang on to the wrist cuffs that hold your wife up.” said Connie. “They will hold you. I’ll hold your wife’s legs up.”

I let my wife’s legs go and reached up to grab the straps that suspended my wife in the doorway. Connie was holding my wife’s legs up, kind of like a wheelbarrow, and we all continued fucking. It felt wonderful… my cock deep inside my wife’s cunt and Connie’s strap-on deep inside of me.

“Let me just have you” Connie announced, “Just you and me.”

Connie pulled out and allowed my wife’ legs to drop.

“Come over to this bench” Connie said in a seductive tone. “It was made for just such a thing.”

She patted the bench and Iaid over the black vinyl bench. This position bent me at the waist and allowed me to put all of my weight on my stomach and chest. My head hung over the other side. My feet were spread, and my arms hung down on the other side. Connie gently stoked the underside of my still hard cock, that was now pointing down at the floor. She then caressed my balls and leaned down to my ear.

“I’m going to lightly bind your wrists” she said softly…. “I want to take you and let you surrender all control. Okay?”

I nodded as she continued to stroke my balls and cock. Connie walked around to the front of me and severed both wrists. She then pressed her pussy up to my face.

“Take my scent in, dear.” Connie said.

I in haled deeply and then she walked back around behind me. I then felt her binding my ankles to the legs to the bench. This left me vulnerable from behind… just as Connie wanted. I lifted my head and looked at my naked and tied wife. She was beautiful and vulnerable, and she smiled a me. I then felt Connie fingers on my ass cheeks.

“Would you like more lube?” she asked.

“Please” I replied. I then felt fingers lubing up my anal passage. It felt nice and I was soon moaning my approval as the fingers reached DEEP into me and gently massaged my prostate.

“You like this?” Connie asked.

“Yes” I replied, “I do…”

“Then you’re going to love this….” Connie said.

I felt the tip push against me and I not only offered little resistance, but I leaned back and encouraged it entering me. It went slowly into me and I moaned my appreciation as the walls of my rectum were spread and I felt so full inside. It’s then that I looked up and noticed Connie standing next to my wife, who was still suspended in the doorway. Her strap-on jutting out of her center. Connie and my wife were both smiling at me. I then felt hands on my hips as the slow thrusting began.

To Be Continued…..

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