Chapter 8 or 9- M’s Party

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Chapter 8 or 9- M’s Party
Chapter 8 or 9- M Has Her Party
Because I had a late afternoon meeting, it was well into Friday evening before I arrived at her house. I wanted to work on finishing the stock, pillory, and fuck bench for the party that was to happen the following weekend.

Rock the Dock was that weekend- it followed the M & K Fertilization Party the weeklend before and was described in my prior chapter. RtD was a summer weekend event held one Saturday per month and was designed to draw visitors AND their money into the area. By what I could tell, it was successful. The area by the waterfront was packed with folks of all ages. Shops and restaurants were jammed full, wall to wall, and boats of all sorts lined the piers and wharfs. In fact, in many places where boats were docked to the wharf or pier, other boats were tied next to them so as to form a stack of boats three or four boats wide.

Lifestyle couples in their boats tied up next to and bow to stern with other lifestyle couples and had others in the lifestyle tied up next to them. There was no sexual activity going on right next to the dock area. But, as one walked, climbed, or stumbled from the docked boats to those farther from the dock area, the sex got more noticeable. Especially so as it got darker. A number of women were topless in boats farthest from the wharf. A few were totally naked. Some were giving head. Some were bent over getting boned from behind.

M wanted to do both. And, she did.

Before starting these latest chapters, I did not go back and re-read my first description of M as I started typing. I did look at the photos I had posted. As I reviewed my posted photos- and some I had not posted, I remembered just how sexual she was. Look at her photos in the group labeled Mmmm. M’s nipples were hard naturally and got harder when she was turned on or there was a chill in the air. She loved any and all sex. There are photos of us with K (mentioned in the previous chapter), photos of us where I am on the bottom with my cock in her pussy while she was getting fucked in her ass at the same time. There are photos of her getting fucked just in her ass. There are two close-ups of her deep throating my cock. I could go balls-deep in her mouth and throat and she’d not gag. And, I was longer and thicker than most men so deep throating me was challenging and not usually accomplished.

But the amazing things were her breasts. They were firm for their size and her age and she liked to let as much of them show as she could. Have I mentioned her amazing nipples?

I had gotten a few blowjobs through the years and realized some women did it just because they thought it was expected of them. Some swallowed, most did not. Most could not get but the head of my cock in their mouth or just licked on it some. Many seemed to be giving me a hand job more so than giving a head job (I always wondered how the act got the name ‘blow job’, none never just blew air on the cock).

M acted like she loved giving head. She used her mouth and not her hands. It was like a power trip for her that really turned her on. And, she asked for the cum in her mouth but when the guy started to blow his load, she pushed down on him so he spewed his load down her throat rather than in her mouth.

The net result was her nipples getting harder, her pussy getting wetter, her begging for more, and, sometimes, she’d have an orgasm as the experience or process was so intense for her. If I could offer an analogy, it was like a small breach in an earthen dam that started with a small trickle of water but developed a greater and greater flow as time passed until it was out of control.

I knew she was different than many women I had met. She was professionally employed in an industry and position usually performed by men. At work, she seemed very professional. Sure, she was busty and had curves. But she dressed to understate those attributes not drawing attention to herself and her sexual nature. And, she was smart enough to not get involved with anyone from work. She had her daughters with different men and she raised them without their help and without government support.

M sucked off several guys in a serial manner and got laid a couple of times as well. She wore one of her signature sundresses that accentuated her amazing breasts. Often, she went commando to allow access to her pussy and ass. This evening, she wore a thong.

Sunday, I finished the party preparation and drove back to Houston for a flight to Washington, D.C. I would be gone a week. During that week, K’s boyfriend got a new job that paid more. They moved into an apartment during the week.

I made it to her home around 4:30 PM that Friday. M changed from her work clothes and I changed into civilian attire before we went to the store for party food and got home and put things away. She called for pizza delivery and teased the delivery buy by bending over to let him see down her top to her naval. We had some good sex after he left and we ate- she said she would have fucked him had we not been so hungry. I did the final party preparations in the garage the next morning as she started cooking.

As K’s new apartment was furnished, we had three beds in which to play. There were couches, the fuck swing, the fuck bench, two stocks and a pillory. I set out several bowls of wrapped condoms, and several bowls of individual use sex lube. During the week, M went to the local Wally World and purchased a bundle of towels that we set out along with wipes and wash clothes.

Her garage was illuminated via a large fish bowl I filled with miniature Christmas lights. The rest of her house was via the lowest watt lighting we could find. That, and candles.

We were ready.

M washed her hair and re-shaved her pussy. She put on a black corset that came up under her breasts that were totally exposed. It had six garters that held up a pair of black seamed stockings. She wore a pair of spiked black heels. I completed her look by fastening a black leather collar to her neck.

M purchased for me a black robe that tied at my waist with a sash. I was naked under it and wore some simple slippers on my feet.

M had sent all the invitations out via email and we expected a dozen couples along with several single gals and guys who had heeded the invitation’s request to RSVP. The invitation made it clear that the theme was BDSM and had used my digital camera to take photos of the fuck swing hanging in the garage as well as the fuck benches equipped with bondage straps, the stock and pillory. M said someone was binging a X-shaped frame allowing a person to be fastened to it for teasing or serious flogging. Also coming was a Sybian fuck toy with an assortment of attachments- she said she wanted to ride it.

It got dark around 9 but her guests began arriving an hour earlier. M had asked that no one plan on arriving after 10 as she wanted to secure the doors and start things knowing she would not have to stop playing to answer the door. By 9:30, there were 4 single women, 2 very young single guys, 3 older guys, and 14 couples including M and I.

As it was late summer and in Texas, it was hot and humid. Couples arrived wearing normal clothes and changed into theme-related attire shortly after their arrival. I recall one couple arriving just after dark and all she had on was a silk robe and sandals and he was in silky pajamas and sandals. She opened her robe to revel her sexy body as she walked in the door. Her partner was handsome and appeared as ‘studly’ as she was sexy. Also attending was the couple who had hosted the graduation party as well as several couples I had met at the Rock the Dock Festivals. M knew them all having played with them at parties or meeting them at swinger clubs in Houston. I knew only a few by face and less by name.

Oh, and in walked K wearing a black pushup bra and panties. I was realizing she and M were far closer than I realized and like two peas in the same pod. I also realized that while M and I felt very comfortable with each other and enjoyed the time we spent together as well as some of the best sex imaginable, she was perfectly happy play with or without me. I could fuck and cum three times in an evening and probably 5 times from the time I woke up in the morning until I went to bed that night. But it appeared M needed more.

I saw her logic in inviting more solo guys than gals- especially the 2 males in their late teens. She would drain them later that evening.

There was a houseful of sexual energy and action. The lady who arrived wearing only a robe was placed in the stock without the robe covering her. She looked like she was a gym rat- muscular and very little fat on her body. She had perky B-size breasts and little, pointy, hard nipples. Her public area was as bare as smooth glass. Her partner squeezed lube in her ass and started to bugger her with force and energy. She put M to shame telling him to fuck her and make her ready for more. She got more.

Another woman was in M’s fuck swing with her head back and being face-fucked while her pussy was filled by one of the younger single guys. K was fucking an older guy while on her hands and knees. M was riding the Sybian with the combination vaginal and anal attachment. Another woman was fastened to the fuck bench and was getting what she obviously wanted- a good fuck. A man was fastened to the large X and was being flogged.

A couple of men were good for just one fuck and became cheerleaders or observers for their partners. Most were good for two fucks for the evening- no matter how much more their minds wanted them to play. The young guys were different.

I know one of them fucked M before she got on the Sybian using his load of cum to lubricate the piece that was in her pussy- she did cover both appendages with a condom before mounting therm. One thing that I was impressed with was a woman who rode it later using just the pussy device- she bent forward with it buried in her pussy and took a guy deep in her ass.

One female was face-fucked- I am not certain if her pussy or ass were ever entered. And, I have no clue how many loads of cum she actually took in that manner. Several women went home marked with stripes from being flogged as did the one guy I saw attached to the X. I played with two women with both asking me to fuck them hard. K got laid several times- the novelty of her being 18 and with men who were two decades- or more- older than her. I never saw a condom being used- and, out of the 48 we set out, we put only 45 back into a Zip-lock bag for safekeeping. Of the 48 tubes of lube, we found all used but 13. The bed K had left was wet from sexual activity.

I know ‘squirting’ is a big thing. But, in reality, is it usually little more than a woman pissing because she lost control of her bladder sphincter via her excitement- or because she wanted to show off. Facinating as it might be, it is still just pissing during sex. I know some women do not piss but secrete a white, sweet fluid when they get turned on. That is different.

Eventually, the party wound down and all left except one solo woman and the two young men. M had asked them to stay.

The woman turned out to be bi and the guys were sexual toys for M and the woman I will refer to as Di. Di brought a strap-on. She and M took turns fucking each other as the two boys and I took turns fucking M and Di. There was no way I was going to try and compete with 18 or 19 year olds in that department. I could still hump a 60-pound ruck all day and keep up with young grunts but I always paid for it the next day. Fucking, cumming, and getting hard quickly is another matter.

Besides, it was fun watching two women fuck each other with the strap-on dick as they were getting fucked by the young guys. I was worn out and went into the living room and got on the couch. I fell asleep. I have no idea when M, Di, and the two young studs fell asleep. Or if they ever did.

I got up the next morning and fixed a pot of coffee. I put the pot on a tray with cups, milk, and sugar and took it in M’s bedroom. Di was not there- she was taking a shower. M was doing a DP with the two guys. I used a digital camera that saved the images onto a diskette. I think I had over 100 images saved from just the party and took more that morning saving all to a number of those diskettes- but all were lost in a house fire M experienced that occurred a few months later while I was in Afghanistan- my last trip there.

I mentioned that there were solo men there besides the two young studs. One was the guy who had been tied to the X while being flogged. I guess what floats your boat is okay He was way into the BDSM stuff- far more so than me.

M got involved with him while I was gone and started going to parties with him where they flogged each other. I guess she found the flogging far more stimulating than just sucking cocks or fucking.

I could not wrap my head around it and we went out separate ways.

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